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    So i had a neat idear lately while talking with my guildies. I dunno if someone already suggested it so i just go ahead. I was decorating a plot on our guilds property with banners while discussing it with fellow members of my guild and came to think of how players could suggest their own piece of art to be addet into the game a while ago. So i came to think of: Why cant guilds add their own guild logo as a banner onto the plot? Would that be an idear or way too much work for the devs? It would certainly be great to have your own guild logo as a banner on the plot.

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    While it would be cool, I do think it'd be a waste of developer time to spend uploading a guild logo onto a structure, adding the structure to the game, and then finding a way to limit access to those structures to guilds (even if they would create the thing, I don't think the capability to limit usable structures to characters/guilds currently exists - i dunno how much work it'd take to happen, but it seems a lot of work for only a little gain to me) - especially as, as guilds die off, the banners etc. made for that guild would just become unused but would still take up data in the games database.

    If there was a way to do this without dev intervention i'd be behind it 100%.

    In guild wars 2, you can create a guild logo out of basic shapes/symbols and colours, and said logo appears on the designs of guild armor sets. I wonder if a similar system could be made into this game: The ability to create a guild logo from simple shapes/designs and colours (with limits to ensure nothing rude (nsfw or offensive) is created- like a maximum number of symbols, or inability to move a design on the logo). A guild/banner mural structure (amongst potentially others...i think it'd be fun to have things like a guild tavern with your logo hanging on banners from the ceiling for example) would exist in game, and take the appearance of the guild logo of the character who owns the plot, or be a plain design without a guild. I think that would be an efficient way to make many guild designs available without cluttering up the database or potentially wasting dev time (wasting = dead guilds. at best, hindering them from working on more important things.)

    Also mind: completely custom logos require moderation, so even if a way existed to make custom logos uploadable without dev intervention, you'd still need a moderator of some sort to check to make sure it isn't nsfw/offensive content.
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    That logo on the armor sounds really cool. If not today maybe in the unreal engine XD. Tho for that you might need visible armor for dragons. And those who dont want it visible can turn it off in the options :P.

    Uhh i would love a tavern with logo or a guild house. I wish it would be possible without involving much work of the devs.

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