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Thread: Lets play a Game

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    Wink Lets play a Game

    I have an idea
    Lets play a game
    Ill write you a poem
    I just need a name

    It might be short
    or it could be sweet
    Who really knows
    Just play and youll see


    "{ Name }" the "{ Race }" from "{ Region }"

    *region optional

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    I got to thinkerin'
    About some fine tinkerin'
    I may be quite daft
    But let's see your craft :-)

    Awdz the gnome from Order (plot in Harro but roams all over)

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    from harro she'll call out
    on stormy summer nights
    to dragons across order
    and all will take flight

    they come in hoards
    and land by her side
    thoughts of forests and fable
    they run through her mind

    up into the clouds
    she's one of a kind
    a gnome who rides dragons
    she's out of her mind

    but the dragons...they love her
    surrounding her in claws
    of dragons and gnomes
    she's a gift, they call awdz

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    Default Re: Lets play a Game

    wowsers, thank you! :-)

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