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    Default Nuthala craft area

    Greetings to all crafters from Order.

    Nuthala craft area has been renovated and upgraded. This will offer a friendly place for early levels players with high quality machines to raise their skills.

    Available shops:
    - Expert Alchemist Shop.
    - Expert Blacksmith Shop.
    - Expert Confectioner Shop.
    - Expert Clothworking Shop.
    - Expert Jeweler Shop.
    - Expert Mill Shop.
    - Expert Paper Press Shop.
    - Expert Pottery Shop.
    - Expert Scholar Shop.
    - Expert Stoneworking Shop.
    - Expert Woodworking Shop.

    Available public storage:
    - All shop storages. Please note some might be closed time to time for personal use, but it will be only temporary.
    - 5 Tier 6 Silos, labelled as "Public Tier 6 Silo".
    - 4 Tier 6 Storehouses, labelled as "Public Tier 6 Storehouse".

    A vault is also available.

    Happy crafting!
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