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Thread: Surtheim again

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    Default Surtheim again

    After Diminished Surtheim came live, he was in acceptable condition.
    Tested him several times.

    Now he seems to have regained old strenghth.
    And he has more adds than ever.
    And if groupmember dies, next time there are even more adds if you return to fight him again.
    Yesterday on Order- today on Chaos- we gave up when it was 5 adds.

    I`m disappointed: Friends asked for help-- and again he is too strong.

    Want us to make same number of group members for him, like we need for new Surth??
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    Default Re: Surtheim again

    Can it be possible, the data base is confusing the 2 Surtheims? I noticed this problem a short while back, that it seemed after a death, another fragment appeared. But I had no idea the power of the diminished Surtheim.

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    Default Re: Surtheim again

    I'll see if I can get a group to clear him out for you? Might be somewhat fixed then ;o
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