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    Been thinking about this over the last few days, and I might move my old golden hide to Chaos, but it's conflicting really enjoyed my time on Order.
    Any thoughts?
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    I would hate to see you desert us.
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    You could always just copy, or make a new character on Chaos. But there are benefits to moving vs copying...(you get to keep everything, like old items).

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    I intend on staying in order for what it's worth. But I do miss the times where there would be 20 plus players on. What did we do wrong?

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    I believe there is a misconception about "role play" and what it's like on Order. Once when I was playing another game I joined a guild that was role play and I usually couldn't even understand what they were talking about; they never explained any of the things they referred to that had occurred before I joined the guild and somehow expected me to understand what was real and what wasn't. I haven't ever experienced that in this game on Order.
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    The misconception would explain why new players don't go to Order. However, with the population having been slowly declining over the years, it was getting to the point where it was Role-Play, Solo Play, or nothing when I copied to Chaos... (when the active population averaged around 20). The low pop was the crux of the matter then. I've not been on Order for a long while though so I can't say what the issue is now.

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    Hello there Skylux..

    What did we do wrong?”

    It has been years since I have done this type of post. I am not sure if there are any other alpha players left here. When my wife and I arrived in game, there were only 2 other players that were not staff or management. We were also members of the original closed board focus group with a separate NDA. The focus group was comprised of professionals in their fields of endeavor for 10-30 years. What you see in the world today we predicted long ago if certain things were not handled in a different matter. We were ignored. Our suggestions were tossed away. We were told over and over, I quote “We are professionals. We know what we are doing. Let us do our jobs....”. The focus group was dismantled, because of what we had to say, to make room for a more malleable 2
    nd focus group. Adult professionals in dog eat dog fields do not make for a wonderful happy go lucky review crew. Our analysis was hard, critical, no-nonsense evaluations of what was needed for short term vs. long term needs for this game with an inherent evolution of a changing player base over time. Well here we are now.

    So, why do I point this out , you may ask. This game has really 2 distinct realities. One in the RL offices of management and staff, and the other one in the virtual reality of this pay as you play world.

    The 16-18 year old group that were catered to, making up 90% of the player base, never did understand the reality that the virtual world of Horizons was based in a RL business. Their demands, wants and desires were, for the most part, given to them just like they wanted. Sadly, the back bone of this game, older adults, with multiple accounts were never listened to, since, to be frank they were too busy in RL doing their careers and families. I was no different. Their support tickets, for the most part, were ignored. Since they were not “active” enough they were not listened to. The kiddies quit when they got what they wanted, since that was not “really what I wanted” said one to me. Most of the nastiness I saw in this game happily went with them, along with other rather unsavory individuals, who duped 1-5 mithril worth of gold, sold it on ebay for 50 cents on the gold piece or 1 dollar per gold piece. The total economy of the whole game, was ruined with the laundered game cash. The measures to resolve, this via management, immediately and over time, were just as equally bad (imho).

    The reality of RL in the offices of management and staff, was as tumultuous as what was happening in the game, or so I was told long ago. There were many bad decisions, bad judgments with a lack of vision for strategic or tactical goals, or so I was led to believe. The evidence, though, in our present situation, is self apparent.

    But there is hope. THIS management team and staff (Virtrium) is unlike any I have seen since early alpha 2. Despite, no doubt, limits of money,staffing and resources, this group has responded to its player base far far more than ever seen in this game. If I write a support ticket, I KNOW someone will actually read it and not trash it to file 13, if not the accepted political flavor of the day. IF it is actually possible to do something, they will do it, if not immediately then later. This is what I have seen and consider factual as a customer and a player in this game. There is actually a real customer service effort, while as compared to launch to be frank we were all just numbers and ditched when expedient. Many of the things we suggested in that focus group under this management is being implemented.

    So why am I saying all this to anyone at this time?.

    Well because it needs to be said and I HATE to see anyone flagellate themselves over something they have to deal with that they had no part in or were not the cause of . As a retired professional in my field the majority of the hogwash I dealt with was--others--mistakes wherein I had to pick up the pieces. Feeling forced to accept blame when it was NOT my fault.

    SO, rest easy my friend you, staff, present management and the rest of us did nothing wrong. We just simply inherited a big MESS.

    For me? I am happy where I am. I will never leave Order. IF the business shuts it doors I will be here when they do. I will go elsewhere only if I am given the boot. I will do the best I can with what we have. I am thankful for the few wonderful people that are here and I will be glad to help if I can with my dino machine and a sucky connection.

    Since I am on proud to be on Order I will say this to you,

    Oh my brother may your way be straight. May your path be easy. May Istaria's face shine on you at your destination's end. May your journey's conclusion be full of Glory.

    --bows humbly--

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    Default Re: Order (pop problem)

    not to be one upperski, but if you think order is bad, you should come to blight......
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