Because I know you all have been there....

Lordy Lordy
What a Mess
That's all I need
More Stress

Changing Foxx, new diaper in tow, "here Mom have this" and he lets out a blow!

Now you see it wasn't just air, it went on me, just everywhere!

On my arm and all over my hand, there was many other places it decided to land!

Oh just wait, were not done, he apparently wanted to have more fun!

All cleaned up, about ready to go, another diaper...OH NO!

"Bring the rain" and it shot out like a jet, this nights not over, nope not yet!

All over me and some on the wall, you think this is fun, nope not at all!

All cleaned up, again let's go, another diaper.... Go Mom Go!

New diaper on, a bottle in tow, sleep now Baby Foxx, now over is this show.