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    Battles Part 7

    In the Eastern Deadlands

    The Moon was at its Zenith. The huge battle had been going on for hours. The horrific amount of thorned elder dark power flowing up through the crypt in the Eastern Deadlands suddenly somewhat abated. Istaria began calling to those Gifted from other realms to the place of battle to assist in stopping the black flow of power to the green clouds of the WA above. The numbers in the attacking Gifted grew, as the onslaught became more vicious and terrifying.

    Upon their rebirth in their round of battle before the next attack, Lovwyrn, Flameous, and Lunalove heard an ever so faint sound in the ethereal distance. They stepped back from the carnage looking at each other. Something was very wrong. Lovwyrm gave the orders. The entire family of Gifted retreated back from the swirling mass of fighting and death.

    Nyrevin, the Goddess of Death and Rebirth, whom had been assisting the Gifted approached the Nimrod Family at the fringe of the engagement. A huge tendril of thorned power slashed down at her turning to dust when it make contact. When the Elder Gifted died at this battle field she was in command. Once the battle commanders were resurrected then they once again took charge. She was able to raise large groups far faster than the Gifted normally expect. When the dead were raised by the Goddess they were resurrected on the fringe of the battle field. They were resurrected so quickly their prior bodies had not faded.

    A Divine implacable force, she did not show her true visage underneath her dark cowled grey robes, nor pause in pace until she reached the Nimrod family.

    She addressed Lovwyrm, “Istaria has told Galderos the God of War that ye have been given alternative duties elsewhere if ye wish and are released from this place. Now you oh Family of Nimrod must decide to go or to stay. Know ye this, the great heir to the Ancient Dragon Zadora from long ago is dying. To Chiconis ye must fly if you choose to save the little one. The Crystal Guardian there is in need of your help. The Prophecy of Zadora concerning the little hatchling must come to fruit. Istaria has chosen the Nimrod Family to care for the little one till the Guardian's duties allow the hatchling's return. The duties of the Guardian will far surpass the duration of this night into the future. Let there be no doubt Gifted Ones,-this-Great Crystal Guardian will allow the death of all of the Prime and Divine realms for the sake of the one! Therefore decide now! ”

    With the mighty beat of Gifted Dragons wings the sixteen rose rapidly knowing time was of the essence. They could clearly hear the voice of Nyrevin shouting, “Fly Drulkar's children Fly!”

    “We shall meet at the lair for those who cannot fly.” bellowed Lovwyrm, while Flameous relayed the orders to the bipeds of the family.

    Just arriving, William Swann began drawing and releasing his arrows into the tentacle like shoots of dark power. His arrival had been delayed many times with this or that and he was intent on gathering a bit of the glory of this battle for himself. He was Gifted after all. This would be the fight all would discuss in the decades to come and he was determined to be a part of this historical Gifted defense of the lands.

    Turning to William Swann, a Gifted ELAR from Hemji, part of the Annatar Guild, Nyrevin shouted, “ William Swann your duties lie elsewhere.” When she realized the young ELAR was ignoring her she advanced to him in a fury.

    Trying to ignore her, William tracked the disturbance in the desecrated soil getting closer and closer. The terrible power was about to erupt thru the ground. He knew that if he timed it ever so carefully he could obliterate the whole thing. His arrow tip slowly dropped, as he drew back the Thornwood bow.

    Slightly to his right, Nyrevin stopped knowing exactly what he was going to do and why. She also knew Knossos had called for him to go to his plot. Things were getting out of hand there and Istaria had given very specific instruction about what was to be done. The were also some other side issues, but as William Swann was not of one her children, she did not know what they were.

    She addressed him emphatically and officially, “William Swann, adopted Gifted child of Wind Dancer who is mate and wife to Skirnir Ouija Glada, member of the Annatar, you are released from these duties and sent home.”
    Drawing a symbol in the air, she slammed the butt of her staff on his foot. Startled William released his arrow early at an angle to the ground, as he vanished. He disappeared in a blink of Dryad's wing beat. Skirnir seeing his adopted son disappear, ran over to Nyrevin hopping over the bodies of the Gifted as he ran.

    Skirnir irritably snapped at Nyrevin, “Goddess where is my adopted son, I had given him orders to come and fight here.”

    Nyrevin slowly looked The Gifted Dwarf up and down before replying, “Istaria contacted me after Knossos contacted her and I sent him home to his plot.”

    Skirnir replied, “And Istaria told me he was to fight, nor has Knossos contacted me. You presume much Goddess of Life and Death, to interfere with the affairs of the Gifted. You have a place here and we understand why Istaria called you here. One of the biggest reasons this night has occurred is due to the complacency and laxity of the Divine Realms over the last few hundred years. As far as I am concerned, you and other ever so Divine entities, are just working off a debt OWED.”

    “IF you think so much of your importance oh Mortal Gifted one then ask HER yourself!” responded Nyrevin angrily.

    “In fact I think I will oh mighty Goddess of Life and Death of Non-Gifted Mortal affairs,” retorted Skirnir sarcastically. He lifted up both arms with a sublime expression of serenity on his face. Suddenly Skirnir seemed to hunch over then holding his hands to his temples he screamed. Hearing the shout of agony of an elder Gifted one, the throng of Gifted and those Gifted newly arrived pulled back.

    Whirling he pointed at Nyrevin shouting, “Run fool, You are needed elsewhere! The Dark Elder Gods has disturbed more than they know!”

    Nyrevin's eyes began to widen in fear. No longer focusing on the Gifted One called Skirnir, she saw the horrific sight in the grand ethereal distance, as the realms began to merge further. She only had to jump and her feet were in the Divine Reality. Leaving the Gifted behind in the Prime without further thought, she took out a glowing harp and began singing as she ran with her heart racing trying to keep the fear from warping the Divine melody of slumber. She could see the other Divinities running to the same goal. Istaria must never awaken lest the world end as HER dream of life came to a conclusion.

    The Embodiment of Magic was beginning to moan and groan in a bed of endless slumber in her dreams of life. The pain was gathering in a nightmare of corruption decimating her dreaming of the love in life. The great balance had finally been disturbed. Her eyelids began to flutter. A resounding whimper throughout the realms became a scream of anguish. The oceans had begun raging. Earthquakes rolled across the lands of the Prime and all the realms connected. Where there was desert it thundered and rained. Where there were swamps heat blistered the land causing spontaneous fires. The silent volcanoes rumbled as before an eruption.

    Skirnir drew upon himself the School of the Knight of Creation. He called for a Gifted Half Giant to lift him up. He knew this fight had to come to an immediate end. They the Gifted ones were needed elsewhere. The Embodiment of Magic had granted him a frightening vision. He called out to the Gifted, “The great Mother of us all is beginning to awaken. This battle must END in this place. We are needed elsewhere! Grant me of your own free will oh Gifted ones of all realms and all times all that ye are and share what I have been given.”

    The Gifted did not move as the great ropes of evil increased in their power. One by one the Gifted sheathed their weapons and laid their hands on their brothers and sisters next to them. Seven thousand Gifted began to slowly glow with golden flames, as they transferred all that they were to others, who in turn gave others, finally arriving to Skirnir. Empowered by the Gifted Ones and the eternal magic of Istaria he wove the Glyph of Power in the air. The Gjallerhorn appeared in his right hand as he shared his Divine vision. Drawing a great breath he blew the horn of the most ancient of Gods. All that were asleep were awakened. The bindings on the honorable dead were released as the Gates to the Summerlands were opened. The uncorrupted dead and their ancient armies sprang out of their Divine confines with standards raised and horns blowing. The Elder Gods of Light were awakened. They boiled out of their dreams attacking their ancient enemies in the Divine lands. Drulkar, God of Fire, called upon his brethren in the Plane of Fire having only just recently received the plea of a particular hatchling related to himself from days of old. The journey to Istaria would be a long one.
    The trials of the Gifted would truly begin this night. For the Gifted there were no further decisions. Now the mortals and their battles would decide the Tapestry of Destiny for all.

    The Twilight of the Gods had begun.

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    Battles Part 8

    In the Air to Chiconis

    Lovwyrm thought to herself, “The Nimrod Family with its sixteen dragons will need it make its way as quickly as possible to Chiconis. The hatchling was approaching her time of death. Lovywrm's decision had been made for herself and her family. The rest of the family was recalling and porting to the Nimrod lair residence to prepare for their arrival. The volatile changing air currents was making the trip almost painful. Keeping a flight formation was becoming a near impossibility. Only a short time more she was hoping, as the vision granted to Skirnir was shared by all the gifted with the exchange of the power they gave him.

    The divergent two futures were horrendous. Neither were acceptable to the Gifted much less any other living sentient creature, in her opinion she reasoned. The Divine Pantheon was busy now attempting to keep Istaria asleep with their magic and song. Only one Goddess did not join them.

    Feeling her strength dwindle, as Skirnir had drawn on the power of all the Gifted, she alerted the others, “Above the Clouds quickly Nimrod, where the air is thin. The battle of our brothers and sisters in ED had drawn nigh!”

    Flameus called out immediately, “All ancients assist those who cannot rise high or fast enough!”

    Skirnir then blew the ancient horn. The Elder Gods of Light were now released to the Divine Realm to fight the Elder Gods of Darkness. The armies of the honorable dead were fighting their way to the Prime. About twenty percent of the lands were now meshed with the other realities and as this night progressed that percentage would grow.”

    Higher and higher they rose. Below them the great dark tendrils were enveloped in molten like golden fire reaching out through the WA cloud cover. As the golden brighter than daylight flames enfolded the great dark tendrils power, in the great expanse below.

    The Nimrod family was tossed in the air like flotsam in a grand storm at sea. The burning expanse in the clouds below, slowly collapsed to its point of origin. The land indented then exploded outward with a blinding white column of fire reaching above the highest cloud cover. The column in turn collapsed, resulting in a second explosion with an expanding circular ripple many meters high, slowly diminishing with distance from the implosion on the ground.

    In the far distant west she could see the Naka aerial rafts rising quickly to avoid the shockwaves. She and her brethren had not been so lucky. Most of the family had taken damage to their wings and their pace slowed. Many could only heal each other in the air at a slower paces.

    Seeing their predicament Lovwyrm spoke to her family, “Flameus. Lunalove and I will proceed to Chiconis. Others with us shall catch up and meet us and make ready for the trip to our terminus. Be prepared for battle in the air afterward.”

    With her great wings she reached even higher then sped up, as she turned down to the shortest line of flight to Chiconis. Flameus and Lunalove pulled in tighter forcing the air to go around them all. In the distance she could see Chiconis covered by the green clouds of the WA. At two hundred meters above the city the green clouds were already slowly weaving themselves together after having the golden fire shred them.

    Corrupted spirits and other creatures could be seen wandering the city in small groups. Her heart ached within her at the loss of such a Grand Center of Learning being lost to the enemy. The sheer audacity of it was outrageous. The WA walking about on the stones of a dragon city as if they had conquered it and the battles were done. This was the result of one of the probable futures Skirnir had shown them all in the revelation from Istaria if the night was not won.

    Suddenly a blue column of fire rose up from Chiconis to the clouds above. A bubble seemed to be expanding from the base of the tower of blue fames. It rapidly went out and up over all the dragon lands associated with the dragon city then stayed in place. The corrupted spirits and undead were instantly dust blown away in an icy wind. The ground burned with blue flamed intensity. Words appeared in the air comprised from ancient Draconic glyphs before them, as they began the descending glide down. The glyphs fell apart into blue snowflakes of ice as they passed.

    Lovwyrm addressed Flameus and Lunalove, “Walk only on the way provided by the Great Power. Step elsewhere and die. The Gifted will die here as quickly as the divine, much less any mortals. I am being made aware that ONLY Nimrod will be allowed here at this time. Do not change to your Khutit forms lest you die as well. I will speak for us all. This Great Crystal Guardian would just as well kill us, as look at us, much less speak to us. To her we are merely tools for use in a certain manner no more no less, if she decides to favor us with this necessity that must be done. Flameus please inform the others of these directives”. Her mate nodded seriously. The message was sent.

    But we are Gifted!! and only we can come back to fulfill Istaria's wishes!” growled Lunalove.

    Did you not remember the Fifth Great Crystal Guardian's warning given to Istara to give to that same Goddess? She said,

    ... I will –Obliterate-- her from all the realms, if there is ever another attempt.”

    That threat was not hollow. It was a promise full of menace and great power. We are needed by Istaria. We cannot risk that possibility. Istaria Herself has not changed what the Goddess Nyrevin said to us,

    ....The duties of the Guardian will far surpass the duration of this night into the future. Let there be no doubt Gifted Ones,-this-Great Crystal Guardian will allow the death of the all of the Prime and Divine realms for the sake of the ONE!”

    Child of mine, we are here for the safe retrieval of the hatchling which Istaria has approved. You will be silent. You will observe, listen, and learn in a matter of wisdom concerning one of the great powers of this world. You will not strike unless bid to do so. Follow your father's lead. Clear your mind of all passions. Let there be clarity and emptiness as Flameus and I taught you long ago. It is my belief she can see all of our thoughts, due to the changes wrought by her mother, Zadora.”

    Following the path shown her, lovwyrm entered Chiconis underground halls with her claws sheathed. She slowly traversed to its deepest protected basement where the public birthing rooms were located. These rooms were for those without lairs. The newly born hatchlings would be protected and assisted by the ancient female matrons, till parents were able to attend them properly. The path was a long one and dark. The Great Crystal of Power had been moved to another location. The air began to thicken with power as lovwyrm entered the final huge underground set of chambers. The very air lit all objects clearly. The rooms were filled with a mother's song of rest and healing.

    The Abomination was hovering one meter above the ground facing the entry way. She appeared not to notice them. Her wings, twice the size of an ancient, moved slowly. The creatures height was three meters. Upon closer examination lovwyrm noticed her Draconic features were only partially formed. Though her horns and wings were fully formed, the creature's lower paws and talons were warped and twisted which prohibited any standing. Tiny blue scales glistened on her nude form. Swirls of minutia blue flames randomly caressed her body.

    Looking at the creature's feet her attention was drawn to the stone floor. She could see the lines of tiny bloody paw marks on the stone flooring indicating the hatchling's prior movement. The hatchling had tried to follow the others but had been unable to make it up the ramp. Over and over the bloody marks showed her attempts that ended in a spiral marking a center with a small pool of blood partially smeared on the floor.

    The Abomination named Lilith had rends, tears, lacerations on her chest face and arms. Bite marks were here and there. The tiny hatchling was almost hidden in the arms of Lilith. She was limp then fighting and clawing and then limp again piping her anger then grief then ceasing abruptly. Despite her hostility the little one's tail was wrapped tightly around the forearm of Lilith. On her little forehead was a Draconic glyph, carved into the little one's flesh, already healed. At the base of the hatchling's neck was a circlet of crystal shards bound together with strands of blue light. The shards seemed to sparkle and shine independently of each other. The hatchling's scales were a pearly white and rippling highlights of scintillating silver with icy blue undertones. Her wings were pure transparent Istarian sky blue.

    Lilith hovered with a serene expression slightly smiling without flinching each time damage was done to her by the little one. Lilith's blood would drip on the hatchling and then disappear. The room remained full of the sounds of a mother's song of rest and healing but there was no love in it, Lovwyrm observed. Intuitively Lovwyrm realized the abomination had been created to fill a need. A need that held no mother's love. Inwardly she shuddered at the pain of the revelation.

    Lilith said out loud as if to herself, “She fights showing no mercy, no quarter, with all of her little heart and mind. How refreshing!!”

    Lilith suddenly focused on the trio with animosity frowning, “You are late Nimrod!”

    Lovwyrm said nothing nor did the other two. Slowly Lovwyrm walked to Lilith looking up at her calmly and remaining silent.

    Looking down at the ancient female dragon Lilith said, “You are right about me. My mother left me unfinished and incomplete. She succumbed to the naka emotions of regret, grief and sorrow then left me for elsewhere or elsewhen. Her prophesies continue to come true though.

    In my arms rests my mother's heir to the House of Zadora. The mortal Dragons were wrong about the hatchling's intent. She did not arrive to their conclusion till all had gone leaving her alone exhausted and spent. The spirits of her parents then tried to come for her. I relocated her parents to where they belonged and broke the links the hatchling had to the dead.

    This is no true hatchling Nimrod. She carries the ability of an ancient's mental linking though limited in number now. Methinks she has other abilities but there is no time now for me to study this to ascertain. She thinks like an ancient without training. These crystals around her neck I made. They force her to remain in her body, provide a measure of protection and teach her what Zadora knew. This tiny hatchling will one day dwarf the dragons around her like your fore-bearers of old. I need not visit her for we are bound and linked through my mother's blood within us and the great crystal. Through me she is also linked to all within the House of Zadora and all its bipeds and a few Dragons of that same house. There is room in her tiny mind for one more link. When the link is formed you will know how to protect yourself from her adopted mother's blood abilities. Zadora was the only Blood Dragon ever born as well as Seer. So, with whom shall this be be formed?”

    Looking up Lovwyrm said calmly, “I will link with her. It is only fitting.”

    The hatchling looked into the eyes of Lilith without blinking. In a blur she leapt to the paws of Lovwyrm while still looking at Lilith.

    Are you truly prepared Nimrod? You do not have time to spare to prepare yourself I think.” spoke Lilith, peering closely at Lovwyrm.

    Lovwyrm retorted with exasperation, “Of course I am! She is only a hatchling.” holding gently but tightly the little one on her paws.

    Still looking at Lovywrm closely, Lilith continued, “Listen closely therefore to these truths I tell you. The decision to take the hatchling to a Gifted lair is wise. For some unknown reason Istaria protects the properties of the Gifted. There will be assistance offered from an unwelcomed quarter in the flight to reach the lair. Take it, lest the hatchling die, Nimrod is overwhelmed failing in this duty and you face my wrath until the End of Days. A battle is coming to you in the skies.”

    Turning slightly looking at Flameus and Lunalove, while ignoring the hatchling and ancient female, Lilith stated emphatically, “Your mate and mother will need your assistance to stabilize the link. I simply don't have time. Mordel is in need of assistance. The High Elders of both Chiconis and Dralk are dying, due to Mordel's scruples of Gifted Laws and the foolishness of mortal Draconis, guardians or not.

    A great spider has spun a web snaring all of Draconis for aeons. This traitor in their midst manipulates the destruction of the children of the 1st Dragon for its own reward. This traitor, Brutus, is there now and my mothers living blood has looked forward for the aeons of her life to experience his ignominious demise.”

    In a blink Lilith touched Lovwyrm's forehead. The Abomination flashed into blue flames heading to Dralk. The Gifted dragon could see her mate reach out for her as the world to her eyes shredded into darkness. Her mate's bellow of fear became distant. Her mind felt stretched then emptied then filled falling into a vortex of scintillating colored lights sweeping her into an impossible rainbow of different hues of blood caressing her in warmth.

    She seemed to have no strength. Feeling she was drowning, she thrashed this way and that, caught in the current of red horrific memory in which she had no control. She could hear the piping of a hatchling on the shore telling her to get out of the blood river or be lost forever. Every breath she took of the living blood flooded her with new memories, tragedies of hunger, thirst, fear, pain and hatred. Lovwyrm could feel all that defined herself slowly fragmenting and slipping away, overwhelmed by the aeons of thick red river memories. The truths became apparent in the living memories of the unspeakable one, the unmentionable one, whom had been stricken from all the records of Dragon kind, as the great ultimate anathema. The weight of the truths of Zadora's memories dragged her under its fast moving surface.

    Jumping into the river the tiny hatchling grabbed Lovwyrm on the side of her face screaming, “Have you forgotten your mate? Have you forgotten your mating flight of binding? Remember the Love remember the Glory of it!”

    Snatching at her own memories and with a might snap of her Gifted wings lovwyrm rose up from the River of Memories that was heading over Edge of the massive cliff. She looked down hovering above the lip of the massive falls where the blood was falling in a distant horizon far below. Shrouded by a rising red mist below her she she could see no end of the mighty red river. Time seemed meaningless here. A vast landscape of high mountains and deep green valleys with an horizon of blood red hues for the skyline were visible to her.

    The hatchling stirred looking up stating clearly in her minute piping voice, “We must hurry the enemy is drawing closer. Time is running out for all of us.”

    Lovwyrm held her closely, “How do we leave this fearsome place.”

    Reach out to Flameus your mate. This place cannot hold you. You are Gifted.” she replied yawning, as she began sliding into Morpheus's arms.

    Lovwyrmn asked, “Where does the river go?”

    The hatchling did not respond. Reaching out to her mate she found herself enclosed in his wings. She drew up slowly embracing him gently, “Your love brought me back my Beloved. Time is up. We must fly. The battle promised is nearly upon us!”

    Racing to the entrance the Family of Nimrod launched themselves towards their destination. High above Chiconis and heading southward the power of Lilith was removed. The heavy neon green clouds of the WA once again covered the great Dragon city thickening. Above and behind them they could see one of the bipeds fleets. Taking a formation above the thin true clouds higher than a Gifted could fly. Tiny specks could be seen falling from them west of Chiconis.

    Seeing below herself, while flying high above the water, she could see the crisscrossing waves hundreds of meters high scouring the seabeds. Uncovered were the ancient wrecks of yore and broken stone cities laying deep below the water's surface, while horrific shapes moved in the still full ravines of deep black waters.

    Feeling a tapping on her paws she leaned forward to the hatchling whom whispered softly, “The great river of blood goes to Zadora. Lilith does not know her mother is alive. Zadora received her daughter's plea of need. She, her family and their great clan of Dragons come, full of wrath full of vengeance...”

    Far in the west behind Nimrod, almost obscured from sight, monstrous columns of fire rose to the distant sky easily providing the light they needed before them in their trek from Chiconis.....

    Twilight of the Gods continues
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    Battles Part 9


    Mordel addressed Brutus after seeing him almost kill Malicore knocking him out of his way. Brutus had attempted to charge out of the entry way from the ancient grand hall, wherein seven thousand dragons congregated.

    Personally positioning himself so that Brutus could not leave Mordel chuckled, “Ah Brutus I am so very honored you came to meet me personally. There is much we need to discuss at the podium below!” Knoble heard the ancient's bellow of pain as Mordel back pawed him into the entry way. At the Gifted Mordel's command the stone arched entry way flowed into a solid wall, there would be no escape. Knoble recalled then began the flight to Admiral Sharpfizzle.

    Malicore called to his comrade behind Brutus in the hall way, “Does the plan remain as we discussed?”

    Mordel replied, “For our purpose here, yes. Another party will conclude it I think.”

    “Do we split the kills?” enquired Malicore.

    “There will be no kills if it can be helped. We will gain however such a grand list of enemies that no doubt we will be busy for decades with the challenges. Now give the Elder ancient plenty of room to go down the right side to the base of the Grand Hall Malicore.” replied Mordel somberly. Looking at Brutus, who tried to avoid eye contact with the angry Gifted Ancient, Mordel continued, “However IF he tries to injure you again you DO have the right of self defense. This IS Dralk after all and not Chiconis with their committee decisions after much debate. So feel free to kill him with those special Dragon killing arrows you made, to prove to me that they actually work. I find myself dubious still despite your lengthy explanations.”

    Brutus, glancing at Malicore drawing an arrow from a bright yellow quiver, prudently decided to run down the opposite side. Bellowing that a Gifted attack was eminent Brutus ran down the large long ramp downward knocking other dragons aside in his flight to avoid the Ancient Gifted behind him. Though he hurried along behind Brutus, Mordel appeared to be moving at a pace that bespoke of a stately grace of power and grandeur.

    Glancing below Mordel could see the 2nd in command of each High Council at the base of the huge chamber slowly executing the two High Elders. Cassius of Dralk and Nerious of Chiconis seemed to relish the slow killing. Each believed he would inherit a Crown of Guardianship. This would make him a Guardian of a Great Power Crystal with its inherent power in each city. Blood lust filled their eyes as they cursed in the oldest Dragon tongue of their hapless law abiding victims. Pools of blood gathered below each high elder until they respectively fell into their own blood, each weakened too much to remain standing.

    Malicore was approaching the end of one ramp making sure he touched all in this path screaming all the while, “Make way, tainted coming through.” The bellowing outraged dragons tried to strike him only to hit their fellows by accident. The fear and anger in turn broke out into conflicts down the ramp behind him. Dragons in front of Mordel complained, as they had to make way for his greater Gifted bulk. However being solicitous Mordel apologized to all that he accidentally jostled in his trek downward. Seeing Brutus already running like a hatchling with its tail on fire at the base of the grand hall, Mordel bellowed to Brutus sarcastically, “Fear not Brutus you need only turn into Khutit form to get out through one of the two emergency exits. I fixed them myself to assist you, as the adjoining cliff sides are rather steep. I did not want any unforeseen deaths here today.” Only the ancients around himself thought the statement strange.

    As Brutus ran though the first exit opening at the base of the grand hall, Mordel paced over to the open area where the high councils had gathered around the dying two High Elders. Shouldering his way past the circling clustered groups Mordel commanded the slow executions to cease. Neither Cassius nor Nerious stopped.

    Cassius looked him in the eye saying, “This is the law being carried out. If you attempt to set yourself above the Laws, all in this great hall will rid the world of you. Unlike the bipeds WE do NOT fear the Gifted.” Both High Councils looked at Mordel in animosity. The shouts and bellows of the grand hall was thunderous in anger. Mordel basked in the outcry extending his wings standing in his back paws thinking how much his vaunted long list of enemies had grown.

    Malicore intruded happily, “I can kill them Mordel!. I am not a dragon and your grand laws do not affect me. Besides you and I both know the High Elders cannot die here tonight lest the world end early and all these fools die too fast.,” piped Malicore, waving around the yellow quiver for all to see.

    “No Malicore you can not kill them outright. That is against the Law.” Mordel huffed.

    When he saw he was no longer being paid attention to Malicore pulled out a Gnomian folding chair from his back pack and sat down pouting by the trio of large crystals coming out the the middle of the dais. Thinking to himself, Malicore watched the Elders slowly die, seven thousand dragons bellowing in hate, and seeing the Dragon called Brutus speed to the to the 2nd exit unable to leave through the 1st like a Mythological Gerbel Beast hopped up on speed potions truly set the stage for a D.D.--Moment--. Only the hotly sought after issues of the Daily Dungeon illegal tabloid could tell a better story than what he was seeing. Thinking of a great DD story line he could sell to the tabloid for more cash, an idea came to mind.

    Jumping up suddenly from his folding chair Malicore shouted at Cassius and Nerious, “HO CASSIUS!, HO NERIOUS! Look and see!! There goes Brutus with your shares of the stolen horde from the hatchlings, fake public assistance laws, horde tithe laws and last but not least the sealed lairs of the Honorable Dead!! He is escaping!! Nab him before he takes it all and the blame falls ONLY on you both! Your lives will surely end and he will sun himself daily on a sunny island beach far away with Naka female bipeds cleaning his scales every day!!

    Due to the precise acoustical nature of the ancient grand hall the shout echoed from top to bottom. The bellows of rage suddenly silenced as all watched the Seconds of both High Elder Councils stop their slaughter and start running towards the second exit after Brutus. Realizing for the first time just how well everyone could hear him, Malicore strode with confidence to the center of the huge flat slightly elevated stone platform.

    Malicore raised his voice looking upward to the huge audience, “Hail and well met oh Draconis! I am glad I am here for this historic event. A grand Convention of all Draconis. I am Malicore finest archer in all the lands and in the air above. I am addressing you since Mordel is busy watching the High Elders die since he cannot heal them, according to the Gifted Laws and the supposed laws of this land. Since I am Sslik and do not abide by these fake laws of Dralk, I will save my friend from himself. I will give the High Elders a bit of help, since he does NOT want a particular 3rd party holding this event over his head until the End of Days.”

    Malicore then briskly walked over, poured a Vestia's potion down the throat each of the High High Elders then cast a low level regrowth spell on them. Small things though they were, the combo would keep them away from the brink of an untimely death.

    Returning to the grand podium he held up his bow and yellow quiver saying forcefully, “Draconis OWES me two favors now for your ignorance and stupidity. Mordel seal the exits lest the evil two dragons escape destined punishment.” Mordel stood up and clinched his right fist. Distant bellowing and fighting could be heard. The air seemed just a bit cooler. Looking at Mordel, Malicore knew the dragon noticed it as well, albeit no one else did.

    The grand hall echoed with the bellows of anger and fire at the audacity of the Naka's statement. Seeing the huge trio of crystals mounted in the middle of the podium's base, Malicore climbed up standing on all thee using his tail to stabilize himself.

    Holding himself up proudly, he raised his voice, “Let the great crystals decide as they were made by Drulkar himself before he left. I swear to tell the truth, the whole truth so help me Kaasha. Since I am the ONLY follower of Kaasha here and am a devout tithe paying adherent, if you mess with me you will be messing with my GOD.”

    Standing on the crystals of Truth, Judgement and Punishment Malicore spoke plainly. The Assembly of Dragons grew silent watching the ropes of fire from the Crystals swirling around him without damage. A transparent shape surrounded the trio of tilting crystals with Malicore standing on top. The shape of a huge snake towering seven meters above him stood over him flaring its hood coated in ever so faint flames, colors of the deep jungle. Seeing the shape around him he smiled, showing all his sharp teeth then spoke.

    “It is true that Cassius and Nerious are horde thieves, liars and blackmailers. It is true that even though they did not actually steal anything they got their share. The percentage of the hoards of hatchlings, adults, ancients and sealed lairs of the dead were not all. Their additional crimes of blackmailing Brutus, insured their share of the tithes paid to Dralk and Chiconis and various causes. Their other crimes are mostly lies of empty boasting with all their nonexistent battles and exploits of adventure. Now Brutus is a rather vague and unknown quantum. We have watched him steal from the sacred sealed lairs. We have watched him blackmail ancients, threaten adults and terrorize hatchlings. Only recently did we realize there was more after a healing session with the head of the healing tower outside of Tazoon. This fact tho is neither here nor there as what we found out is unsubstantiated. Another however will elaborate on these issues.

    HO CASSIUS, HO NERIUS come out come out where ever you are! All of Draconis awaits your words of wisdom from two of its finest ancient warriors, one of Chiconis and one of Dralk. I have shredded your reputations and cast grave doubt on your glory, your bloodlines and the truths you have supposedly spoken for centuries. The podium is yours to defend yourselves and all that has been alleged that you have done. Forsake not your race in this Holy place of truth, judgement and punishment.”

    Looking around there was no doubt the air was colder, a chill wind was beginning to swirl inside the Grand ancient hall. The lava was not flowing as fast but was becoming sluggish with chunks of black stone in it. He happened to look at his hand as a snowflake drifted down and melted. He looked up and saw Mordel motioning upward. The rasping sound of the God coiling around the crystals caught his attention and he glanced sideways.

    The huge hooded flared head of Kaasha dropped down looking at him nose to nose saying, “Ware thee child of mine!” The apparition then disappeared.

    Cassius and Nerious had been coming onto the stone podium with deliberate slowness in Khutit form. Seeing their chance they transformed into dragons from their Khutit forms as they ran towards Malicore. The Sslik stood in silent conversation with the transparent figure, his back to them. Seeing the huge figure coiled around Malicore disappear they attacked rearing up with wings extended to deliver their spells and great bursts of flame.....

    Malicore knew he was in trouble with the warning given to him by his God. He could almost see behind himself and with his acute hearing he could hear the scraping of talons running on the shiny stone flooring of the podium. The two great ancient Draconic thieves were attacking from behind. Although the attack was an uncharacteristic dishonorable move, with their crimes both knew that they would surely be condemned to death. Horde theft with grave robbing as well as theft of the living were almost the greatest of the Draconic crimes. Malicore knew there was no way he was going to live. They were preparing their stuns and immobilization spells as they ran, accumulating in the use of their greatest flame breath weapon. He could dodge successfully sparing his own life or attack both once successfully, ensuring their deaths with his specials arrows. He, Malicore, would come back of course since he was Gifted. The two dead ancients would be dead forever AND he would win his bet with Mordel. He liked that latter outcome. He grinned to himself.

    Using his mastered schools he jumped straight up somersaulting backwards while drawing two arrows and equipping his bow. Time slowed down as his movements speeded up. The ancients gestured like a performing duo while taking the deep breaths as they extended their wings. The bow twanged. Malicore released the arrows a microsecond before being frozen stationary in the air, stunned in a floating stance. The bow string still vibrated from the powerful draw.

    The heads of the duo came forward releasing their breaths of flowing flames searing the air heading to the Gifted Sslik warrior. The arrows with large multi-bladed heads on extended shafts and covered with various types of odd scripts sped to their targets. The scripts on the arrows seemed to burn, waver and glow, while passing the breaths flowing to Malicore, on the way to kill him.

    With his thoughts turning to black Malicore's voice floated on the air softly with his expiring breath, “Mine, I won.” The fiery flowing breaths hit him in midair carbonizing instantly. The body of the Gifted dropped to the tripod of huge dragon crystals shattering into dust. The bow and quiver of arrows clattered to the floor echoing in the huge ancient chamber full of Dragons. The arrows hit simultaneously with the death of their master. In the center of mass they buried themselves wiggling deeper to feathers of each shaft in the chests of the Dragons. Flesh bubbled and burned around the shafts. One dropped to a knee wings laying limply on the floor with flesh turning to stone. The other stood fully still though wobbling unable to speak or move as he began to topple melting into a growing puddle. With a cry Mordel lunged too late to protect his battle companion.

    His bellow of anguish and howl of hatred filled the chamber echoing hollowly with dragons watching above, silently ensnared in the drama below them.

    Twilight of the Gods continues

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    Battles Part 10


    The base of the brilliant Lapis Lazuli colored column of flames splashed on the stone in front of the two ancients dying in place. Within the three meter wide column of flames the nine foot figure's descended with wings folding effortlessly . The creature finally floated one meter above the stone with an aerial grace matched by none. Hovering forward as the column of flames disappeared, she approached the one dragon still barely standing until she was face to face with him. Watching his slowly dulling eyes she jerked out the arrow to inspect it then thrust it back into his chest.

    With a slight movement backwards she addressed both, “Sorry but my mother was rather explicit about your deaths in her prophesy. You will NOT die in this manner. Making an obscure gesture in the air both were frozen “absolutely”. Cold icy streams of fog flowed off them to the floor.

    The breaths of dragons could be seen upward throughout the balconies above. The flowing darkened lava slowed then turned into shiny black stone columns up to their points of origin. The trio of crystals of Truth, Judgement and Punishment began to crackle then burst into different colored flames.

    The creature continued as she turned surveying all of Draconis in a slow three hundred and sixty degree arc, “Well well well!! A fine gathering and I was not invited, despite the numerous requests given to the councils and to that fine Archivist and Law Giver Brutus. How so against the Laws set forth by the 1st Dragon! In accordance with those ancient Laws here I am. I will address certain misconceptions of the Dragon race concerning MY mother. There was the treachery within the Dragon's own ranks and the wayward direction YOUR race takes this night according to the Laws of the 1st Dragon no longer remembered. All of these things occurred due to Brutus's machinations. The tiny Sslik Malicore was indeed correct in the small amount he said. You saw with your own eyes the crystals and their finality with the presence of his God. But where is Brutus, as his compatriots of a sort stand frozen solid before us all?”

    Facing Mordel the creature said sarcastically, “Why are you allowing that traitor to all dragon kind to run around? He is already on his way galloping like the mythological horses of old to the entrance. He is on the 2nd, almost 3rd tier at this time. He is causing all sorts of commotion and fear, due to his sordid terrible reputation that none dare to challenge with his great social standing. Is this beyond the Gifted's abilities oh Gifted Mordel, the Mighty Lunus?!”

    Mordel growled at the creature hissing, “I look forward to meeting you in battle without the mantle of being a Crystal Guardian!”

    Edging closer she looked down at Mordel, “I look forward to you no longer being a Gifted one. Then we will see whose bloodlines are more powerful! But think what you will I care not whether the world ends or continues. I have obtained what --I-- needed. You would just perish with the rest of these fools.”

    Caught by surprise Mordel backed up saying, “I will get the broken one Abomination!”

    At his words the entire grand hall erupted in protests, demands and threats. With his great wings snapping Mordel rose up to the 3rd tier of the grand hall. Obliterating the spiraling balustrade in front of Brutus, Mordel snatched him by the foreleg and flung him out to the huge airy center of the hall. Brutus fell like a bag of stones. Almost to the floor he bounced then stopped in place in the air, flailing about in fear above the trio of crystals in the center of the great podium.

    Lilith called out Mordel high above her, “Unless of course you are just cranky because I am beautiful and you wish for a Mate!” The creature called the Abomination, Lilith child of the unspeakable Anathema named Zadora changed into her Fiendish form and stood on the stone in the center of the raised flat podium. Raising her arms out wide to encompass all she tilted her head back as she sang the praises of her blood lines and her mother Zadora, while the great multitude of Dragons howled and bellowed in anger.

    “Kill it!” bellowed one.

    “It is the tainted one! Let none go near!” squawked another.

    “It is a biped plot to lead us all astray from the Great Laws!” said a third bellowing above the others.

    “With a howling screech an ancient female Lunus cried out, “She is the one who kidnapped the hatchlings, killed the matrons and seeks like her mother to destroy all dragon kind while allied with the Withered Aegis!”

    The great multitude of Dragons divided into factions each following one of the different ancients who's statements had inflamed them all. Only a third in number remained silent, watchful and quiet looking to see what would happen to their High Elders within the drama below.

    “Come down here Gifted Mordel formerly of Lunus,” commanded Lilith, “and tear off the scale pack of Brutus and empty it here on the floor. All need to see a certain terrible truth hidden by the lies of Brutus and his sycophants, who squawk like chickens in the balconies above! I will bring back your brother to do what is required as you have not!”

    Walking over to the tripod of crystals Lilith began to chant. With one palm up the bow and quiver floated up to settle in her left hand. Her other palm down was wreathed in blue robust flames. The carbonized pieces of the Gifted one known as Malicore assembled themselves turning into bone, sinew muscle and fleshly covering below her right hand in the order chanted. Malicore appeared standing on the crystals where he had been.

    Lilith floated upward in her Fiendish form addressing Malicore while holding out the bow, quiver and arrows to him, “Henceforth you will not dabble in Dark Dragon magics. The curses were more than you knew. You thought there were only a blend of poisons of all types AND a mere one hundred curses per arrow. You were wrong. Ten arrows, two of which you used had one thousand curses on them. Many of the Dragon curses were not singular but a panoply. You should have asked Mordel for he is brighter than you believe. So I do you this courtesy. I changed the arrow heads to something far deadlier and colored the more damaging arrows in a nice bright blue to remind you of me,” smiling maliciously.

    Hovering by Brutus, whom he swatted off and on when he got to close, Mordel looked down upon the Abomination whom he wished to kill with all of his great Draconic heart. He called down, “By what authority do you command me oh Abomination?”

    “By the Laws of the Balance of course Gifted one. The Laws that state none may intrude, but the Guardians in the Affairs of Balance. Now mind you when a Great Crystal Guardian is incapacitated then another may wear their mantle of power. Even now I wear three mantles in this affair of Dragons. By being chosen by Istaria you no longer have a say so before this Grand Gathering even as their authority does not bind you.”

    “Turning to Malicore she said , “Now refresh your heals on the High Elders that they may not die. Then you should encourage your friend hovering up there that you both need to leave.”

    “Why should I obey you Abomination?” quipped Malicore.

    “Because it is the Gifted thing to do little Sslik and if not well I am looking for a suitable Mate she silkily returned adding, “Your God did say. 'Ware then well child of mine'. So the more suitable question should be of whom was your God warning?”

    Malicore slowly backed up with this revelation, as Lilith's liquid blue fiery eyes followed him closely with a certain hunger. Fearful for the first time in his life Malicore hurried complying with the demand of this truly cold wrathful creature. He gestured to Mordel to come quickly. Seeing the secret gesture for battle Mordel responded landing next to him.

    Malicore whispered, “Pick me up quickly oh my brother of battle. Away we must be gone immediately. A terrible fate is coming. Kaasha has warned me.”

    Smelling his compatriot's increasing fear Mordel looked from Malicore to see Lilith clothing herself in a flowing gown of the most delicate of all silks that floated around her and behind her as she walked to them. Her grin of malice becoming larger and larger, showing her gleaming white sharply pointed teeth, as she neared. She curtsied deeply lowering her head to view the floor in a mockery of obeisance. Then raising up she tilted her head and began to dance gracefully twirling in circles singing a ancient guttural spell of a dead language long since dust.

    Suddenly the stone flooring in equidistant places around trio of crystals located in the center of the podium became liquid. Fiery lava-like chains shot through the air searching for those the spell demanded. Fear rolled through the great hall like giant enclosed waves. Leaping off the balconies Dragons scattered in fear of the fiery stone chains weaving their way through the ranks of seven thousand, burning many of them. The air itself had seemed to begin to humm with the surrounding walls of the great hall vibrating. Pieces of stone fell off onto the ornate balconies bouncing and impacting on Dragons. Chaos added to the thickening aura of fear. Four of the Dragons were pulled from the air above to the floor around the crystals. Two were snatched from the ranks of the twin High Elder Councils. Six dragons now laid manacled and chained to the floor wailing for mercy from the fiery lava chains. Brutus floated turning this way and that. He cursed at the chained ones reminding them all that the Great Trio of Crystals, gave Truth, Judgement and Punishment for all thoughts, words and gestures. He was ignored. Only the last two dragons frozen in slow deaths of courses were silent.
    Changing to her full semi Draconic form, Lilith snatched off the scale pack of Brutus who floated helplessly, unable to stop the his motion of turning in place. She moved first towards Mordel saying softly in barely contained wrath, “If you ever disobey a command of any Crystal Guardian again in a matter of Balance I will obliterate you in every incarnation till the end of days!”

    Turning her back on the pair of Gifted Ones, she hovered to and over the trio of crystals. Lilith called out to the crystals below her and the dragons above her. “ Behold all Draconis the possessions of Zadora, stolen by Brutus,” pouring them on the floor.

    The Crystal of Truth flared its white flames around her and the items from the scalepack without damage.

    Moving around and slowly back to the Gifted ones she spoke softly, “You each owe me a very large favor. Now you need to prepare to leave or stay dying the lesser death first with the eternal death quick to follow.” She turned her back dismissing them and headed back to the crystals.

    Shocked at a threat no one else had ever dared give him Mordel was taken aback blinking slowly. Malicore leaped up onto his friend and whispered urgently and quietly so none would hear, “My brother of battle. We must leave NOW. She is become ringmaster and holds the fates of all in her taloned hands.” Mordel grunted in acknowledgment but remained unmoving.

    Hovering over the crystals and reaching down she grabbed the tip of the Crystal of Truth.
    Lilith called out again to her Draconic audience pointing to Malicore and Mordel, “Behold my thankfully Distant Draconic relatives, whose elders swam once upon a time in a no doubt murky gene pool of bloodlines, our Gifted Guests here below. Behold my relatives, Mordel the legendary Gifted Dragon from Dralk and Malicore the famous demon bow user from Lesser Aradoth. Gifted Ones, who I might add, were not invited and who are intruding upon the affairs of Dralk by even being here. Imagine the audacity of them trying to give orders to Elders of the High Councils to stop a supposedly lawful execution, even though the alleged event was so poorly attempted and forsooth not even completed. If this was not enough, a Naka biped addressing the grand hall of Dragons, as if he had the authority of the 1st dragon to do so!!

    But who am I to understand the foolish things dragons do since I am merely a simple half breed Abomination of a female looking for a mate. Alas, there will be no mate garnered here for me! She clasped her arm across her chest in mock sorrow. My hopes have been absolutely dashed since those Gifted ones PURPOSELY tainted every single dragon in here at least according to those fake idiot laws all of you follow.”

    The various rumbling and insults growled and bellowed at her ceased faster than one could blink. All looked down upon the duo of Gifted ones in question while scowling at Lilith.

    She continued, “Did not Brutus say, ' a Gifted attack was eminent ' as he ran down the ramps after being back pawed by Mordel at the entry way above you? Did not Malicore say, ' Make way, tainted coming through.' as he ran down alone on the opposite side of the great hall?”

    The crystal flared with white fire enveloping her but not burning. A singular truth had been revealed. The crystal had spoken. Without hesitation hundreds of Dragons attempted to attack the Gifted duo. Mordel reared up in defiance. Malicore without thought pulled a random group teleport scroll out and initiated the spell. Dragons hit the floor bouncing as the pair vanished to an unknown destination. Lilith sidestepped while hovering in the air avoiding colliding Dragons and the chaos of many dragons shoving their way through others hunting for the pair.

    Slowly the multitude of dragons gathered their composure. The accused Dragons lay chained to the floor below them and the Gifted pair was gone. Many remained hovering not taking back their places on the balconies. Only the few most ancient Dragons had been unmoved as they silently watched the explosive drama below unfold. Sniffing the air with eyes squinting, they cast spells around themselves heightening their awareness of their environment and the stone surrounding them all. They could feel it in the air. They could feel it in the stone.

    Something dark, Something monstrous, Something ravenous with hunger was coming. Time was running out...

    Twilight of the Gods continues
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    Battles Part 11


    Slowly Lilith, claimed daughter of Zadora, known to all as the Abomination rose slowly and majestically to the center of the huge space of the most ancient Grand Hall of Dragons.

    Built by the 1st High Elder Council, while the 1st dragon still flew the skies of Istaria, nothing since could compare to its grandeur and magnificence. Large statues lined the spiraling stone, gem and jeweled balconies. All the walls were inlaid and carved with the ballads, battles, glory and adventures of the 1st Dragons of that race. Only Dragon knowledge and might could have built such a place to house the huge triad of crystals of Truth, Judgement and Punishment in the center of the of the diaz. Inscribed in a huge circle around the sentient crystals were the great Laws. The triad of two meter high crystals, carved out of unknown deep stone of the world by the 1st Dragon, could not be explained. The 1st Dragon never offered any explanation of their existence.

    There was no whisper of even a breeze, as she surveyed above and below herself. The Draconic race of adults and ancients, except a few protecting the hatchlings, watched her. Only the Gifted Dragons were not here but this night was not meant for them. This was the night of reckoning her mother had planned for, but could not stay to see. Lilith noted four ancients blocking and guarding the third of the Dragon race in Khutit form behind themselves to the front entry way at the top. Only these four ancients had remained loyal to their own High Elders.

    Lilith's wing span was twice the area of that of an ancient and easily folded the air without effort. She remained silent with only a hint of a mysterious smile, as she surveyed her audience. With the Two High Elders still on the floor ever so slowly regenerating she retained their power for action which emanated as a perfect glowing sphere around her. Swirling hues without pattern of gold, blue and red fire surrounded her, a translucent cocoon of undeniable power. The moments passed like a wall of grinding ice on stone, inexorable and unstoppable.

    “Why are you here Abomination?! What are you waiting for?!” shouted one of the hovering dragons.

    “What gives you the right to close the exits with ice, trap us here and chain our leaders?!” bellowed another,” speaking with a voice of indignant rage an ancient female accused while standing on a balcony.

    “Our time is far more valuable than you or your so called mother. You are wasting it like a petulant hatchling,” roared an ancient Helian drake.

    The dragons roared their wrath at her with threats of slow death and obliteration.

    Lilith augmented her voice, then chuckled softly with echoing musical laughter. With a sarcastic gesture of her hand on her forehead in mocking fear she replied, “I am here for my mother for I am a dutiful daughter. I await the arrival of destiny for this race of fools I observe all around me. By necessity I close the exit corridors to address what is by right mine. I will prevent the escape of traitors you know not in your great ignorance that are present in this grand hall. I am here for Truth Judgement and Punishment for those to be held accountable by the great taloned paw of the 1st Dragon. I will taste and see the sweetness of retribution for the crimes of the guilty that have continued to this day. I will free all of you from the snares of the lies given by your leaders in their ignorance, or their contrivance, for the present and past aeons. So first I shall tell you all a nasty little story, then you will see with your own eyes, feel with your own flesh and thus know how far the mighty so called Draconic immortal race has fallen in this world.”

    Lilith continued, “By the right given by the 1st Dragon, and forgotten through an aeons long conspiracy, I address you all. Let any adult or ancient challenge, if they must, so that I may quickly kill them that this grand circus may be finished. But know this all, I carry the mantles of Guardian Power of Three, not One, given by Istaria for the Great Balance of the world. I will use this great power for the good of all. Afterward I shall give you a single warning, a single message and a single reminder. Therefore come one come all that I may obliterate all of you and be done with it!”

    Ignoring all and focusing, Lilith raised her hands and arms gracefully. She started making an ancient intricate series of gestures in the air muttering in the first ancient Dragon tongue an incantation forgotten by all, but her mother and given to herself. Four score and seven Dragons attacked from below and above to rend her. Leisurely pointing to the trio of Truth, Judgement and Punishment she called out their forgotten names. The crystals exploded with pillars of flames reaching up to the ceiling far above encompassing the attackers in white, red and black flames. Crescendos of explosive power shattered many of the balconies with pieces of stone falling on those below. The great hall rocked back and forth with the power of the Truth, Judgement and Punishment of the 1st Dragon.

    Silence came quickly as Dragons both, hovering and still standing on the remains of the huge spiraling balconies, watched the trails of dust that were all that remained of the attackers, fall to the floor. Only the wails of the chained dragons could be heard faintly on the floor below. Brutus' rage was obvious to all but he said nothing knowing that to do so would invite the attention of the Crystals to himself.

    Lilith called out to the spectators rather maliciously commenting, “Have you all forgotten that the great crystals herein this grand place are alive? Only the 1st Dragon understands their intelligence having created them himself.”

    She continued to speak grinning while turning slowly about that all might see her smile, “I see you are shivering in anticipation so I will get on with this necessary revision of most all you know. All are aware of the departure of the 1st Dragon and its approximate date. There is nothing however about the 1st High Elder council that left with him. That has been changed over the centuries by Brutus.”

    A Dragon retorted above, “It seems to be always this and always that about this respected high Dragon but no proof have we heard or seen with each alleged crime you cite. You imply his crimes are Legion. Provide the truth or face death!”

    “Come forth from behind others so that all may see your foolishness Dragon . Come forth that the crystals need not search for you. You tread on the precipice of oblivion for speaking out of turn. To not abide by the rules of this convocation as set forth by the 1st Dragon can result in Death. However, I shall be magnanimous and forgive you in your arrogance and ignorance. Until you all were notified by your High Elders none knew this place existed nor the rules set forth by the 1st Dragon for its use. Brutus knows but you all see he has said nothing to refute anything stated here in the place of our powerful ancestors. Imagine that!!”

    There was no response and no single Dragon came forward.

    She continued, “ The two first born of all dragons were Brutus and Zadora. Zadora was perfect in every way and far greater in size, strength and intellect than all her peers. But, Brutus was umm ahh how can I say it politely, while rubbing her chin in an absent manner, “.....different.”

    Like a historian of old she continued her tale, “In those ancient days all hatchlings were evaluated. Brutus was a runt and perpetually weak. He had no magical spark of power within him. He was mortal. He could not fly despite aging to an ancient. He was a slack-wit of such standing none has ever been born like him since. Cunning tho is not intelligence and what he lacked in one regard he was abundantly blessed in the other. He could neither read nor write but had a memory far superior to any but Zadora. He could not initiate any mental contact but could however respond to one sent to him.

    Three abilities were noted by the 1st High Elder Council

    Firstly, he could siphon off the power of hoard magic rendering those objects powerless and only mere treasure as such the bipeds seek. He could use this power to strengthen himself and expand his life.

    Secondly, he could change the emotions and memories of others around him singularly or as a group. Others read the Laws to him and he rewrote them, as he dictated with the memory of this sacrilege removed by him from their minds.

    Lastly, if he was close enough to another he could siphon off their very life force.

    As he grew older, these illicit abilities grew in distance and type of contact. Why he was not killed by the first of your kind, I do not know. However, Brutus owes his present existence to their lack of due diligence. In fact, they not only let him live but fed him hoard to enhance his survival, but also Left this abomination with the 2nd High Elder council who had already been adversely affected. The succeeding High Councils knew nothing of Brutus and his nefarious machinations.

    I believe I know Brutus' plans and what he hoped to attain, as well as why he was not eliminated long ago. But those ideas are suppositions and not facts. Only facts may be spoken in this holy arena of the ancient Laws. One need only look below at Brutus and the chained ones. See how they grow weaker? See how little they speak? At least you now know why, as to the facts of their diminished and lessening strength which is obvious to all.”

    A low level of grumbling was beginning as Draconic rage was mounting in the huge balconies. Laughing, Lilith suddenly dropped down in front of Brutus taunting him, “Your adherents and sycophants want to hear your side to this torrid little affair of so many centuries. A conspiracy that only the Draconic race would allow to go for so long. Speak up mighty Brutus as you know you can. According to the so called great laws, you can speak at any time in your defense.”

    Brutus, however, remained silent while the other chained dragons slowly fell to the stone floor no longer able to stand. Their whispers continued to echo through the ancient chamber, although weakening, still urging him to speak on their behalf, as the sacrifice of his life, would save their own.

    Twilight of the Gods continues
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    Battles Part 12


    Lilith continues, “I am grateful for the Naka oh mighty Draconis. For by their most ancient laws, to say nothing is to say yes in their courts of law. So the learned and most honorable Brutus has agreed to all the charges leveled against him, according to their laws. But this is Dralk, not some capital of a lesser inferior race. With this being the case I shall bring forth the proof that all of ye so breathlessly await. Alas there will be those who will not see it, as they are already dead. Two of the chained ones lay dead now on the floor. Four ancients of the two high councils are still alive---barely. Brutus has been sucking their lives away even as I speak saving up this power no doubt to try to escape.”

    “You LIE Abomination!!!” shouted one adult behind the horde of dragons near the top of the grand hall.

    “Come down then little hatchling and make your case before the crystals of the 1st Dragon. I shiver with the need of hearing the intellect of your oration before your seniors and elders. You are a Dragon, member of a superior race.” Coughing into her hand insultingly she continued, “There is no doubt that Grand Draconis are far greater thinkers, more thorough with minutiae and more astute than the puny bipeds. In fact let any here come forth with this outstanding warrior or scholar and dispute me in front of the crystals of the 1st Dragon.”

    Looking at the dead dragons, Lilith enshrouded in all her great power and the three great crystals, none came forward.

    “I see that many of ye grow weary with all the exercise of those still hovering. My mother anticipated this long ago and decided to assist you with the knowledge of the puny biped Gnomes. You fly through the air with your great strength, the power of your hoards and love or fierceness of your hearts. The tiny Gnomes have not these things, being as you say, lesser creatures of a lesser race. My mother, tho to survive, had to learn all the that bipeds knew. Being a Dragon she could do what they could not. She constructed crystals that for a period of time defied the magic of a great power in the world that the Gnomes call gravity. In fact she made one for each of you that you might be at ease for her case set forth to this great assembly of seven thousand.”

    With a snap of her huge wings Lilith instantly rose up to the apex of the center in the air of the grand hall. Pirouetting in place, she flung the contents of a large sack from her scale pack. Tiny shards began circling her in a wider and wider arc. Lightning emanated from the shards to each other. In an expanding sphere the grand hall was covered in light. Suddenly the dragons floated weightlessly drifting hither and thither while bumping into each other, the walls and balconies.

    Only Lilith in the spacial center seemed to be unaffected.

    With a malicious smile full of sharp white teeth Lilith gleefully spoke, “Alas I really don't have time to chat as I would like. I have far more important affairs I must attend to. So as the Humans say, ' Now is the time! Now is the moment! Destiny is at hand!' ” Tapping on her chin in reflection she added, “I must say that other great biped philosophers do point out that to create chaos one need only stir the chamber pot with the Truth and the stench will fill the the town!! Since my mother is not here, of course, she left something quite personal to speak for her that all may know intimately what occurred with her, the traitor Brutus and those who followed him.”

    Without further ado she took two earthen jugs from her scale pack and began chanting. Her eyes turned into liquid dripping blue flames. Lilith grew much larger in height and mass as she continued to hover. Power dripped like sweat. White blue fire expanded around her exploding with a shockwave resounding and echoing in the great open area. The air seemed to thicken with its currents showing up while arcing around herself and the Dragons in the Great Hall. Popping the corks off the jugs she poured them into the air before her. The smell of blood filled the air of the grand hall. Dragons by the score roared at her to stop, recognizing a great ritual of blood magic, but ignorant of its power.

    The fluid intermixed and began to take the shape of a multifaceted growing sphere. The crystal with its surface flowing in hues of red swirling glowing light, rotated in place. Weaving her hands around it painting glyphs of power about the object she thrust in her hands. Screaming in pain and diminishing in size she shrieked in the Ancient forgotten tongue of the Naka howling, “Et evigilare faciatis loquimur matrem!!” as she jerked out her hands weakened.

    The faceted flowing red crystal in a blink hardened with seven thousand barbs appearing on its surface while slowly turning end over end rotating in place. Without warning the barbs exploded outward seeking their individual terminus in each unique dragon.

    In the silence that followed she hovered down to Brutus held in the thrall as were all others from the massive blood link of Zadora's and his own memories.

    Lilith smiled grimly facing him,“Feed on me Brutus. I know that no water nor sustenance has passed your tongue in over two aeons. Consider this gift you last meal before your destiny is fulfilled with the weighing of your deeds in the grand scales of the 1st Dragon's crystals of Truth, Judgement and Punishment.”

    Brutus sucked her life force till he glowed, as she spread her arms out before him. Snapping her fingers she released him from her spell. Lilith laughed saying, “You are free of my spell and full of power now Brutus, the great Traitor to all Dragon kin. You need only fly away. Oh my, as she slapped her forehead, “You cannot fly can you? since you have no love, no heart and no magic.”

    Brutus full of a power he could not use howled in frustration as he rotated slowly, ending up facing the stone flooring of the podium below him.

    No longer able to maintain her hovering, Lilith returned to her Fiendish form. Covered in flowing silken gowns she walked with an elegant grace across the floor to the two High Elders who were slowly regaining their footing with their limbs shaking in weakness. Glancing around she could see that the life siphoning of Brutus had killed the members of both Elder High Councils as well as all the chained dragons. Above her in the air the enthralled dragons were twitching in silent anguish. All of Draconis in the grand hall relived in moments, the centuries of Butus's machinations, along with Zadora's pain, fear, horror and rage--always running always alone.

    With great solemnity Lilith returned each mantle of power to each High Elder. The two great Guardians were once again established per the wish of Istaria. Lilith spoke quietly without rancor, “I am done. I am finished. I am finally free. The tenets of my Mothers Geas have been met fully. In the first collar of the Great Sapling I have placed all the scrolls my mother had duplicated of the Laws and original histories to replace what Brutus destroyed or rewrote. Similarly, I have resolved all of the tampering in the great libraries of Chiconis and Dralk. I did not desire that proof of any of these transgressions could be used in the present or future to lessen the glory of all Dragon kind. Now I must fulfill my promises herein this terrible place I told you and your people that . I would give all a single warning, a single message and a single reminder.

    Firstly, my mother's message to her dead mother's father has only in the last hours arrived there for the way is long and far. A great war now rages on the Plane of Fire. The 1st Dragon is cleaning his house of the 1st High Elder council. All that failed him here in Istaria will be no more.

    Secondly, the 1st Dragon spoke to me when I was abruptly awoken and he said, 'I am coming and the wrath of my judgement shall come with me along with what remains of the High Elder Council. By the fire of my breath shall I straighten the way of my errant children.'

    Thirdly, already the Naka die in droves on the land and in the air collecting the glory that should have been obtained by Dragons. What shall 1st Dragon say when he sees how high the Naka have risen and how low his own children have fallen? When he sees only that the House of Zadora, forbidden by the Great Laws in every way, holds the standards, swords and shields at the forefront to defend where his children should be, while his own children quibbled while held in thrall by a traitor?”

    Finished she continued quietly, “Now my brothers take me to Knossos, only he can save me now lest the Great Balance be destroyed. There is no heir at this time to replace me. I give you my mantle for your needs, lest I be destroyed by its use.

    My final gift to you both and all others is this: No longer shall Dragons and the House of Zadora be subjected to the whims of Gods and Goddesses through the Four Fates.” Smiling warmly at the Lunus High Elder she whispered, “ All four of those foul creatures are dead by my own talons. Let Destiny do her own work. The Dragon tapestries are destroyed and all are free of them now.

    One of you must leave with the People to free them from the Doom that has come for all and go where you must that the wrath of the 1st Dragon may be assuaged. The other must bear witness to the Doom in this place that the crystals and my mother will have wrought.” Lilith then collapsed in the great taloned paws of Sirius, the High Elder of Chiconis.

    Sirius spoke adamantly, “I will leave quickly after all is witnessed herein.”

    Aldebaran replied, “Agreed. As much as I wish to see the demise of these traitors, I will take our strength for the moment to the air above the Western Deadlands.

    “Yes,” said Sirius, “Only one gifted dragon is there to assist the fleet and he has died a dozen times while the bipeds defending are ravaged over and over.”

    Flexing his talons the High Lunus Elder retorted, “We shall not be found wanting by our great founder. Calling out his orders the entry and exits opened and the ice vanished, as if it was never there. He chuckled to himself, “ She had fooled them all with an illusion of ice given substance by ignorance and fear.” Laughing he launched out the entry way followed by a third of all Dragon kind.

    Sirius slowly gained height in the huge cavernous area to the very top. With his sister guardian slowly dieing he watched the drama below. The stone floor turned to a viscous liquid. Two gigantic jaws came up through the floor snapping at the drifting dragons. The crystals flared protecting the innocent as the great Dark Lord of Stone Dragons howled in anger at being deprived of his snacks.

    Brutus seeing the huge gaping throat of the stone dragon below him and engulfing him, squealed wailing for mercy, as he glowed with all his stolen life force but none answered him. Opening his mouth a second time the Dark Lord screamed in pain as he began to melt and freeze equally from the cursed arrows. Two thousand Draconic curses came to pass in the belly of the Great Dark Stone Dragon Lord. In the mouth of the great beast Brutus scrambled up to the teeth raging in verbose hate only to find there was no room left betwixt them through which to exit. Turning his head to look between the teeth up to the High Helian Elder, Brutus reached out a glowing taloned paw between the teeth to Sirius in silent supplication. Brutus remembered what Lilith had told him, “ Consider this gift your last meal before your destiny is fulfilled........” With the glut of power he had absorbed he would stay alive for a hundred millennia. Brutus screamed the howl of the damned. His Destiny had been obtained.

    Sirius slowly flew out carrying his precious cargo in his paws. Turning in the air he spoke a single word. The entry and exits were sealed. The voice of Brutus was cut off in finality. The great crystals of Truth, Judgement and Punishment would deliver the innocent to their proper places. The world was changed. The plight of Zadora would be forever remembered by Dragons. The constant hurricane winds howled through Dralk destroying much that had been built there as Istaria continued sleeping in travail.

    Calling to Knossos mentally, Sirius recalled to Himeji.

    Twilight of the Gods continues
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    Battles Part 13

    In the Air above Feladan

    King Az, Lord of War, walked up the main stairway from the Command Center of the Juggernaut. He reviewed the summaries of the Command Staff in his mind. All over the lands the golems and treants were disappearing, no matter where or what type. The greater and lesser Surtheims had vanished from their lairs. No dragons flew in the air but for the Gifted Ones and the few of the House of Zadora. The Hekla of the 1st Fleet was suffering heavy losses without Dragon aerial support. Only Knoble had appeared to defend the Flagship of the 1st Fleet.

    Huge disturbances of Air, Land and Sea were being observed all over the world. Dark Elemental creatures were attacking around the lands with no discernible pattern The black lines of power of the Dark Elder Gods were no where to be seen now except in the Western Deadlands. A lattice of fire had seemingly burned them away elsewhere. A single small spot in the North had been noted but it was moving West. Spontaneous random fires had broken out across the Eastern Deadlands, as the desecrated lands were exposed to the Light of the ancient Moon Goddess

    In fact, the dense supporting clouds of the WA seemed to be being leeched back to the summoning of the Plague Bearer. He was heading out of his grand fortress amassing his huge invincible army headed to the Eastern Outpost. Wafting streamers of neon green light became thickened strands of power to General Reklar Plaguebearer. He was now bloated in power to twice normal size by the WA support and his horde following him was far beyond the great number of enemy troopers of old. Now at the front of a countless mass of WA combatants, he and the remaining Dark Lords of the great WA leisurely strode as the nobles of ancient times confident of their power to the Eastern Outpost, manned by a scant handful of Imperial loyalists.

    The battle lines at Aughundel were in disarray. Civilian casualties were high throughout the Imperial Lands. The way had not yet been prepared for the Dryad attack to the flank of the enemy armies heading to Tazoon, due to Fleet losses in its aerial battles and persistent enemy attacks. Orders had been given for the remaining fleets above Human territories to reinforce. The five missing Legions of Tazoon had been brought back from Kirasanct. Those Legions were now preparing battle lines, revealing the hidden machines that had been secretly prepared years ago. Close to one thousand wizards would reinforce the Tazoon Legions from the deep bowels of Tazoon. The numbers of the enemy combatants with the additional powers had been quintupled. The armies coming from the South to Dalimond would be arriving in just hours. Additional troop movements were headed from the North along the seashore from the Western Deadlands to provide a two pronged attack on Dalimond. Elemental creatures of the water were already attacking the massive fortified entrance, which blocked access to the Deep Waters of Dalimond Bay.

    The Realms were indeed merging. Ancient ghostly armies had been appearing in flashes of battle world wide with their own ancient Pantheons. Thankfully most of these battles were taking place in the Divine Realms or nothing would be left of the world much less the Imperial Realm.

    Sighing he took his last step, arriving on the main deck, now the scene of a failed mutiny. The blood was already being washed off the deck, splattering on the WA troops far below. The Elvin government had been contacted and of course denied the existence of the Elvin mutineers and of their leader. The mutiny had erupted when it became known that aerial reinforcement of Feledan ground troops would not be forthcoming to the city. Rather, a pattern of aerial bombardment on the hordes outside the perimeter of the outer walls would occur. Thousands of square meters of the Sacred Great Trees around the city would be obliterated. The Elvin contingent from Feladan on the Juggernaut had been outraged with the Master At Arms at their lead, while others attempted mutiny on the 2nd Fleet flagship with the other ships in the 2nd Fleet to gain aerial command.

    Following secret orders of the non-existent military supreme council of the Elvish people, the traitorous Master At Arms had led the attempted mutiny. Thirty five elves were dead and several Wardogs were injured. All remaining elves, who were still alive, were kneeling with hands bound behind their backs and swords at their throats. Below the Juggernaut and the 2nd fleet the great battle of Feladan raged. The outer walls have been penetrated in more than one place.

    Admiral Whistlecheek reported the same occurrence. Over one thousand elves were involved in the revolt on the various ships in the 2nd Fleet. The only elves not involved in the revolt were the two hundred and fifty mated pairs, who belonged to the House of Zadora along with numerous individuals from all the races, though humans comprised the greatest numbers.

    Admiral Whistlecheek teleported onto the main deck stepping up smartly to Az. “We don't have time for this nonsense Lord of War. What do you wish to do?”

    The Captain of the Juggernaut hurried up looking at both of them, “Sirs, we have eleven minutes to decide here now or we must abort. Patterned bombardment is to begin in fifteen minutes.”

    Speaking, Az stood calmly cloaked and cowled, “The Elves on this ship have been faithful till now. A warrior cannot have two leaders. They followed orders of secret military council and were misinformed by the Master of Arms about what was happening and why.”

    He continued, pointing at the Master of Arms, “He lied to them about our motives. The penalty for mutiny is death without trial. However, Feladan needs warriors and I am ordering all individuals involved in this incident to leave. The Elvin government did me only ONE favor long ago. They have only taken from this alliance since that day in their self serving arrogance. I will return these traitors to their city except for the one who misled them. Strip them of their rank and insignia. Teleport them to Feladan.”

    King Az addressed the Air-elves earnestly, “The day will come when the House of Zadora will leave. When that day comes I will send a ship to each city. You may still petition for a membership in the House of Zadora at that time. I protect what is mine. I will not return afterward. This event will not be held against you.” Turning away he looked down at the Master of Arms in silent contemplation.

    The freight portal rose up to the top main deck on its massive cogs between the masts. Admiral Whistlecheek informed his ships of the decision. All were transferred quickly except for the Master At Arms, who remained chained on the deck at Az's feet.

    A small figure scurried up next to the Elf and started taking body measurements. He began laughing. Looking at Az he said, “Perfect milord! A prime time if I can say so myself! We need not test the life saving device with bags of stone. We have an excellent specimen right here. I, Tinkertoes Pennypincher, say let us not waste this elf's useless life, but put it to good measure to save future lives. Come good or ill Lord of War the pursuit of knowledge requires experimentation! Behold sire the Parasol is prepared from the most ancient fragments of tomes!” Waving the contraption around his head, he addressed the Elf, “Fear not oh miserable Elf your salvation is at hand!”

    Suddenly, Escaria was seen standing next to her mate, so silent and unobtrusive was her entrance. Standing humbly by her mate, King of the House of Zadora, she spoke quietly yet projected to all, “Have mercy on your mate, Lord of War and Destruction. I taste the scent of my prey far away and I am kept here against my will. I hunger for the battle and chase! The hunt must begin. There is another alternative my Beloved. Let the Elder Gods of Light Judge, Punish or Bless. You need not carry this burden for I know, if there was a way to spare him in your kindness you would. I, however, am not so forgiving or kind. I am more than willing to happily take care of this pusillanimous little prig.”

    Holding up her gloved hand in the air she she caught the great two handed Sword of Light from Ariella then stood quietly waiting for an answer.

    The Captain was fidgeting in the presence of the watching crew, Admiral, King, Queen, Tinker and Traitor. An air of suppressed violence seemed to enshroud Az in a humming silence. Seeing the Lord of War clench and unclench his fists, the Captain of the Juggernaut felt fear knot in his chest in the silence of the wind far above the screams of battle in Feladan, not audible at this height. Az rolled his massive shoulders with a tearing sound of flesh. The cloak covering him fluttered in movement on his back. Az spoke suddenly, startling the onlookers, who were looking at the dripping blood on the deck by his feet or at the moving cloak on his back.

    “I am being told now that the thousand we sent down to assist Feladan are being slaughtered. The secret council refuses to let the warriors inside the inner walls, allowing the Withered Aegis to kill them, while ordered Elvin archers on the inner walls assist their enemies in the murder of their brothers and sisters.”

    Pointing at the Master of Arms Az said, “Unchain the Elvin traitor. Pennypincher, you will continue your experiments with this device at another time. You will double check our Early Yule Tide Gifts to our politically supposed non-violent monstrous enemies.”

    The Tinker of the House of Zadora sighed, bowed then ran to the decks below.

    Turning to his mate Queen Escasia, Az gravelly whispered, “The secret council is in need of a lesson in humility and justice for their people, yet the inner city must be protected. This traitor must be delivered alive. The remnants of the thousand must be saved if possible. I cannot do it. The change has bound me for a short time, as you are aware. The hidden way must be opened for evacuation, or all of that grand race will die for the sake of their elder's sin long ago, which precipitated the great Elvin trek to the West. The Dryads are to be sent back to Dalimond. The six legions therein are not enough for what is coming. The Dragons of our own House protecting Feladen are now assigned to the escort of this vessel in its forthcoming mission. This must all be done before your hunt may begin oh my beloved. Shifting position Az looked at the Captain then the Admiral. All these vessels will await the evacuation of the so called Holy City of the forest.”

    The Captain of the Juggernaut timidly spoke up but with the authority of his position, “We will lose forward momentum Lord of War. We shall lose the wind!”

    Heading to the other side of the deck Az spoke into his battle net crystal device giving orders. He looked up and about at the crew speaking softly but firmly, “Despite the risk without our greatest allies, the Dragon races, we will go forward. None of you have seen the power of this vessel. You will get a brief look in a moment. An ill wind is coming Captain that will take these vessels where they need to be. Be resolute. Be invincible. I leave now. We have waited long enough. It is time to bring true destruction and obliteration to our enemies, not seen since the world was young.”

    Several small vessels came along side docking. The chosen cloaked teams with their bulging back packs left silently to the Northeast after boarding, with their Lord and King in front.

    Whirling around looking at everyone Escasia growled, “I am weary of this charade. She shrugged off her cloak and tore off her face cloth. The change was complete. No Saris stood now before them, but rather something nearly horrific. Something out of nightmare long forgotten now taken flesh. Her Draconic laughter filled the air. She turned again spreading her wings facing the now freed traitor. His eyes widened, taking a half step back in horror. She said, “Now, Elf, who will save you? Shall your Goddess for the first time in centuries be paying attention, or will it be the House of Zadora?”

    As if he weighed nothing she snatched him up. Clenching his shirt in her fist she threw him over the rail. His piercing shriek faded slowly in that stretched out moment far above the clouds...........

    Twilight of the Gods continues
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    Battles Part 14

    In the Air Above Feladan

    Escasia turned around facing Ariella with the captain next to her, “You will remain here with my authority on this vessel, while my mate and I am gone. All shall heed you, none shall refute you with the authority you have been given.

    Speaking out to all watching she said, “My attendants, we must fly. The elf must be saved and the situation resolved.”

    Without a single word more Escasia walked to the side then jumped over the railing turning with her back to the rail as her wings snapped. Ten more figures joined her, all females formerly of different races. The last was a diminutive figure, obviously a Gnome, prior to the change. She leisurely walked up to the rail hopped up on it and looked below as the others disappeared.

    Darjeeling Tinwhistle laughed looking about at everyone smirking, “Only a Gnome could go last and arrive first. Only a gnome could do the calculations instantly to speed up the magic of gravity. With a double snap of her wings she rolled into a different configuration with her wings disappearing in a blink, already below the highest cloud cover. Many ran to the railing to look but all were gone. Being a Gnome himself the captain laughed packing his pipe and blowing smoke rings, comfortable with his orders, looking up at the beauty of the stars above them.

    Twelve winged creatures streaked downward. Coming straight up from below nine Dragons of the House of Zadora, with their Breaths of Flame burning a path through the WA neon green clouds. The flying figures passed them like newly released arrows with an elf in tow streaking downward. Twelve sets of wings snapped open two meters above the ground, in the presence of a great boom that cracked walls and decimated the beautiful carved marble of the city. The Queen dropped the Elven warrior on the ground and ignored him as she hovered.

    All remained suspended in the air except the smallest of the Queen's attendants, Darjeeling, who had arrived a micro second earlier than the others. Darjeeling skimmed the ground, arrowing upward then spiraling down. Arriving at last behind the House of Zadora in the air, she spoke to the eldest of the Zadorian ancients hovering slightly higher above. The ancient dragon replied to his adopted hatchling speaking and watching with amusement as she hovered around him, unable to contain herself. Flittering here and there somersaulting and flying sideways singing in her tiny soprano voice of the Joy of Dragon flying at sunrise. Her happiness was a sparkling cloud leaving a trail behind her.

    The secret military council stood on the balcony in front of the bank. They shook their fists at the newcomers. They were ancients, all powerful Druidic Wizards, four on each side of the Elven Supreme commander.

    Naertho Inoris, Supreme Commander of all the Elven people, rapped his staff on the stone balcony commanding, “Get thee hence anathema of Merrasat, errant scion of the Saris people, heinous abhorrent of the natural order. I shall curse you and smite you with the Authority of Alyssa, as oldest of her Elven children, Great Protector of Holy City of Feladan!!”

    Hovering closer to him from across the courtyard Escasia menacingly replied. She spoke the spell to carry her voice below to the great storage vaults, which held the civilians of Feladan,

    “We are very much aware of you, secret high Druidic wizard of the secret military council hiding behind the City Council of Feladan. Merrasat told her children of your crime long ago against the Dryads which led to the self imposed exile of the Elven people from the enfolding wings of their Dryad mentors. The reason that the Dryads and Satyr have held secret all these centuries.

    My former people saw the profit you made from your dealings with the Half-Giants concerning the selling of the Saris scholars to be slaves and pets in your grand noble households. We have seen the dark heart within you. You have allowed your own people to die outside these inner walls announcing them as traitors to Feladan's children. All of this was done to hide the failed attempt to control ships of the air above. We know how you and your evil hearted adherents refused three attempts this same night by the Aerial Navies to evacuate this city. You saved the Hidden Way for yourselves and your sycophants which no one knew of but you.

    Therefore my mate Az, King of the House of Zadora, commands you to cease the killing of the innocent warriors. He sent them to you in his mercy rather than killing them himself for their deeds as required by the Laws of the ships above. Naertho Inoris, you will evacuate this city now or face my wrath! I refuse to waste my time on thee and thine! I have not the mercy or forgiveness of my mate!”

    Naertho Inoris called out a single command. An Elven archer on the inner walls targeted the singing little one in the air and felled her with his arrow.

    The oldest of the Zadorian Dragons caught his little adopted hatchling as she fell unmoving and silent. Turning in mid air he expressed his rage before the Elven defender could react. A single line of bright reddish flames incinerated the Elf and melted that portion of the inner wall to slag.

    Escasia attacked feeling the last of the mutineers die between the inner and outer wall at the hands of their own brethren before the secret military council could react. Spitting a Draconic curse in the tongue of Dragons Escasia whirled in the air drawing then throwing the Sister of War and Judgement at Naertho Inoris. The great divine two handed sword caught the ancient Elven leader mid-sternum as he raised his staff to call down Druidic lightning. Knocked backward he was impaled on the front stone wall of the Feladan bank with the ancient Sister of Ruin sunk to its hilt in his flesh and the stone behind him sticking out into the vault public room He began to burn without being consumed. Pulling back her arm from the direction of the elf, the great sword appeared once again in her hand. It burned brightly with white hot flames, yet still remained impaled in the flesh of the druidic wizard, who remained pinned to the stone wall.

    She dropped to one knee from the air burying the Sister of Ruin into the so called sacred soil of the Elven city. Twisting it she continued the curse then stopped. Standing on the ground, now wrapped with white hot flames, she spat out the last of the curse in Elvish. Archers on the walls, who had killed their own people, slowly turned to stone from their feet to their heads. Howls of Elven anger turned to fear followed by screams of mercy followed by ancient Elvish cursing as their lips became the finest of marble. The Council members tried to run but turned into stone as the archers, bursting into flames, ended their screams for mercy. Despite becoming stone they remained wrapped in the Elder Gods judgement. Pulling the huge sword out of the fertile earth Escasia used magic again to project her voice to all remaining elves above and below in the vaults of Feladan.

    “Hear ye Elves of old. Until dawn shall theses inner walls burn with the White Fire of Judgement by Elder God decree. Each archer will burn as stone for a year and a day for each life he or she took without question. At the end of that time each shall be freed and returned to flesh from that which is remaining of them. Of Naertho Inoris, known as Dark Heart to the Saris people for his deeds of old along with his hand picked council shall burn for a thousand years. Only the Elven Goddess has the right of the ancient Gods of Light to intervene on their behalf. Now shall the Hidden Way to Dalimond be opened that all may flee!”

    So then began the trek through the secret tunnels of old connected to the bunkers below, built by the Dwarves and Gnomes.

    Looking at the shocked Magistrate about to leave, Escasia called out to him, “If you wish your city's treasure to be returned then you must stay. At the appointed time you must hold up your first coin and sing the incantation as all the city Magstrates will except for Kirasanct. Only on you this burden lies. Only you in your post may achieve what can be done. Inside these walls you are protected. You shall decide for your people. General Az has never lied as all well know. His promise will be seen in the wealth to come.” She tossed the scroll to the ground before him then turned away.

    Looking at older Dragon dragon, who cradled his slowly reviving adopted hatching Escasia asked, “Is this sufficient, Eldest?”

    “Nay it is not! If the Elder Gods or the Pantheon object then let them come to me!” he vehemently responded. He paced up to the balcony. Six thousand kilograms of bone, muscle, talons and armor reached over the stone railing and wrenched out the burning stone figure, along with the sword and a large section of bank wall. Knocking aside several of the burning statues, which shattered with his strength, he hefted the statue over his head smashing it again and again till only burning fragments littered the balcony floor and courtyard.

    “Now I am satisfied!” roared the ancient.

    Summoning Commander Thistlefoot, Leader of the Warrior Dryads, she relayed her mate's orders, “Recall to Dalimond. The Sapling needs you. All roads lead to Dalimond. It is now attacked by Air and by Sea. Great armies proceed to it from the North and the South on the land. To the House of Zadora I say this, you shall defend and attack from the orders of Command on the Juggernaut. Tinwhistle, Joy of my Court, you shall remain with Eldest, your Mentor. All the rest of my attendants proceed to the Flagship of the 2nd Fleet, awaiting me there. Eldest, please stay with me here on the ground, as I am in need of a witness other than myself.” The ancient Helian nodded standing on the ground beside her.

    Chuckling she proceeded past the great archway and magical gateway to the inner city, “We have a visitor late arriving. My mate wishes us to greet him personally. Please follow my lead Eldest. Darjeeling be still silent and unafraid.”

    The ancient Helian paced beside her to the archway now enshrouded with white flame. The remaining statues and fragments still burned, as testament to the power of the Elder Gods of Light. Standing amidst the flames she, Eldest and Darjeeling Tinwhistle, sitting on top of his head, proceeded to the middle betwixt outer and inner walls between the two city gates. The WA surrounded them but did not attack.

    Lord Grim, a dark lord of the Withered Aegis cabal, rode upon one of the great skeletal remains resurrected from the desert. His wraith like form sat astride the great beast of bones with ease and confidence. On his beast he sauntered easily past the destroyed outer gate archway half way into the newly blighted area. In a shadowy whisper he addressed Escasia in a menace-laden voice.

    “You will all three submit yourselves to my will and I will be merciful with a quick death than a slow tortuous one. I fear not that tiny sword on your back for my Staff with the blood of ten thousand innocent victims is far greater. Feladan is mine and shall be my capital. I will use its people to fill my feast table with meat and enlarge my Elven armies that I collected in the East from beyond the great barrier placed by my masters. My army of those wood life worshiping heathens were properly cured of their heresies long ago. Not even their supposed great Goddess dares interfere with my doings lest she faces my Gods. Now drop to your knees in obeisance and pay homage to me your God.

    Escasia turned and addressed Eldest clapping her hands, “Do you think he is a distant fore-bearer of the Braggart at the Eastern outpost?”

    Eldest grunted with wisps of smoke rising from his nostrils. “I think not. The Braggart is far more handsome as Naka bipeds go.”

    Rubbing her chin she gazed up in contemplation at Lord Grim, “I speak for all of us still in the flesh here at Feladan. It is obvious that you are merely a lesser Lieutenant of the mighty Lord Grim greatly feared in the lands of the living and you presume much.

    The evidence is before mine eyes. The ancient bony beast you ride was no horrific violent flesh eating carnivore. Those kinds of bones the scholars say are far more valuable and rare. We only see a couple of companies of undead elves and the inner walls were never breached by your lesser trained little horde.

    My Lord and Master is disappointed. For all throughout the lands know that the true Lord Grim had tens of thousands of spirits, undead, newly dead and ancient dead not counting the spirit army of Elves he acquired. So little lordling of a lesser house I shall give you two messages, as ordered by my mate and master.

    Firstly, tell the Great Dark Lord of Gears that the Elder Gods of Light wish to make his acquaintance.

    Secondly, the paperwork of a hostile take over for a racial capital has changed in the Divine Realm.

    Lord Grim should have you flayed, while shackled to a boney post, for such a wanna be great infantile mistake. So we shall leave but my Master, the Lord of War and Destruction in his great kindness and magnanimous charity, sends your his regards with a small Yule Tide Gift early for your time spent in this small matter.”

    Taking a deep dead breath in unholy fury and raising his staff to respond, Lord Grim was cut off before he could cast his devastating spell.

    Escasia held up her hand saying, while tapping the tell stone in her ear, “I am so sorry but I have to take this call. I think it may be for you. A female Never goes anywhere without her tell stone don't you know.”

    Tinwhistle, Eldest and the Lord Grim listened in amazement watching, as Escasia moved around. Speaking into the tell stone she muttered, “What problem?........ with signal for target acquisition?.......stronger?........ Yes, I am already moving around....... Give me some directions here please. It is improper to keep even a lesser great Dark Lord waiting for a tell call. Yes that is right. He is right here.

    Looking irritated Escasia but spoke submissively saying, “It seems I am not good enough for her. She wants to make up her own mind about courting you. Would you please lower that blood staff so I can hang the tell stone on it? Lady Juggernaut wishes to speak to you personally. I am a half breed after all and this is a matter beyond my kin. They want a greater power from here or those clouds cleared a bit. You are the greater power here of course by your own statement. I am not sure in these issues of great power. I am only a female after all.”

    Escasia Held up the tell stone so that the Great Lord could collect it with his Staff of Blood then put it in his skull where an ear would be, as he had seen while Escasia used it. He looked smug and pleased as Escasia walked over to Tinwhistle and Eldest All three immediately disappeared.

    “Yes, this is Lord Grim,” the great Dark Lord of the cabal responded ignoring all else...

    In the distance above the clouds on the way to Old Rachival from the stern of the 2nd Fleet flagship Escasia and others watched. The destruction of the enemy was almost complete in the explosions, flames and shockwaves engulfing the great Dark Lord Grim with his horde around Feladan and throughout the Sacred Forrest. Thousands of little sparks could be seen setting additional fires, as the remnants fled to the Eastern Deadlands for safety. The WA cloud cover dissipated over the lands that burned purifying the land. An icy North wind blew, as the aerial ship tacked its course.

    “There will be repercussions your Majesty from from this event.” Eldest somberly rumbled.

    “Truly Eldest this will be the least of our worries before the night is done,” reasoned Escasia.

    “With due respect I think you both have missed the biggest point of all,” interjected Tinwhistle.

    She continued, “Males have not changed one whit after all these Aeons and that great Dark Lord was a fine example for everyone to see. Now if you both will excuse me I need to go and pamper my mate. He is whining again about the itching from the change...........”

    Twilight of the Gods continues
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    Battles Part 15

    Above the Eastern Deadlands to Stone Temple Deep

    Az looked around. The dozen aerial crafts with their three hundred and sixty degree vessel encircling sails flew higher above the nearly solid green cloud mass of the WA and over the massive troop movement headed to the eastern outpost. The specialized Wardog troops could see the Gifted far below them attacking the southern rear flank making little difference in splitting the troops of the great horde.

    More and more of the enemy lands were being exposed to the ancient Moon Goddess's view with the clouds flowing to the summoning of the Great Dark Lord General Reklar. Entire sectors of desecrated lands were beginning to burn or spontaneously combust. Only the temples to WA dark forgotten gods continued to be unaffected by the Moons cleansing light.

    General Reklar lumbered along leading his troops like a great horned beetle, followed by an uncountable horde of ants. The green clouds overhead the horde informed him of the ships high above them. He chortled in mirth snickering and making smug remarks to the other Dark Lords behind him. So bloated in power he viewed himself invincible. The desecrated lands trembled in fear with quakes underneath his feet. The final power would be his and all would grovel before him, both ally and foe. He did not need the Dark Gods, for there were other powers beyond the great barrier still in the Prime. The dead had been feeding his most ancient horde for centuries.

    Only recently had it been necessary to leave any excess out in the open for all to see. The moment had come. This was the place and now was the time. He would claim what he desired. He trumpeted and bellowed a laughter of evil glee frightening even his most ardent followers. The guttural growled vile laughter added almost a festive dead feeling for the troops to wallow and swim in. He would ensure that Torrin would be at best only a minor foot note in a near forgotten history.

    In the Air Above

    The Captain of the lead vessel leaned over to King Az and said, “General Az where are we headed sir? We were not read into this mission. With the wind picking up we are tacking faster than anticipated. I do not wish to overshoot the intended target.”

    Speaking normally Az replied smiling, “Fear not Captain, your crew will not be endangered. There are no WA strongholds nearby and no lookout towers. The WA is far too confident and in this regard complacent. Any troops in this area, if there were any to begin with, have joined the horde following the Plague Bearer. You and your brethren will take us to the far northeastern point of the Eastern Deadlands. There is an inlet there that reaches into their evil lands. It was the mouth of a great river of the sea where the sea flowed inland long long ago before it was cut off and sealed by the WA. When you see it you will circle out to sea then fly low down the middle of the dark dead waters. The cargo will be unloaded on the shore with myself and the Wardogs. Upon completion of this landing you will fly low out to sea, gain altitude above the clouds and return to your respective Fleets.”

    When are we to return to pick all of you up?” the ship Captain responded.

    Az somberly replied softly staring ahead, “Captain,you and yours, will not return. There will be no extraction. Your part in this dangerous mission will be over and successful. The Fleets surely need these vessels with their crews. There will be plenty of times tonight you can die in glory, but not here and not now.”

    Can you tell us what this is all about? Will we be able to hear about it and pass the tale?” the scout ship captain enquired with a hopeful sound in his voice.

    Az replied emphatically, “No. Let there be no doubt Captain this is a classified mission. This mission does not exist. There is no record and will be no further records concerning this particular matter. All of you are honor bound to respect this fact. IF honor does not carry weight in regard to this, I will see to it that anyone involved in a breach of Imperial security will be held responsible with extreme prejudice no matter how many are implicated. I take a dim view of traitors and they never remain in my view for any extended period of time. We do understand each other yes?”

    With irritation in his voice he acquiesced but said firmly, “That may be so General Az, but you will need to take care of certain issues. These picked ships that are here and their crews are technically mutineers, since we all have been forced to disobey orders to follow your commands in a show of loyalty by the Supreme Naval Command Council. If there is a problem in the ranks of these ships you will of course bring it to ]my attention General Az. Since I believe in the chain of command, any problems will be reported to me and I will address the issue in house without any intrusion from you or anyone else including Command. Since I am neither merciful or kind this type of hypothetical issue will be addressed with extreme prejudice necessitating an extended terminal ending. We do understand each other yes?”

    King Az lowered his hood. A face no longer human looked at the Captain with bright yellow eyes, smiling thin reptilian lips and rows of sharp pointed teeth. The older Gnome looked at Az calmly, while smiling showing his own teeth and glittering black eyes. The threat to the King found silence by the Gnome was answered in silence. The Wardogs waited hopefully and in anticipation of a blood letting.

    Suddenly Az hissed then growled with a guttural laughter, “I am glad we have met Captain. It is always refreshing to speak to someone who says exactly what he/she means.”

    Moans, groans and cursing arose from the midst of the Wardogs. Monies changed numerous hands along with slips of debt for bets lost. The Gnome crew relaxed, glad of the fact none of them would be fish bait before their own battles started.

    Smiling warmly, if such a thing could be said, Az returned further, “However, we do have time for an interesting little story that was brought to my attention about twenty years ago by General Granite Fist. There have been arguments between the Union of the United Associations of Dwarven Miners versus the Gnomian Council of Scientific Inquiry and the Aughundell Guild of Scholars for over one thousand years.

    The object of their voracious dissension was a deteriorating tome found in an ancient chest in a collapsed mining tunnel that no dwarf dug or so I was told. The tome was made out of a strange material in a language no one knew. The very ink had sparked its own arguments over who made it and when. So in sum they have been arguing over a tome never made by any known race much less the ink in a chest of a metal and wood never seen before all in a tunnel not built by Dwarves nor any known race for that matter.

    They are still grandstanding over the interpretations and translations of the tome with neither side willing to compromise. Bets have been made for generations that are collecting interest. The amounts of gold, jewels and gems is staggering defying any accounting firms estimates. If this issue is ever concluded then maybe in two hundred years will they actually be able to come up with specific amounts of who owes who how much. Anyways, I was asked to do a bit of exploring to determine whether or not the translations were accurate. If accurate and we prove it tonight there will be a finders fee of twenty percent with the results turned over to Granite Fist. This I can tell you and the crew. The classified aspects of this mission I cannot discuss of course.”

    Blinking in surprise the elder Gnome Captain responded, “By the Pantheon a treasure hunting expedition?”

    Az grinning, looking over his head at his troops, and addressed all of them, “Not at all Captain. This would rather have to be referred to as an archeological expedition. I have always found it interesting what Governments are willing to spend their gold on in a time of war vs. their copper pinching during a time of peace.”

    So you can tell us about the argument over the tome?” Said the gnome shaking his head in amazement.

    “Oh yes so listen carefully as we are running out of time just remembering what I cannot say is any discussion about the classified aspects of this mission that never existed. Wardogs pay attention.” said Az pointedly.

    “Multiple translations from a unknown dead language have seemingly concluded several possibilities. Each possibility has its own adherents. Some say a bedtime story, minstrel's tale, fable or an actual historical reference, thus the arguments for each of those possibilities. There is no doubt there were other volumes but only this one survived the passage of time and no one can figure out how about that either. No one can put a date on it as it is made from an unknown material. The stalagmite covering the chest was seven meters wide at its base. So everyone agrees it is very old.

    According to one translation, when the world was young, only the Dryads existed coming forth first from the lake of Istaria's remaining magical essence of creation. The lake slowly receded into the stone of the world over time. The first races to develop were the Giant Feral Squirrels as we call them now only having just rediscovered them and three races that evolved in the sea. The sea races of the shallow depth and middle depth fought for dominance. The race of the great deep ignored the others for they lived where the pressure and depth kept all others from intruding. The depth for them was also a prison as they could not leave their domains, as they would die at lesser pressures. As you know Captain the higher in the air you go the less the pressure of the air. Conversely the opposite is true for the great deep so the Gnomian scholars tell us.

    Now the wars went on for perhaps thousands of millennia till both races were nearly obliterated. No one really knows how long the time frame was due to the lack of collaborating evidence. Somehow the Lemurians, constituting the sea races, managed to contact the Dryads who offered to be intermediaries. The survival of their respective species required near immediate peace. The Dryads suggested that these races, build a great stone temple of peace deep in the earth. The magical essence still existed at the base of the now covered deep Sacred lake which fed the four sacred rivers. In the temple would be a one meter high and one meter deep magical bowl made from the sacred strange metal of sea mithril. This particular metal has never been found in any quantity across the lands of the east or the rest of the world in the ancient histories. The metal supposedly only existed in the great vast ocean beds and under sea mountains. This same metal made it possible for the Lemurians to reach a height of magic and technology not surpassed since.

    Each side would fill it equally with unique jewels of great value. This bowl of treasure would remain at the temple. The shallow depth creatures and middle depth beings also gave to each other a royal personage that would marry, whose heirs would rule them all. The Lemurians of the great dark deep of course ignored everyone else like they always did. To reach Stone Temple Deep the Lemurians would also build three great underground tunnels by which they could reach the temple from the sea. Each would decorate the tunnels as the building races saw fit. Stone Temple Deep would have only one Guardian, a monster from the great Deep that even that great horrific unseen race was afraid of. Thus it was done and there was peace. The peace was destroyed by the coming of the Withered Aegis.

    From other tomes found in the deep caverns of the world the Dwarven Scholars went further. These tomes and scrolls were referred to as the Dark Gnostic Tomes. But those tomes were forbidden by the grand temples of the various races of the world. To have the knowledge they gave, much less the tome or scroll in ones possession, could get you one burned alive for heresy by the various theologies. The agreements for the strange tomes by governments and all races have long since been removed from carvings in the various temples. All deny there was ever a warning concerning them to begin with of course. Such is the way of static theologies, and governments when great amounts of wealth are involved.

    Anyways like I said before, The Withered Aegis came. The Dryads fled with Palmyra. Since the Cosmos requires balance, so the gnostic forbidden scrolls tell us, Palmyra was replaced with its equal opposite. The capital of the Withered Aegis came then to rest in the Prime. The Emperor of our enemy, known as the Fallen One now resides there. It was he that Torrin made a pact with and then lead the great horde out of the east.

    The Withered Aegis closed off the great tunnels, sealed off the four sacred rivers and drained the tunnels, building within them huge undead cities and that is why we see so few above ground. Only here does logic tells us the Withered Aegis could have come from in such numbers. Imagine our enemy being blow our very feet. Granite Fist told me the Dryads refuse to answer any question about these related issues. Personally my limited experience that has shown me that Dryads only refuse to talk about something when it is frightens them, or if there is a fault to be found with them in our past recorded histories. They enjoy being beyond reproach.

    I was informed on the Juggernaut that the Dwarves had found something. They would not say what was found. Neither side in this great argument representing so much gold trusts the other. So we will be neutral witnesses, since in a very real way the House of Zadora represents a new race not yet recognized by any government and trusted by none. Maybe the story I was told in the past is connected or maybe this is something else entirely. I do not know. Dwarves keep their secrets behind tight lips just the opposite of their grudges that are so very verbal and lasting for centuries. Never the less the Dwarves have called for a repayment of sorts, due them for all their labor over the last several hundreds of years.”

    Listening into his battle net tell stone the Captain spoke up, “Is there anything else General Az? We are coming up to the inlet leading to the shore. Looks like we have company after all the scouts report. Your intelligence appears to be wrong.”

    “Vladockt's gathered intelligence is never wrong. So we have unknown allies awaiting us. This will make this little escapade thankfully interesting rather than being dull and drab. Prepare yourselves Wardogs and spread the word. All of you know the drill. No mercy, no quarter and no enemy left alive.”

    The rustling of weapons quietly spread across the little vessels. The Wardogs looked over the railings in anticipation. The air crackled with pent up energy, violence and the need for spilt blood. There seemed to be several hundred of them with a single leader. The Wardogs numbered only a platoon. The odds were good ones for a nice little battle if needed. Feral grins widened. Nothing would be more pleasant than to begin this mission with a slaughter........

    Twilight of the Gods continues

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    Battle Post 16

    Interlude Part 1

    Eastern Outpost

    ArchWizard Thurid was beginning to get concerned. The hourglass showed the time to be in the hour of the zenith of the Moon. There had been no relief and no reinforcements by this hour. The earth had been rolling like waves in the deep water of the oceans he had seen in his youth long ago. The corrupted Withered Aegis archers surrounding their own tower had expanded their perimeter and were periodically taking bowshots at the Eastern Outpost below. The Helian Dragon Battle Master, Trikoz Trek, had already cleared their ranks numerous times. He looked across the road. He glanced at the Arch Wizard, shaking his head before addressing the others. About half of the sharpened log walls had fallen.

    Most disturbing of all was the silent ethereal creature on the great beast watching the Imperial personnel across the way on the little ridge, overlooking the outpost's frontage by the road. The watcher was silent, purposeful and motionless keenly observing but unintrusive. They had been there for hours on it's great beast without changing position. Only the Battle Master Trek and Arch Wizard Thurid could see the glow of them.

    A close inspection of the stone watch tower revealed many winding cracks mostly old from lack of maintenance and the budget cuts out of Imperial Tazoon. Some of the spider webs were new from this very night. One good Earthquake and or a single lightening strike was going to bring the entire edifice down.

    Niiketz the Fiendish Quartermaster and the Fiendish Sergeant Akkator had been recalled back to Kirascant hours ago. Now there were only nine of them, counting Farrileth the Saris Scout, sneaking around in the near Eastern Deadlands on the orders of Battle Master, Trikoz Trek, here at the Outpost. The dark dank neon clouds had already covered these lands with small green tornadoes reaching down from the clouds tearing up the earth with no apparent pattern other than just random destruction. Thurid did not need to use his powerful arcane magic to see the the reason why. He knew the Plague Bearer was coming and using his power to reach out in front of his massive horde to dismay and terrorize his enemies. The measure of his footsteps could be felt in the thumping of the very ground beneath their feet. The remaining troopers looked at the High Wizard surreptitiously in the corners of their eyes, Beldon the Bragger hid behind crates, while all tried to hide the tremors of their own hands from their fellows.

    The small aerial naval scout ship slewed sideways to face the front of the outpost with its bow. The under masts were folded. Grapples shot out with multiple bangs, anchoring the vessel a meter above the dirt road. A six foot five heavily muscled figure with modified dragon armor struggled getting out. He managed to jump out of small cockpit aperture after ripping out some of the deck planking to make more room. He stretched his large thin leather wings lazily then in a single blink he whirled around hovering to face the little ridge by the mining area. His large taloned hand gripped the two handed double bladed war axe with its spike in the middle. He hovered a foot above the ground, as he silently watched the ledge. After a stretched out moment when he saw that the creature was ignoring him, he quickly turned around. Landing, he walked up addressing the two privates by name knocking them on the ground with a friendly tap on their shoulders. None recognized him. He carried only the faintest of any resemblance to the human he had been, yet he addressed them all by name.

    Folding his wings he walked up to Vargus the Bold and with a grin spoke, “You are getting fat Vargus, your granny told me that you needed this to fortify you a bit since you are no longer in your prime.” Tossing him a small jug out of his Gifted made backpack he continued, “She also told me to tell you, oh former mentor of mine, to come back to Aughundell carrying a blooded axe or on your shield. She expects no less of you.”

    “Is that you Siegfried? So all of you are changing. The Iron Guard heard about that. Only Siegfried the Wardog managed to catch my granny's crusty old heart with all that thieving for sweets in Aughundell those years ago. Why aren't ya fighting like we trained ya. We paid a hefty fortune for that weapon of yours made by the only Master Weaponsmith in Aughundell,” replied Vargus, looking grimly up at his former student.

    “Well it is true that I got demoted to message carrier for a while but it was worth it. Changing like we are does have its perks,” bemoaned the large Wardog rolling his eyes then grinning mischievously.

    “Well that may be so, former student of mine, but what trouble did ya cause?” Vargus enquired.

    With his tail moving sinuously behind him Sigfried knelt down on one knee, cupped the old dwarf's ear whispering. The older mature Iron Guard looked shocked then flustered but recovered quickly and in turn did the same to the Wardog, who knelt in front of him. Stretching his neck a bit the Battle Master could hear perfectly. Smoke curled out of his nostrils as he choked, snorted and then turned to face the wall coughing a few times. Thurid was shocked. He had never observed the Helian Battle Master laugh about anything. Siegfried stood up and stretched then bent over laughing, while slapping his scaled thighs. The Battle Master leapt up flying muttering about clearing the hills again from the corrupted spirits and others.

    Thurid was irritated and the anger was reflected in his voice, “Stop this nonsense. Speak to us Wardog. What are the orders? When will there be reinforcements? Why are we the only ones here?. I need not use my magic to determine what is coming.”

    “Good news and maybe not so good news Sir. First and foremost a fine meal with excellent wines and whiskies to fortify you and prepare you.” Seeing the Battle Master land, Siegfried continued, “Battlemaster assist this humble warrior. I have crates to unload and I made sure your Blood Wine is included.”

    Seven crates were unloaded. The meals smelled exquisite. Cutlery was included.

    “Now for you Arch Wizard I have the prototype from New Rachival along with the Crystals you requested. As far as reinforcements are concerned there will be none. As for why? There are none to come. Az will be assisting in an unusual manner. Your orders are nice and simple. Hold the line and die in place. He promises your names will be honored forever in glory on the monuments to come for anyone that dies. Battle Master I tell you truly I am ever so jealous of your place in this grand time we are in. Remember me when you die in Glory that I might also have that honor before my people and my King.”

    The ancient Battle Master nodded showing off all of his sharp teeth, “I will remember you child of the air.”

    Walking over to then snapping two of the legs off Thurid's exquisite Elvin work table, while Thurid still stood transfixed in a daze he said, “I wish to thank you Archwizard for your donation to this fine war that I am missing out on. This fine Elvin table will be useful since you will not be needing it further tonight.”

    Walking over to the Battle Master he politely asked, “Great one could you please blacken this with a bit of fire I need the stink of the sap to be brought out.”

    Trek frowned tilting his head, “Why?”

    The Wardog exclaimed with a pout, “Since my penance is not to fight there are no orders to say I cannot defend myself. The winds will carry the stink of all that Holy sap to my enemies, I am sure. So I wish to make it easy for them to find me!”

    Trikor Trek snorted and blew a small puff of fire effectively charring the entire table. The stench of the wood oil was easily apparent to all. Humming, Siegfried returned to his little ship, tore out a few more planks and shoved the remains of the table where the little Gnome seat had been. Pulling out his over overly large two headed War axe he approached the small ledge across the road. Shaking the war axe in the air above him, he challenged in Dragon tongue then waited. When there was no response he turned around, got into the ship without further adieu and left disappearing quickly in the air above.

    “Are they all mad now? Talking to the air like that?” asked private Borrin.

    “Nay they can see what we cannot private.” replied Gian Hawkwood.

    “Do we need to fear this foe that we cannot see Archwizard?” Hawkwood continued, drawing his sword while glancing at the empty landscape across the road.

    The Archwizard sighed. Lifting up his staff before him he approached the south side of the road chanting while making hand gestures and slowly waving the staff in a circle above his head.

    Stopping at the road, Thurid called out, “Speak phantom. I grow weary of your lack of manners. Are ye friend or foe?”

    Slowly the creatures appeared. Both were difficult to see with the golden white nimbus that enshrouded them. The huge beast was seventeen hands at the overly muscled shoulders. It was four legged and dressed in a combination of plate and chain. Huge feathered wings were folded against its sides. Spikes were on its armored forehead and razored plate shod its hoofs. A white coat peeked out from under the armor.

    The female rider ignored the Archwizard, as the great beast slowly sauntered past. There was no contrivance for the beast's guidance as both rider and beast seemed to be of one mind. The rider was covered in a combination of plate, chain and leathers. Her gauntlets were razored. The right hand was on a long spear. Her left hand held a round shield of metal. A single symbol was embossed on the shield in multi colored gold. Her helm was feathered in gold on either side of her head. Her skin was alabaster white with golden hair fluttering and waving in the wind. Her eyes were sky blue peering out from under her helm. A nose piece came down in the middle of the face, but the helm terminated at the jaw line framing a calm serene visage. A black crow hopped back and forth between her shoulders fluttering in the air above her before settling back down again. At the entry way to the Eastern Outpost the beast stopped and knelt on one of its forelegs. The rider dismounted, whispering to the creature and offering a token for it to eat.

    She did not take off her helm. While leaning on her tall spear after putting her shield on her back she ignored everyone that looked at her. She walked to a particular tent and called, “Come out Beldon the Bragger for I would have words with thee. My Lord and Master, our All Father, has sent me to you to discern the truth of the tales that the minstrels in his court sing for the Royal runes are silent. All have heard the grand adventures from your own lips with your words taken by the winds. These words speak of countless buckets of blood spilt, swathes of destruction from North to South East to West. The dead killed by your own hands are endless and uncountable since your sword was lost to a great monster the Gods feared. Heroes come to you to pay homage. Royalty ask for your great wisdom to be whispered in their ears. The very air trembles at the sound of a voice so fair and uplifting.................”

    Beldon shivered, hiding behind crates in the tent she was in front of. Who needed to fear the horrid all powerful Plague Bearer coming in an hour or so, if not much less, to kill them all? He did not even have time to eat his last meal much less drink a good ale. A great power had come for him. His doom had already arrived..........

    Twilight of the Gods continues

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    Battles Part 17

    Interlude Part 2

    Undisclosed location East by South East of Dalimond

    Captain Edward Teach looked down from his seat on the only true heavy weapon system in the world of Istaria. Contracted with Laslolye by his fore-bearers long before the fall of Old Rachival and the poorly executed “x” project, the weapon had taken several centuries of development and refinements. His grandfather had told him that the original schematic had come from the deep darkness below Tazoon. It had been acquired by his family even longer ago in the past.

    Looking with black eyes, and tall with a lean build, he gazed through the special crystal filters in his dual spyglass. Crystals imbedded in the massive weapon lightened its weight and hid its position. No one looking from gound level or above, could see him in this tiny ridge enclosed glenn. Modified Gifted special cargo disks enabled the monstrous weapon to sit atop its rotatable reinforced fragile wooden lookout tower. All any enemy would see was the canopy of treetops around him. Taking a deep breath, he tied back his pony tail and scratched his unshaven face with its black stubble. Only medium well worn leathers covered his tall lanky form.

    He thought to himself, “Tonight is the night. Twenty five generations of the 9th son of a 9th son had gone into this night's planning. The living sacrifice of the Matriarchal founder of the family by adherents of the Dark Goddess in an unspeakable act of a dark past had set into motion consequence unplanned for by all. The last of his line, he was the final heir. There was no place high in the air, on the sea, on the ground or in the deep darkness below Tazoon, he and his ancestors before him had not gone. All of his ancestors, including the family's original matriarch, were in the Dark Goddess' blue fiery ice dungeons even now being tortured.

    The family curse by the Dark Goddess was upon him and his forebearers. By the end of twenty five generations the 9th son of this final generation was at last ready with time running out. The Goddess would have to die through the actions of the 9th son without a hand being laid on the Goddess by him. If her death was not accomplished, then all generations of the family, including himself would be damned forever, in her dungeons. She had personally managed to kill every male of his family line except for the 9th son of each generation. Only the 9th son of each generation had survived with outside divine help. Hope had come with a chance encounter of a certain divinity by the First son of that first generation, but that was another story and he had not the time to muse.

    The world was much larger than anyone in these lands knew. This knowledge had been lost when the Great Barrier was put in place by the WA. All trade ended with the deep port of Dalimond from elsewhere six hundred years prior to now. Only his family knew why. Only the sacred lands of Istaria remained mostly free. There were only a few unbroken fortified positions left throughout the greater world that the Withered Aegis had not over run.

    The mirrored withdrawal of Palmyra had compromised more than the Dryads knew by bringing the Heart of Darkness, the Fallen One, to this world through the imbalance caused by Palmyra's departure. The Grand Cosmic Balance had responded accordingly. The Dark Goddess had merely compounded the problem with her nefarious dealings. Now though, Telak had become involved in the affairs of his chosen people. For only he could divine the future lines of mathematical probabilities. Unlike the other so called members of the Grand Pantheon, the divine tin can was not going to sit back and let his people get wiped out in the future.

    He, Edward Teach, the last heir of his family, would make sure his family was freed. The Gifted ones were not enough to stop the WA all over the world beyond the huge dark barrier cutting the continent in half. There was a lot of work past that great desecrating wall. Time for payback had come for his family, this world and others he knew not of. This one variable named Niatha Moraven would be taken care of with hostile extreme prejudice.

    Divine betrayals, illicit divinely accepted blood sacrifices and uttered curses in the past had lead to this moment. Telak had already been betrayed in the past once before by the Dark Goddess over the fall of Old Rachival. Now once more tonight over losing an adherent then being lied to about it, had finally caused the withdrawal of his support for her. The Dark Goddess would have to stand on her own. She had taken advantage of mortals in their affairs for ages. Tonight was no different. The Divine Laws were very clear about illegal divine intervention in the affairs of mortals. The consequences were explicit and set in stone or so the masons would say, yet the Tribunal of Gods advising the Grand Pantheon of course did nothing.”

    Now, the enemy of his family was in sight and coming in quickly. He rolled the stubby cigar in his mouth after taking a quick puff. He put away the special spyglass. There was no need for it anymore. The three sets of ten almost three meter long barrels were nice and warm to the touch, while revolving slowly. He flicked three toggles. Silently the feeds clicked into place. The system control panel was all green lights.

    Teach remembered, continuing to muse to himself, “With hundreds of palm readings, thousands of crystal ball foreseeing, endless bargains, contracts, countless mithril spent, seances with mediums and sessions with necromancers had finally set the needed multi-generational stage. He already knew how the events would unfold here. A sardonic smile creased his visage while smoke curled around him. Who said revenge was not sweet and had to be cold? With a final toggle flipped and the warming barrels' revolving pace quickened to a low hum, a chuckle rumbled in his throat. He liked his vengeance hot and sweet.”

    With sails damaged the Kon was also almost out of munitions. The aerial vessel with the lower sails folded, slowly came to a stop. Damaging spontaneous vicious cross winds of varying durations had wreaked havoc on the large heavy scout.

    This first resupply site had been overrun by the Withered Aegis. Scattered munitions had been left behind. The particular army that had passed through, had had no orders for any of the strange equipment, crates much less cranes. The Grey Council criminals manning the site that were dead had not been resurrected, nor their spirits bound by the enemy. The area had neither been blighted nor burned, which had always been part of the WA's strategic agenda.

    The answer was obvious in the pattern of the fallen bodies. They had been taken by surprise, killed in place then left as the enemy rushed through. Some crates were still stacked and barrels of different types of metal arrow bolts, various types of long range darts as well as modified fireworks remained undamaged. The area for the Taku's resupply was still full and untouched. That vessel had not come by. The heavy equipment was still in place for sail and munitions repair of both vessels. The two hundred that had been assigned here were dead.

    Squi Brasswhistle climbed up on deck from her below deck compartment. Looking at the empty silent area, she grimaced.

    She said somberly, “We have a refit time of twenty minutes with a full crew of thirty five doing their jobs properly.” Peering over at Takara Ska, the Saris heavy weapon specialist, she questioned, “Ya know anything about cargo/refit Tak?”

    The Saris shook her head negatively, while slowly turning her turret back and forth in readiness.

    Turning to see the Captain as well, Squi arched her brow in question. Both shook their heads.

    “Well then I better get started. Refit gonna be four hours at least. Just do what I tell ya to and we may be able to cut forty five minutes off of that time.”

    Takara suddenly sang out in warning, cocking her repeating cross bows and dart pipes, as she placed her two cocked heavy crossbows next to her, “Captain Goodlight we got incoming. I have only one hundred and fifty long range darts with seventy five mithril bolts in the other barrel feed.

    Contact in five seconds, four seconds....” as she counted down.

    Goodlight shouted, while pulling out a thorn wood bow with extra arrows in her mouth, “No way to lift out in time get ready!”

    “Three seconds...”

    Squi pulled out two cocked and ready light cross bows with an over sized wrench in reserve calling out, “Let em come!”

    “Two seconds.....”

    Slightly above tree canopy level the unseen human figure sat silently watching the fast moving Kirasanct aerial vessel come in. It was flown by a Master's hand. Pulling to a near stop, while firing in its slowing arc stopping less than a meter above the ground five meters from bow tip to bow tip the larger heavy scout was already being decimated.

    “One second........”

    Pupils and eyes widened with the picture of the Dark Goddess standing there on the deck of the modified two seater aerial craft, laughing with her favorite glowing blue bullwhip in her right hand.

    Captain Teach clicked on her in the target window of the heavy weapon's dragon crystal auto range finder. Tilting his head back he took a clean deep breath. He flipped the last toggle then released the manual firing triggers.

    As his eyes filled with an almost feral light his grin widened, looking down at the scene below him showing his fine white teeth.........

    Twilight of the Gods continues
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    Battles Part 18

    Interlude Part 3

    Undisclosed Location East by Southeast of Dalimond

    Takara rotated her weapons to target the Taku, but Hinni Sharpfizzle was a wily pilot. Hinni had slewed around so that the Taku ended up being nearly bow to bow with the Kon after strafing the side of the Guild vessel Kon out of Takara's arc of fire. Instead of ducking to the negligible protection of her lightly armored seat, she had she pulled the first modified heavy crossbow firing with the two temple-blessed bolts at the Dark Goddess Niatha Moraven. The blessed bolts impacted the shell of power around the Goddess weakening it.

    Takara knew she was finished, killed by Hinni, traitor to her friends and to the Grey Council. Four full length mithril bolts protruded from her chest and left shoulder. She could not catch a breath now. She stood smiling slowly showing her teeth, as she purposely exhaled her final breath ever so slowly with frothy hot blood dribbling from the corner of her mouth. She held the second modified heavy cross bow with her right arm. She focused her collapsing tunnel vision to the right shoulder of the feared Dark Goddess, who was holding the bull whip that was uncurling towards her shipmate Squi Brasswhistle.

    The pulsing blue whip of torture and death, favorite toy of the Goddess Moraven when in her dungeons, was now reaching out to Squi like a striking snake. Takara fired the offset Adamantium bolts. Both hit, weakening the bubble of power around the Goddess. The wall of power stopped the first bolt which would only open a tiny window of hope in the shield of blue flaming power. The second bolt hit the little hole of hope with its expanding four bladed tip shearing off most of the Goddess' shoulder. The Goddess' right arm now hung limply, exposing the underlying bony joint. She dropped the whip. Takara's vision slowly closed in death, as her body hung draped over the low deck rail. Her choked bubbling grunt of satisfaction softly echoed in counter point to the Goddess' scream of wrath and pain. With her weapon falling to the ground in the pool of her own red blood, the feral light of victory shone for a moment in her eyes before came the inevitable clouding of death. Takara never missed!

    Squi saw the Goddess jerk the whip backward and began to snap it forward to strike her. She rolled out of her lower deck seat to the ground, as she heard Takara's grunt and cough of death. With the ship between the Goddess and herself she sprinted to the Taku. In the corner of her eye she could see Captain Goodlight standing on the deck focused and determined, knowing her death was at hand, firing her Thornwood bow at the Dark Goddess.

    Admiral Sharpfizzle of the Taku, Kirasanct citizen now, saw Squi five meters away, while dashing towards hull below the the cockpit of the Taku. Squi fired the crossbow at Admiral Sharpfizzle in a mid run jump. Admiral Sharpfizzle slid down into the cockpit seat. The cross bolt struck the seat where her heart would have been.

    Thinking herself safe Hinni took a breath then heard the clunk and the sound of a row of clicking teeth in a device on her port bow side. Quickly pulling herself up she saw Captain Goodlight rapidly firing twice at the Dark Goddess, who was holding her hand on the nearly completely sheared shoulder, while attempting to heal herself. Goddess Moraven collapsed to her knees with an arrow hitting each thigh shattering the bones. Again the Dark goddess screamed in rage.

    In response to her Goddess without thinking, Hinni raised the Taku by two meters and fired her vessel's forward dual weapons at Captain Goodlight, who was quickly drawing back a third time for the kill shot on the Goddess. The Taku's Gnome automated forward weaponry sounded like a hive of angry bees. Captain Goodlight was cut in half with her blood splattering along the top deck with the main mast shattered and the upper deck heavily damaged, as the weapon barrels slowed to a stop.

    Sharpfizzle looked left and saw Squi running to cover behind a few large boulders. Sharpfizzle watched as Squi whirled around holding up both hands. Her right hand curled into the racial inter-specie's universally acknowledged most obscene gesture with her left hand showing a count down of three, two, one. Squi then threw herself behind the boulders holding down the special flaps over her ears, part of her spectacularly expensive wilderness flying cap.

    Admiral Sharpfizzle did not have time to intellectually process anything except to realize something bad was going to happen. In the back of her mind she remembered the clicking sounds. The directional antipersonnel black powder ground pounding device had been developed for lethal Law Enforcement use. The device could be used in an Istarian Fall Festival gone bad with violent rioting. Marketed by the group of grossly illegal radical entrepreneurs for fireworks displays of shock and awe was also capable of multiple uses. Despite never being meant for this use, half of the Taku was vaporized instantly. The explosion rattled the surrounding hillside and knocked the Kon sideways with devastating heavy damage from shrapnel surpassing the speed of sound. Shockwaves rolled through the ground as trees were shattered within the glen up to the ridge line. Much of the ridge line collapsed inward to the glen. Dust added to the rolling clouds of smoke that had already dimmed visibility.

    The other half of the Taku was shredded and blown to the rocky hill side fifty meters away fulfilling the Marketing slogan: “Don't be Bad, be Horrible”. Dim Witty Fireworks ®; “They won't know what hit them. Blowing the competition away for two hundred and thirty years. Satisfaction guaranteed”.

    Twilight of the Gods continues


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    Battles Part 19

    Interlude Part 4

    As Captain Teach set foot on the ground with a little black box having a big red button on top. He gazed at all the damage thinking to himself watching the scene, “The Taku was no more. The traitorous little Gnome was without the metal arm in the destroyed cockpit seat. Hinni Sharpfizzle was still partially belted into the cockpit seat bleeding to death. She was barely alive from all the divine protections the Goddess had given her. The still living Goddess Moraven was too diminished now to remove the arrows or heal herself.

    Squi Brasswhistle was trying to stand up along side the large boulders which were now quite smaller. The Kon had suffered heavy damage. Thankfully the explosion had not set off the munitions dump here. Teach watched as a Saris scout sprinted over the ridge line of hills towards Squi. He recognized Nimbles, thief and messenger, carrying a scroll probably orders from the Grey Council for the damaged Kon's crew. Well that would be interesting but ya never knew when things hinged on Luck.”

    Teach chuckled. Seeing the bullwhip glowing and laying on the ground, he picked it up. The Divine artifact adjusted to his mortal touch as he attached it onto his belt for quick release.

    Walking up to Nimbles and Squi, who were arguing over the orders, Captain Teach inserted himself saying, “Sorry to interrupt Nimbles, but I need Squi for a moment or so. Stick around or you just might lose that promotion you just got.” Blinking quickly Nimbles stepped back.

    Teach kneeled on one leg looking at the pain in Squi's eyes saying, “There are many names to your pains but the biggest name is Niatha Moraven. Look and see, she is someone indisposed to really do anything right now, as she used up most of her magic for the moment. That singular moment will quickly pass. Another name for a different pain of yours is behind her still strapped into her seat bleeding to death, without that fancy arm she had. Now the name of my pain is that nasty evil Goddess kneeling. That same pain has imprisoned my entire family for twenty five generations in her divine dungeons with delightful tortures, bad accommodations and worse food. If you will push this button for me when I tell you to then we can get rid of a lot of all that pain together. Would you please do this for me Miss Squi Brasswhistle?”

    Squi replied with amazement on her little face, “This will really do it?”

    Teach retorted with a laugh, “Laslolye Wileyfingers guarantees all her work in mithril coin through that Three Sister Law firm she has on retainer. I do however, offer a bonus in this endeavor. The Dim Witty Fireworks group pays one mithril coin for proper feed back if there is a Divine cosigner in the paper work. I took the liberty of filling out the paperwork in advance for you and getting that divine signature for you.”

    Concerned Squi commented, “I do not know where to send it. That criminal firm is always on the run so I have heard.”

    Smiling Captain Teach replied warmly, “You need not worry Miss Brasswhistle. It disappears immediately and you get your mithril coin right then and there.

    “Agreed then!!” Squi exclaimed.

    Captain Teach held out the scroll for her to sign. Reading it, she did not recognize the Divine signature but signed by the “x” next to the black line nevertheless. The scroll rolled up, lifted in the air and disappeared. A mithril piece dropped into Squi's hand. Pointing to a particular spot Captain Teach gave her the little black box with the big red button, indicating for her to stand there wait for instructions.

    Suddenly next to him appeared a medium height individual cowled and robed saying nothing.

    Cpt. Teach asked, “Could you please call Istara and Merrasat my Goddess?”

    The figure nodded and the two Goddesses appeared. The figure said nothing but pointed to the dead Saris and Human Captain. Merrasat nodded, “She was a dutiful adherent, humble but proud of her skills and never late with her tithing. Since there are things that need be done this night I will allow this. Takara appeared fully healed kneeling before her Goddess. Merrasat looked at Nimbles with a scowl indicating for her to kneel next to Takara. With wide eyes and a fearful expression on her face Nimbles complied.

    “Now about your eleven year back tithe with interest,” she said to Nimbles empathically while holding out an empty leather bag in front of her.

    “But Goddess I am not at a bank to get it for you.” stammered Nimbles.

    “Fear not errant child of mine, I shall have mercy on you and assist,” The Goddess responded smiling warmly. Gold, silver, copper and other coinage were followed by gems, jewels, gold bars and finally IOU notes appeared in the air above the leather bag then dropped down into it.

    “But...... But....... I know it is not this much Goddess. Squi does owe me for a number of things though, so feel free to ask her about it. This way you don't need to go looking for it.” Nimbles triumphantly exclaimed.

    “Thank you Nimbles. Squi is paid for her debt to you in the same amount owed to cover the favors,sales and meals she has bought for you in the past that remained unremembered. Now child of mine. You will run or catch a ride wherever you need to go. I forbid you to use a portal or transport scroll for the rest of this night. I gave you fine padded paws to run with. When the sun comes up you may use a portal to come to Kion. You will dress as a penitent and present yourself to me at my temple there. We will have a nice long chat about all those things your grand mother taught you, but you so blithely forgot.”

    Snapping her fingers Nimbles disappeared. Messarat looked at Istara and pointed to the dead human. Istara shook her head vigorously in a negative manner. Shrugging she looked at the figure in the cowled robe. Istara had a smug expression looking down her nose with a raised eye brow at the unknown Goddess.

    Squi looked at the unknown Goddess and interjected addressing all three Goddesses, “Don't expect anything from her, no one really does you know. I apologize for my Goddess. I know that the spirit of Hazel Goodlight is probably standing there right next to her pleading. See how she has her head turned slightly away from her right side? She allowed all of us to be accused as traitors. If not for the Grey Council I would already be dead. I could not even begin to list what many of us consider her crimes. In her own way she is as bad as Niatha Moraven.” Taking a copper coin she flipped it into the air at Istara, saying, “Consider this your last tithe from me and mine! I will go with whoever Capt. Teach follows, General Az was right about you and so many of the others.”

    Ignoring the human/gnome Goddess Squi addressed Capt. Teach holding up the box with the button,


    Capt Teach lit a long cigar, “Patience please Miss Brasswhistle. Istara is here for several reasons and she will stay for as long as necessary to see a certain event. For I have claimed her as a Divine witness for this event and she may not leave, till it is over according to the Laws of the Great Divine Tribunal. Despite other discrepancies in what so ever she has not done in the past, not even She can ignore this duty.”

    Capt. Teach promptly walked over to the kneeling Dark Goddess, who still did not have the strength to stand nor speak. Looking down at her he said in a firm voice, “I am here today Goddess to fulfill your curse on my family. I am also to give you a message from them. After they leave your little theme park playground you created for their torment, they are going to take all your personal divine jewels, artifacts you prize, as well as your personal library and wardrobe. Afterward upon arrival at the Summer Lands they will do the paperwork to address certain illegal actions you took against them so that another may take your place and you can clean gutters and sweep the streets up there. They will also submit the divine paperwork to address certain inadequacies of other entities as they see fit. Good luck and good riddance!”

    He then turned away and walked quickly to the side of the Goddesses calling out to Squi, “Push the button now!! Miss Brasswhistle.”

    The former loud background humming sound became a wailing high pitched whine. A howling shriek stunned all that was there. Streaks of multi colored light poured from the barrels. The Dark Goddess disappeared in a burst of blue red mist as a trench two meters wide and three meters deep was dug continuously. The lines of lights followed any bodily fragment over one centimeter long. The Kirasanct Admiral disappeared in a red fog before the trenches terminated and firing stopped, but the sound continued.

    Capt. Teach called out one more time, “Push it again Squi.” Squi complied and a large red dot appeared on the chest of Istara, Goddess of Creation.

    “Goddess Istara you have been placed on my Family's scales of justice and found wanting. My family wishes only to know one thing. Can you get to Dalimond before this device obliterates you. Twitch and it will fire. Speak and it will fire. Blink and it will fire. You are hereby dismissed!” Capt. Teach stated emphatically.

    Istara disappeared with the massive weapon firing.

    The Goddess Merrasat began to hiss extending her claws, “Shall I demonstrate how fast I can kill you human?”

    Capt. Teach looked at the Goddess without apology and merely said, “Thank you for coming Goddess and demonstrating to my dead family the love you have for your children. You have always answered your children's plea when their needs were great.”

    The figure in the cowled robe stepped between the mortal and Goddess addressing Merrasat calmly and pleasantly, “He is mine Merrasat. The Gnome is mine as well. You and I have only just met. I will speak to Captain Teach about his lack of manners, but you were needed as a witness for the warning he gave that Goddess. Since I am somewhat new to these lands and not officially recognized yet, I would have personally gutted all three with a nice sharp sword.”

    She continued, “Please stay for a moment Merrasat, I need to take care of this now. Turning to the side and speaking to the air she asked “Well?” She nodded then waved her hand and Hazel Goodlight appeared pledging her loyalty to her new Goddess in the flesh. The new Goddess asked, “ Squi please come here now. I need you both since i am not familiar with this contraption. Do stand up Hazel.”

    The Gnome and the Human stood on either side of the unknown female divinity and laid a hand on either of her shoulders. The Goddess in turn raised her arms and the Kon appeared intact, looking ever so slightly different and fully furbished.

    The Goddess then addressed them both, “There is much we need to discuss. When you are done you need only call to me. Now go and attend your duties children.”

    Hazel Goodlight looked concerned and asked, “Do we need to ask for your Blessing Goddess? There is going to be a lot of danger and we could easily die.”

    The Goddess cupped her face in her hands smiling warmly, “Some of my children have one of my attributes. But the one all of you have is just plain old fashioned Divine luck.” Laughing she said, “Now off with all of you and have a nice time.”

    Seeing Takara pleading with her Goddess whom had her arms folded, she walked over. “Is there a problem Goddess Merrasat?”

    The Saris Goddess pointed to the behemoth of a weapon, “My child is pleading to have a bit of fun with that? She cannot stand being here while that thing is up there. There is a seat in that thing and she wants to sit in it. It seems her present weapons are no longer giving that certain light in her eyes. All of this is rather embarrassing I must say.”

    The robed figure grinned at the Saris Goddess then looked at Takara, “With your Goddess' permission you can come and visit when Hazel and Squi return. Now if you will excuse me please?”

    Turning to Merrasat and taking the Saris Goddess by the arm she said, Telak and Bachanatus are waiting for us.”

    “Really? Would you mind if I ask a friend. He is not very well accepted and I have gotten a lot of grief associating with him from the others in the Pantheon.” Merrasat said apologetically.

    The robed one replied, “ Certainly! Telak told me about that problem. That God is always welcome in my domain, though if he wishes to drink the wine I am going to serve, he will probably need to take the form of one of his children. There is a lot we all need to talk about without our children running around our feet.”

    Merrasat agreed. Kaasha appeared on the other side of the new Goddess as a Sslik, taking her other arm then all three disappeared.

    Seeing Merrasat scowl at her before they disappeared Takara replied, “I am so sorry for intruding and thank you ever so much!” Then ran off to join her shipmates calling out, “We got orders?”

    Goodlight replied, “Yes, we are on our way to Delgrath for an item pick up and then delivery to Az in the Eastern Deadlands. Then I think we will return this ship to the Grey council and head home afterward. I want to see those massive things in the clouds and explore a bit.. Some of these vessels make the Az's Juggernaut look like a peanut. Our new family has its own mission. Seems that Capt. Teach entered into contract with Bachanatus for one hundred thousand mithril pieces or other resources for a recon mission past the Great Barrier or so other spirits told me, while I was dead. I think we might like to be a part of that venture! It seems our Goddess wants to explore the far side of the world past the great barrier and ocean after the mission is accomplished.”

    Squi looked shocked then saw a familiar glowing figure in the distance walking around the glenn searching for something. “That looks like...........”

    Captain Goodlight interjected laughingly, “You got ten minutes Squi before this place is covered in Fiends so get to it. They are coming for the bits and pieces of their Goddess and their Admiral. Captain Teach does not want any of them to know about his vessels. He is lowering platforms now to strip this place of all goods”

    Squealing in delight Squi ran as fast as her short legs would carry her, calling out to her beloved, Pud Blowfuse, in joy........

    In Dalimond

    Istara appeared on the rampart on the outer wall next to Vladockt. Severely wounded and bleeding, Vladockt started to call for medics.

    She looked up at him in a fury nearly shaking in divine wrath, “Don't touch me!”

    Wincing she stood up then glowed. Freshly dressed and healed she waspishly asked Vladockt, whom had taken a step backwards, “Status!?”

    “They may breech the outer wall in several places but we are not sure. There was no way to plan for an invasive force this huge. There are so many of them that they are using their own dead to build ramps.”

    The Goddess said quietly, “I think I will take a nap. Do not disturb me Human”

    He protested, “But....” He never finished his sentence as the Goddess whirled around in a fury facing the enemy beyond the walls. Rasing her right hand she clenched it into a fist. Huge twenty meter wide cauldrons appeared in the air above the ramparts all around Dalimond including the sea. She then raised her left hand in a fist unclenching it. The cauldrons began pouring oil and not stopping. Tens of thousands of gallons of oil drenched the countless enemy. She then snapped her right fingers and the oil burst into a wall of flames three times higher than the fortifications. The heat forced the defenders to retreat inward as the WA troops shrieked in terror consumed by divine fire. The fire followed the oil up into the cauldrons taking on the appearance of continuous flowing lava.

    “Is there any other problems you need to discuss with me human?” as her wide eyes dripping with fury and power.

    “No mighty Goddess.” he returned, as the burning oil continued to flow and burn, shrouding all in oily black smoke, which not even the increasing wind could fully disperse.

    In a blink she disappeared. A sergeant walked up behind Vladockt startling him. He jerked turning around and heard a pop. Looking at his feet he saw one of his Fiendish horns laying on the ground. The changes of himself and the other fiends were continuing. There was only one way to described this mess Az put him into.


    The Sergeant snickered looking at the horn on the ground then walked away quickly, disappearing in the rolling waves of smoke, as the sound of his snickering softly followed behind him..........

    Twilight of the Gods continues

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    Battles Part 20

    Interlude Part 5

    In Transit

    Big Un sat on one of the small plateaus above Aughundell, looking down at the battles below him. In Khutit form he sipped from the keg of blood wine that he had mixed with the illegally distilled Knut liquor just for an added bite. Bouncer that he was for the Grey Council, he had a hearty appetite for well made liquors and wines. He belched a fireball, thinking about how he would go about his duties, and with Draconic efficiency had decided on his report to the bipeds. Like a character in a play, he would give a rousing and lengthy soliloquy to the Grey Council full of sheer astounding humor, irony and blatant astonishing facts.

    The great serious battle of the Dwarven capital had turned into a huge widespread circus. The conflict had actually sent the Dwarves scurrying back behind the walls of the city itself in retreat, lest they be killed by their allies. When the battle would move away the dwarves would run out and collect their dead, transporting them back into the city. The dead were stacked like cordwood on the inside of the city's walls in tunnels and the lowest rooms. A make shift barrier had been built for the front gate after the first one had been destroyed by friendly enthusiasm.

    A flash of golden light caught his attention on the receiving pad of the city outside the city's inner walls. He arched his neck looking closely. Twas Nimbles! Big Un changed into Dragon form, swooped down and grabbed her in his claws. He flew back up to the plateau where he changed back into Khutit form not a moment too soon.

    A group of corrupted spirit warlocks had flame balled the pad, which in turn had gotten Blog's attention. Seeing Big Un with his poor eyesight, Blogg had charged the pad thinking a very large broiled chicken was waiting there for him. Confused that there was not, he took out his rage with a roar of fetid breath that melted most of the Warlock spirits into goo by the receiving pad. Seeing many of their superiors melted to puddles from the “Black Death Breath” their supporters had all run in different directions not wanting to be next. The little Dryad, sitting on his shoulder wearing a shiny crystal helmet and whispering in his ear, Blog stopped then headed to the “X” project screaming, “Toothpicks forever.”

    The female Saris was at first outraged with the snatch and grab, but was relieved when she saw the aftermath below her in front of Aughundell. The bouncer of the Grey Council had come to her rescue. Looking up, she could see Dwarves all around on the top of the mountain. On the top plateau there was small aerial scout ship. Apparently the ship was taking dwarves down into the Barrows, as she watched it go up and down several times. Seeing Big Un beside her she knew that she was in good paws at least for the moment.

    She addressed him thankfully after being gently set down. Big Un gave her a stolen stein of ale. Sipping gratefully she asked, as she looked upon the turmoil at the base of the hill going in either direction on the road into the surrounding areas, “By the great Pantheon Big Un what is happening here??.”

    Big Un was slow to answer then with a snicker and wave of his paw he replied, “Behold Nimbles the Great Battle of Aughundell. Two thirds of the Dwarven heavy infantry was wiped out several hours ago by a force of seventy five thousand WA combatants from Old Rachival.

    The WA cut through Hadan's Wall like a hot dagger through butter. The 2nd wall was falling with the Dwarves in retreat when Supreme Commander Granite Fist, her counselors along with Blogg and his Cohort arrived in the courtyard. It was total chaos, as the WA brought in catapults across the road and starting bombarding the inner walls while trying to breach the remaining city walls where we are now. A large battle was fought on the mountain top behind and over our heads. It only ended just a while ago with the arrival of one of the Wardogs. He cleared the area of the enemy with those Gnome weapons on the little aerial boat in time for the dwarves to get reinforcements up there. Now that area is secure with those enemy troops fighting below us on the road.

    Nimbles noted, “I don't see any of those catapults across the road. There is only billowing smoke and pools of blackening lava all through those mining areas now.”

    Big Un replied, “Of course not. About that time just a little while before you came a Gifted Dragon by the name of Mordel and his Gifted partner in crime, so to speak, appeared in the air above the receiving pad. We all flew across and burned them all out for the second time around. The Gifted Pair left and of course the WA came back doing the same thing. That little Dryad with Blogg got hit with a large rock from one of those lesser catapults. Blog was so infuriated at being interrupted, since he almost had the X project underneath his hammers, he attacked those encampments instead. The little Dryad was quite blood thirsty it turns out. She bellowed and screamed, “Obliterate them all.” In in a fit of temper she summoned these huge low lying Lightening and Thunder Storms, Dark Cyclones, Meteor Storms and rolling walls of flame ten meters high. I am not surprised. Now even the stone over there is burning. The whole battle below us stopped as everyone watched the spectacle including the WA, and then things got very odd.

    Somehow the Wardogs have come to an arrangement with a number of the old timers who are part of the WA. Both sides want to fight it out of course but neither the Wardogs nor the WA want to be eaten by Blog, killed with his fetid un-dead breath or trampled by Blogg on his way to get his next snack or toothpicks out of the X project. The WA doesn't want to be trampled by the their leader, the X project, or be killed by his magic.

    So the Wardogs, who have wings, are acting as spotters for certain of the WA officers. Those same powerful WA individuals divert Blog and the Dryad. This in turn saves the Wardogs from certain death by smashing, stomping or obliteration by either Leader.

    Granite Fist is outraged and threatening the dwarves, who are not fighting, that they will be on the gibbet for treason. Right now though, all the Dwarves and their grumbling fearless leader are drinking ale and laying bets on what is going to happen next. You notice of course no right minded dwarf is going out on that field of carnage. They got a good introduction to Blogg again when he got here.

    General Granite Fist had promised snacks but the reinforced Thornwood gates were shut against the WA troops right outside. Blogg's stomach was growling loud enough for everyone to hear and then the Wardogs started running like a Dark Lord was after them. Blogg got really excited hearing the enemy outside. He tore down the front gate charged the WA, snatching up the Avatar of Pain and used him to sweep the area in front of him then grabbed undead wizzes for a nice bite of skull and brains. Word passed quickly like flames in a dry field of grass. Amongst the enemy, Blogg the Eater with a Breath of Death and a preference for pickled and raw undead was back. This sent everyone in the WA running screaming his name or title. They had not forgotten all the Blogg madness in the Eastern Deadlands those years ago,

    However the X Project, that walking metal can on legs, is kinda stupid. When his troops deserted him running then he got the idea that he maybe needed to run too. Now he only attacks when Blogg is turned in another direction heading to someone or something else. The creature finally put it together that his metal flesh will become the toothpicks Blogg wants.

    In the meanwhile the Wardogs here have gotten word from their WA buddies that The Lord of Gears is on his way with an elite legion of automatons. Apparently he knows what is going on here and is in a rage. He told the officers he was going to kill them all to use for his automaton power cells. So all of the WA are going to desert and join up with that WA army that General Reklar is amassing before Chicken Leg arrives.”

    “Who is Chicken Leg?” asked the astounded Nimbles.

    The ancient dragon replied, “Why that is the Dark Cabal Lord of Gears, who runs Old Rachival now, that the Gnomes got kicked out.”

    “Really Big Un, you must be joking!” choked Nimbles.

    “It is the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help me the 1st Dragon. Wardogs found out a little while ago from those WA officers that that is what the Lord of Gears is called that behind his back. Seems that Blogg was in the Eastern Deadlands some years ago, eating his way through their territory, when he met the Lord of Gears, who somehow betrayed him back then. Blogg in turn gnawed his right leg off before he was run out of the Eastern Deadlands. The Lord of Gears was not smart enough to make an automaton replacement for his leg. He consulted the Camp of Witches in far south of the Eastern Deadlands in desperation. Well apparently he really got them worked up and insulted and so they summoned up a chicken leg for him. Now he is stuck with it.

    It seems he had figured out which of these WA officers have been spreading around that nickname like bipeds use for the past couple of decades or so. That nickname has made him the laughing stock of the whole WA empire. Personally I think he does not really want Aughundell, but rather retribution on the X Project and those defaming parts of his own armies.

    Who knows maybe there will be a real war again here after those undead bipeds run off to join with General Recklor before Chicken Leg the great Dark Cabal Lord gets here.”

    Big Un lamented, “It is all very discouraging you know. I am a Lunus Dragon. There is nothing like a good old fashioned war to stir ones blood with plenty of glory to be had. What do I get? A biped circus to report on. How terrible this is. Utterly shameful!! What is a poor Dragon to do Nimbles?!”

    The Saris thief and messenger looked at the madness of the surging thousands. She saw the Dwarves cheering on their favorites, offering ale on the sidelines and swapping bets. She had no answer......

    Twilight of The Gods continues

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    Battles Part 21

    Interlude Part 6

    In Transit/Undisclosed Location East by Southeast of Dalimond

    Captain Goodlight watched the gigantic rocky underbelly of a floating colossus above them move away, as it slowly faded from view. The aerial crew with the help of automatons had emptied out the supplies in the glen for the aerial ships of the Grey Council. The monstrous weapon had been hoisted up with huge metal grappling claws from the vessel above. The personnel of this vessel had detonated the remaining structures in the uncharted landing area just in time.

    Two flashes of light occurred at the far end of the glen. Temple priestesses accompanied by guards and workers came out of a glowing pad on the ground. Over four hundred Fiends teleported in. Goodlight had never seen something like this before. Fiends kept secrets like a tight fisted miser. A dozen of the Temple personnel had thrown handfulls of little glowing balls that floated above the ground highlighting bits and pieces of flesh of their Goddess and newly appointed Admiral. The guards ran towards the Kon.

    Goodlight called out to Squi, “Take us up two hundreds meters, pop out the masts and unfurl the sails.”

    Squi replied, “We are still recharging the batteries Captain. Our back ups were fully drained along with the primaries, Captain coming in to land. Five minutes to be able to comply safely and maintain maneuverability. If we drift higher in the air waiting for a cross wind the charge time will multiple triple and we will be vulnerable for the duration.”

    Captain Goodlight retorted, “Well Squi I am looking at two dozen heavy crossbow Fiendish troops, a couple dozen long bows with Wizzies behind. If we don't get higher we will not get up at all. I have no intention of being one of their blood sacrifices.”

    Watching the troopers run towards them getting closer, Takara interjected quickly , “Partially retract the anchors and turn us at our present height Captain. I will take care of everything and you will not be involved. So feel free to take a quick nap. Squi is below and so cannot be a witness. Those hostile combatants will cease to exist and won't count count towards any question of engagement. Your forward systems cannot fight this battle. Mine however are designed with this capability. I look forward to answering the unspoken declaration of war on the Grey Council that these Fiends will offer through their actions. Squi prepare the Dim Witty anti-riot personnel mines which we can eject from the port side.”

    “Steam pressure for weapon systems at one hundred percent. Ejectors prepped. We are green for go Captain.” Squi reported excitedly.

    “Both of you stand down. You should have paid more attention to those spirits you met while you were dead Takara. Neither of you do anything, we are still under Divine Rules at this juncture of time for ten more minutes.” retorted Goodlight.

    Takara bitterly responded, “Thanks Captain. I am sure we will all enjoy a stay in the dark dungeon of Kirasanct until our lives are shortened.”

    Goodlight's somber and stern response silenced the outraged Saris by saying simply, “Make no mistake, heavy weapon specialist Takara Ska, you and I will have a nice long chat after this night is over, whether we are alive or dead.

    The Kirasanct Captain of the Temple Guardians was first to arrive standing only three meters on the ground away from the Kon with additional guardians filing up on either side of him.

    With a superior sneer he ordered, “You, the three occupants of this vessel, will get out and knee before me and submit yourselves to my authority. You will become part of the ranks of the slaves for the rebuilding of Kirascant. You will be chained and manacled. Your vessel is hereby confiscated from the Guild for the Grey Councils betrayal to the Dark Goddess.”

    Captain Goodlight slightly turned the vessel to afford a full broadside view. The Captain knew from the other spirits, some of whom were on the run from the Dark Goddess, that an attack would negate the Divine rules in the absence of a preceding response by a God/Goddess protecting their children.

    She whispered into her battle net ship crystal, “Prepare for Theta Anti-Boarding Protocol.”

    Both whispered in response, “Green for go.”

    While smiling, looking down from her cockpit at the Kirasanct official, the Captain of the Kon responded, “Captain, whoever you are, and I am not interested in your name at all, will now listen very closely. You and your troops will remove yourselves from within twenty meters of this vessel. This intrusion of the stated perimeter will be considered and reported as an Act of War. We will respond accordingly without any need for further orders from our superiors. Any act within this perimeter will provide us the permission for an actionable response, as a State of War will already exist with your foolishness. The parameters for acts of War between our two governments has already been agreed upon by your Goddess and the Grey Council per mediation by the Three Sisters.”

    The Kirasanct officier fired his weapon at the Captain Goodlight. Squi and Takara responded with triggers and levers pulled but nothing happened. As luck would have it, the weapons ceased to function. The cross bolt stopped one centimeter from between Goodlight's eyes, then all movement in the glen stopped. Only the crew of the Kon could move, albeit their weapons remained seemingly frozen. The Fiends on the ground slightly below them, were unable to move. The Fiends were only capable of sight, eye movement and hearing.

    Once again the cowled and cloaked figure of a woman was suddenly present. Standing above the ground next to the Kon she plucked the stationary cross bolt out of the air then silently handed it to Captain Goodlight.

    Then the unknown Goddess spoke, “This cross bolt is a Declaration of War according to the rules of the Grey Council and their signed divine agreement. No doubt there will be repercussions when you give it to the Grey Council.”

    Turning around she walked down the invisible ramp of air to the Captain of the Fiends frozen in the position of firing the bolt. He became pale watching the stiff stance of the walking Divine power. Her left hand by her side widened then grasped the hilt of a long sword that glowed with a sharpened white fire burning edge. She swung the sword in a wide overhead arc towards him not even looking at her target. The cleaving sword struck at the base of his neck towards his opposing hip. She walked past him without hesitation with the bloody sword in her left hand. Slowly she approached the High Priestess who fearfully tracked her approach unable to move or to speak.

    The cowled and cloaked figure stopped one meter away and said calmly with a voice projected throughout the glen, “Your instruction to your Captain insured his death. I personally have chained him to the floor before the Dark Goddess' divine throne. His death tithe is unpaid, the fee for physical imperfection is unpaid and the fee for his failure is unpaid. His death is permanent now that I have severed his body into two parts and there is no Gifted One here to resurrect him as I will not. You have ensured his damnation for his loyal services. You will be held accountable for this by your Goddess as there will be consequences from your supposed enlightened strategic thinking, but I digress.”

    Holding up the sword she stood in front of the high priestess wiping the blood off the her divine blade on the robes of the Dark Goddess' priestess. Once cleaned the sword disappeared.

    The Goddess addressed all of the Fiends looking directly in the face of the High Priestess, “My price for the inconvenience you have caused me is quite high. When you attempt to bring her back your Goddess you will be at a terrible disadvantage. Have you not yet noticed the tendrils of fog ankle high on the ground? Already the essence of your Goddess is separating from her flesh. It is almost too late now. The task before you will be far more dangerous. You can only do your mortal best to separate all the pieces of Niatha Moraven from her mortal Gnome admiral and all of the various races whose mortal flesh has been shredded herein this glen. Fear not, I shall not kill any of you. Instead I will do something far worse and take what I value most as my price.”

    Stepping back almost two meters the Goddess raised her arms with her palms up and fingers splayed outward and arms encompassing the glen in its entirety. Tilting her head back she drew a deep breath then curved her arms inward linking her hands on her chest. Her size became greater and bright white light streamed from behind her cowled face, out of the arms of her robes and beneath the hem above the ground. Slowly she diminished sighing in satisfaction.

    Addressing the High Priestess directly she smiled sweetly saying, “Niatha Moraven made such a fuss about the superiority of herself above other members of the Pantheon. She also boasted of the great superiority of her children above all other mortal races. She said neither she nor her children needed Luck. So in deference to her grandstanding and boasted knowledge, I have removed all the Luck from your Goddess from all of you here and through you all of those abiding in Kirasanct. The little secret alcoves many of you use to address the lesser older gods of Istarian Luck you will find no longer exist. They are dust now.

    My wrath though is not fully assuaged, so I will take from you those glowing ephemeral pads as well as this little metal arm, which suddenly appeared in her left hand. Now you can tell Niatha Moraven we are properly balanced for the insults she has given me and my children. There will never be an accord betwixt us in the future after this final slight. I am forever lost to her as a divine ally. I am sure you will have a grand adventure getting back to your unholy city without any luck at all nor help form any of the races since you are all technically in a state of war with everyone. Now if you will please excuse me I really don't have time to chit chat with mortals except my own children. Goodbye!”

    She turned around and walked in the air to Captain Goodlight of the Kon.

    She said, “You handled yourself well. I expected as much. Be safe and fear not! You are mine! Unlike most of the Pantheon here I abide by my own rules from long before this world came to be. The ancient laws I lived with are far more simple and understandable than this modern nonsense. Merrasat has told me where this place is that you need to go. I will place you there since I do not need any more interruptions.”

    Pointing to Takara she said, “As far as you are concerned child of Merrasat, I was told to give you a message. 'If you dare create a disturbance with your superiors again tonight you will join Nimbles to have a nice long chat with me at my Temple in Kion.'”

    The Goddess began to raise her hand to the sky and Hazel Goodlight asked softly, “Just who are you Divine One?”

    “I was wondering when you would ask Captain Goodlight.” said the Goddess with a smile full of mischief.

    The Goddess stepped up further in the air and cupped Goodlight's ear whispering. Goodlight looked shocked then began laughing, slapping her thighs. The Goddess smiled, snapped her fingers and the Kon disappeared. Hesitating, she turned around and walked back to the high Priestess.

    “You have a terrible decision to make mortal. Should you attempt your task, you will face your Goddess's divine anger. Perhaps all of you should run for the hills as my human children would say. In a terrible wrath she will be. None remain in all her divine lands to receive her. Her lands are empty except for the Captain, chained at the foot of her throne who weeps, wails and grinds his teeth alone. All the inhabitants of Kirasanct know their Goddess has died yet a second time defeated in more ways than one. I just thought I would give you the courtesy of an update. I cannot wish you good luck since you have none.”

    The Goddess disappeared. The Fiends, now freed, came running up to the High Priestess, as tendrils of the fog of Divine essence swirled around their ankles burning them. Many screamed while running around in circles trying to escape the torment. Others hopped up on rocks above the fog where it could not reach them.

    One lesser priestess still having a communication crystal called out, “There is rioting in the Holy City. There is a rebellion erupting concerning the Goddess, her weakness unnecessary deaths and poor judgement. The rebels are demanding a divine entity worthy of our worship with the expectations that are placed on us in return. They are gaining a popular momentum.
    The loyalists have lost two thirds of the city. What do I tell them High Priestess? What are your instructions?”

    Without answering the eldest of the Fiends since before the construction of Kirasanct, who was the first to be converted, looked to the North. A cold evil wind blew from the North, but though they were creatures of ice, snow, twilight and darkness it brought little comfort.........

    Twilight of the Gods continues

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    Battles Part 22

    Interlude Part 7


    The Kon appeared in a flash of golden light, as its sails folded and masts retracted temporarily blinding anyone looking at the pad. Four grappling anchors shot out from the vessel. A wooden hatch opened and Squi looked out. The the surrounding soldiers of the Imperium were stunned for the moment.

    Pushing a red button, Squi notified Capt. Goodlight at the bow and Takara on the aft heavy weapon, “We got fifteen minutes ladies. This receiving pad will see no traffic for that time frame and remember we are in a hostile environment. There are still have open warrants on us all. Please activate your crystal recognition bracelets for Kon.”

    Metal rods slowly all over the Kon began telescoping outward then locking in place. The three crew members climbed down on the folding metal ladders. As soon as their feet touched the ground electricity sparkled around the rods leaping from one to another in a random continuous pattern.

    Takara headed to her friend, Kattina the Tavern Keeper, to get the latest news and the special brew that Kattina always set aside for her. Squi headed to Sgt. Dylan directing the Imperial traffic for over five thousand troops holding in place. The Imperial Legion would stay at Delgarth until further orders were given. Catching his attention she whispered in his ear, placing a small bag of silver in his hand. The sergeant walked over to the receiving pad without hesitation and began dispersing the spectators and routing the foot traffic elsewhere. Captain Goodlight first approached Lt. Carmichael Kincaid. Goodlight briskly walked up to the lead officer of Delgrath speaking with authority, “Lt. Carmichael, I have orders for you cosigned by General Az, King Vladockt and Supreme Commander Granite Fist.”

    Lt. Carmichael's eyes widened, realizing that a past publicly known traitor stood in front of him, whose open warrant and picture was in his office from several years ago. Taking a deep breath to bellow orders with his hand on his sword, he found a boot on his foot and a hand over his on the pommel of his sword. The taller Goodlight looked down at him with her face to almost nose to nose, as she squeezed his hand so very tightly that he paled and flinched.

    Goodlight whispered into his ear, “Things are never what they appear to be,seldom what they seem and the reality that you think you know so well is probably just a sham Lieutenant. So I will make certain things clear. I am no longer an adherent of Istara. The government I serve is not the one you take orders from. War makes for strange bedfellows officer Kincaid. To refuse these orders on this night is treason and I will gut you right here, according to the laws I live under at present. The war in which you are now involved allows for no mistakes this night. You should think very carefully before you start bellowing. Now I am going to turn around, leave you and fulfill my orders as required by three wax sigils on my scroll lest being hung before dawn. Good eve Lt. Kincaid and best of luck to you.” She slapped the three wax sigiled scroll onto his hand with a sting.

    Lt. Kincaid broke the sigils and opened the scroll to view the orders. His eyes widened. Indeed there was no time to lose. The traitor was right. He began bellowing for his staff.

    Goodlight proceeded to the back corner of the large Dwarven house which was acting as tavern for the Imperial forces. Stepping into the shadow of the building in the rear, a small black robed figure appeared in front of her in the darkness before she could catch her breath at being startled.

    Holding out a backpack the unknown individual whispered ever so softly with a muffled voice, “It took a year but the deed was accomplished. Be careful of breakage Captain many of these things are fragile. Az needs all these items intact for what he wishes to accomplish. My guild's part in this war is concluded. I hope the lives spent were worth it.” Before Goodlight could speak the black shadowy figure was gone as silently as it had arrived.

    Captain Goodlight, with a swift but careful walk around the foot traffic, arrived at the Kon. Squi and Katara were already back. Squi took the package carefully and stowed it away. Back in the cockpit Goodlight ordered her vessel away. Their destination was a dangerous place with no prior known route. The Kon lifted quickly as the spectators stared. Few had ever seen an aerial ship.

    Goodlight addressed the others quickly, “Crystal silence until I say otherwise. Squi we will fly without stealth as that will slow us down. I will keep us fifty meters from the shore and twenty meters high. Tak, if anything does not look right, kill first and discuss later. No firing upon our arrival. I have a gut feeling that the crowd waiting for us will not be usual fare. Lets see how much luck we have ladies,” as she laughed.

    Before a single Imperial spectator could blink the Kon was long gone.....

    Twilight of the Gods continues

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    Battles Part 23

    Interlude Part 8

    In the Air leaving Chiconis

    Far in the west behind Nimrod, almost obscured from sight, monstrous columns of fire rose to the distant sky easily providing the light they needed before them in their trek from Chiconis.....(Battles Part 8)


    Lovwyrm was tiring. It seemed like hours since they had left the Chiconis perimeter. The crisscrossing aerial currents were slashing and damaging. Their pace slowed with the winds hammering. The changing currents pushed them hundreds of meters to the right or left, almost to the ground or suddenly high in the sky where the air was so thin. They were only half way to their Family lair. The hatchling was weakening them all, as it drew upon their life's blood to survive. Without malice but driven by an instinctual need to live the hatchling twitched and clawed in its restless slumber.

    Lovwyrm addressed Flameus and Lunalove, “Is there another route we can take. The few ancients available to ask say the same thing, 'There is no pattern. The sky has become a maddened beast hungry for blood and destruction.' This cannot continue as it is. We will not make our destination.”

    Flameous spoke up saying, “ Give the hatchling to me. She is not linked to me and I will not be so weakened with her weight and the burden that her needs create.”

    Lovwyrm replied, “She would awaken fighting tooth and talon not understanding you.”

    Flameus opened his mouth to say something when half of him disappeared in the beak of a gigantic creature five times the size of an ancient Dragon. The other half of his body went tumbling in the wind. The massive creature appeared only for that passing eyeblink as it snatched its prey angling downward. Lunalove pivoted in the air and followed attacking from behind. Her fiery breath illuminated part of the torso of the creature. Where the flame hit the semi solid flesh bubbled and smoked. Speeding up she then arrowed down with all taloned paws connecting in the thin mushy flesh. She continued to burn it holding on to its flesh as she slashed over and over on the creature's back. Despite the difference in size the huge monster's flesh was not as dense as that of Istarian Ancient. The creature was suddenly visible. It was one of the aerial dragons attacking the fleets and with the few Gifted Dragons of Istaria still in the air.

    Lovwyrm watched as both fell, fighting each other, in a stretched out moment when both were crushed between the titanic waves scouring the seabeds. She barrel rolled then began ascending straight up to the stars, instructing the other dragons to check below. Despite being alone, she would pose far less as an inviting target. Her heart was wrenched, despite the surety of the fact that they were Gifted and would return. Her tears were caught by the wind falling to mist far below her. With an aching hollow inside her she continued flying straight upward. The height of adult dragons had already been surpassed. Upper and higher clouds hid her, obscuring her path to any enemy below, she silently hoped. She ached. Her shoulders burned with each beat of her wings as lightening pain pulsed down her spine. Suddenly the tell crystal activated in her ear. It had been silent for hours since since she had only communicated with those of her kind.

    “You must ascend faster oh mighty ancient. The survivor of the mated pair that attacked your mate is rapidly closing in a great wrath for the death of her mate. They hunt in pairs. I am far far above you. I am Vargus of the Children of the Sky a subject of Az, citizen of the house of Zadora. The Grey Council sends its greeting and assistance. You have the Heiress, who will speak for all the Children in the years to come. I am beginning my dive now. You must rotate and pivot in place going downward when I tell you. You must then call upon all the wind you can muster. You need to be going downward nearly as fast as I will be going. I will rotate my upper deck to face you. Change to your Khutit form after you grab onto my vessel. Crouch behind me lest you slow us down and tangle the sails. Put the little one in the cockpit in my lap then hold on to the decking behind me. Your little friend nipping at your tail is going to get a special hello from my Gnome friends at Dim Witty Fireworks ®. If you help me we can make a mithril apiece in the paper work.”

    “But …....” exclaimed Lovwyrm.

    Vargus cut her off, “There is no time to plan and no other option. We will take a short cut never done before. Gods help us!! Vargus laughed nearly hysterically exclaiming, “Then everything will really get dangerous!!”

    Vargus began the count, “ Ten....nine....”

    The little illegally modified Scout, renamed to the the good ship Whatever, associated with the Juggernaut, started dropping. The sails were fully extended now. Vargus inserted a new wind crystal into the control panel, as he counted down.

    Lovwyrm could feel the disturbance of the wind behind her. Her scales rippled on her neck. The creature was indeed closing. She strained going higher than she had ever gone and then she remembered, 'There will be assistance offered from an unwelcomed quarter in the flight to reach the lair. Take it, lest the hatchling die, Nimrod is overwhelmed failing in this duty and you face my wrath until the End of Days. A battle is coming to you in the skies'.”

    The count continued, “”

    Lovwyrm began to feel fear for the first time in her long life as she felt something right at the tip of her long tail. She faintly heard Vargus scream, “ Faster Draconis Faster...Pivot NOW !!!.
    She gave a triple snap of her wings as she pivoted in place going downward seeing black spots in front of her eyes. The huge figure behind her could not pivot with its momentum carrying it upwards.

    Vargus triggered the two anti-personnel mines on his port side. Two sharp steam explosions followed as the mines were ejected.

    He continued to count, “Five....four...”

    Two huge explosion shattered the sound of the wind in her ears as she nearly lost balance from the shockwaves heading downward. The howl and screech of pain that followed was even louder than the explosions behind her.

    Vargus began the rotation folding back the upper masts trying to hold on to the flying stick to steer the craft. The little vessel was shuddering continuously now. The t6 sails bulged to almost ripping. The deck and it underlying supports began to moan and groan.

    “Three … the vessel now!!! howled Vargus.

    The little ship appeared in a flash rotating. She grabbed at the vessel. With the last of her strength she grabbed onto the decking behind him. Changing into Khutit form she passed the Hatchling to Vargus. Vargus snatched the hatchling holding onto the stick with his knees, while strapping the hatchling into place. Startled awake the Hatchling attacked. Vargus screamed silently, rocking the telepathic link between the Dragon blood of them all.

    Lovwyrm shouted mentally through the link at the hatchling, “Shall you kill a child of your own House, heiress to Lilith the Crystal Guardian, heiress to the outcast blood dragon Zadora!?! Bathing in the innocent blood from the violence of your own taloned Paws like one of the Withered Aegis?”

    The Hatchling froze with her taloned paws deep in his gut. The Wardog began to slump forward unconscious and bleeding to death with his flesh shredded. His blood was caught by the wind howling around them splattering the Ancient Dragon behind him and the fully extended sails. The hundred meter high waves were still far below but approaching quickly. Struggling Lovwyrm held onto both his shoulders while her back paws dug into the top decking, reciting the spell for healing and re-growth. The Hatchling, from her own blood added to Lovwyrm's powerful Draconic spells.

    Vargus's back arched forward as he howled in pain with his healing. Without a thank you he began shouting, “The seabed slopes downward three hundred meters beneath the valley of the coming two waves. A powerful Lich guards the ancient temple teleport. Unlike our teleports, this holy place can reach elsewhere and even elsewhen, or so goes the myth. This tumble down ancient city beneath the waters was a jewel of peace and learning before its destruction in the First Age, now forgotten by the world. You both must prepare the way, destroy the lich, and open the gate. A greater power shall take us through. The way must be opened for others to pass through from other parts of this world to assist in what is coming this night.”

    Lovwyrm with the calmness of an ancient Dragon was the first to speak up, “I do not know how to do these things.”

    “Ah but the future Mistress of the House of Zadora does! Our foe still follows us still burning with the Gnomes' Gifts and the vengeance of its own heart. I will take care of it and set this vessel to go faster. Prepare the way oh ye ancient bloodlines!”

    The vessel shuddered as the masts snapped inward. Vargus toggled the Green switch. The large firework folded outward in its clamps to the starboard side of the keel on the underside of the vessel. Pushing a red button he began to sing. The Dim Witty prototype ignited. Pushing two pedals, fins protruded from the hull. The good ship Whatever jumped forward like a spear bending in the air then straightening as it leapt from its ballista. The fiery exhaust hit the aerial enemy burning its flesh before the fire bent to either side of the monster from its own great power.

    The little hatchling began to sing in a piping voice. Lovwyrm joined her. Her piping became more guttural and rasping. Lovwyrm shuddered at the words of power from the ancient dark forgotten blood spell, as she sang in counter point. A dark spell of destruction and power that only could have come from its Dark originator—Zadora, forbidden by the most ancient forgotten races.

    “Impact in ten seconds. Use my blood Mistress of my House!” sang out Vargus laughing in the joy of battle fearless and confident as the wind snatched his words away.

    The hatchling sank a taloned little paw carefully into his flesh and with the other reached outward to Lovwyrm who released the decking with her left paw and reached to her adversary. Blood red fire erupted around them and reached to the aerial burning dragon racing to get them from behind. The evil creature wailed with screeching pain in its death before turning into dust, as its black blood boiled outward then turning into fiery red/purplish flames reached the Ancient female dragon, as she wailed over the loss of life that flowed through her to the hatchling. Reaching forward with both little paws she piped her demand and the elements responded. Blinding white flames reach out in front of them as the water became walls of dead sea creatures with their lives snatched away by the blood spells. They were in the valley with the dark seawater swirling around them between the hundred meter waves.

    Deeper and deeper they went into dark silence surrounded by a tube of water swirling counter clockwise. The chant became harsh and unyielding. Almost at three hundred meters deeper brilliant blood red flames reached further downward boiling the water into red mist.

    The Lich floating by the pad was four meters tall, covered in dead crustaceans and barnacles. He was caught unprepared by the movement flashing in front of him. He burst into blood red flames as the hatchling absorbed his corrupted un-dead life. The pad exploded into scintillating pulses of multi colored lights, as it awakened. Exploding in flames though the walls of circling water throughout the destroyed ancient city revealed remnants of a former glory that made their hearts ache seeing the remains of undescribable beauty. Blackness surrounded them in less than a blink. Behind them the pad burned boiling the falling waters above it and around it. Once collapsed the water returned and the city was again was enveloped in darkness and silence. The very stones had been cleansed for the first time since the great city's destruction. As the fading light became impotent, a dull prevalent deep humming barely audible began and did not stop, as the teleport dimly glowed.

    Blackness turned into huge bright tubes which they traversed surrounded by a golden glow. Their flight became so fast that everything seemed to slow. Suddenly they were in open blue skies coming up out of a deep stone crevice. The smell of spring was in the air. Strange flying creatures surrounded them then passed by in a different direction. The little hatchling gave directions to Vargus with Lovwyrm listening in. The rocket sputtered out and was released from it clamps to fall into the lush valley below. The connected valleys they saw were surrounded by high mountains covered in snow. Vargus opened up the three hundred sixty degree masts surrounding the ship, as the fins were retracted. Once again their speed picked up with a strong wind.

    The mountain valleys terminated into a cul-de-sac. Chiseled out of the mountainside and covered in runes outlined by gems of power, was a gigantic circular design beginning to pulse. The hatchling was once again in an exhausted sleep. This time she slept on the Wardog's warm safe lap sheltered inside the cockpit.

    Vargus pondered, “Well ancient one is this design before us in the distance the portal? We are going quite fast. I only have one fire work left for increasing our speed should it become necessary.”

    “There is no true evil here. The edifice before us is neutral in every regard that I can sense,” she replied.

    Vargus humphed, “Well lets see what the lucks give us. Tails for no and heads for yes.”

    The coin flipped over and over with Lovwyrm snatching it out of the air saying tartly
    “I will decide this matter. My wisdom is far greater than yours.”

    Distracting her he asked, “So what is mating like with Dragons? I was the first of my kind to mate. It was a glorious time we had, chasing after each other in the clouds above. I think the whole experience was worth the trouble I got into.”

    Lovwyrm frowned saying, “But how could you get into trouble over mating with your chosen one for life?”

    Vargus grinned broadly, “You see that is the cusp of the matter. She was not my mate but was another's mate. She was very persuasive. I just did not want to disappoint a beautiful female. I am a gentleman after all.” While holding up his nose in mock severity.”

    Looking shocked, Lovwyrm took a deep breath as she began a tirade about moral obligations for those of Dragon blood. Vargus looked innocently at her humming a drinking tune, which infuriated her even more.

    “Well you know some courts of the land rule that to say nothing to a question is the same as agreeing. I appreciate your wisdom in this regard.” as he yawned.

    Blinking her eyes she was taken aback by the Naka's change in subject and his own stated barbarity. She did not have time to say aught when she looked up. The ship had once again gone through another portal cut into the side of the massive cliff of the great mountain.

    She angrily retorted as the portal was completed, “How dare you presume my answer Naka, whatever you are.”

    Vargus grinned broadly basking in her undivided attention despite the fact it was powerfully negative.

    “Keep your undivided attention on me ancient Gifted one for you have several decisions to make that can change your life. In this realm that is merging with ours in Istaria there is no Gifted and you are already dead. Your mate in this realm and your offspring are alive. We are clearly elsewhere. The sun is rising and that small castle with its inhabitants are being overwhelmed by the Withered Aegis only recently arrived even as we just have. We can just pass by and ignore all with your mate of this world arriving with his daughter to fight the WA alone. We can assist them but then proceed without them or with them lest we are here in this realm forevermore. No matter what you choose there will be consequences, as we are not supposed to be in this timeline or universe. I must not use my munitions they will be needed later for something far worse and I do not know what it is. Look see below us, your mate and daughter in this world are attacking the portal the WA is using. We will be past them in one minute,” giving Lovwyrm a questioning neutral glance.

    Lovwyrm sighed asked as her hugely superior mind considered, “How is it you know these things Naka?”

    “I was in a drunken stupor three days ago when a huge blood red dragon appeared in my dreams. She was bigger than you are. She went into great depth about how she was going to extend my life for ten thousand years with all sorts of methods of torture and recreation. She was exquisitely creative in her descriptions leading me to believe without a doubt she had had lots of practice. In fact far more creative than Vladockt in his most dark fiendish moments over the last twenty years that I know of.” Vargus somberly replied.

    She responded, “We attack.”

    Lovwyrm gently awoke the hatchling with instructions. The hatchling eagerly reached up her paws to the lip of the front wooden deck. Her wings extended. A piping chant began. Lovwyrm drew the glyph of regeneration above her. The Whatever, guided by Vargus swept downward then leveled with a sharp turn heading straight directly North. With lower sails retracted, upper sails extended, the ship headed directly toward the castle. A swirling bubble flowing red flames extended out fifty meters in all directions. The life force of the WA was consumed within the sphere of flames. Their bodies turned into puffs of dust as the vessel past over while the hatchling fed.

    Lovwyrm struck the pad with her flames engulfing more of the WA that were coming through. The power of the Gifted One's flames were far greater than those of the parallel entities of her own family of this world. Their size was much smaller than hers and they were not Gifted. The three dragons coordinated their efforts without speaking as if they had been doing this for decades. The pad was destroyed quickly and they moved toward the castle flying, venting their rage on the surviving undead creatures below them.

    The swath of destruction of the hatchling was huge as Vargus circled the Castle with its few survivors of women and children leaving an encompassing circle of death. The three dragons lit the soaking ground of oil never ignited. The oily smoke and circular wall of flames rose to the sky. In the far distance armies numbering in the thousands were coming on strange four legged beasts, albeit too late.

    Without a word the strange sailing ship headed sharply upward with all sails fully extended as the sun rose with dawn in the sky. There was nothing else to be said. Time to go. Lovwyrm did not look back with the tears in her eyes and sorrow in her great heart for the two dragons left behind them . The hatchling was safely in the lap of one of her future children fully sated and soundly asleep.

    “Next stop home. When we port hold your breath. We will below the waves heading up. Put a sheltering bubble around the hatchling Gifted one.” shouted Vargus. Once again Lovwyrm changed to Khutit form gripping the deck behind Vargus. The glowing circle in the clouds became brighter and more intense. The bubble spell was thrown then all took a breath.

    The little Scout burst out of the sea with sails snapping out. Bright white flames followed them burning away the water around them. Two familiar dragons met them coming down to greet them. Vargus laughed singing his war songs. He was alive, banging on the cockpit walls as he laughed. Time to get to Aughundell ASAP. Az was going to be really upset with him for being late and who would believe this adventure?

    Without further adieu Lovwyrm picked up the soundly sleeping hatching. She changed to her true form meeting her mate and daughter in the air with Flameus exclaiming, “Welcome back Beloved!! Filled with excitement he spoke rapidly of their adventure in which they had been gone for decades. Lovwyrm smiled warmly. They were all home and safe.

    Pointing southward in the sky he said with admiration, “We had help getting back.”

    High in the sky a blinding white glowing irregular crack had opened up above the clouds as if the very sky had been ripped into two parts. Nine armored Goddess warriors rode on feathered winged four legged beasts galloping through the sky in “V” formation heading rapidly northward.

    It was true that the merging of the realms had indeed begun........

    Twilight of The Gods continues
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    Battles Part 24

    Interlude Part 9

    In Transit-Aughundell

    Nimbles hopped backward with a shout, as a grappling hook shot up and over the edge where she and Big Un was sitting. Big Un just snoted with tiny wisps of smoke coming from his nostrils, as he stretched his neck over the side looking downward.

    “Why are you afraid Nimbles? It is only the complaining elderly Naka that you conspire with all the time. I shall assist her since she has been of benefit to the Grey Council and yourself.” Big Un said emphatically.

    Grabbing the thin specially designed rope, he pulled her up easily, setting her beside Nimbles, who was reseating herself. Fidget dabbed her forehead with a handkerchief, huffing and puffing while she seated herself. Looking in her backpack, Fidget tossed a flask of Bloodwine to Big Un, who grunted with appreciation. Nimbles looked at the Gnome expectantly.

    Fidget wagged her finger at the young thief, “You reek of ale Nimbles and I am old enough to be your great granny. You just need to eat and drink water.” Fidget then pulled out of her pack a folded cloth of baked and broiled appetizers to share with Nimbles. Nimbles tried to grab one. The elderly Fidget held them back, dodging the attempted snatch.

    Fidget slyly said with a smirk, “First, what do ya got to share? Not money mind you, but information. I already heard about your Goddess wiping out your bank account out for back tithing. I warned you about that a long time ago. Just because that rascal Laslo Quickfingers got away for it for so many decades did not mean the Goddess Merrasat would allow for you to do the same.” Nimbles pursed her lips as her ears turned red.

    “Okay, okay since I am hungry, I will share this time with you.” Nimbles went into great depth about everything that had happened, since they were both in Dalimond earlier in the evening. She held out a paw imploringly as her stomach growled loudly.

    “By the Pantheon Gnome, feed the Saris, before she makes my ears bleed,” demanded Big Un.

    Laughing Fidget took pity on both saying to the young Saris, “Well enjoy this Nimbles. Bitsy, that young female Dwarf Confectioner in North Crystal at the Long Drop large tavern, made this especially for you. The dishes were very expensive since she was short on supplies with all the refugees still there. You will owe me for them of course.”

    Nimbles bristled up, “What?! I told you everything in exchange for that meal.”

    The old Female Gnome grinned at Nimbles saying, “Oh really? So what happened with all those goddesses just a little while go? You did not say anything about that youngster. So by lying about 'everything in exchange for that meal', you just negated the agreement. So you owe me one hundred and seventy five silver, four hundred and twenty coppers, twenty two ales, nineteen meals, forty two snacks and that ticket you needed to get into that lingerie showing you so desperately wanted to go to in Kirasanct two years ago. That Goddess of yours is watching you very closely now that you got her attention. In fact she is probably listening right now. You really got her riled up Nimbles and that is a no no with Merrasat. She is after all the only one of the Divine entities that really answered the pleas of her children in a very blatant way as you know from you own people's history. I like her. In fact she gave me a little bag, if I ever really needed what you owe me back. So don't get snippety Saris.” (while she swung the little green velvet baggie in front of Nimbles' nose.)

    Turning and gazing up at Big Un Fidget sighed, “I am really too old for this Dragon.”

    Big Un huffed and snorted replying, “Gnome you have been saying that for five hundred and thirty two years now.”

    Fidget pointed to her left down the road. The rolling banks of ash and smoke split down the middle further down the road. Something was coming. Something dark, something evil.

    Lightly touching the huge ancient Lunus next to her Fidget with a slight quaver in her voice said softly,“Lend me your fine Dragon eyes my friend, I have a bad feeling. Truly my ancient friend by the prickling of my thumbs something wicked this way comes.”

    Nimbles stood crouched holding on to her long bow facing and looking down the road where Fidget was pointing. She could smell the fear in the ancient Gnome's scent.

    Big Un looked down at the elderly Naka spy in surprise. Not once in all these centuries had she, unlike the other bipeds, ever asked anything of him. Now she was beginning to fear. What could cause such a fear in one so old who had seen so much? Perhaps there would be a worthy battle after all.

    Big Un grinned showing his rows of always newly sharpened teeth and with a single touch of a long talon he gently drew a glowing symbol on her forehead.

    “Very well. See what an ancient Lunus can see when one flies high above little Naka,” he somberly replied.

    Her eyes began to glow even as he drew upon his horde for the far sight, used in the skies high above. Two sets of glowing eyes looked down the road from the little plateau.

    Without looking aside Fidget addressed Nimbles, “Vargus is hovering above us. His flying ship is on the little stone shelf above and behind us. He will take you where you must go. Have faith in your Goddess young Saris when Death comes for you in Stone Temple Deep far below.”

    Big Un bellowed for Vargus who in air responded by dropping like a stone then coming to a stop a meter above the ground with a snap of his wings. The changed Wardog looked silently at the ancient Lunus. Nimbles saw they somehow communicated in silence. The huge Wardog was insignficant hovering next to the massive ancient Dragon. She saw the Wardog clenching his taloned fists with the muscles rolling within his large forearms in silent anger.

    In a blink before she could react she was lifted up in his embrace. With a jump he launched them both up quickly with his wings beating to the little scout ship floating in place on a higher shelf. Nimbles hissed and sputtered. He smelled so wrong but his far greater strength could not be denied. He dropped her unceremoniously into the torn out reconfigured cockpit.

    Vargus growled, “Climb in and get ready to pull those two green levers. We need to get out of here fast.”

    “But, Fidget and Bug Un......,” she snapped.

    Vargus cut her tirade off saying, “Shut up. Get ready. Put on those goggles.” He climbed in behind her pushing buttons and flipping toggles.

    Without looking at her Vargus said, “Saris, sit on my lap. Lock those straps on with that little steel buckle. Is it true that Saris can run really fast? Have you ever flown?

    “I can run faster than you can fly monster!” retorted Nimbles.

    The winged Wardog laughed heartily, “But, Can you run faster than this can fly? Pull the levers Saris and we will see. Hold on for the sake of your little ground hugging life!”

    Nimbles turned her head to see what was going below her for the report to the Grey Council. Suddenly she was pressed back into his chest and abdomen unable to move. She could see the scene behind them in the large mirrors next to the cockpit, despite the fact that it was rapidly receding. Granite Fist was climbing a hastily put up scaffold to the shelf where she, Big Un and Fidget had been sitting.

    Something was coming down the road. A huge black greenish bubble had engulfed half of the WA troops. They dropped to the ground in puddles of essence that were streaming into the moving black fog as lines of neon along the ground.

    Rank upon rank , column upon column of Automatons in formation trotted toward them. The WarDogs surrounded Blog, their leader, with the Crystal Guardian Treasure on his head. Blog looked up at the Crystal Guardian unmoving, despite the overwhelming force coming to them. The remnants of the original WA attacking force were fleeing with the “X” project leading them. None wished to become essence fuel for the Lord of Gears' elite fighting force.

    The Dark Lord's wrath was palpable even this far away, coming from Old Rachival with all of his reserves. Seven Legions preceded him. Aughundell only had one Legion left to defend its inner walls.
    High in the sky now riding the currents of air below the stars, Nimbles looked around herself from the cockpit. Even though the Wardog's scent was ever so wrong, his Warsong, gaiety and laughter filled the cockpit, providing to her a blanket of warmth and safety. She had carried her fear for hours. She was tired.

    Time for a quick Saris nap she thought to herself..........

    Twilight of the Gods continues

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    Battles Part 25

    Interlude Part 10

    Eastern Outpost

    (Beldon shivered, hiding behind crates in the tent she was in front of. Who needed to fear the horrid all powerful Plague Bearer coming in an hour or so, if not much less, to kill them all? He did not even have time to eat his last meal much less drink a good ale. A great power had come for him. His doom had already arrived..........) Battles Part 16

    The glowing armored female warrior spoke, her words fierce with sharp edges like a sword, “So what say you Braggart to your own words carried by the winds? A Goddess stands before thee!”

    Beldon shivered behind the crates. He was out of options. He could not call upon Istara. He had been beyond lax with his tithing for decades. He shook his head wildly in fear, but then Istara never answered anyway. He was indeed a coward through and through. His own words condemned him with their lies. Beldon knew he was a laughing stock. His dreams crushed long ago. A failure with Tinkering, he had thought being a Hero was simple and easy. His only strength though, that had borne fruit, was his cowardliness which in turn guided all his endeavors. Before he succumbed to the overwhelming fear within him came hot raging defiance.

    Beldon retorted with a venom laced anger at the world which he had carried for decades, “Who are you monster that you would question me not being of this world yourself?”

    The glowing Goddess reached through the crates without touching them. With an upturned finger under his chin she stood lifting him up to eye level before her. He felt himself become lighter than a feather. He could feel himself cringing nose to nose with the tall glowing figure. His mind was like an open door with a room full of the books of his own memories. She riffled through them like a powerful wind leaving nothing unturned and then she spoke in a soft voice full of menace, “The All Father has entered these realms and his great eye has seen the truth of thee.

    His mighty anger is likened unto fiery winds that roll across the dusty dry plains of the damned in which the souls wander forever thirsting. He shall make an exception for thee however. The mortals also know him as the Hanging God of the Gibbet. Already he has built one for you. You shall hang on it like bait flapping in the wind, teasing the soulless monsters who hunger for the flesh of the nameless ones that hang for eternity on the All Father's endless Gibbets feeding on their flesh forever renewed.

    However, another divine Goddess has taken an interest in thee. She is amused that a braggart and coward could sit at Her Feasting Table of Heroes from a death of a Hero unlike all others in the All Father's hall. The All Father and she split between them the heroes chosen by us to die.”

    With a finger under Beldon's chin she walked out turning him to face the east. An ethereal hand remained under his chin floating him above the ground. She paced in front of him somewhat down the road near the green pool to the right. He could not move and was helpless to do aught else, as he floated behind her. The others followed hostile yet unable to lift their arms to attack, while the Battle Master hovered slightly higher and behind.

    Suddenly she stopped. Reaching into a scabbard on her right side she pulled out a two foot long thin black dagger. Its surface seemed fluid with scrolling script that weaved its way over the glinting swirling surfaces of the weapon. With a single strike she plunged it into the ground. The ground suddenly shook as earthquakes spiralled outward. The stone tower collapsed in the compound, while the spiked walls fell this way and that. The ground split underneath the enemy lookout tower, which then crumbled over the nearby cliff,scattering the corrupted spirits.

    Turning around to face Beldon, but addressing them all with the braggart floating in the air now next to her she said, “Within a thousand paces of the All Fathers Divine weapon you will die braggart. As the Four Fates of this world no longer exist, your destiny now has been set in stone by an ancient God and Goddess. At the command of the Goddess I serve you will choose the mortal fate that shall fulfill your destiny. You will die as a coward running and hang forever on a Divine Gibbet, or you will feast at the table of the Goddess I serve by dying a Hero. To these diverse ends I have been instructed to give you two items

    Firstly this tiny hourglass in which time is measured in heart beats you will be given. For those set number of heart beats shall your legs run as fast as the great eagles fly. The measure of heart beats are few. Twice may this artifact be used. Once by you and once by another if gladly given by yourself to that one.

    Secondly this small horn I give to you. A divine horn with which only Gods may blow for its greater purpose. In the hands of a mortal the horn shall enrage that ones enemies to seek the one blowing.”

    Into the braggarts hand she gave the tiny hourglass and in his other hand she placed the horn after which Beldon dropped from the air stumbling on the ground.

    The glowing figure continued, “When the time comes, cowardly braggart, then call for me and all of us shall come. You will know when the moment is nigh upon thee! My own Divine Sisters have borne witness to thy diverse fates given unto you. Know this all of you mortals. The braggart's chosen fate shall in turn affect each of you for life or for death.”

    Striding over to the High Wizard she knelt on one knee before him and with a cupped hand whispered into his ear. He paled and blinked rapidly. Suddenly eight glowing females appeared on their mounts a meter above the ground facing the small group silently waiting.

    The Ninth Goddess, who had spoken to them, addressed the eight mounted, “To the south we must go and welcome our brothers and sisters to this realm, while delivering the souls of Heroes we have reaped!”

    In a single bound she mounted and all raced up in the air, heading southward through the thick dark neon green clouds, which shredded and burned to make way before them.

    “Oh no!!” Beldon cried out, looking at the pool around his feet.

    Vargus reacted first running forward grabbing Beldon by his shirt collar partly picking him up, partly dragging him back to the outpost muttering darkly, “Fear not little braggart I have a spare pair in my tent you could use.”

    Gian Hawkwood stood there looking at the puddle where the Braggart had stood and said, “May the Pantheon help us!”

    Archwizard Thurid stood quietly leaning on his wizards staff wordlessly pondering what the divine entity had whispered to him, while the others dispersed back to the outpost.

    Staring at the huge dagger thrust into now frozen ground with bright hot red flames bursting into existence, swirling around it, he could not help but gulp in fear for the first time in his long long life...........

    Twilight of the Gods continues

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    Battles Part 26

    Interlude Part 11

    In the Air/In Transit


    Addressing the others quickly, “Crystal silence until I say otherwise. Squi, we will fly without stealth as that would slow us down. I will keep us fifty meters from the shore and twenty meters high. Tak, if anything does not look right, kill first and discuss later. No firing upon our arrival. I have a gut feeling that the crowd waiting for us will not be usual fare. Lets see how much luck we have ladies,” as she laughed.

    As the Kon rose, Captain Goodlight realized the vessel was more sluggish than before. She realized something was not right now that she was focussing on the Kon. There were numerous little differences in the cockpit environment. The cockpit seat under her seemed to be different as well. Concerned she also noted that she was not able to reach Squi.

    “Katara, I cannot reach Squi. I think we have a systems failure. Can you hear me?” said Goodlight into the ship crystal battle net communication.

    Katara replied rapidly with a trace of awe and fear in her voice, “I hear you Captain. Our communication is botched and redefined according to Squi. She is working on it. We can speak to each other. Squi hears you but cannot respond. She said to tell you the Kon is no longer the Kon we built from scratch. Our sails are larger, Kon is heavier, more munitions with a faster rise capacity but lower flight ceiling due to weight. Crystal silence is impossible due to the changes. She has re-plotted the course. She received air current updates from the Airologist In the Combat Weather Office on the Juggernaut. The wind is over four hundred knots at the moment betwixt Summoner's Isle and the continent Northward, but only one hundred knots between Falathian and Summoner's Isle. We will have to head West above the continent then head Northward turning by Summoners Isle. Afterward we head due head East to the drop off point. I am now relaying to you from Squi what she has found. Included is the latest combat weather report.”

    “By the Gods above............,” exclaimed Capt. Goodlight after a quick review.

    “I don't think so Captain but rather by the doings of your new Goddess. I have a feeling that when she asked for both of your assistance in rebuilding the ship, she did not realize what was factual in your mind versus Squi's. You had only the original schematics, but you know Squi there is always a way to make something better. The only problem was that her new improved ideas were not fully completed in her own mind. The Goddess, I think, just combined what you both had in your heads. Squi is waiting for orders. Our ceiling is now too low to fly over that temple closest to Delgrath with the winds too dangerous for our original course. No matter what though, this is going to be really interesting.” she laughed.

    Captain Goodlight cringed in her seat glad that her shipmates could not see her. Totally unnerved but adamant about her mission, Goodlight took a slow cleansing breath then responded, “You think all of this is funny Takara? What we carry for our cargo is the most important thing in this war at this time. If we do not get this mission done in a timely manner this war could be lost before it really gets cranked up!”

    Takara responded politely, “Not at all Captain. You and Squi have the hard jobs. I just like to kill and blow things up. I have a brand new weapons system and I want to try it out. By the way we got a friendly on deck so don't startle,” while she hungrily looked at her improved killing tools.

    Goodlight held her breath as the hair on the back of her neck and arms rose up prickling. A face suddenly appeared in front of her upside down. Blinking in surprise she realized it was Pud Blowfuse bending over behind her.

    Pud, enshrouded in golden light, addressed the frightened human calmly, “Hello Captain Goodlight. Squi's been pumping prayers to her new Goddess who did not know what to make of all this. She talked to Telak. Apparently she, Telak, Merrasat and Kaasha have negotiated some sort of arrangement. So Telak sent me here before I start on the next job for Kaasha. So don't worry about anything. I need to get something really important taken care of first then the repairs afterward, since I am on a time frame.”

    Goodlight retorted almost crossly, “And what is the really important something that overshadows this mission and its cargo Mr. Blowfuse?”

    Pud winked then disappeared. Squi's shriek was heard from below decks then silence. Goodlight turned down her comm connection to her heavy weapon specialist. Katara's crackling laughter was filling the cockpit. Goodlight continued the course above the mainland heading West. The Kon began picking up speed and altitude to eight hundred meters at the bridge from the Morning Light settlement to Falathian heading North then quickly higher to fifteen hundred meters.

    Squi's voice caught her by surprise on her tell battle net crystal, “We are five by five Captain. The weight problem has been mostly resolved and our flight ceiling is far higher now at approximately fifteen hundred meters. We need to achieve maximum ceiling then use the projected downward slope to minimize the the time frame for delivery.”

    Goodlight responded, “Agreed. We do not have time to discuss the changes. Plotting in the needed course. Where is Pud?”

    Squi shrugged, “All he said was that there was another job needed by Az and had been agreed upon by the Sslik God after he received this request from a Gifted Sslik.” Pud refused to elaborate.

    The Kon was already climbing rapidly. The eastward turn came quickly with their increasing speed as the maximum height was reached. For the first time they were able to see the panoramic view of the horizon as the clouds of smoke from the war passed under them. The sky before them was faintly lit by the explosions of light far to the West. Like the pulsing of a living heart they revealed with each flash the fight below them to the East. A seemingly familiar shape two hundred meters above the water was trying to rise to four hundred meters with a sharp incline but was forced lower while attempting to dodge something behind him with semi turns, sharp arc and rolls. The ballet in the air was eloquent, majestic but slowing. The ancient was tiring. The pulses of distant light showed the damage to his wings, tail and taloned paws.

    Capt. Goodlight could not but help be drawn to the ancient. Something about him was ever so familiar. She addressed Squi over the ship crystal battle net, “Get us an identification on that Dragon Squi.”

    Squi responded tersely, “Aye aye Captain. I got the bot on it now. The bot is tapping the Gnome Fleet battle net You got one minute Captain to decide if you wish to do something about it. Our course change took most of our flexibility away in the time frame in which we have to deliver our package to Az.”

    Beginning to get tense Goodlight said,“Objection noted. You got that ID yet? I am holding our present elevation of fifteen hundred meters. I got a bad feeling ladies.”

    “Bot got it Captain, but it is burned now. No way to fix it. The Fleet crystal net counter intelligence nailed us with a bot burn out. My sneaky little trick took too long so it did not pay out,” pouted Squi.

    “Who Squi is it?” the Capt. Questioned urgently.

    “Some Gifted ancient named Knoble. There was something going on with him in the fleet battle communications but we got burned out before I could fully listen in.”

    “Is there any Guild agent nearby?” Goodlight queried.

    Squi sputtered in disbelief at the question. Katara started laughing then responded ever so politely after remembering what her Goddess had told her coughing then lying-- sort of, “You will have to excuse Squi Capt. She was snagged by a fly bye kiss and she has not recovered. We are the last of the Guild ships as you know Capt. But I will check, as Squi is desperately working on the communications bot.”

    Katara after a short moment spoke, “Managed a private call to Guild Net communication. They transferred me to Nimbles. It seems she is sitting on the lap of a flying monster in a small Fleet scout heading to the drop point. She is very angry it seems.” Capt. Goodlight could hear Katara pounding on her weapon's console laughing and spoke pointedly, “Is there a problem Weapons Specialist Katara!?”

    “Oh, not at all Capt. Goodlight.” Katara replied rather pertly after a bout of choking, then continued, “The pilot happens to be one of the War Dogs. He has changed course and is headed to us. ETA is about one and a half minutes. He will open up a comm link on a Guild crystal net after his ears stop ringing from all of Az's cursing for not following orders and delivering Nimbles on time. It appears that he is still in trouble with Az and so continues to do messenger duty.”

    Captain Goodlight thought furiously to herself, “What was going on here? She had a Captain's only fleet communication light blinking. There was no time to question why a Feet comm light was on one of her consoles. Squi had just notified her via screen that a really large Unidentified Aerial Object was chasing Knoble. Further more, a monstrous sized Unidentified Underwater Object in the water appearing and disappearing on the screen heading due West on an intercept course with the Gifted Dragon and was three to five times larger than the AD chasing him heading due East. There seems to be a number of larger and much smaller forms keeping a certain distance behind the larger form in the water. Sensor readings about enemy intruders in the water??

    She answered the Captain's comm link with an irritation that only a Human could adequate project, “Make it snappy who ever you are. We are heading into combat here!”

    “This is General Az. Is this the Guild ship Kon Captain?” snapped Az

    “Yes it is. You got fifteen seconds General.” retorted Goodlight.

    “You will disengage from combat and bring the items here immediately or I will see that ….” shouted Az, as he was cut off.

    Good light snarled, “You got your knickers in a wad General. I do not answer to you on any level nor do I have to placate you. Put up some help or shut up. You wasting my time. End of line!”, as she nearly tore out the toggle turning it off.

    The Guild communications light started blinking on the alternate crystal frequency. She flipped the toggle to open the line snapping, “Well?!”

    “Wardog Vargus here on the Gnome scout Whatever. What is the plan Captain?

    Goodlight explained the plan thoroughly and succinctly ending with, “You will use your telescoping message hook to snag the backpack. Not so bad really just seems crazy!.”

    Vargus realized he had torn out the device to scratch his back before his wings had popped could only respond, “....”

    Calling upon the Gifted Dragon Knoble Vargus relayed the emergency maneuver in Dragon speak. Vargus began unbelting himself and strapping Nimbles into the pilot's seat. Howling in response Nimbles attacked in the close quarters of the cockpit thinking the War dog was trying to take advantage of her. Cursing, Vargus called upon Knoble a second time. He continued to swat Nimbles claws away, trying to put himself in the emergency flight harness that he had stolen off the Juggernaut from the lead Gnome Tinker after his demotion.

    Knoble blinked in astonishment at the explanation and the sounds from an enraged female Saris. Flabbergasted he could only growl in Dragon speak saying, “...”

    On the the Scout ship Whatever Vargus laughed, once Nimbles was strapped in saying, “All I have heard from you is about Saris superiority. Anyone could fly this Scout since the Gnome are so simplistic in nature. Well cutie you gonna do just that. I will be in the air behind you at the end of a grapple line to do a snatch and grab from the Kon. So begin a roll to starboard at the right distance. With the ninety degree roll you will drop the lower sails. I will on the tether/grapple line do the snatch and grab. You will take us back up to twenty four hundred meters. I will fly us in. This is easy peasy. You screw up then we just might die, the War might be lost and we will be in some God's forsaken reality, if we are lucky. So you see no pressure at all. Laughing, he let himself go as the grapple line unraveled.

    Nimbles could feel the grapple line catch as the scout jumped pulling this way and that due to the Wardogs weight. She looked at the eight one foot levers, endless blinking lights, twenty odd toggles or so and the thin flying stick she gripped with both paws.

    With her tail stiff and straight up behind her, fur hackled up on her shoulders and an expression of fearful excited bewilderment, Nimbles, as the wind howled around her, called Katara on her tell stone. Not realizing she had fumbled the setting the message went out on all crystal channels, “Katara? Huh umm just how do you fly a scout? I got twenty seconds maybe less so make it snappy.”

    The Four Fleet Command Staff responded with dead silence while Katara's howling laughter trailed her as the Kon's combat aerial dive began............

    Twilight of the Gods continues
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