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Thread: Ethereal Thunder: RECRUITING NEW MEMBERS!

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    Default Ethereal Thunder: RECRUITING NEW MEMBERS!

    Ethereal Thunder is RECRUITING!

    On October 22nd, Ethereal Thunder celebrated it's first anniversary! I am very excited to have reached this milestone and only hope we continue growing as well as we have. Of course, we are always welcoming new members and would love for some new faces to join us!


    In a nutshell, this guild was created in order to foster a friendly social community focused on helping each other through the game as well as not feeling quite so lonely in the big world of Istaria. We are in contact through the game as well as our website and personal Guild Forums, as well as our Discord server, where we host events, raffles, and meetings to help the guild as a whole. We are more or less a lenient guild with no real rules for activity (since we all know how crazy life can get!) and a zero-tolerance for bullying or harassment. Really, in all, we just want the game to be fun, and to have a group of people we can talk to, hunt with, and generally make friends with and show Istaria what we are made of.

    There's a whole bunch of information on our website, under Forums>Guild Info, Rules, & How to Apply. Please click the convenient Ethereal Thunder image in my signature to navigate to our site, or go to!


    Of course, a big part of the decision in joining a guild is what it offers, right? Well, we own two guild communities, Guild: Ambato and Guild: Immons. Ambato houses Expert crafting machines and storage on the master plot, as well as an auxillery plot with more community buildings! Both Ambato and Immons are still under construction, but will be completely available for guild use and storage. The existing buildings are already open and ready to use.

    We also have a very comprehensive website with our own forums, a section to post screenshots, to upload all your characters, and so much more!

    Finally, we have a Discord channel that we use for pretty much everything: raffles, the distribution of Guild Points, announcements, discussions about the well-being of the guild, and so much more! We are very social and friendly, and it's a great way to keep in touch with us, even if you can't be in game.


    Interested in seeing what we're all about? Have questions about us? We've made it as easy as possible for you to get in contact with us to join! You can send me a quick message on the community forums here, you can find me in-game as Aekaitz Helicias (I am most often online on this character. If not, any character with the last name "Helicias" is me, OR Kaneq Inkfrost!), OR on Discord, as Aekaitz#5588!

    I also have four other lovely moderators who would love to chat with you. Look for Pryzm, Tailgrimm, Eimee, or Ilexk and shoot them a message in-game.

    FINALLY, if you can't seem to get a hold of any of us, you are more than welcome to try and reach out to another member of our guild who is online in-game, they will get the message to us as soon as possible and we will get you added to the guild.

    We are a very enthusiastic and proud guild, and we would love to add some new members to our family. Thank you so much, and happy hunting!
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    Default Re: Ethereal Thunder: RECRUITING NEW MEMBERS!

    Another update for all of you out there seeking a guild!

    Our website now has an official domain! We can now be reached by navigating to We are very excited to share this development and show you that we may just be the right guild for you.

    I am still reachable by Discord and in-game, and we are ALWAYS RECRUITING! We love to see new faces joining our ranks every day and hope you will come to see just how special we really are.

    As always, thank you for considering our family as your new guild home!

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    Default Re: Ethereal Thunder: RECRUITING NEW MEMBERS!

    Update for 2019!

    Are you looking for a guild? Well we're looking for you!

    Ethereal Thunder has been around since 2016 and we pride ourselves on treating each other like family. It's no secret that a game like Istaria is a lot more engaging when you have good people surrounding you. Well that's what we want to offer to you!

    We are 105 members strong with a website, a Discord server, and even merchandise! Worried that you don't belong in the guild because you can't be active in game constantly? That isn't a problem for us! We do not have activity rules and we don't mind that you've got a busy life! Our Discord server keeps us in touch out of game and we're very casual! In fact, you don't even lose your rank until you've been inactive for 3 months. And when you come back, you get promoted right back to where you were! No problem!

    We are proud, enthusiastic, and ALWAYS looking for new people to add to our family. Try us out! You will not be disappointed B)

    To join, message anyone online with the Ethereal Thunder guild and they can either add you or ask one of us who can! My personal Discord is always open as well - just send me a message! Aekaitz#5588

    See you in game!

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    Default Re: Ethereal Thunder: RECRUITING NEW MEMBERS!

    2019 update!

    I hope everyone is doing great as we blast through the halfway point of this year!

    Ethereal Thunder has a new breath of life and we're better than ever! We're reaching our 3 year anniversary soon as well, which is incredible! Without my wonderful moderators and everyone who has joined, I could not have made this possible.

    Our wonderful family is always looking for new people to join us and experience the casual family atmosphere and all around great group of people. Want to know what else comes with your membership, if that isn't enough?!

    - We're 120 members strong! Though some of these are alt characters, this makes us one of the larger guilds on the Chaos server and one of the more active ones as well!

    - We're VERY active on our very own Discord server! Here, we host a monthly Istaria subscription giveaway for those who may need a little help playing the game, we share art, memes, and so much more! This allows us to be a family in-game and out.

    - We have two guild communities in game! We own Guild: Immons (Thanks to our lovely mod Pryzm) and also Guild: Gerard. Both are still works in progress but we already have plenty of buildings open for guild use! Also plenty of empty, cheap guild plots and lairs for members to buy <3

    - Our website is currently under construction, but it still gives you an idea of the base structure of our guild and what we are founded on! Our Discord is much more active, but we have a forum on this site as well.

    - Time-based rank structure. The longer you're with us, the more perks you have! Including eventually being able to recruit people yourself!

    - And there's so, so much more! Please come check us out, I promise you will not be disappointed

    Interested in learning more? Have questions about us?! Message me here, in-game (Characters: Aekaitz Helicias; Kaneq Inkfrost; or any other character with the last name "Helicias"), or on Discord (Aekaitz#5588). You can also reach out to Pryzm, Ilexk, or Tailgrimm, our other lovely mods! OR just reach out to any of the members with the <Ethereal Thunder> tag and learn how awesome we are I can't wait to hear from you!

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