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    As a law abiding citizen of these lands I bought a plot with the assurance of a lack of regional criminal activity. Despite The great city's assurance that no such activity exists, I found a document on the side of the road outside of Dalimond. Let the Istarian Public beware!! I asked my nephew's local vault employee to see that this is posted.

    EyewitnessReport To (name scratched out) for the Department of Intelligence–Grey Council
    Iarrived after the two primary cloaked suspects had already beguntheir discussion. Both were cowled as to not reveal their identities.One was short and heavily muscled the other one was very tall alsoheavily muscled. The first was probably a dwarf and the second one,was probably as half giant. Unbeknownst to them there was an unseenparty to the side hidden behind the first copse of trees.
    “….....solet us begin”, said the short one.
    Thevery tall one raised a hand without further ado painting an obscuresymbol in the air.

    Thedrama of a prior event unfolded before them.

    Nimbles cleared herthroat, reading through her notes. “After much ado and anaccounting of all department heads, agencies and racial supervisors(took first day) Then, second day was spent going over all accountsof all dues paying citizens, fees, fines, etc. Third day to theseventh day was fines and fees collected and available citizendisciplined but they.....”
    “Shutup and get on with it!” Fingers yelled impatiently.
    Nimbleslooked up from her ledger and flashed him an annoyed look. “Eighthday, general meeting began. Started with the minutes and findings oflast Grey Council General Meeting and then it got reallyinteresting.....”
    “I'mnot paying you to dawdle!” Fingers yelled again.
    Nimblesraised her eyebrows, clearly perturbed by his outbursts.
    “Sorry,”he sighed.
    “LikeI said,” Nimbles continued. “It got interesting. Sadly, I couldnot hear it all, but there was a huge fight that boiled up with a lotof cursing, fist waving, death threats and foot stomping.”
    “What?You missed it?”
    “I'mnot that good at lip reading, and you didn't pay me for life anddeath situations, so put a lid on it. But any ways, there was thisthundering grumble by Big Un, then dead silence. Like—undeaddead silence. So quiet, I could hear a half-giant up front mutteringas he was pinching off nits. Then, all pandemonium broke loose withshouts like Hand then over to the Assassins Guild! Plunder theirproperties. Loot 'em! You know, stuff like that. But then....”
    “You'relosing me,” Fingers held up his hand to stop her.
    “That'sbecause you're an idiot.”
    Fingersfrowned. He might not be the smartest gnome on the block, but he knewwhen he'd been insulted. “Okay, okay. Get on with it.”
    “Well,there is a rumor going up with the Big Cheeses....”
    Fingerslooked hopeful, waiting with anxious anticipation.
    “Supposedlya group of REALLY nasty dark wizards raided some...” she coughed.“Vaults. And did some forays into the Eastern Dead lands. Andthrough various, nefarious means found a way to get people out of theworld with a HUGE fee of course. And of course did NOT pay the properfees or taxes for illegal profitable exploits”
    “What?”Fingers bellowed, going quite red in the face.
    Nimblessighed, waiting for him to calm down. “Lawyers, idiot. Bribes andthe like, you know, the grease of property management and innercommunications with other third parties.”
    Fingerslooked confused.
    “Then,the meeting went on about....”
    “Whatare you talking about?”
    “Themissing settlements, dolt.”
    “Then,there were several theories about connecting all the oddities.”
    “Youmean, I can get off world?”
    “Yeah.Weren't you listening?”
    “Wheredid they go?”
    Nimblesground her teeth, clenched her fists and swished her tail, the verypicture of a furious Saris.
    “Hey,now. That's enough. I'm paying you good shaved silver coins for thisinformation!”
    “Tomove on,” Nimbles ignored him and examined her notes once more.“Then, there was a credible report of a famous, honest citizen outof Tazoon, who has been heavily guarded, who said that he could....”
    “Didyou hear me or not?” Fingers exploded.
    “Enoughof this!” Nimbles yanked the pudgy gnome off his feet. “Youlittle twit! I got a mylok sacrificial dagger put to my throat by anassassin Shadow Cleric. Then, I was taken to interrogation bysecurity. I don't have time for you to be your usual stupid self.Give me my silver!”
    Whenhe didn't immediately comply, Nimbles yanked off his belt pouch andthrew him down. Fingers howled and babbled angrily as she counted outthe silver.
    “There,I've been paid. I also took an extra fifty silver for my legalexpenses.”
    “Legalexpenses,” the gnome squeaked.
    “Yeah.Fines for not doing the paperwork for illicit spying. Then, there arethe probation, council costs, interest daily on the fines. But atleast I got a break.”
    “Whatbreak? I didn't pay for you for this information. What about the....”
    “I'mpaid already, so I don't have to say squat about anything else. Butthere are five fees with this which I did not get paid for. You willpay for it all!”
    “Idon't owe you anything for borking the job!”
    “Nexttime you need me, it will cost you twenty-five gold. I wish you thebest, Fingers. Have a great, famous criminal day!”
    “I'mnot a criminal!”
    “Yes,you are. You have not observed the laws including paying your duesfees and fines for the last few years.
    Fingerssputtered, wild eyed with rage.
    “You'vebeen ratted out, Fingers. And the seventh day of the GreyCouncil....”
    “Whatabout it?”
    “Well,you wanted to be famous!”
    Shechuckled evilly, disappearing into the woods. Flustered and afraid,the gnome rushed off in the opposite direction.

    Theshort, figure spoke softly, “Anything else?”
    Thetaller, figure watched the gnome disappear. “Yes. One more thing.”The figure whispered softly,

    “Thank you. Oh bythe way I put a bonus in there for you and thank you kindly for yourtime”
    “Quitewelcome. Always a pleasure doing business with you, sir.” Hedisappeared, silent as the night.

    “Interesting,muttered the unseen figure who then disappeared like smoke.

    Thespy considered the situation quietly before recalling. The paperworkalways Had to be done properly. He arrived at a cluttered office.Gads I hate paperwork, he thought...

    Doc#3467Z-AA-001 Intelligence Department

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    Very troubling.
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    Nimblesthought about the remaining scroll in her backpack and laughed.Adjusting the straps, she headed to the tavern in Augendel. Uponarrival, she looked about until she spotted an old friend, sitting ina shadowed corner. She walked boldly over and sat down.
    Bytsithe dwarf looked from her mug of tepid water. “Howdy, Nimbles,”she replied. She sounded somewhat despondent. “How ya been?”
    “Nottoo bad, but you've sounded better. No luck finding a husband, huh?”
    Thedwarf shook her head, the beads in her beard clacking together.
    “What'swith the water?”
    “Idon't have a husband and I'm out of coin.” She sighed sadly.
    “There'splenty of coin to be made if your an honest, dues paying citizen....”
    “No,thank you. I'm working on a real trade!”
    “Youmean, you decided on being one of the Axe Wielding Maniacs?” Hervoice rose in surprise. Bytsi had always disdained being a warrior,though every member of her family had joined the ranks for countlessgenerations.
    “Shhh!”Bytsi looked around furtively, motioning for Nimbles to lower hervoice. “Not a good thing to say around these defenders.”
    Nimblessmirked. “Let 'em catch me. So, what's this about a trade?”
    “I'mworking on confectioner, but I'm getting in debt.”
    Nimbles'eyes widened and she whispered, “A professional one?”
    “What'syour gran say about that?”
    “She'sthreatening to boot me out, since no self-respecting female dwarfshould have a beard like mine,” she gestured to her neatly trimmed,intricately braided and beaded facial hair. “She should be married,and have her own axe to protect the kids and defend the home.Respectable females cook at home!”
    “Hasshe discovered fire yet?” Nimbles raised a teasing eyebrow.
    Thepetite dwarf smiled for the first time. “Nope. She borrows from theneighbors.”
    Bothfemales laughed.
    “So,what about a weapon to hunt with, and a place to live?” Nimblesasked.
    “Itraded that rusty axe for a meat cleaver, but no place to live yet.”
    “Howare you going to defend yourself?”
    “I'mworking on Blood Mage,” Bytsi whispered, covering her mouth withher hand so that the other patrons couldn't read her lips.
    “Wow,Bytsi! You're definitely off the chain! No wonder you can't get ahusband!” Nimbles teased.
    Bytsisighed, shaking her head. “What do you want, Nimbles? I don't needmore grief.”
    Nimblesraised her hand, calling for real dwarven ale. The tavern owner gavea big, toothless smile and plopped two deep steins of aromatic darkbrew on the table.
    “Youdid want the house special brew, right?” he asked, holding out hispalm for payment.
    “That'sright. I don't drink the human brew that's been going around the lastfew years,” Nimbles stated loudly as she paid.
    Lookingpuzzled, the tavern keeper bit the coins and went back to his duties.A large group of drunken dwarfs checked their tankards suspiciously.
    Nimblesopened her pack and gave Bytsi a neat, little scroll.
    “What'sthis for?”
    “Considerit payment for the huge favor you did me.”
    “Whatis it?”
    “Copiesof a scroll that I did a job for. The part of the report my employerdidn't get. I have to turn the others over to him. But that one hefailed to pay for.”
    “Youin trouble?”
    “Nah,just doing a bit of boot strapping.” She grinned.
    “Whatdo I do with this?”
    “Well,”Nimbles sagely pronounced, “it will get you a salary job, a homeand a shot at the future—guaranteed. All legal-like.”
    “Oookay....What's in it for you?”
    “Sweetrevenge, my friend.”
    “Idon't understand.”
    “Well,a gifted one bought a plot in North Crystal. One of the old guard.The little cretin, mentioned in here, is going to manage it.”
    Bytsinodded, holding the scroll with dubious care.
    “Whywould I work under the cretin?”
    “Because,this is going to have him shakin' in his boots. It's going to scarethe,” she coughed, “out of him.”
    “I'mnot like you, Nimbles. I don't think I can do this.” She tried tohand the scroll back.
    “Iknow, dear. You don't need to read it. In fact, you're justdelivering a message for a friend.”
    “I'lldo this because you're a friend of mine.” She still sounded unsure.
    Nimblesdropped a few coppers and silver pieces into Bytsi's small hand.
    “What'sthis for?”
    “Seethat silver piec with the mark on it?”
    “Givethat to your last trainer for the prestige school.”
    “Everythingis going to be just fine. Don't worry! Oh, and Bytsi, tell him he canpay you what he owes me—50 silver. Then, you can give it to yourgran.” Nimbles grinned and walked to the proprietor. “Gotsomething for you.” She gave the old dwarf a small, neat scroll.
    “What'sthis for, youngster?”
    “Youdo want to know who broke all your windows, right?”
    Thevandalism had been the talk of the town for a fortnight.
    “Thename is in that scroll. Feel free to spread the word, quietly, ofcourse.” Nimbles noticed a human male walking out of the back doorof the tavern. “You see that man?”
    “Yes.He's the ale distributor out of Dalimond.”
    “Youbetter check the ale...carefully.”
    “Ihave on good authority that those humans water the ale.”
    Witha roar and a scowl, the tavern keeper rushed out the back.
    Nimbleslooked at Bytsi and motioned for her to leave out the side door. Asshe moved to follow her friend, a nearby dwarf called out to her.
    “Whatwas that you told the keep about the Dally ale?”
    Acalm smile settled on her face. “You are all hard working dwarfs,mining the metal and gems. You deserve better.”
    “Idinna understand.”
    “Well,gents, there's a rumor around, told to me by Wind Dancer, by a dwarfnamed Reebdoog. You remember them?”
    “Irecollect him,” another dwarf said. “He was a hard working,harder drinking dwarf who worked with me in the mine. Haven't seenhim in a dwarf's age.”
    “That'sbecause he's dead.'
    “Dead?”The dwarfs shared a horrified look.
    “Yeah,he found humans were watering the Dalimond ale. They call it dwarvenale, but it's not true ale. Clean the casks,” she whispered,disgust tinging her voice. “His tale was made famous after hisdeath. The fellow at the fall festival still tells it.”
    “WindDancer,” the first dwarf mused. “I know that name.” Hescratched his head thoughtfully. “Married to a dwarf, as I recall.”
    “Shedisappeared shortly after Reebdoog's death.”
    Suddenly,the tavern keeper rushed in with the human ale distributor. The Humancut and ran away. The tavern keeper ran out, shouting. The dwarfsstood as a group, looking confused, brandishing their axes. Theyfollowed the old fellow out the door.
    Hestood by his back door, shaking his fist, weeping freely. “Thehuman sold us watered down ale! Oh, the shame of it!”
    Inthe blink of an eye, the tavern emptied as the dwarfs pursued theunlucky human.
    Nimblessashayed out after the assurance of Free ale in the future. She heldup her tail held proudly. Finally a bit of Justice she thought, asthe Iron Guard shouted in the distance. They'd have a time quellingthe riot in the middle of the city. Already, the dwarfs had caughtthe human and were threatening to hang him from the statue in themiddle of the city square.
    Consideringit a job well done, she buffed her nails and climbed the wall towatch the proceedings from a safe distance.
    Idiot humans! Obviously he and his gang had not figured out a fewfacts yet. You Always do the paper work, You Always pay the fee, andyou Always have the job okayed _first and foremost_. Otherwise youand yours got Sanctioned by the Grey Council with a death bounty, awarrant for questioning or turned in to local law enforcement. . Counting up her future payment for today's hard work, her debt wouldbe paid to the Grey Council. The tavern would stop selling thatswill from Dalimond. The windows here would be repaired The rest ofthat human gang would be taken care of in due time, unless the TazoonMilitary got to them first.
    Grinningbroadly “ Definitely!! Job well done,” she thought with a smile.

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    If I didn't know what you recorded was real, I'd say you have a great imagination.
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    The journey was long and arduous to North Crystal. Between uncooperative, hostile imperial army guards, excessively priced portals and undeadpacks... “What was Tazoon thinking? I'm a commoner, not some rich gifted who can even make money outliving their mistakes,” Bytsi thought. “This is not a good day.”
    Hunting and foraging had slowed her down. Misdirection by imperial idiots had not helped.
    “My feet hurt!” she exclaimed loudly as she stamped her foot on thedusty road. Twisting her ankle, she fell to the dusty road, cursingher bad luck.
    “You really should not curse like that. Tis bad luck!”
    Bytsi looked at an horizon of sand, then up further still, lighting the serene and peaceful face of an old dwarf.
    “Ah,well, yes, Elder but....” she stammered.
    The old dwarf cut her off. “Ye seem to be a bit in need of assistance. I'm somewhat pressed for time.”
    She looked at the cargo disk. “It's one of those....”
    “Yes,yes, of course it is.”
    “I've never seen one, is all.”
    He squatted down and grasped her ankle, passing his hand in the air. She felt the spell release. It smelled like flowers and springtime, with a light breeze. The excrutiating pain was gone. Bytsi gasped in shock.
    “So,why are you traveling alone in a hot desert, thirsty and hungry?”
    Bytsi jumped up, blustering nervously. The older dwarf ignored it, giving her a once over.
    “I see that apprentice mage staff and that blood doll in your pocket. Are you a criminal on the run from the Iron Guard? By the way, I like your beard.” He chuckled. “Maybe there is hope after all....”
    “You like my beard?” Bytsi stammered.
    “Tsktsk, you should listen,” he said, looking at her searching, still squatting on the ground.
    “It's not my fault. I headed north like the Imperial human guard told me.”
    “So, it is your fault that you followed an imbecile's directions, instead of planning your adventure in advance. You have not a drop of water, no food and you're using that staff and blood doll will kill you before the fight begins, being so depleted.” Suddenly standing, he rummaged in his backpack, pulling out a mug of ale, bread and cheese. “Here, eat and drink,” he commanded emphatically.
    “Listen, great elder,” Bytsi began.
    The old dwarf cut her off abruptly. “Where are you headed?”
    “North Crystal. I have a scroll....”
    “North Crystal?” he thundered. Suddenly, the wind picked up to a howl as he gestured without thinking. Seeing her cowering under the disk, he caught his breath. Once he was serene again, the blowing sand settled. “I'm sorry about that. So, why did you leave Aughundell? Did you cause that riot in the city?”
    “No.No!” she stuttered. “My grand threw me know, the beard, no husband, no kids, no axe, bloodmage....”
    The dwarf coughed politely to stop the complaints. Bytsi looked away, embarrassed.
    “Ahem...well,do you need a ride?”
    Hesmiled mischievously. “Get under the tarp, gal.”
    “But that's....”
    “Shushnow. I pay Tazoon enough in taxes.”
    She climbed in.
    “Quiet now, we'll be there in a little while.”
    Bytsi dozed off, listening to the hum of portals and hails from various Imperial officers. She woke suddenly, with a touch to the shoulder.
    The dwarf whispered, “Get out quietly. Stay behind me. He said his papers are in order, but I have my doubts,” he said, sounding dubious. “Laslo, where are you?” the dwarf shouted.
    “Here I am, sir,” a gnome said as he ran up from the Guild House. The plump, little gnome had a hat that was even larger than he. He stopped by the dwarf, a disk, with a large pile of casks, followed him.
    “You were complaining about not having a cook.”
    “Well, sir, yes, but I was going to contract...”
    “This female dwarf right here, is young, healthy, has all her teeth and is a certified master confectioner. So take care of her.”
    “But,of course, sir.”
    “Ah,whiskey I see.”
    “Yes, sir. Just arrived.” Skirnir took off swiftly down the road with one of the casts in the crook of his arm. Laslo went to follow with the casks trailing behind him. He stopped, whirling around to look the dwarf female over. “You will call me Mr.....”
    “Laslo,”she interrupted.
    Blinking, he took a deep breath.
    “Who is he?” she asked, pointing to the dwarf as he trotted away.
    “That's Skirnir Ouija Glada,” he said without thinking. “One of the Old Guard. Now, as I was saying....”
    “So,where is he going?”
    “Probably going off to do an errand for the Guild Master. They're thick as thieves and not even Skirnir would ** that High Elder.”
    “Do you call them by their first names?”
    “And get fried for by a lightning storm for bad manners? Surely you're joking.”
    Bytsi gave a winsome smile. “Good, then we are in agreement,” she said softly. “You are Laslo, I'm Bytsi.”
    Suddenly, Laslo felt the staff between his legs and a blood doll glowing underhis nose.
    With squinting eyes, the petite dwarf rumbled threateningly. “You will keep your eyes and hands to yourself. You will treat me appropriately, or you're going to get acquainted with this little doll that has your name on it.” She twitched the doll under his nose. “Do you understand?”
    “Yes. Yes, I understand.”
    “Good. Here is a message from a close friend of mine. She sends her regards, and said to consider this a professional courtesy.”
    Laslo took the sealed roll she handed him. “Ah, yes. Could you please....” He pointed to the staff.
    “Why, certainly.” She pulled it away, but it had snagged on his clothing. Doing her best to untangle it, she kept talking. “We'll talk about my salary and other things.”
    “Certainly. Certainly,” he squeaked as the staff pulled free. He sneaked a peek at the scroll, reading it as the sun set.
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    Fingers partially turned to catch thefading sun and obscure the text from Bytsi's curious eyes. As heread the report his left eye begin to twitch and he had difficultybreathing.
    Both eyebrows got higher and higher ashe perused the document.............

    Department of Archeology

    Report on Evidence #023441
    See also supplemental #023441A from theDepartment of Arcane Blood Studies per protocol requirement.

    (hand written in report was thatthis department refuses to comment on Supplemental)

    The fragment of parchment found atTargoth written in Elvish is authentic. However, the elven script wasnot written by an elf. The script on the fragment was written in“ancient” elvish. The Elven Historical Society in Feladinverified this fact. The elvish city government cannot verify if thescript is from one of its residents at this time. Both city andhistorical society did agree that the script was written in the lastfifty years.

    The parchment paper itself is indeedancient. Alchemical analysis revealed that the parchment had been“cleaned “ for reuse using a modern technique. This particularparchment has been verified to have come from a desecrated burialvault. (See the attached document via messenger pigeon coming toyou.)

    The scorched burned areas on theparchment, as well as burned-through areas, were made by acombination of high intensity fire and arcane fire. (See classifieddocument # 110001) These burned areas appear not to be intentional.The blood on the parchment is Human as verified by the Department.

    Though burned, some of the areas havebeen partially filled back in, as the evidence allows, for yourreview. The areas designated by parentheses are gone orindecipherable.

    Document as follows:

    Eighth Day Memo Supplemental.

    In sum this (----) individual is farmore than just a deviant with mental abbreviations. (---) is to bebrought to the (---) before this governmental body for (---),interrogation,payment of fines, fees, compound interest of fees and(---). Judgement will be carried (---) (---).

    Let there be no doubt, this case is notnormal, not typical and may have a future historic value in ourannals to come.

    The very fact that a Withered Aegisrepresentative stands before us demanding retribution is a fact that(----------------------------------------------------------------------------------).A large amount of gold has been deposited with this Council to assurea swift resolution concerning (-------------------) to the sum of onethousand tainted gold coins in full, correct weight.

    Therefore, let it be known throughoutthese lands that a (---) on the head of one gnome going by the nameof (---) (---) will be paid in gold upon the arrival of saidindividual to stand before this council. Furthermore we will considerthe demand of (----------------------------) that this individualwill be handed over forthwith and that(-------------------------------------->

    (rest of document was torn away orseverely charred with scorched blood and dirt obscuring any furtherscript.)
    (scrawled signature)

    *hand written in –Lets have Lunch!Hope to see ya soon!!)

    Department of Arcane Blood Studies

    Report #023441A. Supplemental toevidence #023441.

    As the Department Head of this Agency,I was horrified to receive the memo/report through common channelsafter the rumors were already buzzing in the hallways andprivies of this government!

    This evidence has no true archeologicalvalue whatsoever. This blood drenched, scorched,burnt and tornparchment, is concrete evidence to a series of major capital crimesand probable criminal conspiracies. Rather than this Department, theevidence should have been routed to the Law Enforcement branch of theImperial Army. I refuse to have this Department embroiled in anofficial capacity in reference to an obviously classified event orseries of events, complete with prosecutable evidence.

    With this being said, I will make somepersonal observations with a short testament of facts for this memo.A far more extensive report will be sent to the appropriateauthorized Departments. Furthermore , I have invoked the Secrecy Actfor classified materials/ events/ documents. I have already sent outmemo's to all offices in this department to stop some of the burningforests of gossip, in various groups of employees, in multipleagencies.

    Simplified Summary of observations.

    I set out with one master classscholar, two spiritists, two sorceress, two druids and one masterclass alchemist equipped with a full field kit. We went to thediscovery site with the poorly written up report from the Departmentof Archeology. Though normal in appearance, the entire area wasdrenched in the residue of combat magic with scattered areasof high density large blood splatters.

    Gaius was in a spiritual frenzy. Noanimals were in sight. The yew treants were keeping their distance.The entire area, according to ------ had been spiritually “cleaned”.Apparently huge undertaking at this site, according to the expertsthis Department employed.

    The spiritists were able to calm Gaiusdown and refocus him back on his horde. The druids interviewed theold and massive treants. Bits of melted armor, weapons and threetainted gold coins from the desecrated Ashland vault were recoveredand sent to the Department of Archeology for authentication.

    Simplified Summary of facts concerningevidence #023441.

    1. Much more than just human blood was on the parchment. There were not less than six races. (two races were not identified).
    2. The saliva of a dragon was on the parchment as well.
    3. What was thought to be dirt was in actuality charred bits of undead flesh and bone.
    4. The parchment was obviously from a burial vault and cleaned for reuse. The fact that the coins were from Ashlander's vault is immaterial as the practice is sadly common place though not typically referred to in polite circles.
    5. The blood reeked of cold malevolence, horror, vengeance, incredible anger,and unbridled fury.

    Special note

    1. An ethereal message was found attached to the parchment probably related to the emotions associated with the blood soaked areas. Ethereally written in ancient Fiendish, I was told that it seemed to be referring to some kind of ignominious event. I was told and I quote “.......something about the Withered Aegius, a sergeant out of Kion, a gnome scout,a poor shot and an arrow caught in the rear pelvic bones...... Also something about a risen Cleric being sent to investigate from the eastern deadlands..........”

    Without further additional funding tothis department the full import of the parchment and ethereal notewill remain a mystery.

    I wash my hands of this matter. Routeall further enquiries to the appropriate Law Enforcement authorities.

    Scribbled name

    Department of Arcane Blood Studies

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