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    Back to Istaria and wonder if I can have tips for increase my experience ; I have my main pixies lvl 50 war and my old one: ranger and cleric 100. I want to focus on my pixies how can I hunt for quick xp ? what kind of monster ? if I need to tank with my cleric ? don't remember how the aggro system work ? thanks and happpy to be back

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    First of all, welcome back to Istaria and welcome to order.

    Although I have not been doing group work by itself I have the feel that quite often the dragons are doing the damage and absorb to the damage and "healers keep them fit and free of bad enchantments.

    I have however the feel that you are thinking that you are only one class. I (Oldin) am levelling up three classes doing all three mayor groups healer, spiritist, and warrior. So you are not stuck in one profession. On the fly you can change from one to the other. Also you gain advantages of one and use it in the other. So I can use my general curing and casting abilities as a warrior. (Never used a sword yet), But Armor skill and hit point I can use from warrior when I'm playing as spirits.

    So many of us will have 3 or more classes. Some old once will have over 20 adventuring classes. This system result that most of us have one main biped character, as doubling up is a lot of work. Dragon players quite often have more as they have only four classes in total (one adventuring three crafting)

    You can have also more than one crafting profession. At the end you will have all 19. But building up quite often people limit themselves to those they get the most use of about three or four. Or you can as I have done get first all your crafting skills and then think about adventuring.

    Last advise; Please don't hesitate to ask question while in game, we are a very friendly bunch. As for me there is only one stupid question; the one not asked. This the more, because i think, you are having some misconceptions at the moment.

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