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    It's almost done!

    Last night before I logged out, I made all the needed remaining pieces of perfect maelstones. Just didn't have time to fly em all out and apply. No need to work on those.

    Tilithia has been gathering marble for the flawless maelstones. Send her a message in game of you can help with those.

    Flowstones are possibly being worked on by Lov, Denario, and Chasing. Ask in the Scarlet-Dawn channel if you can help with those. If no one is around and you want to help, we need raw radiant essence. If you can gather that and store in the nearest public craft shack (either imperial owned or player owned), that would be a big help.

    Chances are we will get it finished tonight.


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    It's done!

    Thanks to everyone who helped... Chasing, Mayhem, Sunburn, flamefeniks, Arays, Adwene, Cooolios, Alegoran, Lov & Flame, Telmohad, Tilithia, Warhoarder, Denario, ValKano, Atair, Racktor, and anyone else I forgot, and anyone else who helped in other groups.

    P.S. it looks pretty amazing in there.

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    Great job to the crafters who helped build the new Dungeon.. Also special thanks to devs, Very nicely done on the Fiery Maw modeling

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