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    Hi there,

    I've quite an ancient account and I'm unable to login. My original email address is accessible and I'm able to receive the password recovery email, but because my login contains unique space, it keeps resulting in an error both in the client as the website.

    I'm unable to login to support page as well due to this. I'm quite at loss on what to do. Could any kind soul point me towards on how to recover my account and ideally rename the user name of the account to singular word instead of the complex one that seems to be causing trouble to the system?


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    Also my account was successfully migrated to Chaos from Wind - Unity back in the day, so that should be quite alright.

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    Weird, during password recovery if I copy paste the user name and then use it after successful change of PWD it says it doesn't recognize it.. yet can successfully send the PWD recovery and do it @staff: I'm afraid you will have quite a few login requests from me in your logs, hopefully it will help isolate the cause why it refuses to let me in =)

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    Have you tried sending in a support ticket?

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    You can either set up a new account to use with the support
    or make a guest ticket and they will work with you that way
    usually just takes answering a few questions ect the support team is great on ist when it comes to working with you

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