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Thread: Connie 5% vs 10%

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    Default Connie 5% vs 10%

    Used to be alot of action in Bristugo Connie so I checked why its all moved to Kion...

    Bristugo has 2 Connie one takes 10% and the other one at the Vault takes 5% Surcharge
    Both are empty and almost all commerce is in Kion Connie and that one takes 10% The rest of the commerce is in Clearport main connie that takes 5% So we are waisting coin by using the 10% Kion connie as our main

    Edit: Bristugo 5% connie has Vault so BIG advantage AND Bristugo connie has a portal central just outside
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    Default Re: Connie 5% vs 10%

    Kion is used because it's the first consigner newbies see

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    Default Re: Connie 5% vs 10%

    So how about replacing Assistant of Wit with a Vault and lowering the surcharge Milicent Consigner takes to 5%?

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    Default Re: Connie 5% vs 10%

    The consigners with lower surcharges are on player plots. Meant to encourage people to use them instead of the default ones, to make the market seem a bit more lively/realistic. If you slap a cheaper surcharge on Milicent, there will be no reason whatsoever to build consigners on player property.

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    OK then slap on a Vault at least. Not very economical to use the 10% Connie in Kion in the long run oc ^^ The Connie in Clearport has a Vault close by so you can manage the Vault at the same time your doing buisness there

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    There is already a Vaultkeeper in Kion close enough to the Consigner. I don't see any reason to add one more.
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