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Thread: A unique melee flurry for Monk

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    Lightbulb A unique melee flurry for Monk

    While playing Monk I noticed it has quite low attack damage, while it does have somewhat higher attack speed, it doesn't matter too much really, as the damage is... well low.

    Then at one moment I used Melee Flurry III (gained at lvl 88 Monk) and surprise! My 160+- hits (fully buffed with what I got + Dex/Str/Unarmed armor for Monk) became 4x 40-60's ... Melee Flurry lowers the damage to 45% of normal

    Monk already has a low damage output and when you decide to use Melee Flurry it becomes even lower.

    I'd like to suggest to maybe give Monks / Disciples their own Melee Flurry? Say something like Flurry of Fists (I-III) which just does extra attacks like Ranged Flurry ? (3 extra attacks at III and no damage reduction)
    Or at the very least reduces it to 80% of normal damage if it still needs to be reducted...
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    *seconds this suggestion*

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    *Thirds this suggestion*

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    Actually, I have another idea for monk melee flurry: keep the 45% damage modifier but have 6 extra attacks instead of 3 (2 extra attacks per flurry rank); I think it would fit the monk theme better. You know, lightning fast punches.

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    Default Re: A unique melee flurry for Monk

    Fists of Fury!

    And a 1 inch punch... and a 3 inch punch... Be the water!
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