The Mad Captain
Told by Frujak the Trader, Sslanis.

"Centuries ago, the Trandalarans sailed the high seas of Istaria in search of knowledge and wealth. In their longships they discovered distant lands and met numerous peoples along the coasts of Aradoth. Through their travels they amassed a vast amount of wealth and knowledge, though they also left their share of sorrow behind for the Trandalarans were corsairs, trading or taking by force in equal measure.

One Captain whose real name has long been forgotten came often to the island now known as Lesser Aradoth to search for wealth and knowledge. Over the years he visited the island more and more for he came to fancy the Saris, their large palaces, and their lifestyle. He fancied the island so much, in fact, that he brought his family with him and near the place where present-day Parsinia stands he had a large house constructed.

The house was grand and built in the style of the Saris using local stone and labor. To manage it and create a life of ease for his family he hired many of the locals as servants. Soon, his house overflowed with treasures and he lavished his wealth on both his family and servants alike.

In just a few years, he became so enamored of his house and treasures that he let his ship rot where it rested on the beach, ceased giving offerings to the Mountain God, and even trimmed his beard which was a great travesty amongst the Trandalarans in those days.

One day his servants told him of a great treasure that lay buried on an island southwest of his palace. He was intrigued, but his family cautioned him saying "we have sufficient wealth now, father" and "what more do we need, husband". But the thought of these buried treasures weighed heavily on his mind and he could not shake it no matter how hard he tried.

Eventually, he was overcome by his curiosity and gathered his family and personal guard together. Then he bade the servants to lead him to this treasure. It was not a long journey and soon they reached the island, now known as the Isle of the Drowned. There they found a deep hole in the ground that appeared to have been newly dug.

Enraged he demanded answers of the servants, but they replied calmly that the treasures were deep in caverns found beneath the island and quickly descended into the hole. Beneath the island were indeed caverns, but it was dark and soon the Captain and his guard became confused and lost in the winding passages. The servants, they found, had vanished in the darkness but soon returned and a battle ensued. In the darkness the Trandalarans were no match for the servants and they and the Captain's family above were all slain.

*she laughs* The look on your face says much, my dear. All stories told by my people have a meaning, a hidden moral point. What is the meaning of this story you wonder? It is simple!

The Captain, called the Mad Captain by my people, abandoned his ideals my friends. He gave in to a life of wealth, avarice, and one without substance. He abandoned the beliefs of his forefathers and spurned the traditional ways of his people. The treasure he lavished on himself and his family was stolen from the very servants he employed and in the end he and his family paid the ultimate price for it.

How do I know that you have found the resting place of the Mad Captain? Legend says that the Saris used the traditional method of burial, stone sarcophagi, to bury the Trandalarans, but they chose to bury them in the caverns because they feared retribution by Merrasat for their murder and betrayal."