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Thread: DX9 Shaders...or ENB?

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    Default DX9 Shaders...or ENB?

    Wasn't sure where, exactly, to post this...but here it goes. Was fooling around, trying to get graphics to render properly on my system, and ended up digging into the whole ENB Series stuff that was added a while ago, to Istaria. After trying different configurations. I got it boiled down to one question:

    Is the 'use DX9 shaders' option, in the launcher configurations, essentially an "ENB on/off" toggle switch?

    If so, may I suggest that the launcher option be renamed to something like "Enable ENB"...or even "Enable DX9 Convertor"?


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    You are correct. The Use DX9 Shader is a ENB on/off toggle switch. I believe Istaria uses DirectX 8, but can take advantage of DirectX9 with ENB enabled. But you'd still need DirectX9 with ENB
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