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Thread: Transfered a Character, can't log in.

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    Default Transfered a Character, can't log in.


    Wondering if anyone had this same issue when transferring a character. I decided to go ahead and do it from Order to Chaos. In doing so though I'm getting Error 31, which has something to do with a problem on the authentication server. I did what the help suggested as far as turning off various fire walls to trouble shoot the problem, but that didn't change things. Regardless, I can log in as other characters and make new characters on both servers with out an issue.

    So, why can't I log in the character I want?

    A support ticket was made, was kinda hoping that I could hop on tonight though =( Anyone know of a work around or a way I can kick the system to get things rolling?

    Things I've tried:
    Clicking "Recall" on the login screen.
    Logging in with other characters.
    Creating new characters.
    Turning off firewalls on the PC and on the Router.

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    Default Re: Transfered a Character, can't log in.

    This can probably be closed. Discovered the Discord channel and need to wait for a tech guy.

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