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    Default blight crabs

    Can pls someone look into that:

    Their hostile buffs are ridiculous strong - some can`t be dispelled.
    The dmg they do is ridiculous high.
    The drop of the capaces is ridiculous low.

    We know how to play this game, we should be successful there
    (Luna, Flame Lupus)
    so pls no comfort (just bad luck)
    and if its by intention..not manageable by non- ubers..
    which is not fair: Not all alchemists are uber fighters too..

    Thank you
    YOU told me to play a dragon! [SIGPIC][/SIGPIC]

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    Default Re: blight crabs

    They are basically lesser epics, with low health compared to those that are actual lesser epics.

    I do think that for the difficulty, the Blighted Carapaces should drop for anyone. Seems to be about 10% for an alchemist who has done the quest (which seems really low). It should be 100% for those who did the quest, less for everyone else seems fine.

    For me, as it currently is, it really isn't worth the effort to hunt for them.

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    Default Re: blight crabs

    (sigh) Sadly I have already posted about this before and was basically told.. Well, you know what I was told.... you read the post Also harder for Rangers to hit, unless you give up your best ranger settings and put everything you can into bow to have 1500+ skill, but better to get 2000 (which you can't really do). So I have basically gave up hunting them. They can keep the carapaces.

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    Default Re: blight crabs

    They are worse than lesser Guaran: Lesser at least drop a precious token- crabs drop trash or nothing.
    Your suggestion would be a good solution of the prob.
    Yes Mali- I do remember- I just thought I make it a rant- Lupus (Flame`s biped) yesterday said that it
    was the last attempt he was going for blight crabs.
    I always think it a pitty if certain mobs are not hunted anymore , for reasons we mentioned above.
    Its wasted resources. And a questline without reward..
    But I trust in our devs- they do listen
    YOU told me to play a dragon! [SIGPIC][/SIGPIC]

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    Default Re: blight crabs

    Here's a thought, if they would implement it, that might solve a lot of issues with the blight crabs.. Please remove their ability to ignore blight resist and wards. If nothing else, I feel this will make a great improvement in the overall fight. I do not think this is too much to ask. These are NOT bosses, they should not act like such. Thank you for listening

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