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    i apologize that i took to the forums that i was very hurt by Lillyjo. Im sorry she is in the hospital. I care about her to. IM sorry if some of you are upset with me and apologize for my recents actions. I could argue my side saying its the internet and ive never meet her and that sometiems she bullies. Also thati have my own set of problems but that probably wouldnt help. Because people really dont like like and ive been label wrong here. IM sorry Macheon i keep upsetting you. If you friend with Lillyjo im sorry also. It just was bad idea. sometimes i have bad ideas. Ive asked the devs to close my forum account and i feel bad and im considering quiting over this. Im sure some would be happy. Anways im not mad at anyone. Just want understanding. But i doubt ill get it. sorry again.

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    sweet baby **********, how old are you, will? my guess is pretty young.
    you need to learn to think first. also, don't find excuses to try getting out of your bad behavior, which even you recognize.
    you don't need to ask for banishment, you are doing it to yourself and you know it.
    you can't cast a play in hell and expect angels as actors
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