Legends speak of the Bloodletters, a clan of the Fyakki, and the death and chaos they wrought on the island of Lesser Aradoth. More than a millennia ago jungle covered the southern half of the great island, reaching almost to the shores of the Crystal Lakes. This dense landscape had been left alone by the Saris, for they much preferred sandy beaches and warm lakes.

Into the jungle came the Bloodletters, vicious and bloodthirsty; slowly at first, attracting little notice, but soon they expanded and began to occupy the entire jungle. In secret, they had constructed hives and nests and from these they multiplied in great numbers.

The Bloodletters were not content to remain in the south, however, for they desired battle and fresh lands to overrun and consume. The warriors of the clan began attacking Saris villages, disrupting trade, and eventually threatened the Crystal Lakes and Parsinia itself.

The Saris fought back and the war raged for more than five years until eventually the Bloodletters were pushed back into their jungles. Yet, despite the power of the Saris they were unable to root the fyakk out of the dense jungles. A stalemate had been reached, but peace could not be achieved.

Finally, Merrasat herself intervened and fire rained down upon the jungle, destroying it. Her anger was terrible to behold and the Bloodletters fled in a panic into caverns that dotted the southwestern coast of the great island. Behind them, the mountains shook and the caverns collapsed, sealing them in.