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    I have a question about Lairshaping. I am lvl 42 and use an expert smelter to do imbued steel bars. My ability is in the 500 range. I can try to make imbued steel away from smelter and the ability is say 520. When I go to an expert smelter, it does not go up but stays same lvl. Why am I not getting the + 75 bonus? Is ther any way to tell what is holding me back? I have tried a bi-ped expert smelter and a lunus T4 smelter yet I get no bonus on making the bars. Any help on why I am not going up in ability would be appreciated. I have done the quests for the lairshaping for lvl 40 +. I know its something simple but I can't figure it out. Thanks Slimey on Order

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    Check you tool claw it may limit your skill and you need to use next higher tier.
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    I am not using any tool claw of any kind. I only have fighting claws. Thanks Slimey on Order

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    Your tool abilities still limit your skill based on the tier. That is likely what is happening.
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    OK, I need to clarify some things. I am wearing a Mithril tool claw now which has limits of 1050. I get +60 on a T4 dragon forge now. I do not get any bonus from my own expert forge. It should be +75 but I get 0. When I did crafting to level 100, I was able to use my expert buildings. So my problem now is I do not get any bonus from any expert machines in lairshaping. Thank you. Fatuous on Order

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    This is what I have found. When I took dragon crafting up to level 100, all my biped shops added +75 bonus when used. Now in Lairshaping, the same shops add no bonus whatsoever. So lairshaping ignores all biped shops. These are the same shops that worked in crafting. Thanks. Fatuous on Order

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    None of the biped shops add a bonus to lairshaiping skill, lairshaping is a dragon only skill. Only dragon crafting machines gives a bonus to lairshaping.
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    Well, that's a silly reason. It would apply to dragon scalecraft, and yet that dragon-only skill benefits from using a bi-ped anvil.

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