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    I have some enchanted silver keys. I can't use them because I am level 83. The description on keys says: ! : Must be greater than adventure level 20, 2: Intuition must be less than 450. Is this an error? Should that not be Intuition GREATER THAN 450? As rules are now, I can be lvl. 21 and 1 in intuition and use key but if I am lvl. 21 and have intuition of 451 I can not use key. This does not make sense. Anybody know about this? Thanks Slimey on Order

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    Far as I know there are no Enchanted Chests in Istaria and thus no use for Enchanted Keys. I believe that all "special Chests" are quest related and the Keys for same are Quest items.


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    I'm aware of only one "enchanted" chest in the game, and it's part of a quest that provides its own key to open that one. Enchanted keys have no use atm.
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    Once you reach a higher level (the intuition) you have to use higher level keys, even when opening say a bronze (t1) chest.

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