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Thread: It's been what, 12 years?

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    Default It's been what, 12 years?

    I was really surprised to learn that Horizons, my favourite MMO from back when I actually played MMOs, was still around. I was in the beta and bought the box asap afterwards.

    Lots of happy memories of adventuring with... what were some of their names? Flare the dragon, Blash the kind of dark elf... Zalobac the... dwarf, maybe? God it was so long ago. Gonna take it for a spin for nostalgia's sake and see where I end up.

    Going for the Chaos shard methinks.

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    If you see a shadow following you run and hide or get eaten by a hungry dragon ...

    Welcome back Death from above !
    Face forward and you should be able to hear it now the only thing plugging your ears is your own fear. There is only one enemy and one of you so what is there to be afraid of ? Abandon your fear turn and face him, Don't give an inch. Now advance Never stop If you retreat you will age Be afraid and you'll die NOW SHOUT OUT YOUR NAME !!!

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    Default Re: It's been what, 12 years?

    welcome back to istaria, hope you have an awesome time with us again!

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    Welcome back! There's even a chance some familiar names will be around. And if you didn't use your old account/characters, and you want to, support can help you get the old account back. But it is also cool to play from the beginning, since much of that has changed.

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    I don't even remember what email address I uswd back then =D Nah, I'm fine starting from scratch. Can't wait to revisit some of the locations that's been stuck in my mind for a decade!

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    WELCOME BACK! Holy Cow, 12 years!
    "Alea iacta est" -- Julius Caesar

    Toot shouted, voice shrill, "In the name of the Pizza Lord! Charge!" (Jim Butcher's Dresden Files)

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    Welcome back, I hope you'll love your stay. You are indeed a pioneer.

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