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    When I enter Doom, I can't fly as is normal but I can't glide either. If I relog, I can glide again. Why is this? My speed on entering Doom, is only 35. Its like I am weighed down. I have nothing in inventory and my disk is not out. Why am I being limited to 35 speed? Why can't I glide upon entering Doom? A relog fixes this but why should I have to relog?

    Next question: when I get poisoned in Doom, I die in 5 minutes. I only have superior primal cure poison. I leave Doom to go to healer. The healer in Chiconis said it healed me but it did not. I went to Augh. healer. The augh healer said it healed me. I died while trying to talk to healer again from poison. Why could not the healers heal me? What do i need to do to get rid of lethal poison? Is there a certain healer?
    Thanks. Fatuous on Order

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    The healers are tiered, so the Chiconis mender will only heal T2 and below poisons, the Augh mender will heal T5 and below poisons, Lethal Poison is T6, and you need a T6 mender, these are situated in the Eastern and Imperial Outposts.

    Futhermore, Alchemists can create T6 Antidotes to cure Lethal Poisons in the field.

    As for your speed issue, there is not enough information for me to see where the issue could potentially lie, a ticket to support may get you further there.
    The schedule might be tight, but there is always time.

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