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    Who We Are:


    An Occupational Hazard is a "hazard" normally experienced in the workplace in reality, but in this case happens to be while in-game.

    Occupational Hazards can be described as many types of hazards, however we all seem to suffer from Physical Hazards the most when it comes to battling across Istaria's Plains.

    What We Do:

    We are a group of individuals joined together as one to serve and help the community of Istaria.
    ​An everyday process of partaking in Epic Hunting Events, Stocking up on wares for the Community Consignment, Helping the New and Incoming Players with Knowledge and Assisting where we are needed.

    We can be a bit
    Too Curious
    On the edge

    When it comes to Epic Hunts

    But overall, we excel in complete team cooperation and organization throughout each event.

    What We Offer:

    We have established a very interesting yet relaxed, stress-free, be yourself atmosphere within our Guild.
    We know that everyone is an individual, players that have their own interests and will be treated as such no matter who you are.

    We have fully-functional plots with crafting machines including warehouse storage and vault access surrounding vast locations throughout Istaria:
    Central Valley

    New Members (Levels 11 - 21) inducted are each given a Safe Care Package upon Recruitment:
    (1) Full Set of "Teched" Armor pertaining to your Main Adventure Class
    (1) "Teched/Socketed" Weapon pertaining to your Main Adventure Class
    (1) Full Set of "Teched/Socketed" Tools pertaining to your Main Craft Class
    (1) Full Set of Spells pertaining to your Main Adventure/Craft Class

    If needed, and upon your own request, we can guide you through successful lessons on your newfound journey in crafting or adventuring.

    Joining the Guild:

    Requirements for joining are as follows -
    We love people with a Good Sense of Humor (or you might be eaten alive)
    Maturity a Must
    Respect everyone around you (in/out of the guild)
    Save the Drama for your Mama (when you log in, pretend it's a new day)
    All active characters in association with your account must be inducted.

    Who to Contact:

    LadyoftheNight currently manages Occupational Hazards.
    ​For more information, questions or concerns, please feel free to send her a PM at your leisure or accompany us in our public chat.

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    This was the first time that I have heard about it, and it surely is interesting.
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    Due to a slightly minor breech in GM account security, Occupational Hazards is no longer recruiting at this time.

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