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Thread: I guess I'm sort of new

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    Default I guess I'm sort of new

    Hello, all.
    I played WAY back when it was still Horizons because dragons and have come back periodically. I may give it a serious go this time. I'm super easily distracted, though, so squirrel!

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    welcome back,

    Any Idee on witch server you are gone play?

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    I have characters on Chaos currently, and will probably stay there. Is there a population difference between the two?

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    Welcome back to Istaria !

    There is a lot more active players on Chaos. If you enjoy quietness, don't hesitate to come on Order
    SuHuz Fieryclaw, Grand Master Dragon Crafter (Order)

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    It's been a while, so perhaps a fresh start is in Order. Pun intended.

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    Hehe welcome to the game and community then
    If you are in search of a guild let me know hehe XD

    "If being of fire means blind arrogance and the elevation of violence above reason, then let me be of water!"

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    I haven't really settled in yet, but I will be looking for a guild soon.

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    most welcome home, schak! for true peace and quiet, to the mountain man degree - come to blight!! lol
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    Welcome back! Recently returned myself :3

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