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    As a law abiding citizen of these lands I bought a plot with the assurance of a lack of regional criminal activity. Despite The great city's assurance that no such activity exists, I found a document on the side of the road outside of Dalimond. Let the Istarian Public beware!! I asked my nephew's local vault employee to see that this is posted.

    EyewitnessReport To (name scratched out) for the Department of Intelligence–Grey Council
    Iarrived after the two primary cloaked suspects had already beguntheir discussion. Both were cowled as to not reveal their identities.One was short and heavily muscled the other one was very tall alsoheavily muscled. The first was probably a dwarf and the second one,was probably as half giant. Unbeknownst to them there was an unseenparty to the side hidden behind the first copse of trees.
    “….....solet us begin”, said the short one.
    Thevery tall one raised a hand without further ado painting an obscuresymbol in the air.

    Thedrama of a prior event unfolded before them.

    Nimbles cleared herthroat, reading through her notes. “After much ado and anaccounting of all department heads, agencies and racial supervisors(took first day) Then, second day was spent going over all accountsof all dues paying citizens, fees, fines, etc. Third day to theseventh day was fines and fees collected and available citizendisciplined but they.....”
    “Shutup and get on with it!” Fingers yelled impatiently.
    Nimbleslooked up from her ledger and flashed him an annoyed look. “Eighthday, general meeting began. Started with the minutes and findings oflast Grey Council General Meeting and then it got reallyinteresting.....”
    “I'mnot paying you to dawdle!” Fingers yelled again.
    Nimblesraised her eyebrows, clearly perturbed by his outbursts.
    “Sorry,”he sighed.
    “LikeI said,” Nimbles continued. “It got interesting. Sadly, I couldnot hear it all, but there was a huge fight that boiled up with a lotof cursing, fist waving, death threats and foot stomping.”
    “What?You missed it?”
    “I'mnot that good at lip reading, and you didn't pay me for life anddeath situations, so put a lid on it. But any ways, there was thisthundering grumble by Big Un, then dead silence. Like—undeaddead silence. So quiet, I could hear a half-giant up front mutteringas he was pinching off nits. Then, all pandemonium broke loose withshouts like Hand then over to the Assassins Guild! Plunder theirproperties. Loot 'em! You know, stuff like that. But then....”
    “You'relosing me,” Fingers held up his hand to stop her.
    “That'sbecause you're an idiot.”
    Fingersfrowned. He might not be the smartest gnome on the block, but he knewwhen he'd been insulted. “Okay, okay. Get on with it.”
    “Well,there is a rumor going up with the Big Cheeses....”
    Fingerslooked hopeful, waiting with anxious anticipation.
    “Supposedlya group of REALLY nasty dark wizards raided some...” she coughed.“Vaults. And did some forays into the Eastern Dead lands. Andthrough various, nefarious means found a way to get people out of theworld with a HUGE fee of course. And of course did NOT pay the properfees or taxes for illegal profitable exploits”
    “What?”Fingers bellowed, going quite red in the face.
    Nimblessighed, waiting for him to calm down. “Lawyers, idiot. Bribes andthe like, you know, the grease of property management and innercommunications with other third parties.”
    Fingerslooked confused.
    “Then,the meeting went on about....”
    “Whatare you talking about?”
    “Themissing settlements, dolt.”
    “Then,there were several theories about connecting all the oddities.”
    “Youmean, I can get off world?”
    “Yeah.Weren't you listening?”
    “Wheredid they go?”
    Nimblesground her teeth, clenched her fists and swished her tail, the verypicture of a furious Saris.
    “Hey,now. That's enough. I'm paying you good shaved silver coins for thisinformation!”
    “Tomove on,” Nimbles ignored him and examined her notes once more.“Then, there was a credible report of a famous, honest citizen outof Tazoon, who has been heavily guarded, who said that he could....”
    “Didyou hear me or not?” Fingers exploded.
    “Enoughof this!” Nimbles yanked the pudgy gnome off his feet. “Youlittle twit! I got a mylok sacrificial dagger put to my throat by anassassin Shadow Cleric. Then, I was taken to interrogation bysecurity. I don't have time for you to be your usual stupid self.Give me my silver!”
    Whenhe didn't immediately comply, Nimbles yanked off his belt pouch andthrew him down. Fingers howled and babbled angrily as she counted outthe silver.
    “There,I've been paid. I also took an extra fifty silver for my legalexpenses.”
    “Legalexpenses,” the gnome squeaked.
    “Yeah.Fines for not doing the paperwork for illicit spying. Then, there arethe probation, council costs, interest daily on the fines. But atleast I got a break.”
    “Whatbreak? I didn't pay for you for this information. What about the....”
    “I'mpaid already, so I don't have to say squat about anything else. Butthere are five fees with this which I did not get paid for. You willpay for it all!”
    “Idon't owe you anything for borking the job!”
    “Nexttime you need me, it will cost you twenty-five gold. I wish you thebest, Fingers. Have a great, famous criminal day!”
    “I'mnot a criminal!”
    “Yes,you are. You have not observed the laws including paying your duesfees and fines for the last few years.
    Fingerssputtered, wild eyed with rage.
    “You'vebeen ratted out, Fingers. And the seventh day of the GreyCouncil....”
    “Whatabout it?”
    “Well,you wanted to be famous!”
    Shechuckled evilly, disappearing into the woods. Flustered and afraid,the gnome rushed off in the opposite direction.

    Theshort, figure spoke softly, “Anything else?”
    Thetaller, figure watched the gnome disappear. “Yes. One more thing.”The figure whispered softly,

    “Thank you. Oh bythe way I put a bonus in there for you and thank you kindly for yourtime”
    “Quitewelcome. Always a pleasure doing business with you, sir.” Hedisappeared, silent as the night.

    “Interesting,muttered the unseen figure who then disappeared like smoke.

    Thespy considered the situation quietly before recalling. The paperworkalways Had to be done properly. He arrived at a cluttered office.Gads I hate paperwork, he thought...

    Doc#3467Z-AA-001 Intelligence Department

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    Very troubling.
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    Nimblesthought about the remaining scroll in her backpack and laughed.Adjusting the straps, she headed to the tavern in Augendel. Uponarrival, she looked about until she spotted an old friend, sitting ina shadowed corner. She walked boldly over and sat down.
    Bytsithe dwarf looked from her mug of tepid water. “Howdy, Nimbles,”she replied. She sounded somewhat despondent. “How ya been?”
    “Nottoo bad, but you've sounded better. No luck finding a husband, huh?”
    Thedwarf shook her head, the beads in her beard clacking together.
    “What'swith the water?”
    “Idon't have a husband and I'm out of coin.” She sighed sadly.
    “There'splenty of coin to be made if your an honest, dues paying citizen....”
    “No,thank you. I'm working on a real trade!”
    “Youmean, you decided on being one of the Axe Wielding Maniacs?” Hervoice rose in surprise. Bytsi had always disdained being a warrior,though every member of her family had joined the ranks for countlessgenerations.
    “Shhh!”Bytsi looked around furtively, motioning for Nimbles to lower hervoice. “Not a good thing to say around these defenders.”
    Nimblessmirked. “Let 'em catch me. So, what's this about a trade?”
    “I'mworking on confectioner, but I'm getting in debt.”
    Nimbles'eyes widened and she whispered, “A professional one?”
    “What'syour gran say about that?”
    “She'sthreatening to boot me out, since no self-respecting female dwarfshould have a beard like mine,” she gestured to her neatly trimmed,intricately braided and beaded facial hair. “She should be married,and have her own axe to protect the kids and defend the home.Respectable females cook at home!”
    “Hasshe discovered fire yet?” Nimbles raised a teasing eyebrow.
    Thepetite dwarf smiled for the first time. “Nope. She borrows from theneighbors.”
    Bothfemales laughed.
    “So,what about a weapon to hunt with, and a place to live?” Nimblesasked.
    “Itraded that rusty axe for a meat cleaver, but no place to live yet.”
    “Howare you going to defend yourself?”
    “I'mworking on Blood Mage,” Bytsi whispered, covering her mouth withher hand so that the other patrons couldn't read her lips.
    “Wow,Bytsi! You're definitely off the chain! No wonder you can't get ahusband!” Nimbles teased.
    Bytsisighed, shaking her head. “What do you want, Nimbles? I don't needmore grief.”
    Nimblesraised her hand, calling for real dwarven ale. The tavern owner gavea big, toothless smile and plopped two deep steins of aromatic darkbrew on the table.
    “Youdid want the house special brew, right?” he asked, holding out hispalm for payment.
    “That'sright. I don't drink the human brew that's been going around the lastfew years,” Nimbles stated loudly as she paid.
    Lookingpuzzled, the tavern keeper bit the coins and went back to his duties.A large group of drunken dwarfs checked their tankards suspiciously.
    Nimblesopened her pack and gave Bytsi a neat, little scroll.
    “What'sthis for?”
    “Considerit payment for the huge favor you did me.”
    “Whatis it?”
    “Copiesof a scroll that I did a job for. The part of the report my employerdidn't get. I have to turn the others over to him. But that one hefailed to pay for.”
    “Youin trouble?”
    “Nah,just doing a bit of boot strapping.” She grinned.
    “Whatdo I do with this?”
    “Well,”Nimbles sagely pronounced, “it will get you a salary job, a homeand a shot at the future—guaranteed. All legal-like.”
    “Oookay....What's in it for you?”
    “Sweetrevenge, my friend.”
    “Idon't understand.”
    “Well,a gifted one bought a plot in North Crystal. One of the old guard.The little cretin, mentioned in here, is going to manage it.”
    Bytsinodded, holding the scroll with dubious care.
    “Whywould I work under the cretin?”
    “Because,this is going to have him shakin' in his boots. It's going to scarethe,” she coughed, “out of him.”
    “I'mnot like you, Nimbles. I don't think I can do this.” She tried tohand the scroll back.
    “Iknow, dear. You don't need to read it. In fact, you're justdelivering a message for a friend.”
    “I'lldo this because you're a friend of mine.” She still sounded unsure.
    Nimblesdropped a few coppers and silver pieces into Bytsi's small hand.
    “What'sthis for?”
    “Seethat silver piec with the mark on it?”
    “Givethat to your last trainer for the prestige school.”
    “Everythingis going to be just fine. Don't worry! Oh, and Bytsi, tell him he canpay you what he owes me—50 silver. Then, you can give it to yourgran.” Nimbles grinned and walked to the proprietor. “Gotsomething for you.” She gave the old dwarf a small, neat scroll.
    “What'sthis for, youngster?”
    “Youdo want to know who broke all your windows, right?”
    Thevandalism had been the talk of the town for a fortnight.
    “Thename is in that scroll. Feel free to spread the word, quietly, ofcourse.” Nimbles noticed a human male walking out of the back doorof the tavern. “You see that man?”
    “Yes.He's the ale distributor out of Dalimond.”
    “Youbetter check the ale...carefully.”
    “Ihave on good authority that those humans water the ale.”
    Witha roar and a scowl, the tavern keeper rushed out the back.
    Nimbleslooked at Bytsi and motioned for her to leave out the side door. Asshe moved to follow her friend, a nearby dwarf called out to her.
    “Whatwas that you told the keep about the Dally ale?”
    Acalm smile settled on her face. “You are all hard working dwarfs,mining the metal and gems. You deserve better.”
    “Idinna understand.”
    “Well,gents, there's a rumor around, told to me by Wind Dancer, by a dwarfnamed Reebdoog. You remember them?”
    “Irecollect him,” another dwarf said. “He was a hard working,harder drinking dwarf who worked with me in the mine. Haven't seenhim in a dwarf's age.”
    “That'sbecause he's dead.'
    “Dead?”The dwarfs shared a horrified look.
    “Yeah,he found humans were watering the Dalimond ale. They call it dwarvenale, but it's not true ale. Clean the casks,” she whispered,disgust tinging her voice. “His tale was made famous after hisdeath. The fellow at the fall festival still tells it.”
    “WindDancer,” the first dwarf mused. “I know that name.” Hescratched his head thoughtfully. “Married to a dwarf, as I recall.”
    “Shedisappeared shortly after Reebdoog's death.”
    Suddenly,the tavern keeper rushed in with the human ale distributor. The Humancut and ran away. The tavern keeper ran out, shouting. The dwarfsstood as a group, looking confused, brandishing their axes. Theyfollowed the old fellow out the door.
    Hestood by his back door, shaking his fist, weeping freely. “Thehuman sold us watered down ale! Oh, the shame of it!”
    Inthe blink of an eye, the tavern emptied as the dwarfs pursued theunlucky human.
    Nimblessashayed out after the assurance of Free ale in the future. She heldup her tail held proudly. Finally a bit of Justice she thought, asthe Iron Guard shouted in the distance. They'd have a time quellingthe riot in the middle of the city. Already, the dwarfs had caughtthe human and were threatening to hang him from the statue in themiddle of the city square.
    Consideringit a job well done, she buffed her nails and climbed the wall towatch the proceedings from a safe distance.
    Idiot humans! Obviously he and his gang had not figured out a fewfacts yet. You Always do the paper work, You Always pay the fee, andyou Always have the job okayed _first and foremost_. Otherwise youand yours got Sanctioned by the Grey Council with a death bounty, awarrant for questioning or turned in to local law enforcement. . Counting up her future payment for today's hard work, her debt wouldbe paid to the Grey Council. The tavern would stop selling thatswill from Dalimond. The windows here would be repaired The rest ofthat human gang would be taken care of in due time, unless the TazoonMilitary got to them first.
    Grinningbroadly “ Definitely!! Job well done,” she thought with a smile.

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    If I didn't know what you recorded was real, I'd say you have a great imagination.
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    The journey was long and arduous to North Crystal. Between uncooperative, hostile imperial army guards, excessively priced portals and undeadpacks... “What was Tazoon thinking? I'm a commoner, not some rich gifted who can even make money outliving their mistakes,” Bytsi thought. “This is not a good day.”
    Hunting and foraging had slowed her down. Misdirection by imperial idiots had not helped.
    “My feet hurt!” she exclaimed loudly as she stamped her foot on thedusty road. Twisting her ankle, she fell to the dusty road, cursingher bad luck.
    “You really should not curse like that. Tis bad luck!”
    Bytsi looked at an horizon of sand, then up further still, lighting the serene and peaceful face of an old dwarf.
    “Ah,well, yes, Elder but....” she stammered.
    The old dwarf cut her off. “Ye seem to be a bit in need of assistance. I'm somewhat pressed for time.”
    She looked at the cargo disk. “It's one of those....”
    “Yes,yes, of course it is.”
    “I've never seen one, is all.”
    He squatted down and grasped her ankle, passing his hand in the air. She felt the spell release. It smelled like flowers and springtime, with a light breeze. The excrutiating pain was gone. Bytsi gasped in shock.
    “So,why are you traveling alone in a hot desert, thirsty and hungry?”
    Bytsi jumped up, blustering nervously. The older dwarf ignored it, giving her a once over.
    “I see that apprentice mage staff and that blood doll in your pocket. Are you a criminal on the run from the Iron Guard? By the way, I like your beard.” He chuckled. “Maybe there is hope after all....”
    “You like my beard?” Bytsi stammered.
    “Tsktsk, you should listen,” he said, looking at her searching, still squatting on the ground.
    “It's not my fault. I headed north like the Imperial human guard told me.”
    “So, it is your fault that you followed an imbecile's directions, instead of planning your adventure in advance. You have not a drop of water, no food and you're using that staff and blood doll will kill you before the fight begins, being so depleted.” Suddenly standing, he rummaged in his backpack, pulling out a mug of ale, bread and cheese. “Here, eat and drink,” he commanded emphatically.
    “Listen, great elder,” Bytsi began.
    The old dwarf cut her off abruptly. “Where are you headed?”
    “North Crystal. I have a scroll....”
    “North Crystal?” he thundered. Suddenly, the wind picked up to a howl as he gestured without thinking. Seeing her cowering under the disk, he caught his breath. Once he was serene again, the blowing sand settled. “I'm sorry about that. So, why did you leave Aughundell? Did you cause that riot in the city?”
    “No.No!” she stuttered. “My grand threw me know, the beard, no husband, no kids, no axe, bloodmage....”
    The dwarf coughed politely to stop the complaints. Bytsi looked away, embarrassed.
    “Ahem...well,do you need a ride?”
    Hesmiled mischievously. “Get under the tarp, gal.”
    “But that's....”
    “Shushnow. I pay Tazoon enough in taxes.”
    She climbed in.
    “Quiet now, we'll be there in a little while.”
    Bytsi dozed off, listening to the hum of portals and hails from various Imperial officers. She woke suddenly, with a touch to the shoulder.
    The dwarf whispered, “Get out quietly. Stay behind me. He said his papers are in order, but I have my doubts,” he said, sounding dubious. “Laslo, where are you?” the dwarf shouted.
    “Here I am, sir,” a gnome said as he ran up from the Guild House. The plump, little gnome had a hat that was even larger than he. He stopped by the dwarf, a disk, with a large pile of casks, followed him.
    “You were complaining about not having a cook.”
    “Well, sir, yes, but I was going to contract...”
    “This female dwarf right here, is young, healthy, has all her teeth and is a certified master confectioner. So take care of her.”
    “But,of course, sir.”
    “Ah,whiskey I see.”
    “Yes, sir. Just arrived.” Skirnir took off swiftly down the road with one of the casts in the crook of his arm. Laslo went to follow with the casks trailing behind him. He stopped, whirling around to look the dwarf female over. “You will call me Mr.....”
    “Laslo,”she interrupted.
    Blinking, he took a deep breath.
    “Who is he?” she asked, pointing to the dwarf as he trotted away.
    “That's Skirnir Ouija Glada,” he said without thinking. “One of the Old Guard. Now, as I was saying....”
    “So,where is he going?”
    “Probably going off to do an errand for the Guild Master. They're thick as thieves and not even Skirnir would ** that High Elder.”
    “Do you call them by their first names?”
    “And get fried for by a lightning storm for bad manners? Surely you're joking.”
    Bytsi gave a winsome smile. “Good, then we are in agreement,” she said softly. “You are Laslo, I'm Bytsi.”
    Suddenly, Laslo felt the staff between his legs and a blood doll glowing underhis nose.
    With squinting eyes, the petite dwarf rumbled threateningly. “You will keep your eyes and hands to yourself. You will treat me appropriately, or you're going to get acquainted with this little doll that has your name on it.” She twitched the doll under his nose. “Do you understand?”
    “Yes. Yes, I understand.”
    “Good. Here is a message from a close friend of mine. She sends her regards, and said to consider this a professional courtesy.”
    Laslo took the sealed roll she handed him. “Ah, yes. Could you please....” He pointed to the staff.
    “Why, certainly.” She pulled it away, but it had snagged on his clothing. Doing her best to untangle it, she kept talking. “We'll talk about my salary and other things.”
    “Certainly. Certainly,” he squeaked as the staff pulled free. He sneaked a peek at the scroll, reading it as the sun set.
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    Fingers partially turned to catch thefading sun and obscure the text from Bytsi's curious eyes. As heread the report his left eye begin to twitch and he had difficultybreathing.
    Both eyebrows got higher and higher ashe perused the document.............

    Department of Archeology

    Report on Evidence #023441
    See also supplemental #023441A from theDepartment of Arcane Blood Studies per protocol requirement.

    (hand written in report was thatthis department refuses to comment on Supplemental)

    The fragment of parchment found atTargoth written in Elvish is authentic. However, the elven script wasnot written by an elf. The script on the fragment was written in“ancient” elvish. The Elven Historical Society in Feladinverified this fact. The elvish city government cannot verify if thescript is from one of its residents at this time. Both city andhistorical society did agree that the script was written in the lastfifty years.

    The parchment paper itself is indeedancient. Alchemical analysis revealed that the parchment had been“cleaned “ for reuse using a modern technique. This particularparchment has been verified to have come from a desecrated burialvault. (See the attached document via messenger pigeon coming toyou.)

    The scorched burned areas on theparchment, as well as burned-through areas, were made by acombination of high intensity fire and arcane fire. (See classifieddocument # 110001) These burned areas appear not to be intentional.The blood on the parchment is Human as verified by the Department.

    Though burned, some of the areas havebeen partially filled back in, as the evidence allows, for yourreview. The areas designated by parentheses are gone orindecipherable.

    Document as follows:

    Eighth Day Memo Supplemental.

    In sum this (----) individual is farmore than just a deviant with mental abbreviations. (---) is to bebrought to the (---) before this governmental body for (---),interrogation,payment of fines, fees, compound interest of fees and(---). Judgement will be carried (---) (---).

    Let there be no doubt, this case is notnormal, not typical and may have a future historic value in ourannals to come.

    The very fact that a Withered Aegisrepresentative stands before us demanding retribution is a fact that(----------------------------------------------------------------------------------).A large amount of gold has been deposited with this Council to assurea swift resolution concerning (-------------------) to the sum of onethousand tainted gold coins in full, correct weight.

    Therefore, let it be known throughoutthese lands that a (---) on the head of one gnome going by the nameof (---) (---) will be paid in gold upon the arrival of saidindividual to stand before this council. Furthermore we will considerthe demand of (----------------------------) that this individualwill be handed over forthwith and that(-------------------------------------->

    (rest of document was torn away orseverely charred with scorched blood and dirt obscuring any furtherscript.)
    (scrawled signature)

    *hand written in –Lets have Lunch!Hope to see ya soon!!)

    Department of Arcane Blood Studies

    Report #023441A. Supplemental toevidence #023441.

    As the Department Head of this Agency,I was horrified to receive the memo/report through common channelsafter the rumors were already buzzing in the hallways andprivies of this government!

    This evidence has no true archeologicalvalue whatsoever. This blood drenched, scorched,burnt and tornparchment, is concrete evidence to a series of major capital crimesand probable criminal conspiracies. Rather than this Department, theevidence should have been routed to the Law Enforcement branch of theImperial Army. I refuse to have this Department embroiled in anofficial capacity in reference to an obviously classified event orseries of events, complete with prosecutable evidence.

    With this being said, I will make somepersonal observations with a short testament of facts for this memo.A far more extensive report will be sent to the appropriateauthorized Departments. Furthermore , I have invoked the Secrecy Actfor classified materials/ events/ documents. I have already sent outmemo's to all offices in this department to stop some of the burningforests of gossip, in various groups of employees, in multipleagencies.

    Simplified Summary of observations.

    I set out with one master classscholar, two spiritists, two sorceress, two druids and one masterclass alchemist equipped with a full field kit. We went to thediscovery site with the poorly written up report from the Departmentof Archeology. Though normal in appearance, the entire area wasdrenched in the residue of combat magic with scattered areasof high density large blood splatters.

    Gaius was in a spiritual frenzy. Noanimals were in sight. The yew treants were keeping their distance.The entire area, according to ------ had been spiritually “cleaned”.Apparently huge undertaking at this site, according to the expertsthis Department employed.

    The spiritists were able to calm Gaiusdown and refocus him back on his horde. The druids interviewed theold and massive treants. Bits of melted armor, weapons and threetainted gold coins from the desecrated Ashland vault were recoveredand sent to the Department of Archeology for authentication.

    Simplified Summary of facts concerningevidence #023441.

    1. Much more than just human blood was on the parchment. There were not less than six races. (two races were not identified).
    2. The saliva of a dragon was on the parchment as well.
    3. What was thought to be dirt was in actuality charred bits of undead flesh and bone.
    4. The parchment was obviously from a burial vault and cleaned for reuse. The fact that the coins were from Ashlander's vault is immaterial as the practice is sadly common place though not typically referred to in polite circles.
    5. The blood reeked of cold malevolence, horror, vengeance, incredible anger,and unbridled fury.

    Special note

    1. An ethereal message was found attached to the parchment probably related to the emotions associated with the blood soaked areas. Ethereally written in ancient Fiendish, I was told that it seemed to be referring to some kind of ignominious event. I was told and I quote “.......something about the Withered Aegius, a sergeant out of Kion, a gnome scout,a poor shot and an arrow caught in the rear pelvic bones...... Also something about a risen Cleric being sent to investigate from the eastern deadlands..........”

    Without further additional funding tothis department the full import of the parchment and ethereal notewill remain a mystery.

    I wash my hands of this matter. Routeall further enquiries to the appropriate Law Enforcement authorities.

    Scribbled name

    Department of Arcane Blood Studies

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    Misadventures Part 1

    Turning pasty white, Fingers put the scroll away in his backpack. He took out a dirty handkerchief and wiped the dripping sweat off his face and neck. With a trembling voice he said, “Got to go now I...I have to ….”

    Bytsi interrupted saying, “ You looks sick Fingers. What is that Awful smell? Did you eat something bad last night? I have a tonic I can give you from my gran.”
    Fingers interjected,” Have to go to take care of my contracts ......

    Bytsi stepped up closer to the disk reaching to lift the new tarp that had been laid on top. “What a Really Horrible smell” she thought.

    Fingers yelled, “Get Away from that!, I say. It is a dead animal found on the road,” Fingers sniffed. ”I am doing my civic duty and I am going to bury it in the woods and help the trees get growing better.”

    Bytsi looked appalled. “You are carrying a dead animal's body under that tarp? The imperial soldiers will demand to see it when they smell it, and then the Small Furry Animal Society is gonna be after you after they make reports and send you to jail.”

    Still patting his forehead and looking exasperated he said,”Well the smell will keep the robbers away on the road. “So please mind you OWN business!”, he growled threateningly.

    Bysti advanced on Fingers. Taking several steps away from the disk and toward Fingers.

    “Nimbles said you were a little cretin Fingers, oh high and mighty, the one and only FINGERS with a BOUNTY on his head!!!!!!!!!,” Bytsi ended with a shout. Wagging her finger under his nose she growled,“ I only glimpsed at that scroll, I need only say the word to the imperial solders OR the Grey Council and you are DONE!”

    Bytsi took a deep breath and counted to ten. She understood now what Nimbles had been referring to.

    “I am so sorry Fingers that was entirely wrong and hateful to say. Please forgive me. It has been a terribly long week getting here from Aughundell, and I had no right to make any assumptions about you or your business. I....I... am here to just have a job and a place to stay,” she said conciliatory manner.

    “I accept your apology Bysti,” Fingers said magnanimously. “and I look forward to having you as the confectioner on this plot. Now you really must excuse me I must be heading to take care of contracts or nothing is going to be built here.....” he concluded graciously.

    “Are you sure you will be alright? You are sweating, pale and shaky looking,” she said in a concerned manner.

    Fingers thought furiously while keeping a pleasant smile on his face, ”She knows!! She knows!!..this is intolerable! Something MUST be done!!” he muttered, his thoughts running away from him.

    Gathering his thoughts together quickly he replied,”I am fine you need not worry Bytsi, tis just a touch of a cold brought on by doing all this civic minded labor, which will always be rather thankless. But you have to remember, Bytsi, rumors of bad smells and dead animal carcasses out on the road in front of the plot will not help our future business, you understand yes?.... Now if you don’t mind?” He turned around abruptly heading for the somewhat distant portal without further adieu.

    “Well he might be sick but he can still run like a rabbit even tho he was pulling that disk along.” She thought, watching the dust in the road behind him, Thankful that the dreadful smell was no longer around, Bysti picked up her bags and headed tiredly to the plot’s huge Guild House just a short distance away. Trudging along, she could see the beginnings of a lot of construction. Thinking of a hot meal and a safe place to sleep she smiled. “Home at last!” she thought.

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    Misadventures Part 2

    As Fingers rapidly closed in on the portal, he mind worked as quickly as his feet. “Assassins' prices are far too high, over 200 gold for a legal citizen....” The beginnings of a vague solution began to take shape. I need to have a legal professional. An all above board employee with credentials out of Tazoon to screen my activities. His mind in a whirl, he paid little attention when he reached the gate. He moved as fast as his short, Gnome legs could carry him. Distracted, Fingers mistakenly ported to Bristugo.

    The port to Bristugo was quick, as his money pouch was lightened. Fingers hit the ground running. Flustered and not paying attention, he failed to notice the little wobbly and fumbling hatchling in front of him. Angered at being impeded, Fingers cursed out loud, as he brought his bow down on the hatchling’s snout. Stumbling from the sudden movement, he accidentally stomped its little clawed paw. The hatchling screamed in pain and fright. It lifted up on its hind legs, throwing Fingers in a somersault through the air. The large adult female Dragon rose up in rage, as she pulled her little one between her legs. Lifting her head, she roared in fury, and let loose a stream of fire across the open areas between portals. Targeting the Gnome, the flames tracked him. As he tumbled through the air the portals exploded one by one, engulfed in the powerful Dragon fire. Fingers screamed in pain.

    Thinking he was dying, Fingers pressed the telling crystal into his palm saturating it with his own blood. The crystal flashed a brilliant red and white fire, sending its magical signal into the air. Theta Omega, the decades old plan and the single largest piece in his grand plan of events, was initiated. Fingers, with his clothes and flesh burning, ported randomly with his last conscious thought. The scorched and heated barrels on the disk followed him.

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    Misadventures Part 3


    Three Ancient Lunus Dragons, Council members all, were on patrol High above the clouds checking, and inspecting Draconic lines of aerial and ground defense. Only the grand, flying creatures could protect Istaria with long distance aerial views of enemy movements.

    A short distance away the horrific sight appeared. Multiple columns of fire reached far above the clouds. They saw huge and large chunks of flaming debris arced towards them.
    Veering and swerving, they dodged the great pieces of masonry. The smaller pieces were only an annoyance, as they impacted on their heavy armor.

    Suddenly, the telling stones began to sing in their scalepacks.
    “The spark of occurrence has finally happened, so it appears,” thought the eldest Dralk ancient flying in formation. He grinned smugly to himself, as his reasoning continued. Their instructions from the High Council, more specifically the High Elder, were thorough and extremely precise. The fact that the event involved a Lunus female, with an injured hatchling, would by its very nature, frame the response; immediate and necessary. Since the spark involved the infamous gnome named Fingers, played into Dralk's paws. This event could make Dralk's position in the Great Alliance carry more clout with the naka, possibly even more than the Helians out of Chiconis. Now, Lunus could take charge in eliminating this threat that Tazoon had allowed for decades. A threat that the Dralk High council had known about for decades through its own scrying magic. For once, the great influence of Tazoon could be lessened by capitalizing on circumstances outside of Tazoon's own contrivance. The Great Game had begun again. Chiconis would be forced into inaction, through its own policy of noninterference in naka affairs. Yes, it was a great opening gambit in a age old conflict.

    The three ancient dragons could hear the the piping roar below. Tipping their wings, veering closer, they spiraled down to land. Looking in the distance the Elder Lunus could see Az was almost here with fire personnel and half of his garrison.

    Az shouted his orders to his men. The little naka Saris, a colonel by rank, took command of his troops. Az and the Elven diplomat strode to him and his fellow ancients. Az made eye contact with the senior elder and did not look away. His eyes were full of hate, vengeance and contempt.
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    Misadventures Part 4


    The magical alarms began ringing in Tazoon, warning of an malfunction in Bristugo. It was an incident of disastrous proportions, according to the emergency boards in Department of Transportation. They had yet to determine if it was an impending attack, had already happened, was in progress, or in its aftermath.

    Mixed reports came through, via the Military Intelligence Department scrying pools, activated by the emergency warnings. All of the scrying pools were unattended, due to lack of military personnel, who had been reassigned by the Supreme Commander because of the emergency. Only Tazoon, Chiconis and Dralk had the great scrying pools, because of to the huge energy requirements of the magical devices. Only the gigantic City Power Crystals could provide for this capability and defense. All portal power, outside Dralk and Chiconis, with their own settlements found terminus end in Tazoon, grand capital of the world. Use of the great Tazoon crystal, in the subterranean depths, was the underlying magical power for the civilization of most Istarian races.

    Prior budget cut backs, by the Civilian Tazoon government, in the past had already gutted the Intelligence Department. Most of most of its functional emergency communications base and structure was gone.

    CaptainSschlisk ran to the Transportation Department, which controlled the power for the great grid of magical energy throughout most of Istaria. The grid formed the basis of the functionality of the portal system. He thought about how to go about this report. Tho he knew many of them , they were known by numbers rather than names forsecurity reasons. He had never seen such a level level of compartmentalization, Even more than his own department.

    Running into the main room, the captain noted the near hysteria of the wizards, restrained by the presence of the Head of the Department. The Sslik clenched his jaw shut. The High Wizard was an ancient gnome by the name of Fiblit Wimbor, considered by many to be far more fearsome than the Withered Aegis. At least you could run away from the big and mighty WA, but the from the high wizard? No place was safe, or so the story went.

    “Ahh look who is here. Its about time. What do your superiors say, Captain? I fear we have a beginning of a cascade effect in the grid. What is happening in Bristugo? Is the Withered Aegis attacking? These things we do not know. Here we deal with only the technicalities of structured magical power. What I am seeing is Disastrous. Speak up, now! Don't be shy, we have not the time for such nonsense!”

    “Well, High Wizard, I am the whole of my department. Once Az left, we had no voice and were gutted. The event in Bristugo was started by a mother Lunus attacking some unknown personage, destroying the portals in the process. The system came on line, as the individual ported. Bristugo is being covered by dragons, incoming to the mother. Three ancient Lunus are landing there now. Az is almost there, coming down from Dalimond. He has about half of his garrison with him. There is no Withered Aegis attack going on in Bristugo. However, something is going on around the borders of various Withered Aegis strongholds. The Eastern Deadlands and the Western Deadlands seem to be mobilizing.”

    “Seem to be?? the irritable Wizard retorted sarcastically.

    “Ma'am there are over twenty different rooms in my department filled with about ten to fifteen pools per room. I refuse to apologize for something out of my control,” he replied waspishly.

    “Then you are Alone!!?? the wizard said, looking astounded.

    The captain just stared at him.

    The wizard sighed.” Well, young Sslik ,we have a long night ahead of us.”

    Suddenly, the alarms sounded again. More crystals flashed.

    One of the lesser wizards shouted, “The Portal in Dalimond just went hot and is now off line. Secondary portal is still functional, though damaged. Dalimond just went Dark.

    Another wizard sang out as well, “We have warnings of a back-flow in progress, heading to Mahagra. Safety warnings in Maghara are not functioning.” He named off the safeties going on in two other cities.

    “Dralk has just gone Dralk portals are off line,” a third wizard cried.
    “Chiconis has just gone dark with its portals are off line too,” a fourth reported, trying to remain calm.

    A jolt shook the room, knocking many of the department employees to the floor, or across the room. The second jolt shattered parts of the immense crystalline boards and set others on fire. Efforts to stop the fires, met with resistance. The flames were not easily quelled.

    A young apprentice wizard, with voice shaking and quavering, shouted, “High Wizard all settlements have gone dark. Their portals are off line, following the Dragon cities.”

    “High Wizard,” the eldest wizard stood on the elevated platform. He spoke out calmly and clearly, the alarm boards flashing behind him. “ Kion's portals are heating up. Our communications are down, there is no way to notify them. Kirasanct is dark, its portal is off line. They seemed to be intact. Looks like they managed a miracle.”

    A cheer arose from the department workers.

    A slightly burned, disheveled dwarf, sanitation worker, appeared at the doorway to the main observation room. Jewelry hanging out of his pockets, he chewed on a large piece of giant friend chicken. Spitting a piece of grizzle on the floor, he looked around and hollared, “OI !!,”

    High wizard Wimbor whirled around to look at the doorway.

    “Whar be the high wizzie?” he inquired rudely, blowing his nose on the floor. “I got one more message to deliver den I canna fill da rest of me contract. Me time is valuable, dun' ya know!. Sorry bout the fire in here. We only had one fire brigade available for contract. That expires in fifteen minutes. They are below, in the grand room, deep within the giant diamond looking stone below, helping the Dracos. By the way, if you ever cut it up, let me know I will be happy ta fence it for ya!”

    “Speak fool, and deliver your message,” the incensed High Wizard shouted. She made her way to the dwarf on the other side of the room, muttering an incantation. The rest of the wizards backed up, except for the oldest, still at the smoking and burning boards. Calmly he gave his report, as if nothing was wrong. “High wizard,” he said calmly, “The magical blow-back is coming to us now. Impact in less than an hour.”

    The pudgy dwarf was shoved out of the way by two females, who stepped protectively in front him. Planting the butt of their staffs firmly on the stone floor, they held up their blood dolls ready to cast.

    High Wizard Fiblit Wimbor looked at her opponents, their deadly calmness, confidence, sureness in their superior capability, as the blood colored magic swirled around their dolls. Glancing about the room, they kept their focus on her with their flat hard stares, they were already prepared to cast. Fiblit knew she would not finish her spell in time. She was outclassed and out numbered Recognizing the staffs, she lowered her own. Two Master Class Blood Mages stood in front of her, ready and willing. In her peripheral vision, she noted Captain Sschlisk had surprised her. He had equipped a long bow, an arrow knocked. Drawn, aimed and ready to fire, he stood steadfastly beside her. She reached out not taking her eyes off the Bood Mages, saying quielty, “We are undone here, now. Keep your bow half drawn then lower it.”

    Sschlisk complied.

    The dwarf's stance became cocky. “Now, now, Princess dun get yur knickers in a wad. Des two be fine lookin mages arr only me body guards.”He took a swig of ale. “We still got recall scrolls to hand out, Then we can get down an do a bit of professional business, dun ya know. We gave our clients here, in this great city of our brave fearless leaders, the opportunity to loot and steal from their neighbors first, since they live right next door to each other. Amateurs yes, but a lot of enthusiasm I have to say.”

    “By the dark regions of Doom, who are you??!!,” High Wizard Wimbor spat venomously.

    “Why, Sweet Pea, I am the second in command of The Istaria-wide Thieves Guild. The Guild master, and an elite squat of vault specialists, are successfully pilfering a certain huge vault. We made a contract with Az, concerning Tazoon, for the entire guild, since everything is falling apart here. We can loot all we desire, if we give out X amount of scrolls for emergency departure and stop any villainy. These fine, outstanding, brave citizens here, that have deserted their posts, are refusing, for whatever reason, to help their fellows. We can follow that wonderful, scholarly theory of trickle down barternomics, spreading the wealth, as we line our pockets with the greater portion!” He grinned broadly.

    “Now about that message sweet cheeks,” he continued, while scratching his head. “Umm erggh ah yes!. That idiot No-Sense, down there said, that ye got an ELE coming pretty quick He needs a bit of help, since just about everyone is dead. He's burned up a bit, and won't let the fire crew get him out!! Well that is done time to go!!” he said waving good-bye.
    Stopping suddenly and turning around he said, “Sugar bean, maybe we can do lunch sometime. I know a great private little place in Kirasanct.” Winking he left.

    The Blood Mages covered his retreat, following quickly.

    “Number Two, take the staff to the great power crystal. Start what needs to be done.”

    The ancient wizard looked up at the oh so very young teenage apprentice wizard who was shaking, tears in her eyes.

    “Are we going to die and be defeated High Wizard? Do we need to recall? Will we be remembered, as fools and dogs?

    The High Wizard Fiblit Wimbor chose her words carefully. “My dear young wizard. You were chosen because you will Not fail. We will be victorious! We will save Istaria, because you and the others will follow the orders of my Number Two. I will come back to you with dragons. We will prevail! Now go, be calm, you will know what to do.”

    She looked at the Elven Wizard somberly, “Number Two, keep this young wizard close to you that she may assist in all you require.”

    The old elf looked at the young human wizard, “I am glad you will be with me, there is so much to do. Now off we go.”
    All but the High Wizard and Captain Sschlisk, descended the stairs.

    Turning around, the High Wizard addressed Captain Sschlisk, “Come with me we are running out of time.” They left the burning ruins of the control room behind them.
    Taking out a little faceted crystal she touched the top and said one word, “ELE,” as they ran.
    Touching a different facet of the stone she repeated, “ELE.” Twisting the top of the little crystal she began to speak, “General Az, We have an ELE cascading level one event. Immediate shut down is required. Listening she responded,” I am on the way to notify the Supreme Commander, who is in the Emergency Protocol Meeting. Yes. I know. I go by the book, General. No more, no less. My staff is in route to the Great City Crystal now. Number One is down in the basement, severely injured . Number Two is on the way with the staff. Yes? Tell them to meet me outside the great doors. I will need them present. Yes, we will proceed afterwards. Yes, I have notified the high elders of both Dralk and Chiconis. The necessary personnel are on the way. Military Emergency Intelligence? Don't make me laugh there is only one. That is right. His name is Captain Sschlisk....”

    Holding the crystal out to him she said, “Hold to ear to to listen, speak directly in it for him to hear you.”

    “Captain Sschlisk?” he heard, as he held it to his ear.

    “Yes sir.”

    “As of right now you are Major Sschlisk. Your orders are to protect that gnome female next to you with your life. Do you understand?”

    “Yes sir.”

    “Do not disappoint me, Major.”

    “No sir.”

    Then the crystal went dead. He handed the nonfunctional crystal to the High Wizard. She tossed it aside saying, “Your orders?”

    “To protect that gnome female with my life and not to disappoint him,” he replied sternly.

    She looked at his concerned face laughing out loud then said,” He is really such a sweet little boy!”

    Major Sschlisk looked at her in utter consternation, as again she laughed,turning the last corner to the entry hallway to the not so great meeting hall.

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    Misadventures Part 4 Continued


    Number two looked at the young female human.
    “What is your name young one?”,

    “It is Lizzie sir.”
    “How old are your little one?
    “I am nine sir,” she said politely thinking that the ancient creature, walking by her was too old to work, and should be with his grand kids.”

    They went down to the room of cages. Number two Said,”Okay everyone, get in we have a long ways down to go, in fact thousands of meters," opening the proper cage door for them to enter.

    Lizzie hesitated. Standing alone looking at everyone in the freight cage, looking at her, she had a dazed look in her eyes. One of indecision and fear.

    “Come on little Lizzie,” number forty one called out,”We won't let anything happen to you. We are family in our Department!

    “Number two stepped over to her, leaned down and whispered,”Is it the Dreams? The director told me about them a year ago. She spoke of Dreams of the Past, Dreams of the Future Only Director Wimbor, number one and i know about them. No one else knows.

    “Do we need to fear?”

    “I do not know. The the good and terrible dreams are in pieces. It is in between the pieces of dreams that what we do, will show what will happen next in my dreams. I am so afraid number two. All of you will be okay, but I will end. In all of the dreams I end.”

    “Then you will begin in glory. We will stand by you. You will not be alone, you are the child of all of us! He picked her up and held her tightly. As she put her head on his should she whispered into his ear, “ You are wrong, none of you will be with me. The others around me I will know but not know.”

    The elf could feel her soft sobs and tears wetting his shoulder. He smoothed her hair

    “Please promise me you will wave at me before I end. Only then will I know everything will be alright. You Must do this, if you do not the nightmare dream begins.”

    HE whispered back,” We all we wave. You Are family child and all love you.” The child went to sleep. The old elf began to feel fear for the first time in decades.

    The long drop was over. The staff got ready as the freight cage gate began to open.

    “Stop!!,” Lizzie shouted,“You must take out your brooms. You must sweep the way before you, as best you can. The burnt bones and heaps of the ashes of the dead must be preserved, as best able. The Gifted ones nor any other will be able to resurrect them without their remains. We are too few to take all their places. Put on your shoes coverings lest you die. They wear special magic boots down here on this surface.”

    “She is number three for a reason. Do as she says,” called out number two.”

    “Gifted ones? He looked at her searchingly.
    “Oh bother!,”looking away.”

    The staff boiled out of the stopped freight cage that had come to a halt after having taken them so far down. Sweeping with their brooms, they advanced. Standing in the hallway of cages they saw numerous receiving pads of different sizes. Beyond they viewed the sight of horrendous damage.

    “Team A, Number five take control. Don't stand about gawking! start disconnecting the lesser great crystals from the main. Follow protocol 002 Omega thereafter. Start by breaking the lattice work of circuits starting with the city crystals, less all of us are destroyed in the conflagration to come. Team B follow Omega 003. Number four and Number five take your teams starting on either side of the walk way. Work around the rim with the monitors and controls, turning everything off till you meet on the far side. Help is on the way. Work quickly, we don't have much time.”

    The elf raised Lizzie to sit on his shoulders. And suddenly she could see clearly. First there was a small receiving pad was at the apex of the walkway. Oddly enough its only glyph was the royal house of the Dryad Race. The walkway terminated at the base of a narrow crystalline bridge. The bridge was one hundred meters long spanned a monstrously deep abyss with a multiple thin lines of lava? disappearing in the distance Far, far below Horrific shapes defying description seemed to be swimming in it. There were no supports for any of the huge structure. The bridge was blackened and cracked in places. Everything was suspended in the air. The narrow arching bridge flickered in bright beautiful colors, that appeared to be darkening into more somber hues.

    The crystalline span connected to a slightly concave multi-metallic banded dish of about two hundred meters in diameter. Along the edges at the top rim, all the way around every five meters were little, cushioned, floating concave dishes with a single meter bright white tilted tile. A single lever was in the middle. Some of the levers were up and some were down. Some were melted some were intact. Smaller, different colored, tiles on the lighted large tiles, lay on each side of the lever flashing different colors in different sequences with their empty concave seats. Blackened burnt remains sat in the many of the concave floating chairs. Some of the screens were black without any inner light at all..Many of the concave little dishes were fully or partially melted along with their flat tiles. In some places there were only ragged holes where something should have been.

    In the center of the grand dish sat a huge crystalline structure twenty-one meters high with a diameter at its base of ten meters. The artifact floated in place one half meter above the slight concave surface of the great dish. Multifaceted with large flat surfaces, the structure around them in the air seemed to be groaning with a deep throated prevailing hum. Some areas on it had blacked cracks, others had cracks with bright golden or white light almost seemingly bleeding out like thick rich honey.

    “What does the giant crystal really do number two.” little Lizzie asked.

    To be continued next post
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    Misadventures Part 4 continued


    “What does the giant crystal really do number two.” little Lizzie asked.

    "That crystal is a giant generator of the magical energy we use. The very one that powers the boards, scrying pools, portals, pads, city lights and most things all across the lands of Istaria. The lines of light connect the giant crystal to all other ones."

    “Are we the only one that have this? And the other crystals around it?”

    “No, Dralk has one, Chiconis has one. Some think the Drayd's homelands has one. Others think there is fifth somewhere else in the world to provide for perfect symmetry. You see the lesser crystals in circles around it?”


    “These lesser great crystals are the main units for the cities and is why they are in those brackets, as well as the smaller ones around them. Look at them, many are shattered, many are melted in whatever happened here The Gnomes say it is for their grounding, but I have never truly understood this part of their magic. Each of those crystals are two meters high and one meter at the base. There is one for each city equidistant from each others. The smaller pairs are the portals and pads that are in that city. See the ones that are dark and their little crystals,one meter high and one half meter wide at the base associated with them?” Lizzie nodded. These were the power sources for the four lost Satyr Islands and old Rachival. The Gifted can use some of the lost, or hidden portals and pads, we cannot. Connected to each of these lines of lights, are the crystals and their portals and pads of the various settlements. Some used, some not used very much, then on to other things.

    “What is that monstrously large upside down saucer over the whole structure?”, she questioned," It does not seem solid but kinda flows around inside."

    He replied, "That has a three hundred meter diameter. One of the great mysteries here. No one really knows. There are lots of theories."

    As they walked across the thin narrow spanning bridge, he pointed up inside the saucer saying," .“See the flickering lights?”


    “They change positions every nite, over months and years, even decades into centuries. Those crystals number over thirty thousand, so the Gnomes say. What they are stuck in is another matter. It is not solid like stone nor fluid like water. The gnomes say there is magical energy in it, but for some reason it does not show up. There is power in it nevertheless. See the flashing lines of light between the top of the crystal and crystals embedded in the over hanging upside down saucer? Those lights we Know originate with those crystals, yet again we cannot identify the magical power. There are those who think they are star alignments and quote their changing positions. There will always be conspiracy theories, thoughts and explanations with no merit or consequence, except to increase the number of readers and money in buying tabloids."

    “What do you think?”

    “I think they are communications with places in the other other side of the world. The trading ships did indeed come to the deep port in Dalimond in the distant past. Dalimond was the only deep port in Istaria. They had to come from somewhere six hundred years ago, during Ashlander Vandus's time. We don't need ships now with our magic and portals. Of course in here there are other mysteries. See the streams of water?”

    “Not really. It is pretty dark in here and the crystal is somewhat dim.”

    “I apologize. I forget your are human. Hold up your light stone. Light it.”

    She did so. Suddenly she saw huge bands of moving water flowing in and around the grand structure. All sorts of sea life swam in it including larger things she could not recognize. She watched as several of the older personnel walked through the moving water without noticing.

    “I don't understand this number two.”

    “We don't either child. We believe that in some way it cools the crystals. If the dragons or the Dryads know, neither are saying. no dragon would ever say for the most part they don't understand something, particularly Lunus. Another fact is the wind. Where does it come from? A mystery neither Dryad nor Dragon will discuss, nor will they address. There is also the greatest mystery of all perhaps. We only know to a degree what is out there in the dark. Something out there does indeed exist. A gnome did an experiment long long ago. Even tho it ended in failure. We found out that two days flight away in any direction, except the walls behind us, are monolithic remains of gigantic structures carved into the walls. There were halls and roads going further in. All ofthis appeared to be parts of one continuous city in all the walls above, below and around us. The experiment ended before any mapping could begin."

    Running the calculation of possible areas she exclaimed, “That would be possibly hundreds of thousands in not millions of square kilometers, if indeed it is continuous. That is just...,” then trailed off.

    “Yes,” he softly replied, then continued,”We are like children in the presence of an ancient grandeur that defies all we know, almost hideous and frightening by the very structures presence. If no dragon built this and no Dryad did either then who did?...and lastly, will the builders ever come back?. We only know how to use this great crystal in a limited means. The why, where, what and anything else is beyond us. The dragons would have us believe they built all of this. We know this is a fabrication but why? And the Dryads say nothing.”

    “How are the Dryads involved?”

    “Remember the little pad at the foot of the narrow span as we walked up?
    Those symbols are ancient Dryad. That is a receiving pad for a portal that is Dryad. We can say the dryads actually built it. The only stone edifice we know of that Dryads built.”

    “But why are you telling me all of this and not doing any of the repairs?

    To be continued next post
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    Misadventures Part 4 Continued


    “But why are you telling me all of this and not doing any of the repairs?

    “Because child, this is all horrifically important and of unimaginable consequence. You may never see the crystal again, nor will you be allowed to talk about it. This is so compartmentally classified that not even other government agencies even know this exists. Ware thee oh little human. Apply therefore your immense intellect, not to this problem here, if you survive, but to those around you and above you that know you know or don't. For they may try to trap you here all the days of your life for fear of what you may say or do in the lands above. Remember this, for these considerations are the beginning of wisdom. Never before has one so young been allowed in our department. Never!!. So the Question the Director asks is, Why? ...and no one knows! She is protecting you.”

    A shout resounded in the distance,”Number two, number one is severely injured with a Lunus engineer on the far side. You must come and hurry. I think both are dying!!”

    Setting the young Lizzie down, he ran telling her to follow. Lizzie realized that the charred remains of over two thousand technicians and engineers were in the unswept areas. This did not count the piles by the cages, as she looked across the crystalline spanning bridge.

    Seeing her hesitate, the elf spoke up running, as she tried to keep up.

    “Follow the paths we have swept Lizzie we must hurry”
    She could see the fallen blue Scaled dragon. Her great head rested on the thighs of number two, whom was partial seated with his back next to a collapsed melted saucer. He sat quietly observant stroking the head of the female adult dragon.

    “Shall we get her head off of your legs number one?”, asked number two.

    “No, She is keeping me alive with her weight”, replied number one. Number one then said, ”My legs are badly torn. Without her assistance I would have long since been dead. We both are dying.. We are good friends tho, and neither of us will be alone in our deaths. Our time is short.”

    “Oh Bother!! Neither of you are going to die, so what is that flashing gem on Miladies Blue ear?,” said Lizzie.

    “Tis the telling stone Lizzie”, as number one looked at her oddly.
    Lizzie walked up next to her most favorite dragon in the world and tugged off the telling stone. She could hear the angry dragon speak going on without end emanating ffrom telling stone. With shoulders slumped she looked at number two and asked dully, “Do you have the gargle for a bad sore throat? I need to use it to try to speak in the hatchling tongue.” Holding out her hand she waited.

    “I do not think so,” the old elf replied. Something was wrong, he thought. He checked his medical supplies and found one, he had thought to be gone, “One” . She remained patiently holding out her little hand as if already knowing he had one..
    He handed it to her saying, ”What is wrong Little Lizzie?” He tried to be more personal.
    “I am in its snare number two, I cannot escape now. The way before me is set in stone. I walk the path of the dream, where I have already been.”

    She gargled and spat saying, ”You and your beloved will be spared, number one.” She dislocated her jaw. With her jaw at an odd angle, straining her human throat, she piped and warbled as a hatchling. There was silence, then a conversation went on between Elder and Lizzie, in the speech of a hatchling. She received the instructions.

    Without asking, and saying nothing at all, she rummaged in number one's pack. After doing so she prepared to enter the scalepack. Since folded dimensional space in a scale pack had no air, she took the gnome made oxygen tube she had gotten fromnumber one's pack. She bit into it. The air filled her lungs. Crawling into the scale pack, she got what was needed, and crawled out, throwing the spent tube aside.

    She gave number one a potion then placed a crystal under his tongue. She did then same for the dragon. Then she mimed dragons and gifted coming. Finished she went to number two. Frightened at her situation she held out her arms, he picked her up and cradled Lizzie to his chest.

    She pointed to the ledge, saying nothing. The little portal-pad had begun to glow at the apex of the ledge. Asingle Dryad, dressed in flowing robes, crowned with a single vine and flower above her ear emerged above the pad. Following Her the Dryads seemed to flow out of it in an endless stream. Most headed to the great crystal. Some headed to the ledge. With the magic of the Dryads the piles of dust and bone were turning back to life.

    In a circle they began to fly around the crystal, singing an eerie, melodious tune. Dryad warriors escorted the newly resurrected technicians and engineers to the ledge. The dragon ancients arrived, taking up a counter point in the melody, with deep timbered voices, as they flew in the opposite direction.

    One ancient approached the small group. Lifting his taloned paws over both the human and and blue female dragon alike, each was fully healed.

    “Take the remaining individuals to the ledge,” he instructed the younger ancients. All were taken up by ancient dragons and flown to the ledge. The crystalline bridge of scintillating colors was falling as blocks, before their eyes, into the great dark abyss. Number two frantically looked for Lizzie. Notifying the Department, they began looking and shouting amidst the crowd of hundreds. Many had not made it their ashes and remains too scattered and degraded. Additional dragons and gifted ones were arriving. Tho too late for the crystal, they were not too late for the reclamation of hopefully more of the mortal dead.

    A horrible thought consumed him. He called for his subordinates, and they advanced as a group to the apex of the ledge . The last pieces of glowing crystal of the bridge, darkened and fell into the long night below. They could see Lizzie, struggling to remain on the rim, while the Dryads attempted to herd her to the center of the immense structure, as the great cover lowered. Dragons hovered and flew to the side, not to be trapped by the great covering. Holding up their great clawed taloned paws, they created a living bridge for the Dryads to escape over.

    Lizzie, standing on the rim. was silent and unable to speak. With tears streaking down her face, she lifted up her hands in a final wave. She did not see her family amongst the many and none saw her. The dryads continued pulling her and she dropped to her knees in silent tears.

    The elf remembered, ”Please promise me you will wave at me before I end. Only then will I know everything will be alright. You Must do this, if you do not, the nightmare dream begins.”. Rushing to the blue adult female dragon he pleaded, “Lift me up so Lizzie may see, lest she end alone.”

    Without hesitation the Blue Lunus lifted her head to the black sky and released her fire. She lifted the elf high above her. He called out, as number one placed a glowing light around him. He and the others climbed up on the dragon, waving and shouting.

    Struggling with the dryads Lizzie was only able to reach one little arm in supplication to number two, and disappeared from sight. The great cover clanged shut.
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    Misadventures Part 4 Post 10 Continued


    Major Sschlisk looked at her in utter consternation, as again she laughed, turning the last corner to the entry hallway to the not so great meeting hall.

    The Lunus and Helian ambassadors were waiting either side of the great doorway to the Great Hall, as Az said he would have them.

    Inside the Great Meeting Hall, the political finger-pointing had already started. Several brawls were in progress. Luckily she had the foresight to get additional security personnel, placed in key points before the meeting inside the great hall. She had never seen such vicious threats and promises of violence in public, in her entire two thousand year long life. Standing at the podium she was unnerved at the swirling mass of the supposed leaders of the United Races. Chaos ruled in the great leadership, while the threat to the Imperium had never been greater. Only the Gnomes, Elves, Dragons and Humans stood apart quiet and watchful.

    Supreme Commander Leaf thought, “What is going on? What is going on?” Setting her great mind to the task, for time was short, she reviewed her reports whose ink had not even dried. What seemed to be random civil unrest, was apparently much more. A pattern was taking place with each event.

    The Supreme Commander reviewed the facts as she knew them:

    1. Multiple portals had detonated caused by, what hardly seemed to be, a planned assault on a hatchling in Bristugo.
    2. Said event had taken place in the presence of a notorious criminal gnome, one that Tazoon had been watching for thirty years, but were unable to prosecute, due to a lack of legal evidence.
    3. Multiple detonations of portals in the capital cities except in Dralk, Chiconas, Kirascant, and Tazoon, resulting in massive fires, in wide flung areas, from burning magical debris.
    4. Vaults were robbed and pillaged in all cities except the same.
    5. Payroll and supply trains to all outposts, had been robbed. Not even in the small villages, those not listed in the military maps, had escaped destruction and theft.
    6. The settlements were completely untouched by robberies and explosions.
    7. Finally,numerous food, tool, and resource warehouses had been plundered. There was even a report from a high end shop being robbed of fancy lingerie.

    Supreme Commander Leaf looked up seeing the Tazoon Magistrate and the commander of the Tazoon militia trying to make their way though the chaotic mass of bureaucratic civilian personnel.

    She'd had enough. For the first time in two thousand years, Supreme Commander Leaf cast the spell for the Great Shout, “ SILENCE” with a single movement that snapped the ancient gavel in half. The gavel sounded like a huge gong reverberating through the room as the echoes of the shout had everyone holding their ears. Suddenly blessed silence rolled across the great hall for the first time in thirty minutes. The silence did not last very long

    Softly with just a whisper the podium amplification was loud enough to make it through the developing murmur she said, “Let the the important officials through they must give their reports to this assembly.”

    An expression of fear began to fill the countenance of the Supreme Commander, as a certain realization set in. Not seeing fearful expression, the head of Tazoon's militia force reported. Unbeknownst to him until too late, his voice was carried by the podium. Supreme Commander Leaf, a dragon scout has reported that the Western Deadlands were emptying out its horde of Withered Aegis troops. They appear to be headed here. The remaining generalmilitary command seem to think that the Withered Aegis will try to take advantage of our sudden calamities and will have the strategic advantage. They are unsure, however, of the ultimate motivation. Their transportation on foot is not usual.

    Pushing the officer aside the magistrate reported, knowing but not caring, about the import of his words,” Supreme Commander the Vaults of Tazoon has been robbed, Pillaged, Plundered !!”

    “My jewels!”, screamed a woman.
    “My gold, my stocks my bonds!” screamed a Fiendish CEO.
    “MY IRON DORF SHORTS!!” bellowed a Satyr.

    Everyone stopped and looked at the Satyr.

    He muttered,”Hey now...”, looking at everyone staring he continued,” it was given to me by..,”, then remembering his wife, as he looked at her sputtering ...” Ummm Err Hmmf!! without another word she began to whack him on his head with her staff. Dodging, he leapt over the heads of others and ran for the door with his wife following cursing.

    “Supreme Commander...”,noticing that everyone in the room had turned and was staring at him,he voice trailed off. The Commander of Tazoon's militia tried to finish.

    She cut him off saying, “Sir, Are the ethereal ramparts appearing inside the walls?” She nearly shouted.

    “Yes Supreme Commander....,” the officer replied.

    “Well then officer, call out the imperial guard, sir!,” she commanded.

    The officer dropping his head said,

    ” Supreme commander there are none here. Tazoon is undefended, you sent all of them to support the civil governments per political requests. All that remains here is the upper command echelon and a small Tazoon law enforcement militia.”

    Looking at the great crowd of numerous elected officials, bureaucrats, lawyers, business leaders, and government employees, appointed in most parts by their party affiliations. with hostility, he said,“Our forces are spread all over Istaria, and now the portals are about to detonate in less than an hour here in Tazoon blocking any return. There are only fifty of us, but I am SURE that all here are willing to give up their life's blood for the defense of our city!” he said, as he knelt and placed a hand over his heart in fealty.

    Almost half of the crowd were running to the exit doors. The brightly painted signs warned of unfinished construction, and a certain lack of exit stairs. More screams and cursing followed, as the great leaders jumped down on the ones who had tried to get out first. Many went back to their apartments knowingly risking their lives to get their things. Upon arrival only finding out they had already been robbed. Others sped to the plundered vaults, planning for the portals next. They saw the black smoke coming through the stones of both main portals. They saw the crowds fighting in front of each. They saw the empty city gates with only a few taking them and lastly, the lone side portal. The portal to the floating island was intact and few were using it, as the protocols of emergency regulations required.

    The partially remodeled and now connected upper rooms of several buildings, had been combined to make the Grand Hall. Sadly it had never been finished, due to the numerous committees and conflicting, factional politics. The four meter high, large, dual doors to the meeting hall were suddenly slammed open by the dragon ambassadors in Khutit form, from the hallway. The weight of old thornwood doors, with their adamantine hinges, and reinforced frames banging against the walls, overwhelmed the noise. Plaster fell off walls and ceilings. Scaffolding and planks collapsed. Sections of warped boards in the floors popped. A number of the finely clothed employees fell through the floor, screaming . A different part of the ceiling fell on the large boxes to the side of the grand room. Yells of the bureaucrats, curses of the various individuals of noteworthiness in the political factions, and numerous clerks hollered for their lawyers. The Kirascant fiendish lawyers could not get to their clients, due to the crush between them.

    The reckless and public endangerment of themselves, by the Head of the Department of Transportation, two dragon ambassadors along with the military was apparent to all. Department Head Fiblit Wimbor came in with a Major in tow, behind the two ancient dragon ambassadors of Dralk and Chiconis, who led the way.

    Walking between the dragons, The older wizard shoved the Magistrate out of the way.

    Addressing the soldier she snapped,” Get off your knees, soldier. This is NOT the time to pray!!” Tiblit Wimbor strode purposefully up the stairs of the podium and stood next to the lectern. “Supreme Commander we need to have a private word,” She demanded.

    “No! Speak freely, all await to hear what you have to say, so we may decide in a civilized manner the proper course to take.”

    The wizard thought, “CIVILIZED?”

    The high wizard of the Transportation Department took a deep breath and replied, “What I have to say, Supreme Leader, is classified. There is much to be decided, and this assembly is NOT read into this material These people are not qualified to make these decisions, and will be unable to function appropriately, with the truths I am about to give you . You need to lead. Now, instruct your people to evacuate, and come aside. Give your judgment and decision to this assembly, thereafter, if needed.”

    The dragons moved closer, nearly to the podium.

    Shaking with rage at having her authority tested once again, she forgot the emergency protocols for the secrecy act. The situation was too overwhelming. “You will NOT dictate to me wizard. You WILL give your report or I WILL have you dismissed.”

    The remaining crowd, of about five hundred, drew closer leaving their sets, watching the drama at the podium unfold. Information was valuable to many buyers, but gossip trumped all. The humans, gnomes, and elves remained quietly, still to the side by the podium.

    The two dragon emissaries, in Khutit form, looked at each other silently. The dragons did not have time for bipeds who complicated any and all things. Speaking into their tell stones, and without a word, transformed into their full forms, ancients of Chiconis and Dralk.

    The high Wizard finally lost her temper shouting,” I have NO time for this!! Pointing to the large unfinished wall behind the podium, she addressed the Lunus and Helian ancients. “TEAR DOWN the WALL! Let us be off my brothers, the hourglass is EMPTY!!” Whirling around, she shouted the great shout to now opened room to the city beyond,“Run you fools! RUN!!.”

    Pandora's box had finally been fully opened. Pandemonium broke out, as remnants of the grand elite of Istaria's Imperial government tried to leave all at once. Much of Tazoon had already left, evacuating or deserting their posts The Great Riot of Tazoon had begun, spreading fear through the rest of the great city, as the history books would remember in the centuries to come.

    To be continued next post
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    Misadventures Part 4 continued


    They tore down the wall in front of them and the ceiling above them in the great hall. Snatching the wizard and imperial soldier, in their huge claws, they ascended with a single flap of their mighty wings. When the wall fell, it revealed that the sky above was full of ancient dragons, of both Lunus and Chiconis coming to land on the far side of Tazoon, the full councils of each. The councils seconds had taken up the reigns of power in the rushed chambers in their respective Grand Halls. The great Crystal below Tazoon was in danger of exploding. Only dragons and high wizards could shut it down. After reset only they could turn it back on. The effort of many, for the sake of a single action. The hourglass of time was empty. There was no time for explanations to the bipeds, only action was left to the wizards and dragons.

    The small group of quiet humans, gnomes and elves approached.

    “It is time Supreme Commander Leaf,” The Dalimond Magistrate held out the tell stone.

    Having never seen one before, she said,” I don't know what to do.”

    “Tap the stone ma'am and speak. General Az is waiting. He told you seven years ago, he would be waiting for your call. The time is now, ma'am. He is ready and waiting for your orders.”

    With bile in her throat, Supreme Commander Leaf followed the instructions and said, “Militia Commander Az?”

    “Yes Supreme Commander?” repliedAz

    “Will you take over the command of all Istarian forces, as overall Temporary Battle Field Commander?”

    “And Garrison Commander Az? Laslo Quickfingers is to be treated as a Clear and Present Danger to the Imperium. Do I make my self clear? Apprehend, only if there is no danger to your troops.”

    “I agree, Your Royal Highness of the Dryad people. Supreme Commander Leaf I will be happy to be Supreme Military Commander of all Istarian Forces, while you take over as Supreme Commander of Civilian Affairs! Upon conformation of the Tazoon Council of Istarian Races, at a later date of course,” replied Az.

    She hesitated.

    Az injected without rancor,” It is the only way Supreme Commander. We are out of time, and now we are fated to play out the roles we must, lest all be doomed. The news has yet to reach you. The situation is far worse than you know. The dwarfs, on the street below you, are waiting, Iron Defenders all! You and your Noble staff are the most important individuals in all of Istaria. You must live!. Will you trust me enough to follow a few of my suggestions in this crisis, Supreme Commander?

    “Yes, I will follow your suggestions Supreme Commander Az,” she conceded.

    “Excellent!! Follow the dwarfs without question. Do every thing they say, and you will live. Ask no questions until you are safe. Do you understand? The needed orders will be waiting on you to sign in the bunker.” Suddenly the tell stone was dead.

    The human Magistrate from Dalimond said, “That was not so bad, was it Supreme Commander Leaf? This is going to take both of you to get us through this mess. Now' off you go.” Scooping up all three dryads, he dropped them in the air outside, before turning to the gnomes, elves and humans he continued, “To the other safe place we must go, there is no time for the bunker! “Pray my brothers and run!!” He jumped to street level.

    The Iron Guards below shouted at the Dryads ,”Hurry generals hurry, our lives depend on a certain speed! Az told us all about you. Fear not, you are in the safest of hands!”

    As soon as all three dryads were in reach, the dwarfs snatched them out of the air, placing them under their beards, as they ran. The Supreme Commander heard heavy metal dropping on metal, next, the stench of the sewers befouled her nose. She saw bright lights of a long sliding tunnel over her head, and heard muffled sounds from a deep underground chamber below them. The magical lighting, in the tunnel above them, suddenly went dark. Some time afterward, two great explosions wracked the city above. Earthquakes followed with the deep moaning groaning of solid stone. She could see the wave of flame following them in the tunnel over the general's shoulder.

    She could hear General Granite Fist of The Iron Guards shouting,”Drop the stone you fools, as the dwarfs jumped, then slid in the slime past the great pillars. The great stone slid down in place, right as the last dwarf, with her compatriot, slid past the pillars, nearly engulfed in flames.

    After a bath, the Supreme Commander and her staff went into the huge cavern. All stood up and bowed. She looked about. So few. Only a mere three hundred of dwarfs, humans, a smattering of gnomes, with a scant handful of the other races including, her own people.

    The Elven ambassador, liaison of the elves to Supreme Commander Az, motioned them to the elevated desks. He escorted her to a desk with full stacks of orders.

    "Supreme Commander Leaf please take this restorative along with your noble staff. It is Called Klava. A gifted one named Skirnir and his wife Wind Dancer placed a stock down here some time ago in case of being in here as we are. Wind Dancer, as a Saris was very picky about what she drank and ate. They had gotten this extraordinary brew from another Gifted named Awdz Bodkins, a Gnome of great renown.” the elf pointed out.

    Princess Leaf leaned back enjoying the aroma before sipping. “Of course it was from a gnome, civilization at last,” she thought for the moment content.

    “These are the orders, from General Az, for you to sign, Supreme Commander.”

    “It would take hours to sign them all” she thought.

    The elf laughed at her expression. “Fear not, Your Highness, he sends this.” He handed her The Seal of the Office of Supreme Commander.

    She blinked, “This has been missing for seven years! He took this? How dare he!”

    “I did advise him, at the time not to take it, but he was too angry about how the circumstances had played out. Let it go, Your Highness. He is after all only Human,” the Elven senior diplomat lamented with a chuckle.

    She sighed as she began to stamp the forms, with the assistance of the remains of her personal staff.

    Some time had passed when the Elven diplomat returned with others in tow.“Supreme Commander Leaf, these individuals say they have business with your office,” the Elf gestured and twenty two individuals went up to the elevated desks.

    “May I help you gentlemen?,” the Dryad Supreme Commander said.

    A disreputable looking human stepped up quickly. “We need your signature to guarantee the final aspects of these contractual arrangements. The cost of all these contracts is twenty mithril pieces, from the Tazoon mint, or you can pay in gold. The cost is only one percent of the total cost.”

    What is this supposedly for?” she asked.

    “Why the building and restoration of all portals, in all affected cities, by dawn tomorrow. The resources are in place. The expert construction managers are standing by. The workmen are waiting. Time is money—yours. Our work is guaranteed. If however, you refuse to sign, then we can sell the resources to Tazoon at five times the going price, when this is all over. The Imperial supply warehouses have been destroyed, or so I have been told. I will not be held accountable for breach of contract in these matters, by some Tazoon bureaucratic buffoon, who will cause the agreed upon time-frame to be broken.”

    The bewildered Supreme Commander looked at the Elven diplomat.

    “Sign it, Supreme Commander. General Az said to ask no questions, just do what needs to be done. He was made aware of these arrangements about an hour ago, when he got to Dalimond. The Fiendish Law firm of The Three Sisters at the branch there, authenticated the contracts. We have already had verification that hundreds of workmen and materials are on site at various destroyed portals. We desperately need those portals running for troop movements.”

    She signed the contracts one by one. Afterward she asked addressing the lead human,”Who were the arrangements made with sir?”, smiling brightly, thinking of thanking the third party in the future.

    “Why Laslo Quickfingers, or the traitorous murdering gnome, as you call him. He has been paying on these contracts, with their monthly retainers, on time for three human generations. Not bad for a heinous, traitorous, murderous thieving criminal gnome, I would say,” said the disreputable human, as he scowled at the Dryad.

    “Will we meet again for other arrangements?” she asked politely shaken, but not showing it.

    “No, Dryad we will not! Ever! We don't deal with criminals,” he said in a huff.

    As a group, they all pulled out scrolls and ported, to forestall any further questioning.

    She sat stunned. “Oh my!” she thought, as she put her head in her hands and wept.
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    Misadventures Part 5


    Back in Bristugo more and more Dragons arrived, both adults and ancients. Many laid on the ground around the center most hovered above. The sky above was almost filled completely with hovering Lunus and Helian Dragons. The female defensively kept the hatching between her legs. Instinctively protecting against the males, she backed away. The whimpering piping of the the hatchling was clearly audible. The deepening silence spread from the arrival pad, even as the appearance of Imperial Troopers from Dalimond increased. The molten and burning portals lay smoldering and destroyed, evidence of the great power of the Lunus Dragons.

    The pad flared twice more, as two ancient female Helian Dragons arrived. Again the pad flared, and the Ancient High Helian Elder of Chiconis arrived.

    The two ancient Helian females ignored all the male Dragons, both ancient and adult. They headed to the female with her hatchling. Gently nosing the hatchling and the mother, they pushed the mother slowly down the hill with the hatchling squalling, and the mother fighting them. Once a safe distance away, the mother was calmed, reassured and the hatchling provided for. When it was determined the hatchling wasn't seriously injured, the ancient Dragons questioned her. Under the subtle compulsion of the ancient Helian Dragons, the mother lay down in the shade of a large tree . The ancient females wrapped their bodies in a protective manner around them both. The mother and hatchling fell asleep. The ancients, with heads up lifted, looked at each other, communicating silently.

    “The mate to this female is one of the most militant of the Lunus in Dralk,” said the first.

    “And is favored as well by their council” the second one replied.

    “Have you contacted the High Elder?”

    “Yes he already above us in the portal area.”

    “This night bodes great ill for Dragon and biped alike. The Withered Aegis watch silently, ever looking for an advantage to divide us.”

    “The mother is asleep. The hatchling is safe. Our Lunus sisters arrive. Time to leave.”

    Two large Lunus ancients settled on the ground on either side.

    “Yes, time to go,” said the first.

    The two ancient female Helian Dragons rose silently upward. Taking their place, two Lunus ancients sat down, quietly on guard. No words were spoken in greeting or departure, but the air crackled in ages old animosity.

    Two bipeds, of authority, stood firmly in the midst of all the dragons along with an increasing crowd of bystanders, watching from the fringe. One was an elderly elf, tall and slender, a diplomat from Feladan. The second figure of authority, a human of moderate height and immensely muscular, was the garrison commander from Dalimond. He had been the former Supreme Commander of all Istarian Forces. Blue tattoos covered the left side of his face in an intricate design. All watched and listened to the Dragons speak amongst themselves, as if no one else was there.

    All the while, the Elven Diplomat translated for the Human Commander from Dalimond. The Elven Diplomat had a bad feeling. Diplomatic protocols required all communication to be spoken in biped languages, when dragon and bipeds were together in an emergency situation. Few could understand the Draconic tongue, and none could speak in their tongue. A glance at the the general's deepening scowl told the elderly Elven diplomat that things were far worse than what they seemed, since the telling stone flashed almost continually in the general's ear.

    The elf thought about the file on the general he had read, while prepping for this assignment with the General. Fast and furiously he reviewed the file in his mind.

    “This Human general was not be trifled with. The general thought just about everything needed to be aggressively approached with a military solution of total extermination without quarter or mercy. He could be extremely violent in action, but placid or smiling in appearance,” he remembered from the file.

    Personal experience had showed him much much more. He would typically allow himself to appear as a slack wit to attain a superior position to win any argument. The ends justified the means. He spoke most of the languages and he was familiar with most biped racial military histories, their campaigns of wins and losses. A genius with a multi layered mind of both tactical and strategic analysis with applications. His support had been growing exponentially with each paper published and each speech made.

    His troops loved him. He ate with them. He slept with them. He knew hundreds by name and a bit about most families. He expected nothing of them that he did not impose on himself. He strained at the yoke placed on him with his demotion, and transfer to Dalimond from the position of supreme military commander in Tazoon. He had been demoted to the far lesser Garrison Militia Commander, tho most still called him General, due to his eloquent, vocal, and persuasive dissent to the mainstream idea of Withered Aegis Containment. The present model that dictated military strategies and tactics. The growing support of his ideas had finally made him dangerous in the eyes of the political structure of Tazoon and the traditional view point of the upper chain of command.

    The straw that broke the animal's, back as the humans say, was a thesis with the outlay of a campaign to subdue an aerial based opponent. He argued that the time would come, when The Withered Aegis would obtain an aerial status equal to or greater than the draconic presence, and would be able to support an aerial based campaign. The paper and critical analysis employed numerous models employed by the older races. The Lunus dragons demanded his dismissal, the Helian Dragons abstained, and political correctness ruled the day. When rumors spread that the general was really referring to the Lunus race as the enemy. He had named the Lunus in his theoretical model, as the hypothetical opponent, to prove his point. His use of a brilliant new strategy for military confrontation and deployment had shocked the races, and ensured loss of his post.

    The new Dryad Supreme Commander was much more politically savvy and more subservient to the Supreme Counsel of Races and its political structure. She supported the present model, the human absolutely did not. The die had been cast. The Elven High Command secretly supported the human general and had managed to secure his post in Dalmond, tho a lesser rank, rather than demotion to a clerical position stripped of all rank. The General did not know about this under the table fact. The Supreme Elven Military Command wanted it to remain this way. The infighting had been hostile, political violent and voracious, behind the scenes.

    The Senior Lunus Elder that had led the charge for the humans dismissal was the oldest of the three dragons standing before him.

    “There is the sorry * * now”, the general had signalled, but only the Chiconis High Elder had caught it..

    The ancient Helian High Elder confronted the three ancient Lunus Dragons of the Dralk council.

    In the language of Dragons the High Elder spoke, while peering sideways at the human, maintaining eye contact with the oldest Lunus Elder, “You reek of violence and vengeance, without regard to consequences of the terms of the Grand Alliance with the Naka.”

    Staring first at the Human general in an attempt to intimidate. The oldest Elder of the three Lunus Dragons stepped forward, speaking in the ancient Dragon tongue ignoring the two bipeds. “All here see that you are late. Already your are backing away from what is ours to defend, in the manner that is necessary. This is a dangerous Gnome. One of an Elder, powerful Naka race. The winds of the world bring to us his deeds. This affront will NOT be tolerated. This is the Gnome named Fingers and he will not go unpunished, as Tazoon has allowed....not even his evil brethren can find him. Not long ago the council of the evil ones sanctioned the presence of Withered Aegis, for It too is looking for this nefarious Naka named Fingers!

    The Treaty totters on the swords edge,......step back Dralk. Let the bipeds take care of their own evil ones.”

    IF, it was a Naka injured by a Dragon what would the bipeds do? Would they sit back and allow us in the name of the treaty to find,report and act? No!”

    The ancient Helian Dragon replied,”The female is uninjured. The hatchling is uninjured. Both are safe but were only frightened by the surprise of the Gnome and his aberrant behavior. We have faith that our allies can achieve this goal on their own without our assistance.”

    “The Naka have shown they cannot do this alone. We will merely assist with an aerial view.

    Turning to the Human general, the Lunus ancient ignored the Helian. He addressed the Tazoon general and the Elven diplomat out of Tazoon, in the biped's tongue,”What say you, Human leader and warrior of the alliance? And you oh Naka of Tazoon?”

    The Human general glanced sideways at the Elf, while looking down, as if in thought.

    The Elven diplomat said nothing but made a small private gesture unnoticed by all but the Chiconis High Elder then proceeded to speak.

    The Elderly Elven Tazoon representative spoke softly, but was heard all around the portal areas, ”We would be pleased to have the aerial assistance of the Lunus warriors out of Dralk. We are an alliance and should act together. No individual of one race should suffer at the hands another race, or individual acting outside the laws, without justice being delivered by the Authorities of the Alliance, according to our agreed upon laws.

    “Well said oh Tazoon”, the High Helian Elder said, smiling toothily at the three Lunus ancients.

    The Lunus ancients rumbled a muted response. It was, perhaps, as well that their words were muffled.

    Frowning the Lunus Elder looked at the Human general saying, “And you?”

    The ancient females suddenly appeared at the edge of the portal clearing,”Out of our way Naka. The young female wishes to return to Dralk, where she will feel safer with her hatchling.

    The Human and the Elf were the first to back away. The Elven diplomat bowed, as all four passed. All of the Dragons, High and low, backed away with respect. The hatchling ran about its mothers legs carefree of any worries. The ancient females looked at them both indulgently, as mother with hatchling recalled to Dralk.

    The first ancient Female recalled. The second turned to the Human general. Holding up a taloned paw she gestured to the Human city nearby, ”Is that not Dalimond, seat of Human power,?” she asked with a raised eyebrow.

    “Yes ma’am” the general instantly replied.

    The ancient female stiffened. The Elven diplomat cringed. The Lunus Elders looked furious.

    The Human general continued with great fervor. We are very proud of our city, ma’am and are honored to be part of our grand alliance, ma’am.”

    The ancient looked at the Human closely, moving uncomfortably near. “You WILL ensure the safety in this area will you not, oh warrior, for our Dragon hatchlings?”

    “Oh yes ma’am!” The Human replied, looking, as if to be, quite nervous. He tried not to show his his lack of fear, but was not sure if she would see the discrepancy between voice, smell and nonverbal language of his hatred of anything Lunus.

    The Elven diplomat stepped forward quickly, bland smile on his face. “Of course he will take responsibility for that which is under His authority. He will always look to his superiors, oh mighty ancient. Tell your counterparts, therefore, that Tazoon will be consulted forthwith for the safety of all hatchlings everywhere. Indeed! The safety of our young is paramount to us all, is it not ,oh mighty ancient?”

    “And what are you going to do now Human General?”

    “Why, we are going to have a bit of fun, ma’am.”

    “FUN?” she began to thunder, Wondering if she had been insulted.

    The Elven diplomat looked at the Chiconis High Elder for help.

    The general went on hurriedly,” You seem to be upset. I hope you are not unhappy, ma’am, but we can work you in if you wish. I did not want to disturb a Elderly grandmother with a night out on the town so to speak. I would never leave someone out of a bit of fun. The night air would be good for you. You need to get out of those caves for a breath of fresh air. I would be happy to escort you myself. I can ride on your back and you can bellow out orders from on High.

    Observing from a distance, Nimbles sat in a tall tree, laughing at the dragon and the General. When the Human general made such a generous offer to an ancient Dragon, she fell off the limb, landing softly on her feet. Once on the ground, she doubled over laughing.

    Her friend from New Rachival intelligence who had been spying on her,came up running, then frowned at her, stunned by her mirth. “Are you alright Nimbles?” she asked politely.

    Laughing so hard she could not speak, Nimbles indicated that the Gnome should climb up and watch. The Gnome did for a couple of minutes, then jumped down hurriedly. Looking at Nimbles oddly she said quickly, “It isn’t funny now, my friend,” and disappeared into the dark at a full run heading to a different portal, while talking into a speaking stone.

    Blinking in puzzlement, Nimbles climbed back up. She listened for only a couple of moments. Jumping down, she was not laughing anymore. The gathering dark robbed even her sharp eyes of a view, and she had no seeing stone to aid her or telling stone to send a frantic message. Mustering the fastest run a fully equipped and spelled Saris could get, she set out urgently. The Grey Council had to be warned immediately.

    “What in the name of Istaria have you done, Fingers!!” she thought, as she ran for all her worth, her life not withstanding.
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    Misadventures Part 6

    Back at the Bristugo receiving pad, the diplomat began to choke wondering, if he would live the night through. The ancient Lunus female was beginning to shudder in rage at this outlandish and outrageous series of insults from the Human general. No dragon was entirely sure if they were intentional, or if the man was too stupid to realize how much he'd insulted the ancient female.

    The Lunus Elder interjected in ancient Dragon,”You will leave now, before we are obligated to kill him, or you will end up have having a bit of fun with a Naka on your back.” His sarcastic tone was obvious, even to those who didn't understand his words. “Report to the rest of the High council. I will want a report on what the young female had to say after I arrive in Dralk, shortly.”

    “Are you challenging me? The ancient female replied,”I am not a simpleton you can order about, nor am I obligated to be your personal messenger, Elder.”

    ”No, but I will not allow you to lose what we gain herein,” the Elder replied. “I don't think it was intentional, I believe he is too slack witted to realize his error.”

    Nodding and bowing a little, she conceded the logic of his statement. “I will report this insult to he High Council as well oh Elder,” she snapped as she recalled.

    The older ancient Lunus turned back to face the Human general. “How shall we go about this Naka?”

    The General defiantly stepped to the Huge ancient with no fear in his eyes or smell. “We keep to the mission sir. Seek, find, report, warn _IF able do so, due to circumstance, then do what we must. Give your orders to your troops sir!”

    He turned around almost with a dismissive air abruptly shouting,”Colonel where are you at?”

    “Right here sir,” the colonel, a regal Saris said, swishing long her tail. “Your orders? Sir?.”

    “Gather up the boys and gals and go and kick some Gnome........”

    The Elf coughed loudly damping out the general's last word.

    The general harrumphed, puffing out his cheeks. “Colonel this Gnome is Highly dangerous, we got Withered Aegis involvement, along with a string of crimes not even the gods could count. This spree of lawlessness will come to an end under MY watch. I am the Supreme Commander here. There is no tellin' what kind of gizmos he might have hidden under that tarp on his disk. Why, he could have a giant cross bow that shoots great lightning bolts, and killing our friends right out of the sky!, the General reasoned sarcastly.”

    The Saris Colonel lowed her chin, giving him a baleful eye.

    Containing his imagination, the general continued. “Make sure you ration out plenty of lamp oil.”

    “Lamp oil? Yes, sir. Do we have an accurate description? How will we know him to be the Gnome reported? They all look alike.”

    “We don’t have a clear description, the female and hatchling were too upset. But he was last seen in North Crystal, before porting here. He had a full disk of illegally fortified Distilled casks of Slammed Hammered Knut whiskey. And yes, oil, so feel free to light him up and shoot him in the dark. Then skewer him with poleaxes! IF that don’t do it then call down the rain with Dark Cyclones ......there will be a druid with each company. We must send a message that we will not tolerate this kind of behavior.” He turned to look at the Lunus Senior Elder with a frightening look in his eyes and walked right up between his legs looking up no fear what-so-ever in his smell. The Lunus arched his neck downward. He backed up up carefully, as not to hurt the human by accident in his surprise at the Human's extraordinarily violent orders to the Saris colonel and defiant behavior . Then addressing the the ancient Elder as only a “General”, the human said, IF none of the above works to kill him then “feel free to have your boys give him a good stompin THEN fry him.”

    The ancient Lunus blinked with shock at the fearless hatred in the eyes of the human general. He had tried, and failed having him fully discharged and stripped of rank. Only a transfer to Dalimond, had he managed with the other races and all the political infighting. The High Lunus Elder was already angry with his prior failure with the General. Flinching his head involuntarily he arched backwards at the brutal barbaric savagery of the little Human Naka. Too late the Elder realized his terrible mistakes with all of the High Lunus council watching in the scrying waters of the deep pools underneath Dralk, While the ranks of the Lunus were changing positions continually in their hovering, reflecting his rapidly dwindling support.

    The ancient High Helian Elder sighed heavily and he looked at the primary Lunus. “Look and see “senior” Elder the results of what you have unleashed”, he intoned. Addressing an invisible audience in the sky he knew was there, he bellowed,” Look what your arrogance hast wrought oh my brothers and sisters!!”

    The Elven Diplomatc used a Telling Stone to report in a coded report to the Elven High Command, while the Dragons and the Human General were occupied

    Turning, the High Elder looked at the older Diplomatic Elf saying,”Chiconis will NOT take part in this farce!! I need to stretch my wings and you need a way home. Ride on my back, Elf. We need to have a little chat........”

    The Elven Diplomat was shocked beyond belief.

    The Lunus Elder approached the pair and raised a taloned paw, as if to strike in outraged indignation. The Dragons adult and ancient began separating in ranks and factions. Preparing for the coming combat showing and not showing their support for the two opposing dragons. The older Helian High Elder drew himself up.

    The ancient Helian said, “That would be very unwise, oh Lunus.” He stood on his hind legs, fully erect, as he stared down at the smaller, ancient Lunus.

    Realizing his mistake the Lunus backed away. “We will not forget this insult to our race,” he growled,..eyeing his ranks of aerial supporters in the multitude of Dragons above him. Their continually changing positions showed his diminishing support.

    The ancient Helian hovered above the pad with the Lunus below him,”I am sure you will not, oh Lunus!!,” replied.

    The High Elder addressed the large number of Chiconis Dragons with a bellow, “Go home now. Dralk has things well in paw. You have more important duties that require you!” Half of all the Dragons lifted in silence, leaving their Dralk relatives.

    The High Elder swooped in the air, in a graceful arc, heading to Tazoon with the Elf on his back.

    “Was that wise High Elder?”, the Elf shouted above the whistling wind looking down in wonder at a sight he never thought he would live to see.

    The High Elder did not answer, but asked instead “Did you see that the human knew the draconic languages, both variations? Did you know he speaks All the languages, but the Draconic ones, reads in all, and writes in all of them as well?

    The old elf looked shocked, He replied,” I never knew...”

    The High Elder continued,”Of course you did not, nor did any others on the biped councils. Draconic magic and knowledge is far wider ranging and ancient, than the knowledge of the younger race of elves. Did you know that he was one of the few humans, who as a child visited Chiconis to learn the language, study and read the ancient annals of battles long since past as a child? You think he has a superior memory. That is not true. He has a didactic memory, using paper to record only what his future commanding officers will need, not him. Those maps he has hidden in places not even we can find. This human General is the most dangerous living creature on this world in what he could accomplish, or in his vengeance he could wreck on these lands. We in Chiconis are grateful that he has an enemy in the Withered Aegis to assuage his fury on instead of us. The Lunus are right to be unnerved by of him. You remember of course The thesis that got him dismissed?, yes??”

    “Yes,” returned the elf.

    “That whole series of events was his own machinations to allow him the opportunity to be elsewhere doing other things? His staff sowed the seeds of doubt. His staff fanned the embers of those flames into a conflagration requiring someone to do something about the outrage. Lunus played into his hands. With a little help from Lunus the dryad, who is the supreme commander, led the way. She already thought him, as an upstart and was greedy for the reins of power. She lead the way convincing all the races, to unite against him except the Elves, Gnomes, Humans and Helian dragons.”

    “That campaign against the hypothetical Lunus adversary, our military scholars in Chiconis believe, would have worked. He nurses a deep grudge against the Lunus, and does not even realize it himself. Long since forgotten in a distant trauma, as a child. The arrogance of Lunus led to the deaths of his family. Now he has a Lunus enemy in his own mind. The grudge will be deep, vengeful, and his wrath hot. How like a dragon he is!!”

    The Elven ambassador, now unsure and beginning to become frightened said,
    ”How did you know this High Elder?”

    “I watched it happen, little naka. You must manage to do your best to guide him, watch him and remain his “friend” for that is how he views you, Vengeance and hatreds must not consume him. He trusts no one else now, but you and the Saris Colonel after his dismissal. You are more important than you know. Now for the greater lesson...”

    “Greater lesson??,” thinking of what he had been told.

    This is a lesson best seen than explained over dinner the Satyr's would say. Look below, little Naka. What do you see? Quickly now Tazoon is already approaching,” said the High Elder.”

    “Everything is small and insignificant,” said the old Elven diplomat.

    “How do you feel little one?”

    “The world is beneath my feet and I feel at this moment Powerful” said the Elf. The Dragon began to climb Higher and Higher.

    “Now you understand Lunus, and so many of we the Helians. Fear this, little Naka, for it has been the cause of much our undoing in our own ancient histories. This pride and vanity, with feelings of superiority and power lifts many of us up, while all else becomes less and less.

    “I never realized ancient one” the Elf said humbly.

    “Yes, a little bit wiser I think. This is what you must tell your masters. Lunus is stalked by this terrible fate even, as he hunts for prey below.”

    Now, I will give you a story for the future hatchlings of your line,” the High Elder laughed.

    The elf appeared bewildered to the dragons eye, as he began to get nervous. The High Elder had slowly been farther andfarther above the clouds. The view was gone of lands belowobscured by clouds, only the full moon above filled the sky.

    “Your Human Naka General instructed us to have a bit of fun, and so we shall!!”, roaring loudly in laughter.

    At the greatest height of the arc the Dragon began to fall, arrowing towards the grounds in the center of Tazoon. With wings tucked in the Dragon fell faster and faster and the sky became a continual blur with the stars streaking in lines above him.
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    Misadventures Part 7


    The Saris sprinted to catch up with her General. She brought news from North Crystal via carrier pigeon. She smiled. Only with this general could she had done this without being court marshaled, she thought, and that she liked, endearing him even closer as her general and the chosen general of her people.
    “General, I took the liberty of a few orders in your name.”

    The general raised an eyebrow,” And?”

    “Scouts were dispatched to North Crystal and we have his scent now. There was some other disturbing things, but nothing we could put a claw on.”

    The General grinned broadly. He began whistling a marching tune, smiling as he gazed into the distance.

    “Is there a problem, General?” The Saris inquired.

    “No not at all, Colonel. I am just thinking.”

    “Of what sir?,” she inquired.

    “Your orders remain unchanged, however I am placing you in charge of this hunt with the forces I have designated. The Lunus dragons on this hunt will ultimately answer to you. IF they have a question, they need only contact Tazoon, if they wish to be reprimanded by Dralk General Escasia!”


    The Human looked smug. Well let's say I had a list of “suggestions” for the supreme commander that needed to be swiftly addressed.

    “But you are only the garrison commander in charge of Dalimond regions and southward...”, she exclaimed!

    “The grand tides of War change all things, general. I have been elevated to Supreme Commander Of All Istarian Military Forces, of course,” Chuckling softly to himself.

    "What umm War sir? I have not received any notice,“Trailing off, as she looked embarrassed.

    The human clapped her on the back knocking her forward. You have been busy, so you have not heard. The Withered Aegis is pouring over the borders in multiple areas. Just as I predicted long ago. Princess Leaf is The Supreme Commander Of All Istarian Civilian Affairs. She is busy with thevarious non-militairy aspects of the different racial governments of course. Very very important under these circumstances, since on her shoulders lay the portal problems.” he pointed out raising an eyebrow.

    The Saris looked confused. She blinked rapidly not sure what to say.

    Stopping in his tracks he looked at the Saris seriously for a moment.

    “There is no one else I can trust to accomplish your orders. We have a nice little war hotly brewing and I don't want you to miss any of the fun. So give your orders. Walk with me a bit then get cracking,” He laughed.

    Smelling the fear all around them, General Escasia turned and whispered urgently in the Supreme Commander's ear,” Az my beloved General you must speak quickly all around us is the reek and stink of fear!

    The crowd was no longer a little creek, but had grown tremendously into a large winding river around them and behind.

    Az looked around him smiling. “Beloved general,” he thought. He liked that. Though her face revealed nothing he recognized the the posture and stiffness. Ever the advisor and his right arm, she had never been wrong in the twenty years he had known her.

    Looking around covertly he saw the fear worry and uneasiness that precipitates failure. Word had spread like a raging wind across the lands. Mass hysteria ruled the night. The city fires across the lands with the destruction of the portals forced many outside Imperial protection. The attacking of the Withered Aegis, destruction of supply trains, vault robberies, looting, pillaging and wickedness of all types suddenly all over the Imperium had fostered waves of fleeing civilians in many different directions. It only made sense that the civilians and troops were worried and afraid. He needed to dosomething immediately or the madness would follow right into his own camp.

    Spotting the great huge ancient Lunus pacing besides his party, headdressed him politely. Oh mighty Lunus lift me up that that all my children may see me and hear me and know of what I expect!

    The Lunus addressed the Helian silently with a question.
    The Helian replied, “Comply my brother and see your enemy, who is indeed perhaps your greatest friend. Watch the Naka, see the seeds of fate sown.”

    The huge Lunus ancient lifted up the General in front of the swelling crowd no longer two hundred and fifty officers, but many hundreds, if not thousands. All fleeing to Dalimond to escape the burning of Bristugo and its surrounding countryside and further southwards.

    Milord Chiconis Lend your mighty wisdom to my lips that all may hear. Suddenly a nimbus of light surrounded him. Granting him a seemingly divine presence that was magnified in a darkened night with stars gone from the sky, hidden in smoke.

    Then addressing the burgeoning crowd he opened his arms, with hands palms outward inviting to those below. The many commoners knew him. He had eaten with them. He had laughed with them and seeing their tears wept with them. He was one of them and they were one of his.

    He spoke with the hills and valleys of his voice,” Lend me your ears. Listen closely my children. Be Not afraid! Stand firmly in the knowledge that we will NOT fail. The future may come when men and women of all races have no heart, have no courage and only the strength they have is in their legs to run away. But that day is not today. Today we stand one and all, together and indomitable. We will NOT forsake our vows, forsake our honor, forsake our courage! Join our ranks oh men and women of these sacred lands. As we shall stand before you in the coming battle, stand with us and grant your strength that together we stand a multitude of many made one. Let the waves of our enemies crash against our great cliffs and be rebuffed. Lets us cry Havoc and let slip the Dogs of War. We are become juggernaut. We are Righteous. Our cause is Just. The sea of our enemies will crash against us, and we will Smite them in our righteous indignation. We shall Smite them with the Divine Wrath of fiery rain and thundering of our own blood, our own courage and our valor. With his fists in the air shaking with effort, his body trembling in wrath he shouted in crescendo, “The hot blood of vengeance shall be ours to burn them, destroy them, and obliterate them. There will be no mercy, no quarter and we shall send them to the grey plains of dust where there is no resurrection, till the end of days to shuffle their feet thirsty, and weary without rest! Come and follow, come and join , come and be..... Victorious!!“

    The Lunus looked at the little Naka searchingly, Az grinned and winked.

    The ancient Lunus set him down gently.The noise was deafening, as the crowd of thousands shouted only one word over and over, “Az!,Az!,Az!...”

    General Az looked to his right, seeing an older Saris sergeant major he knew, he addressed her,” Ah there you are Ariella. I have not seen you in a while. How is that grand daughter of yours little Reva?

    “She is well sir and already causing trouble for her mother.” Ariella spoke in a matter of fact tone.

    “Fear not sergeant major she will do well, just like her grandmother with all the paper work she has caused me over the years!." The soldiers around the trio laughed with relief.

    “Ariella?',General Az asked.

    “Yes sir?”

    “If we live you will be with her in less two days, perhaps even by noon tomorrow.”

    When once again he was down in the midst of the officers walking, he raised his hands speaking in the silent battle tongue they had developed, “Remember even training exercises can get you killed, so be careful. Take care of yourselves and each other, watch each others backs, and don't get yourselves killed because of some foolishness. These exercises are all of your ideas placed into a cohesive whole. New strategies, new tools developed in secret giving us tactical advantages unseen in all our written histories before this day. The thinning of our ranks for political expedience and bureaucratic expenditures has worked in our favor leaving us lean and mean. Despite enemies within and without, we have been busy these last seventeen years. With most of our old friends joining us, we have the the favor of the gods! We Are indeed Juggernaut. We are The Mighty Power of old once again! The blood of our lives will not soak these lands uselessly, we will Not fail and we will prevail! When we reach Dalimond, you will receive your orders follow them, and use your best judgment. The Fates are in motion my children, so let the Games begin!!

    “Taking out a stubby cigar. General Az begin to puff

    “Sergeant major? give us a tune,” he ordered.

    Sergeant major Ariella began an old marching tune and began singing. The others began humming or singing along, seemingly without a care in the world. Then the great crowd took up the ancient human military marching song

    Once again the old soldier looked towards Dalimond lost in thought.
    “You appear distant general Az, is there some worry you need to share with your troops? A burden shared is a burden lightened Supreme Commander.

    The old soldier gave her a hard glance, then looked around as the others looked at him in a concerned manner. He smiled warmly at the concern of his troops

    He sniffed, taking on a jaunty air, he spoke loudly so that all would hear

    “I am thinking of a certain smell. That of burning brimstone and burning oil, with the sounds of battle.”

    “Why would you wish to remember that ??'

    “It is the smell of victory General. The smell of victory!. There is nothing like it when day breaks, the enemy fully engaged and this smell of victory pervades the breeze!”

    The Lunas dragon looked to the other ancient Helian in silence as he listened to the bipeds.

    “Boys and girls?, Children? Divine justice?”

    “Yes,” the Helian replied. “He believes us all to be his hatchlings and he would allow his blood to soak in the earth for us all, and that he has the gods favor.”

    The Lunas thought seriously then replied, “I think perhaps it is, as it should be. As far as I am concerned he is OUR hatching and will need our guidance.”

    “Agreed.” the the Helian nodded.

    The Saris blinked, slightly shocked at her superior's words. She looked around at the expressions of numerous officers. Content and confident of the great battle to come, they laughed and joked amongst themselves . She grinned broadly.

    My beloved General,” she thought...then,Our General, beloved by all his children” she amended. Showing her teeth, she extended her claws, flexing them. She took up the song with her general, singing it in her own language, as the general whistled. Together one and all, they marched to join the others in Dalimond. The Games had begun!

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    Laslo's Run

    (See Post 8 Misadventures Part 2)

    Porting from Bristugo, Laslo QuickFingers, known as Fingers, awoke in transit choking and unable to breathe. This was not supposed to happen he thought. He could see the picture of an arrival pad getting closer, then there would be a flash of light, as a new tunnel appeared before him. Safety features and schematics returned to his memory, as he lapsed into unconsciousness again, this time suffocating.

    He gasped for breath as he arrived approximately two meters in the air above the pad. He dropped to the ground with clothes burning and burned flash wounds.

    In the distance he heard an explosion and was bounced up into the air, as a wave rolled its way through the earth. The pad cracked then shattered with the moving earth. He heard the trumpet of a horn that was clipped off.

    Laslo took a healing potion. Once partially restored he struggled to a kneeling position. The Theta-Omega portion of the plan was in progress, he realized. The second impact took him back up in the air and he was peppered with fragments of stone from the shattered pad. Once again he was slammed back to the back to the earth, then thrown clear parallel to the ground hitting a tree with the shockwave that followed, losing consciousness again.

    Again he woke up, hardly able to move. Once again an explosion occurred much further away. Managing to take a another healing potion he lay still. His clothes were still smoldering and his hat was on fire. Able to move with more flexibility he took yet another potion. Fully restored again he jumped up. Again he heard the horn, tho more shaky this time.

    Laslo looked up. Ahead in the night shadows by the road, an imperial guardsman was under attack. Two arrows stuck out of his chest, and he was beginning to fall. The horn dropped out of his hand. A dagger sank into his throat. Three attacking brigands took him front and behind. The biggest one, a half giant bumped into the support beam. The open enclosure crashed down on them all. Struggling mightily the three threw off the debris.

    The Sslik croaked out, “We got company!”

    ALL three were up and looking. They saw in the moonlight a blackened tattered figure. Only his under garments were intact. Made from a better weave, his Iron Dwarf logo shorts shown brightly with its muscled patterned Dwarf in the Iron Dwarf position, showing off in a muscled weave pattern. The material was from Kirasanct. The clothing assembled in Aughundell showed up in iridescent moonlit splendor, splashing its statement of, ”I cost a lot”, with a blatant marketing magical jingle. His boots and other stolen pieces from the best thrift shops of four different cities remained intact. Gaining confidence, listening to the Fiendish marketing subliminals of his Iron Dwarf shorts, Laslo began to dance presenting his best con-gnome airs.

    Laslo looked straight up. As he began to mutter and grunt, he waved his arms in circular motion. Dancing in circles, he began to scream in a nonsensical nonexistent language. Waving his extendable cane, his hat burned and smoked. His golden Iron dwarf shorts flashed in the moonlight, catching the brigands attention and mesmerizing them on the spot. He counted the seconds. The clouds began covering the full moon.

    The brigands were three, and three were the brigands. Four were they not, nor even five. Three they were. Ssilik, Half Giant and Human stood frozen in position, shocked by the sight before them. In the distance Laslo could see the flying burning debris, coming down toward them. Higher still above the clouds fiery trails cut across the sky. He had never thought Theta-Omega would be this Good!! He had to get further away! Laughing in maniacal hysteria, he snapped his arms downward. The first wave of flying fiery debris hit the ground around them.

    “Meteor Storm,” the human screamed in fright. The brigands ran for their lives. A mad wizzie was off the chain.

    Fifteen meters above him just a few meters in front and slightly further up the road, a host of gigantic miniatures huddled. The titanic tree limb arched across the road below.

    One of the creatures pointed down to Laslo with a short spear saying to its fellow in a chitter, ”It slept for a thousand eons now it was alive!”
    The second creature snickered out loud, but was cut short with a whack on the back of his head by the of the silver razor backed Matriarch.
    Freezing in place they both got silent.

    “Was that a faint crack? She thought. She made “the Gesture” with the staff to the creatures. The tribe began to listen, smell and look around remaining ever so silent, ever so still.

    “Laslo smirked over his left shoulder looking at the retreating backs of the brigands. “Idiots,” he thought, “They deserve to die. Maybe the flaming debris would take them”. Looking behind himself to make sure the disk of illegal casks were still there, he trotted up to the imperial guard. With a quick criminal and professional assessment, he concluded chortling,”Dead as a stone.”

    Looking about furtively, and seeing no one around, Laslo looted the body efficiently and quickly, using his own tried and true technique. Honest citizen that he was, he double checked for a hidden pocket and found one. Pouring the contents in his hand he saw a six month's pay. Carefully he pursed the coins, noting the one gold and a number of silver and copper coins that had not been shaved. “Fresh off the mint,” he greedily thought.

    Lalso thought to himself, despite the feeling of being watched, ”No witnesses, the murderers were gone, and the coins brand new.” Gleefully he did a jig around the dead body. Beginning to start prayers of thanksgiving to the gods of thieving, luck and good fortune, he cut off the thoughts in mid stream. He could not remember last time he had gone and given offerings to the various temples. SO... rather than risk having the great spiritual entities take his gold right there on spot, Laslo stashed the coins into his backpack saying, “Let the gods get their own coin.” Again the feeling of being watched, caused a shiver to run up and down his spine his skin crawling.

    With a final cursory glance at the body before leaving, Laslo's eyes widened. The human's boots were the newest out on the market. Created by a consortium of consulting master level specialists in magical fabrics and their applications, the group had founded their own company. The Ultimate in outland gear. Impervious to weather, wear and magic they were guaranteed. Not only for the life of its user, but for an additional payment one could get written guarantees for three generations!! These boots were worth several hundred gold. Laslo got busy trying to get the human's boots off. He lost focus and awareness of his surroundings, as greed consumed him.

    The forward Human scout in front of the advancing militia platoon called out, “Sarge, Fred is dead! We got us a murdering Gnome.”

    Sergeant McLaughlin mentally reviewed his orders in a flash. The Orders of General Az had been explicit, when he had addressed them
    all, “Tazoon wants this murderin gnome alive for trial. IF, however, he presents a threat to you and your men, then eliminate him with extreme prejudice. This gnome is a lying, thieving, treason drenched bag of scum. He would sell his mother into slavery to make a heinous profit. Tazoon has declared him in writing “A Clear and Present Danger to the Imperium of Allied races”. Even now the Leaders of The Withered Aegis are taking advantage of this mayhem. IF you actually capture, then make sure he has a long Journey to Dalimond, He could always die in an escape. When your duty is done with this nastiness, thrust on us by Tazoon, then gear up, make sure to clean off his filth on your weapons, and get yourselves back. New orders will be waiting at Dalimond. There will be no senseless murders.”

    “Nab him boys! sergeant McLaughlin bellowed,as he and his men ran towards Laslo.

    Laslo saw the lead scout shoot one of those new floating arrows that lit the ground brightly. General Az of Dalimond had commissioned New Rachival Gnomes to make the arrows for the infantry fighting the Withered Aegis. He ground his teeth in his outrage. The time was now. He was tired of dancing around those blasted humans. They bred like rabbits and were barbarians. They were an affront to any civilized race.

    Looking at the humans running to him, Laslo calmly took out his most valued possessions. He had a full assortment of rare elixirs and potions. He poured them in his mouth two at a time, pitching the bottles away littering the forest floor. calmly he pulled out his bow. The euphoria of the combined potions made him feel like a god.

    Laslo stood steadfast against the over whelming foe, and slowly drew back his bow to fire on the Center of Mass of the Sergeant.

    Sergeant McLaughlin saw Laslo take the potions, the smile on his face, as he slowly took out the bow. His dead flat eyes looking at him in disgust without wavering, then he saw the Knut disk with the illegal whiskey casks floating behind him.

    Suddenly he knew. This murderin beast was THE GNOME that had caused such danger to his city and the Imperium of Races. Remembering the screaming, the injured,the dying and burning civilians, as earthquakes shook the ground with burning masonry falling from the sky. The collapsing buildings, as society fell into the abyss of anarchy. The report of the Withered Aegis pouring out from mulitple WA controlled areas, like flowing water through a broken dam. Fresh memories, Hot memories vengeance filled him.

    His voice rang out like gong, bellowing a second and final time,” Tis the murdin treasonous gnome lads, kill im and grind im to dust,” his voice rang out.

    Laslo having drawn the bow taunt, drew the bow even further, as his drug induced muscles bulged. He smiled at the platoon of human militia, all tried to dodge, 'cept the sergeant who sprinted the closing meters.

    As he released the arrow, the Earthquake hit. The bow shattered from the pressure of the draw. The arrow arced upward. The human Dalimond militia were knocked off their feet as the earth rolled and buckled.

    A resounding crack and pop followed. The arrow hit the limb going through killing the creature on top. The huge limb snapped from the combined tribal weight with the abuse of the quake. Dozens of creatures fell with the limb on the platoon of militia, screeching and attacking everything that moved. A deep moaning groan with a shattering series of crunches dominated all other sounds that filled the glen. Immediately after, the ancient titian fell slowly across the road, disgorging even more of the hostile creatures.

    Laslo stood still not moving. All around him the screams, curses and shouts of troopers, blended with the howls of frenzied ferocious chittering in the maelstrom of battle. The creatures fought for their tribe and survival. The humans battled in fear of an enemy they did not understand. He was untouched and unnoticed.

    Feeling pain in his forearm, Lalso noticed the tiny infant clutching him with its claws. Looking at him with eyes of hope and intelligence, its claws dug in his flesh in fear. Enraged, Laslo swept the infant off his sleeve with the back of his hand sneering. Its tiny scream of pain, accompanying a crunch of bones, followed as it went flying through the air limp and silent.

    The ancient Matriarch jumped up in the midst of the chaotic battle. Catching the infant, she tumbled through the air, landing on the Sergeant McLaughlin's chest. The Sergeant could not move. His lower legs were pinned if not crushed by a huge branch of the great tree. He was helpless, unable to do anything.

    With tears in his eyes he looked at grandmother holding the silent infant. The matriarch and and the sergeant looked deeply in each others eyes, and in that reflection, shared a common thought. Only one was to blame for this. They both turned to look at Laslo. As their troops saw them look, so did they as well. Laslo was the target of every gaze, human or not.

    In a frozen instant Laslo saw the immediate danger to his life before him. Fear filled him. In a blur of movement he equipped his Gangaf's experimental boots of speed, drank a quint quickstep potion, then ran for his life, as he cast a swift feet spell dragging his prized treasure with him.

    His fated run had begun. A nightmare become real from a soothsayer long ago. He knew these woods and its terrain like the back of his hand. He vowed to himself he would not die.

    Thetroopersstoodsilentlylookingattheirsergeant.The tribelookedattheMatriarch.

    The ancient female gestured with her staff then chittered and grunted a command. One warrior detached himself from his tribe and began the run after Laslo. Cuddling the unmoving and silent infant, she looked at Sergeant McLaughlin.

    The sergeant looked to his surviving troops. He named his four best scouts and sent them after the giant little warrior following Laslo. He then called, “ Jimmy boy and you too Freddie, head back for assistance, we got a lot of wounded and dead here now. The rest of you start digging on the other side of this tree and get me out of here.”

    Freddie addressed him, brave enough to voice what all the surviving troops thought,“But sarge you could..”

    Sergeant McLaughlin laughed interjecting, “That day is not today laddie, follow your orders now!”
    The troops started digging with the creatures assisting.

    The giant little creatures mended the humans as best as able. The ancient Matriarch still sat on his broad chest tapping him on the forehead, as he tried to doze off, even as she tapped the little infant. She look at him quizzically glancing at the report pack of slate pad, parchment, ink and quill. She then looked at the dead human imperial guardsman, then off in the distance direction Laslo had taken, then at the little infant and its mother at her side. She repeated her motions for the third time. She sighed, the humans now were as simple, as they had been centuries ago. Looking irritated, she chittered. Three more creatures came over taking out his report pack, then held the slate pad in front for him.

    Sergeant Mclaughlin remembered what his Gran had told him long ago, “Go with your gut boy, and always do what your elders tell ya.”

    The sergeant began to write furiously. “A report for the hero guardsman, a report for his squad, and the report of the not so extinct race with a probable murder of a baby. The Gnome was gonna pay!”, he thought to himself.

    Suddenly the insects stopped buzzing. The frogs stopped croaking. The night birds stopped singing. All became uncannily silent. Over head and flying low, the rage of three Lunus adult male dragons was grossly apparent. Obliterating any thing that moved on the ground with flames, they headed the direction that Laslo and the vengeful group following him had taken.

    to be continued
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    Default Re: Disturbing News

    Laslo's Run

    PART 2

    Sergeant McLaughlin amended his report to include a last statement on rampaging dragons. As he was finishing his reports with the Matriarch still sitting on his chest, he could hear the marching songs of Saris troopers. There were several hundred of them at least.

    General Escasia trotted up to the group of injured and dead. The platoon of humans were surrounded by an odd huge group of creatures. At the approach of the group of Saris surrounding them, the little warriors began to swing their bolas. Others pulled out their little discolored mithril tipped short spears and various types of wicked looking little short swords and knives.

    Laying on his back the sergeant turned and addressed General Escasia,“ Sorry about the situation here ma'am. We are in a bit of a spot. The sergeants partially crushed legs were obvious to all.

    She recognized him. He was one of Az's most trusted NCO's. “Report sergeant,” she commanded, “Quickly, as we are pressed for time. Our mission is the gnome and a certain large group of about five thousand undead troopers of the Withered Aegis headed by SOG. They are headed to somewhere in this locale.”

    The sergeant's report was detailed and succinct.

    The General was appalled tho intrigued. Thinking she called to the fore an old Tower Healer. The elderly Satyr looked sprite, despite her age. Seeing these creatures she looked shocked. Grinning broadly she began to chitter hesitantly. The Matriarch responded rapidly and in depth.

    “What are they?” General Escasia asked.

    “An ancient specie and intelligent race thought to be extinct. Nearly hunted by the dragons into extinction, the humans almost finished the job. There is a legend of Ashlander making a series of codified laws protecting them, by ensuring it to be a capital offense of hanging, if caught. He pushed the laws through a negotiated series of treaties between the races, addressing trade tariffs etc.” The Satyr laughed. “He attached these laws in the fine print, it is said.”

    The general noted the matriarch was looking agitated. “Address the infant healer,we must be going. Our mission is not complete. We are almost out of time. General Az expects a certain outcome.”

    The healer held out one hand for the little infant. Her assistant came up holding a potion.The Matriarch handed over the nearly dead babe. The healer did an off key incantation with odd gestures with the air. Her assistant sang in counter point.

    A long moment passed. Suddenly the infant jumped out of his hand to its mother, who jumped backwards to a group of warriors, while chittering at a fast pace. The warriors surrounded her immediately, looking in a threatening manner at the huge group of giants. With her infant healed, safely in her pouch, protected by the warriors, she chittered in anger, shaking her very tiny fists in the air. There was no doubt in anyone's mind about the mothers opinion of one and all, as the fierce little mother made a universal obscene gesture of defiance at them all.

    The Matriarch tapped the Sergeant on the forehead, kissed him on the nose, chittered at the Satyr then leaped back several meters. As a group they bounced and leaped through the forest to one particular ancient tree. The matriarch tapped the trunk. A glow appeared. The entire tribe one at a time jumped into the glow. The matriarch backed into the tree last, bowing then disappearing.

    “What just happened Satyr?” asked the Sergeant Major.

    “The use of an ancient Lore, as forgotten as they have been Sergeant major,” returned the Tower Healer.

    “Healer use evac transport disks, and get these individuals to Dalimond for treatment,” said the general. “Sargeant Major get these troops moving.”

    “Do we have a direction from the scouts yet Sergeant Major?,” asked General Escasia.

    “Easy general, the scouts report we need follow the burned down trees . There is a breadcrumb trail of empty potion bottles with the scent.”

    The transport healers and disk with the humans aboard disappeared, The legion following the general and sergeant major was again at a full run only a Saris can manage. Sometime later with the telling run, affecting them all, the two of her six scouts ran back toward them carrying a human screaming ,”Duck and cover!!, Duck and Cover!!”. The Saris legion scattered without question.

    Just past the next ridge in a valley beyond, a monstrous ball of fire rose set on a blue white column of flames. The brilliant blue white flames with the reddish golden light of the ball of flames lit up the three dragons hovering, then enveloped them. It continued to rise, as the circular wave of fire at the base engulfed the legion running for their lives to safety. The three Lunus adult dragons fell like stones after the horrific ball of flames passed through them. At the mercy of the flying debris, uprooted trees and shockwave, the Saris ranks were decimated

    General Escasia awoke to the water poured on her face by the sergeant major. Both were bloody and bleeding The general seared and cauterized was far more burned and awfully damaged. She was missing most of her body. Looking about she bellowed for her troops unable to move. A few of them attempted to rise and respond. Looking at a demonically altered blasted forest, she wondered if any of them were going to live. Dazed she could not stand up. Her ears were bleeding.

    “Healers?”, she asked

    “None responding General,” the sergeant major said.

    “Now drink.....almost pouring the healing potions down her general's throat.”

    “Az must be informed.”

    “He has been. Dragons are coming and a lot of them. With three dead Lunus dragons, I think, most of Lunus is responding. Druids are on the way with the Guardians.”

    “The dead? How many?”

    “The surviving platoon commanders are checking on the living and the dead.”

    “How did you manage to be able to stand?”

    “You took the fire in front of me and your body was my shield. Shame on you general, did I not teach you better?”

    “I cannot feel anything Ariella! Am I going to die? Why are the dragons not landing they fill the sky hovering.”

    “You are severely injured. You must live to give your report to your general. I think the Dragons are afraid of what is beyond the ridge. They will not return our tells with the stones General Escasia. What is going on behind that ridge? Do you not wish to see for the report to the general, who has obtained a measure of your female heart?”

    General Escasia embarrassed looked away.

    The sergeant major summoned a surviving Druid and Spiritist. The four survivors with the Sergeant Major carrying her general, crept up to the melted stone of the ridge before them and peered below.

    Sog? Stood defiantly below them In front of his large army. He, his body guards, and minions flailed at the figure hovering effortlessly in front of him. She buffed her taloned hands calmly. The hovering figure seemed fiendish but wasn't. It had dragon horns and the wingspan of an ancient dragon. It was female in form tho nearly three meters tall. She turned to look at them. They noted large slitted dragon yellow eyes set in a fiendish face. The creature seemed to be in a semi-Khutit form. Its flesh shimmered with thousands of miniature flexible scales. It had a tail like a fiend and was blue, but the tail had a elevated razored ridge like a dragon. No armor did it wear.

    “Ah at last the final witnesses required have arrived. Now the blood pact may be full filled, an ancient promise resolved! Dragons in the sky, four primitive bipeds standing on the ground below on the sacred flesh of Istaria, all in the presence of the befouling stench of a living vaulted Withered Aegis Power!”

    Seeing again the great power of the Withered Aegis she grinned at SOG.

    Looking at her nails critically, she eyed SOG and in his language said, “Well Well Well!! The mighty SOG the very Epitome of a disgraceful lack of manners and on MY lands at that! And no invitation as well!” Her voice dripped in venomous sarcasm.

    “YOU will Not keep the gnome from us little half breed Khutit hatching!,” yelled SOG.

    The ancient creature laughed with a tinkling voice part note part melody. In an ancient ethereal language she spoke, and as she spoke she began to bellow. The spiritist translated for the other three.

    “My My aren't you being sooooo Dominating!! Now listen to me you little worm, wallowing around in an insignificant existence, you will deliver ONE message, which will hopefully give some type of meaning to your miserable destiny. But , I doubt it! YOU will tell those sniveling little whiners, which refer to themselves as the Masters of the Withered Aegis, I will not tolerate anymore skulking around. If they want a war then do me the courtesy of leaving me a message and get On with it!” she shouted. Then calm as dust laying she said sweetly,”...but what I really want to see, is if those little stubby wings can flap fast enough to fly with!!”

    With a flash of movement she grabbed SOG by the throat with a blue fire burning hand and his right hand holding his sword with her own taloned left hand. She lifted up with a single snap of her wings. She called by name many of the ancient Lunus female dragons hovering in the distance. In the ancient tongue of dragons she wished them a glorious night of exhilarating fun filled terror. The hovering dragons scattered. SOG thrashed about tying to command his solders to attack, connected to him by his own will. Fear began to creep in his belly when he saw them lifted up as well.

    She almost seemed to dance in a grand ballet, as she lifted them all up. Above the clouds and higher still she took him and his army. Gasping for breath, SOG was beginning to suffocate. The stars became brighter and brighter, as the blue fire got hotter burning his throat along with his partially crushed right hand still holding his sword. SOG began to squeal.

    Cocking her head slightly she said throatily, “Oh SOG! I am ever so glad you are enjoying yourself in this our aerial dance together,” She simpered evilly. She continued saying with a honey laced voice,” Now I think I will sing a song to this great powerful and wonderful Withered Aegis darkened night, so that all my distant draconic relatives may enjoy our joyful time together!”

    “Now listen carefully to me my little piglet,” she whispered in a chilling voice that reverberated through the air to the ground far below. The very air was so frigid with her voice that snow began to fall.

    “Now the dark nobles during the grand human civil war would say to their minstrels at the great feasts,

    “Sing sweetly so high,
    Sing softly so low.
    Sing us a song,
    No mortal man knows.”

    The Minstrels would reply with all guests in the grand halls singing with them.

    “Along the pathways and by ways
    in the Dark ways We stand.

    Amidst them we wander,
    so many, so grand.

    Unhurried unharried
    the winds sing us their songs.

    Of short ways of long ways,
    of old ways since gone.

    Sings its song loudly tho softly still clear,
    then quietly as dust laying,
    as silently so too.

    A door opens quickly
    slowly we shuffle thru.

    Another life another Day
    one more song fate sings.

    The Lyre lays there broken,
    the temple bells never ring

    The flowers never open,
    or so it all seems.

    But Nights reign begins anew,
    thus the dark gods deem things.

    We revel in Night's morning,
    picnic by its light.
    Pick the night shade flowers,
    growing in Night's light bright.

    In Dark evenings sup we as one
    on ancient tables befitting kings
    The servants have all entered
    the dinner bells yet still ring.

    Have we all,
    from a time Day calls Dead.

    The dark gods lay sleeping
    on ancient beds laced golden thread.

    We raise our voices with gleaming goblets held high,
    chant to the music of a dead minstrel's cry.

    We laugh a laugh, we share a joke,
    we wonder about the Day.

    The light blinded fools keep it,
    traveling only within its ways.”

    Arriving at her destination far far above the clouds, she looked at SOG limp and dying. Smiling she patted him on the cheek to arouse him. Once she had his full attention, she dropped him. The great SOG fell tumbling over and over his stubby wings flapping for all he was worth to no avial. The terrible pain was replaced with a greater fear. He squealed like a piglet, seeing his fate coming to him before his own eyes on the ground below. Just before impact he disappeared shrieking in a circle of pulsing green light. His minions hit the ground like stones, their lives snuffed out in an instant.

    The fearful being in Khutit form, landed before the four witnesses and came toward them in a blink of an eye. Suddenly she was looking at them nose to nose. Again in the middle of a moment she changed to full bodied Fiendish form.

    “Hmmf,” she muttered to herself.” I truly am sorry, but I cannot let you die, looking at Escaria. The blood pact made by my mother would be broken.”

    The creature snatched the dying Saris away from the sergeant major. General Escasia started to breath in her last breath to scream , but the creatures breath full of strange tasting air filled her lungs, as the creature exhaled. The Being muttered something in a ancient dead long since dust language, Dropping the Saris like she was nothing, General Escaria writhed in the arms of the druid. Her flesh and bone regrew, knitting itself together with the druid trying to minister to her.

    Picking up Laslo's spirit still bound to the ashes of his flesh she hummed a jaunty little cant. Grabbing him by his ghostly hair she shook him like a rag doll. The dust lifted up off the ground and filled the crystal bottle she held. She put a stopper in it saying, “Oh my wonderfully nasty conning, burglarizing, thieving, assaulting, chaotic little gnome. We are going to have a Wonderful adventure together! Full of enlightenment, full of such marvelous dark joy, full of such great Pain!!”

    His eyes bulged and lips closed and opened puffing like a gold fish. Staring, the four could not draw their eyes away, as he reached to them in supplication over and over. He and the creature then faded from sight.

    “What was he trying to say?” Arellia whispered to the spiritist

    “I do not know” she replied, “ ethereal space no one can hear you scream.”
    Sergeant major Arellia shuddered.

    “Sergeant Major help me to the pits center. We must find proof of Laslo's death and the means by which he died!” said forcibly as she tried to stand.

    “Why general?”, the sergeant major replied.

    “See the dragons attending the bodies?, those are Lunus dragons. See what they are doing?”

    “Removing the bodies?”

    “They are doing more. See the spell casting they perform on the earth? They are cleansing what happened here. They will deny any Lunus involvement. Three ancients vs. us four. Who do you think a general tribunal, or a public people's general court would believe?, us or three ancient dragons? The answer is obvious. Now we search before Lunus takes all.” she said with vehemence.

    Slowly they combed the ashes.

    “General!?, come quickly.” The spiritist pointed at her feet. “It has Laslo's spiritual residue on it.”

    The druid, and sergeant major supported the now intact general. All three hobbled over. There at their feet was the burned fragment was still visually intact, The Iron Dwarf Logo from a pair of the most recently marketed shorts. The sergeant had described it perfectly, and despite the damage the jingle could still be heard softly. She reached down and picked it up with a special set of tweezers.

    “Evidence bag.” The general said. Then dropped the fabric in it. properly sealing, dating, and marking the time on the label. The specimen was collected.

    The ancient Lunus came up quickly from the dead dragons after she had prepared the earth on one of them. “Give that to me immediately little naka. By the order of the High Lunus council it must be returned to Dralk. You will give it to me Now”. The sergeant major, druid, and spiritist after gazing into the Ancient's eyes fell under and into thrall. They pleaded with General Escaria to give the evidence over. Working on an inner prompting, General Escasia breathed into each face. Suddenly they were normal. All blinked but the sergeant major was furious. Immediately she spoke into a tell stone. She placed herself between the ancient and her general. General Escasia pushed her out of the way, taking several steps to the ancient. The ancient suddenly backed up. Escasia advanced two steps the ancient backed up two steps.

    “Stay away from me Naka!! she bellowed almost nervously.

    Suddenly an adult female Helian landed between them. She was followed by an ancient Helian male also from Chiconis.

    The ancient helian dragon spoke first, “There you are cousin!! Your brothers and sisters await you for the funeral escort of your younger brothers now deceased, after killing the on the orders of Dralk the gnome and ever so many bipeds who happened to be there at the site! Now as far as This Naka is concerned, realize of course your impertinence to your superior. She is the high commander in this field, You will Obey her. You will carry out her orders without question, by the authority of the supreme commander Az, the Elders of Tazoon as well as the High Elders of Dralk and Chiconis. You will of course apologize oh Lunus.” The ancient Lunus female growled then turn to General Escasia and muttered in ancient dragon. Then with a snap of her great wings she lifted up toward to join her brothers and sisters.

    “That is the best you will get General Escasia. Forgive her as she was under orders as well I assume.”

    Escasia stepped to the Ancient Helian to speak, but was cut off.

    He immediately stepped back then addressed the younger adult Helian.

    “Neither can you draw near them my cousin.”

    “That is just nonsense oh my cousin”, said the female.

    “Be it so or not the orders of the High Elder must be obeyed till this situation is defined further by the ancient tomes for the applicability of the ancient laws in regards to She Who Must Not Be Named and her blasphemous heiress hatchling child.”

    “You too ancient Helian?.” The general observed.

    “Sadly true naka. Never before has this occurred. Dragons by their very natures are strict observers of The Laws. This is different in every way possible and shall be decided by those above us. You four are victims under the law tho there is no laws for this in our annals for bipeds. But we have no time for discussion. There is a war to fight and your General is ranting about YOU not being at his side for council..”

    The sergeant major snickered. The spiritist coughed, while the druid looked confused.
    General General Escasia looked away.

    The young female adult, only recently ascended, with eyes widening said,”Oh MY!”

    Interrupting, the ancient Helian pushed her back gently, as she had taken a step forward.

    Do you not have a mission Helian female?, prodded the male.

    “OH yes of course!!,” replied the female. Taking out of her dimensional pocket the traveling scrolls to Dalimond.” Arrelia's mother said to give you these, as you all would need them. Good-bye Amelia Druid,” then lifted off into the night.

    “I will remain here to guard, till the guardians and druids arrive. I wish you all well,” then he too disappeared into the night sky.

    The four females recalled to Dalimond with the evidence in hand.

    In the distant past a soothsayer looked down at her scrying bowl of water.
    Shaking her head sadly, once again she was reminded of what she had been told by her then Ancient Master two centuries prior,” The gods are involved in everything child, never forget them, or the dues they require for their attention. For it IS true they reward and they punish. They watch us always in all that we do. To see the results of the favors or trials they give us. Remember the ancient saying:

    “The mills of the gods grind slowly,
    yet they grind exceedingly fine.”

    All the good thieving, all the good fortune, all the good luck come to nothing in the end.

    Laslo's fated run was finished.

    In the distant past the ancient soothsayer poured out the be-spelled waters of her scrying bowl. Filling it once again she cast a secondspell. Looking for a second and final time, she shuddered and bowed her head fearfully at the horrific violence that was to follow.

    The time of Battles had begun.
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