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    Lightbulb Tazoon

    One day I discussed with another player about Tazoon and we agreed on one point: Tazoon should be more important and attractive. Afterall, isn't Tazoon the center of the Empire?

    Why making Tazoon a more important/attractive city?

    New Trimus isn't as populated as before, Tazoon would be the perfect place to make a gathering point for players (new New Trismus, eh?).

    Tazoon is what is the closest to a capital city and therefore is the place where a player would go if he/she wants to seek/trade/role-play with other players.

    The Ritual of Life Everlasting was performed not far from Tazoon and created the Gift.

    This is where the Living Races unified for the first time to fight the Withered Aegis, even Fiends and Lunus Dragons were part of the Battle of Tazoon.

    The Living Races discovered the effects of the Ritual at the Battle of Tazoon.

    Ryson Stormbringer annihilated Torrin Macalir and his undead army during the Battle of Tazoon. It was a turning point in the war against the Withered Aegis and the Living Races have begun to reclaim their lands since then.

    The Great Peace Accords were signed by all races present at the Battle of Tazoon.

    It has become the seat of the Imperial Council, it is also a crossroads for trade and travel within the Empire.

    References: Tazoon; Battle of Tazoon: Ryson Stormbringer, Scholar of the Age of Lamentations; Timeline

    How to make Tazoon a more attractive city?

    I tried to find ideas that are feasible given the current technology:

    1-Trials of the gifted and Jeremiah Trueheart

    Instead of leading to New Trismus, the gates on Skalkaar and Spirit Isle would lead to Tazoon. The trainers would send them there to meet Jeremiah Trueheart, who would be the new quest giver for the Trials of the Gifted. He would send the new players to the Scholars of Ages and the Assessors to be taught the History of Istaria and to be tested throughout the city. He could also give a quest to meet the main NPCs in Tazoon.

    Once a new player has completed his Trial, Jeremiah Trueheart would give his Jeremiah Trueheart's Request quest and would send the new players to Pratt McGrubben in New Trismus (and Pratt would send the Dragons to their trainers).

    Required: moving the Scholars, Assessors and Jeremiah Trueheart to Tazoon, thus creating a new trophy hunter for New Trismus (why not Renaash?).

    Advantages: one of the first places new players would see wouldn't be a ruined town but instead they would discover one of the most beautiful city in Istaria. It also gives a true reason to Jeremiah for not giving himself his note to Pratt.

    2-Portal hub

    Tazoon being a capital city and a portal hub being like an airport, what would be a capital city without its airport? Most of the places in Istaria would be reachable from Tazoon, just like Bristugo and Genevia. Why not place the hub in semi-circle in front of the waterwall?

    Required: creating/moving portals.

    3-One consigner

    Nowadays not so many consigners are used to sell items to other players. On Order we used Kion's for T1-T2, Bristugo's for T3-T4 and Aughundell's for T5-T6 but now it seems mixed. I'm not sure about Chaos, everything at Kion's consigner from what I've seen?

    So now why not use one and only consigner in Tazoon?

    Required: Create or move a consigner to Tazoon, turn the others into obsolete consigners who lead players to Tazoon's one.

    : One and only important place to buy and sell items from players.

    4-One tavernkeeper

    Same as the consigner or keep the others active and give a better tavern bonus to Tazoon's one.

    : adding a new tavernkeeper in Tazoon.


    Adding an expert trainer from each adventuring and crafting school in Tazoon, Dragons included. And/or creating something like an embassy for each races around/in Tazoon's dome (I think there's one for Elves already?), or at least one for Dragons.

    Required: Adding new NPCs.

    Advantage: not necessary to go back to the Fiery Rift each time a Dragon wants to become a crystalshaper again.


    I'm not sure about this idea. Not that I absolutely want more PvP, I really enjoy the game as it is, but the arena outside of Tazoon could be turned into the new Coliseum, making it the new PvP area. But it would conflict with the lore: why would an arena to fight eachother be created at a place that represents peace between the Living Races?

    Required: moving Coliseum NPCs.

    Advantage: A more accessible PvP area might attract more players (to Tazoon and to the game).

    Disadvantage: Conflicts with the lore.

    Those are simply ideas. What do you think about making Tazoon the center of Istaria and how to make it more attractive?
    SuHuz Fieryclaw, Grand Master Dragon Crafter (Order)

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    Default Re: Tazoon

    There are future plans for Tazoon in the works
    The schedule might be tight, but there is always time.

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    Default Re: Tazoon

    Quote Originally Posted by Liseth View Post
    There are future plans for Tazoon in the works
    Awesome! I'm looking forward to see the result!
    SuHuz Fieryclaw, Grand Master Dragon Crafter (Order)

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    Default I just saw this today [Re: Tazoon]

    I just saw this today.... Sigh... They to had plans for Tazoon alright.

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