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    Kor' & I are finally getting back on track a bit after being absent for the last month and a half. Reality sometimes gets the better of us as we all know too well. We have undergone quite a few complications recently but all is indeed well.

    Our new addition to our family is finally here He arrived 5 days late on the 20th of July via cesarean delivery @ 9:45a.m.
    Weighing in @ 9 lbs, 15 oz & 21.5 in and I can definitely say my recovery is going better then expected.

    Hope to see you all again soon back on the field
    Guardians of Valor

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    ohh such good news:-))

    We`ve been concerned and missed you much!!
    So big congratiolations for the new little Strongbone- and hugs for mom and dad.
    Flame and me are happy with you
    our best wishes and prayers for your family.
    So its a good time and reason to plant trees and gardens in Istaria too,
    Enjoy when you see what has been added to the game.

    Hope to see you ingame soon *wingwaves*
    YOU told me to play a dragon! [SIGPIC][/SIGPIC]

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    "Alea iacta est" -- Julius Caesar

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    Awesome News!! Congratulations!
    Entropy isn't what it used to be...

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    Happy to see you guys again & congrats with the little one
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    Congratulations, and welcome back

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    That's awesome to hear, so happy for you. Welcome back.

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    Thank you all <3
    Guardians of Valor

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    Aw, chunky cheeks, the way I like them
    Death points are temporary, Glory is forever!
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