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Thread: Suggestion: Rename Biped Craft Building School Enchanter to Essense Structerer

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    Default Suggestion: Rename Biped Craft Building School Enchanter to Essense Structerer

    With the change of the Essense Structerer Builder to become a Primary Skill System function and the consequent move of Enchanting and related skills to the Alchemist School, it is confusing that the School Name Enchanter not be retired. Accordingly this suggestion is offered, including changes in Formula offerings of the Alchemist and Essense Structerer trainers, and appropriate changes to the Tool Cogs and the Boon, Bounty, Blessing, Benefit and Benevolence Techniques.

    In that the Enchanting Skill has already been added to the Alchemist School, the Enchanting and Transmutation Skills should be deleted from what would now be the Essense Structerer School, and the per level skill increment for Enchanting and Transmutation skills should be increased from 8 to 10 in the Alchemist School.

    In addition, the Enchanter's Tool Cogs should be renamed to Essense Structerer's Cogs, with associated skills now to be Essense Structering, Essense Harvesting and Essense Shaping. Similarly, The Enchanter's Boon, Bounty, Blessing, Benefit and Benevolence Techniques should be renamed to respective Essense Structerer's Techniques; with associated skills to be in alignment with those of the Essense Structerer's Cogs.

    The Skills associated with the Alchemist's Cogs and the Alchemist's Boon, Bounty, Blessing, Benefit and Benevolence Techniques should be amended to include Enchanting Skill in place of Essense Shaping Skill.

    The present Enchanter School Trainer's (Beginner Klaatos at Sslanis, Journeyman Richlan at Dalimond and Expert Kavanth at Kirasanct) should be redesignated as Essense Structerer School Trainers. The Blight Core and Essense Orb Enchantment Formulas should be moved to the respective Alchemist Trainers (Beginner Sshranu at Sslanis, Journeyman Morrigan at Feladan and Expert Ghent at Aughundell).

    Comment from other players is invited.


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    Default Re: Suggestion: Rename Biped Craft Building School Enchanter to Essense Structerer

    Then we're looking at having to remake 2 sets of craft gear for the changes. It doesn't sound fun to me It starts to get confusing when things are already set up one way, and then every related object gets changed. They only changed the xp and added some skill to alchemist. All the rest of the skill still remains in Enchanter I think, for this very reason. Start too many changes and then allow more bugged items.

    Personally, I wasn't for the changes made to building schools in the first place, It was fine the way it was originally... but there they are. I hope I do not have to remake gear as well
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    Default Re: Suggestion: Rename Biped Craft Building School Enchanter to Essense Structerer

    OMG, Knossos. I can't even follow what you're talking about.....
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    Default Re: Suggestion: Rename Biped Craft Building School Enchanter to Essense Structerer

    It sounds like a reasonable idea to me...

    He's just suggesting a few slight changes to boons, cogs, and how much Ench skill Alch gets. Basically no school would get Enchanting as a primary skill, but that's fine there's only Banners, Purified orbs to make with that skill (and maybe one other orb I've overlooked). Definitely not enough stuff for the skill to do, to ever warrant it going Primary Skill.

    Alternatively, Enchanting could be a Primary (exp giving) skill alongside Essence Structuring. There's nothing that says multiple skills cannot give exp to the same school.

    In fact some have to do that (See Miner for just one Example: Smelting, Gemworking, Stoneworking are all "Primary" skills).

    But just removing it from Essence Structurer (Don't like that name lol), adding and upping to 10/lvl for Alchemist makes sense since that skill does as much for Alchemist (purify orbs) as it does for Enchanter (make Banners), and it does nothing for Construction.

    The above is easy enough to do. But would then require renaming the current Enchanters blessings to the new name chosen for the Construction school, and then there wouldn't be much point in having Enchanting or Transmutation on them. Swap that with Essence harvesting and Essence shaping, and it's completely useful for the construction school. Transmutation is already on the Tinker's Blessing, so players can use that if needed for Transmutation (highly unlikely anyway).

    Alchemists Blessing currently has Alchemy, Earthencraft, Essence Shaping. Change to Alchemy, Earthencraft, Enchanting. Essence Shaping is on the Essence Structurer blessing, so players could still find it there or the Spellcrafter blessing.

    Mirror those adjustments to the Matching tool cogs.

    And think about it, your typical Alchemist who is using blessings, would likely be using the existing Alchemists + Enchanters blessings on their gear to get (existing buffs: Alchemy, Earthencraft, Essence Shaping, Essence Structuring, Transmutation, Enchanting) and they would be updated to: Alchemy, Earthencraft, Enchanting, Essence Structuring, Essence Harvesting, Essence Shaping. Slightly better since it really only swaps in Essence Harvesting in place of Transmutation. So it would be more useful, and wouldn't even require being remade. Only some would need remade.

    So a few pieces of your crafting gear might need redone, but it wouldn't be too many since the blessings don't apply to all the pieces. And the blessings themselves are not hard to obtain comps (33 Shining Orbs, 33 Granite Bricks, etc.) so just the fact that the blessings will get a couple improvements shouldn't be hindered because you have to redo a few pieces of crafting gear. (and even if there's a few t5 techs on them). In the end it would be better gear anyway.

    Also, this wouldn't be the first time that the blessing had some tweaks, so there is precedent for improving them. Or just for putting techs on that make actual sense. Enchanter no longer "Enchants" anything... At a minimum those blessings and cogs need tweaked anyway. And then just giving the skill alltogether to Alch and raising it to 10 level just makes sense. Why should an Alchemist need to level a construction school to get his Enchanting skill to 10/level?

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    Default Re: Suggestion: Rename Biped Craft Building School Enchanter to Essense Structerer

    I agree with both. I do not mind the change if no new clothes, jewelry, and tools have to be made after change. I have too many clothes in this game as it is. (Ming is funny) Can't add more than that because I don't know what it will affect. Slimey on Order

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    Default Re: Suggestion: Rename Biped Craft Building School Enchanter to Essense Structerer

    To be honest Knossos ''OH HELL NO'' … Enchanting deals with processing, manufacturing and placement of all tiers of essence, plus other rarely used skills .. other schools use essence too .. the fact that the Enchanting School doesn't now give XP for making orbs is most certainly not imho a reason to cause so much FURTHER disruption in many other unecessary areas to be honest ..

    ESSENCE STRUCTURERER ..ugh, even spelt properly that's far too long a name for a school .. frankly it would need to be called ESSENCE STRUCTURING .. and that's even worse ..

    leaving things as they are .. agreeable or not, is by far the sensible and correct answer personally speaking ..
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