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Thread: Deadlands Beware

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    Exclamation Deadlands Beware

    I greet everyday
    with coffee in hand
    I sit down at my desk
    and come up with a plan

    I open my vault
    what else can I do
    I think I need more
    a shield or two

    I begin my first task
    I gather each source
    wait I missed one
    go figure of course

    This member needs that
    That member needs this
    I need more coffee
    My husband needs a kiss

    Shamans, Druids
    Dragons Galore
    Watch out for your feet
    You'll trip on the floor

    Hazards are common
    Through day and the night
    I thought I was good
    Wait, that's not right

    I give what I have
    For me it's a score
    Ready for all
    It's never a bore

    Calling all Gifted
    We have a big night
    We need all our strength
    and all of our might

    Ready your weapons
    and heal when you can
    we'll all survive
    atleast thats the plan

    Valkor and Fafnir
    they fall with a crash
    On to our next
    Hold on to your hats

    SoG got the best of us
    I thought we had a chance
    We'll get him next time
    and I run back down the path

    I refill my coffee
    and come back to my doom
    Everyone had scattered
    The group out of tune

    Someone help
    I lie here in shame
    I'm all alone
    SoG staring in vane

    No one comes back
    for fearing of fate
    I cant be the only one
    Who sits and waits

    So I grab all my courage
    and stick out my chest
    My shield in one hand
    I can't wait on the rest

    I jump off the hill
    Screaming in spite
    Look out SoG
    I'm spending the night

    He chases me down
    like a wolf in the night
    his sons on his flank
    I swear I'm not bright

    He lets out a roar
    I froze in my steps
    No I can't stop
    He'll lay me to rest

    I zing over here
    and I whoosh over there
    By tomorrow I'm sure
    I will have lost all my hair

    I finally get out
    The deadlands beware
    Don't mess with me
    I recalled like a flare

    I greet everyday
    with coffee in hand
    I sit down at my desk
    and come up with a plan

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    Default Re: Deadlands Beware

    This is really a great poem, do you have a blog?

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    Default Re: Deadlands Beware

    actually i do ..... but not for in game stuff, however i have been thinking about adding a bit of it to my blog for a while now, just havent gotten around to adding it in

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