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    There are 2 engraved stone plaques in Kion. I've translated them. We now have an Istarian alphabet! (Though J, Q, X and Z are missing).

    The 1st engraving is on an obelisk (20569 / 24484):

    The 2nd engraving is on several gravestones (20313 / 24623):

    I don't like spoilers, that's why I don't post the translation (unless you want me to) so you can try to discover the Istarian alphabet by yourselves!
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    So than what used to be on all of the signs around the world before they got updated into English?

    Here's a screenshot I had of one before the update:

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    Curse you for hooking me into translating this for over an hour!

    The misspelled word in the second image really tripped me up.....and who the heck is that arop guy with a really big sword?

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    Flamestar, those symbols aren't the same and I dont think they mean anything. The runes Istaria uses are Elder Futhark -

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