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    Anybody using Ryzen? I need to make a change to try get fps up above 23fps +/- I'm currently use A10-7860 with 16gb DDR3 2400 with Nvidia GTX 1060 with 6GB. I've had other amd setups with Ati cards and no difference in frames much. I have fiddled with settings a lot but no change, so I'm thinking of trying a Intel chip for the first time ever. Any thoughts?

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    The Ryzen 2 refresh launches in Q1 of 2018 if you dont mind waiting
    what Intel cpu were you looking at? ryzen and intel are pretty neck and neck and you cant go wrong with either really.

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    Why would you be using an A10-7860 with an Nvidia grapics card??
    The bottle neck and lockups caused by mixing AMD and Nvidia are mind boggling...
    It's like trying to get iTunes to work well on a Microsoft computer

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    Well a RX 580 sure didn't perform any better is why

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