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Thread: Enchanter XP 0 both schools

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    Default Enchanter XP 0 both schools

    We have 2 schools that obtain enchanting skill, but none that actually get experience from it? So any work done in enchanting is basically dead work. Is there a school I am missing? Enchanter and Alchemist. Neither get xp for enchanting

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    In that the Enchanter School has no use for Enchanting Skill and the Alchemist School does have use for Enchanting Skill, it would follow that the Alchemist School should not only receive Enchanting Experience but also the Enchanting experience that Alchemist receives should be at 10 per level. There is no logical reason that the Enchanter School should gain Enchanting skill experience when leveling the Primary Essence Structuring skill of the Enchanter School.


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    As an added note to Knossos' post.. an Alchemist is basically the only class that requires the use of Enchanting. for making orbs to produce potions and for other quests. We shouldn't require a building school in order to use Alchemy class to it's fullest extent. Knossos has mentioned in another post a about a year ago, about changing the skill to Alchemist. Yet there was only a mention of giving Alchemist 8 per lvl skill. This has been done, but Alchemist needs 10 per lvl, maybe swap enchanter to gain 8 and Alchemist to gain 10.

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    I noticed this as well. My enchanter/alchemist gets no xp in either school for these things. There was supposed to be a patch in the last year that made all enchantment items give xp to alchemists, but it is no longer working, if it ever was.

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    So, I was positive when I read this thread that we'd changed that last year. And, to my surprise we had. However, for some reason the change (while listed in the update notes) was not propagated to the live shards. We're investigating and we will get it fixed. For the record, Alchemist should gain XP when using either Alchemy or Enchanting (and will once Chaos/Order are sync'd with our internal shard).
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    I did not know that before there was such a problem. Or maybe not a problem? )))

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