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    Default Blight Update 299.3

    The following updates are being applied to the Blight shard:

    • Master Antidote no longer requires different resources from the other tiers of Antidote formulas to create the same potions.
    • Quest items related to the Dusk Forest now properly stack.
    • All capes now properly tint to the material they are constructed from.
    • Surtheim Fragment Ally’s Aura of Flame effect will no longer dispell from mob when Breath of Lightning is cast.
    • The Snowdragon Head Scale has received a unique texture so that it no longer is a copy of the Phantom Head Scale
    • Formula: Master Cargo Boots requires 1120 Tinkering (incorrectly set at 1020)
    • Knight of Creation has received a new improved skillset
    • Speaking to Fillet while on quest: Mementos for Fillet would not progress quest.
    • Falgut the Slaver now has less health.
    • Resized Drakul lairs: Ar’akis, Chirdelak, Incignat, Sylrak, Myrkjira, Pyrakis, Liakis, Soklifak, Aklet.
    • Demonte Seviris is now known as Most Honored and has updated dialog. He offers two quests for new (or old) Knights of Creation.
    • Galean Adair the KnoC Trainer is now known as Honored Galean Adair and has updated dialog. He has relocated to Aughundell.
    • Werewolves in the DUsk Forest can transmit a weak lycanthropy on bite.
    • Quest “Earn Title: Expert Crystalshaper” now checks if you have completed the quest, not if you have the title or not.
    • Arena Gatekeeper is now known as Akalivar and has a regular appearance and clothing. Master Akalivar now offers attunement to the Isles of Battle through a quest instead of his regular dialog.
    • Renamed Spider Head Scale (obsolete) to Spiderwebs Head Scale
    • Put Killer and Spiderwebs Head Scale back in Jacques Allantyrn's Inventory
    • Formula: Master Cargo Boots requires 1120 Tinkering (incorrectly set at 1020)
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