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Thread: Planning on starting agian.

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    Question Planning on starting agian.

    Hello everyone!

    Im planning to start playing again. I have a Dragon lvl 40 (adv) and 26 (crafting) but I'm a little bit out of the loop. So I have some questions.

    Is there a Guide or can someone tell me where I should lvl from 40 all the way up to level 100? I really couldn't find something during my researches.

    I found a Guide on crafting though and it says that from lvl 25 until about lvl 43 I should only craft slate bricks/scale chests. Is this still up to date?

    And the final question: I also wanted to start my RoP someday (I want to do it solo) and I've read that you need a minimum Adventurer level of 50 preferably 60 but what about my crafting level? Is 26 enough or does it need to be higher?

    Thanks in advance!

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    For Rop, crafting level 26 is enough if you get to level 80 adventurer and get t5 crafting scales. If you want to do it at 50, would need t3 crafting scales and approximately level 35. To solo it, get to at least level 80 adv, and get a full set of t5 hunting scales.

    For leveling, first be sure you've done all the available dragon quests in both Chiconis and Dralk, and when it seems you are done be sure to regreet all of them to be sure. For level 40, you can likely hunt in Trandalar , or around Feledan ok, and once you hit level 60, could give Western Deadlands a try.

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    Oh I thought 60 adv was enough for RoP. Well thank you very much for your response I will focus on increasing my adv level then

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    60 ADV would be plenty for most of it, but there are a couple big fights that you would need help with

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    60 adventure will let you solo the RoP up until the final boss. Shadow dragon and seliena both need lv80 and full t5 scales to be soloable.

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    Ok thank you. I think I will work on my crafting first then and either go to 60 adv or all the way up to 80 adv

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    There are a lot of adventure quests on the Dalimond Peninsula and in the Tazoon region to do before deciding to just grind 40 levels on a spawn of monsters.
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