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    Wink Greetings!

    Hello everyone! Probably don't remember me but boy do I miss some of you. I can't believe this game is still going. I started playing this game the day it was released. I made many friends in this game over the years and miss it everyday. I wish this game was ported and updated to a new engine cause its simply the best MMO I ever played.

    I'm thinking about making another return to chaos. I'm not sure what I'm going to run into but I hope its not a empty world

    My character name is Finkledbody; I'm a Dwarf - Grand Master Crafter. I use to have the 130x130 plot back in 2012(?) in Acul but let my sub expire and someone bought it up. I came back a year or two later but the plot sat empty. I wonder if its still empty?

    Well that'll give me something to do. I doubt I'll build a new plot but do plan on killing some of the withered aegis. I hope to see some friends and make some new ones.

    Thanks for reading!

    Just a little drunk dwarven bi-ped wreaking havoc in chaos.

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    Greetings and welcome back to Istaria!

    I checked and from what I see here the 130x130 plot in Acul on Chaos shard seems to be owned (currently set for reclaimation though).

    Hopefully you can find a new plot (you can look for another one on the previous website if you want) and make fresh start
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    I did not trust my eyes when I read this post here.

    So good to see you`re back,
    I remember the good times we had

    so-lots of ol` houses still here
    can`t wait to see you ingame


    and btw- you will be surprised how many things there are to explore. fight, win, craft, build...aso
    great devs did great job!!
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    I hope to maybe make a return soon but as a human maybe a saris? Cause I’ve grown tired of being a dragon all the time but I hope to see you there my friend!
    I will not bow to fear It is the best challenge i face and everyday i become braver and i realize there is nothing to fear but fear itself. I know that anything people are scared of they get knocked down but get right back up and try again and keep trying it will serve you well in the end because its the effort you put into it that matters the most

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    Welcome back to the world of Istaria. Always glad to see new/old players coming in! May you find what you seek and stay forever ^^. And as far as i know... the update to Unreal Engine will happen one day.

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    Hey Finkled!

    I don't think we were close but I remember your name, at least. You were friends with Satturn, I believe?
    Welcome back!

    I am Thrarparr.

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