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Thread: Collect 50 units of Copper and Tin ore...

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    Question Collect 50 units of Copper and Tin ore...

    Hello everyone! I'm new here, and already stuck... sorry. :P
    Anyway, my problem is one of the tutorial quests where you have to collect 50 Copper and Tin ore. I have 43, but I can't seem to gather any more. Is this a bug? Also, apologies if this is the wrong place to post about this.

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    Hello and welcome to Istaria!

    Is your inventory full or is your quest counter stuck at 43 even if you gather more Copper and Tin Ore ?

    Make sure that your "Dragon Mining I" ability is activated, you can't gather Copper and Tin ore without it.
    SuHuz Fieryclaw, Grand Master Dragon Crafter (Order)

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    Thank ya!

    It seems to be stuck at 43. I have the Dragon Mining I ability active, I click on the Copper and Tin Vein, but nothing seems to happen. I've been back to Malimer and Jemenoth to see if they had anything new to say, and they didn't.

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    Are you right clicking and selecting "gather ore" or double clicking? A single left-click will just select the resource node. Or you can set up a hot key in your options to initiate gathering when the proper resource node is already targeted. Mine is set to shift-enter. I don't know what the starting default is for new players.

    If the problem is inventory, you should be getting a message in your chat bar, notifying you that you have no room left for more ore. In that case, you need to sell something to make room, or move something to your personal vault.
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    I've tried right-clicking the ore and selecting gather, and I've double-clicked the ore.
    My inventory doesn't seem to be full. I see allot of empty spaces, and I don't get any messages saying it is.

    I'll try the hotkey thing.

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