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Thread: plundered toombe The ritual of eternal rest

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    Default plundered toombe The ritual of eternal rest

    I have been given by the bishop the "crystal of eternal rest" that I should use to put ashlander to rest.

    so I put this into my fine sockleted mithril mace and go into the tomb.

    so I get attacked by some monster there. I expect no problem have killed those before ( shades). I has a improved spirit bolt on them. CAN'T DAMAGE THEM. ok fine then there is something with the quest and the need to use the mace. Use the mace with crystal. no damage AGAIN.

    ok must ask people recall back. going to hunt some scorpions for the marshal. WHAT no damage again from spirit bolt nor mace.

    ok un equip the mace finale damage. remove the crystal re equip the mace still damage.

    checked the story. no word on not being able when having the crystal equipped. can't find anything on it.

    Conclusion a bug. so reported it.

    ok previous crystal on the mace was "bright Umbral Crystal of magic" adding a change of doing spirit damage to a spell

    oldin on order.

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    Do you have the Bloodletter's Bane title equipped?
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    No I 'm just grand master crafter.

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    I think it's ONLY Ashlander himself that gets damaged by that crystal so you should only equip it right before you go for him. I will agree that the quest isn't very clear about that but that's how it's been as far as I'm aware.

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