There was an exploit where some items (that required a specific item as currency to trade, ie Ally Plaque, Epic Tokens, etc) could be obtained from NPC for almost nothing.

These items would have been traded from one or more of the following vendors:

Anarie - Loyalty Token Vendor
Aratanosh - Fiery Fift Token Vendor
Blagarath - Rift Token Vendor
Clerash - Town Marshall
Daggle Ironshaper - Town Marshall
Dezwar Gabbledock- Gratitude Token Vendor
Drugan Nandosh- Gratitude Token Vendor
Fohadon- Gratitude Token Vendor
Frig Tallowgar - Imperial Token Vendor
Gian Hawkwood - Ally Vendor
Grulnar- Gratitude Token Vendor
Iseru - Nature Token Vendor
Krianos - Gratitude Token Vendor
Magus - Grand Magus Token Vendor
Saenethra - Gratitude Token Vendor
Ssoren- Gratitude Token Vendor
Vargas - Epic Vendor

If you took part in this exploit, please delete any ill gotten items from your characters. The developers will review all characters shortly and take action from that point forward.

If you have further questions, please contact support at

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Istaria Development Team