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Thread: Swirly Scales - Agua's Return

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    Default Swirly Scales - Agua's Return

    Hey All!

    It's been a few weeks now that I have been back in game but I figured I'd post on the forums as well!
    I am back-ish! Enjoyed the last few weeks playing and getting to know the game again - I have seen some familiar faces and made new friends as well. It's been 5 years since I've been online so I have been enjoying the new content.

    I play on a Mac so that has been fun to get figured out (Many thanks to Zzacku!) So if you see me around game feel free to send a tell I am happy to help, chat, etc. Istaria Lexcia has been my new best friend and of course the lovely map pack.

    I am on discord in the Istaria channel so don't hesitate to hit me up there as well or message me here :3

    I am still doing art and can be found under the username AguaRush11 - on Deviantart, Furaffinity, Weasyl, Tumblr and Twitter are my frequent hang outs - I do have an instagram as well.

    <3 Hope all is well and glad to be back.


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    Default Re: Swirly Scales - Agua's Return

    Tabbity-rabbity key-smashy! Narf!
    Dragon Scroll; BLIGHT~Anam, Ahleah; CHAOS~Veruliyam, Ceruliyan, Jaguarundi, Spinel, Ssussurrouss, Chon; ORDER~Aucapoma, Susurrus

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    Default Re: Swirly Scales - Agua's Return

    Lol thanks Veru ! Good to see ya!

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    Default Re: Swirly Scales - Agua's Return

    Glad to see you return Agua! Hope you have a warm welcome back ^^!

    And np with the Mac help. Any issues just give me a PM

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    Welcome back!

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