The following features and fixes have been applied to the Blight shard

  • Bony, Paper Bag, Wolf, Killer, 2008 Fall Festival Shark, 2008 Fall Festival Skull, and Celestial Head Scales has gotten slight adjustments to their textures to remove the extraneous black texture around the edges.
  • Tower of Bonds Travel will now properly consume itself
  • Added Cooking Table & Oven, Gem Cutting Bench, Smelter, Anvil to Human Trade Center in King’s Cross
  • Alistair now sells several Fall Festival inspired boxers, as well as Dragon Mummy costumes for all ages!
  • Lowered crafting requirements for backpacks and scale packs across all tiers
  • Half-Giant Skeleton Costume now properly turns you into a half-giant instead of an invisible gnome.
  • Harvest Decorative Head Scale and Harvest Shirt now have their own respective icons rather than borrowing from the Harlequin versions of themselves.
  • All 76 costumes now use their own icons displaying the results of use rather than a nondescript skull.