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Thread: New Dragon spell hoard costs

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    Default New Dragon spell hoard costs

    Whats the deal with Primal burst, costs 3 - 4 times (1650) more hoard than any other (300 - 400), yet doesn't even do as much damage as primal strike (300) and has a higher recycle timer (1 min as opposed to the 30 sec for primal strike).. Also Primal spark doesn't appear to be showing any details. Please look into this

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    hmm Mali..
    I cant confirm..
    Primal strike hits 2x
    Primal burst 5x

    at fyakkie without any other than dragon buffs or tricks and no special scales.

    I am so enthusiastic about the new spells, that I would not care about hoard costs at all.
    We need a hoard sink anyway- to give the "collection" questlines in doom more sense than a title,
    and make it necessary to hunt for hoard.
    YOU told me to play a dragon! [SIGPIC][/SIGPIC]

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