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Thread: Imperial Project/Quest for Building Schools

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    Lightbulb Imperial Project/Quest for Building Schools

    I am writing to suggest that something be done to make things a bit easier for new or returning players who want to pursue a building trade, but have no plot/lair, or limited space on a small one.

    It is difficult to level up these schools, especially weaver and enchanter, as there are not a lot of buildings that require these building components at intermediate levels (most acutely tier 3). In the old days, this didn't matter, because building schools got experience from making bricks/ingots/etc. That is no longer true. Making blocks (or equivalent building material) earns some xp, but the lion's share comes from placing those blocks on a structure. With public buildings reaching completion on Order and Chaos, there are fewer and fewer opportunities to do this for newer players with no plot or limited plot space. There are also not that many new plots being built, and even if you find one, you may be hesitant to work on it without explicit permission from the property owner. And even if you do find one, it may end up condemned long before you finish leveling up your trade.

    In the very old days, there was a repeatable quest that allowed you to craft and turn in Imperial Resource packets to support the war against the blight. I am imagining something similar, but more like a public building, located in a convenient spot, like Tazoon, with an infinite need for building supplies of all types and all tiers. It could give 50-80% of the normal xp for placing materials in a structure, so as to motivate people to work on their own plots, others plots, or public projects first. This would primarily be a back-up for people who are at a level/craft combination which is not in demand. The idea is not to insert a new world project, as are frequently released and then completed in short order by a swarm of GMCs and GMDCs, as to provide a mechanism for newer players to level up on the skill/asset ramp with a much less steep asset curve, so that more of them feel like they can stay and enjoy the game without needing to become GM Property Owner, Venture Capitalist, and Real Estate Developer.

    Alternatively, this could be a repeatable quest, like the Town Marshall quests, but if they are daily, they are unlikely to be anywhere near the amount of xp capable of being earned by building on a plot. For example, my mason recently earned over 100k xp placing a full load of blocks on a plot, but his adventuring Town Marshall quests of similar level (all tier 3) only awarded 10-20k xp a day.

    If desired, there could be some sort of token or other reward issued for working on the new global project, but I don't think one is necessary. Perhaps tokens could be earned and redeemed for new crafting titles. Or even simpler, the current imperial tokens of gratitude could be awarded, which would require less new coding.

    The current approach appears to rely more on leveling public buildings at irregular intervals, but this is not a terribly effective remedy. Not only do the above GMCs and GMDCs rebuild them fairly rapidly (and good for them!), but new players appear all the time, and are likely to miss such events.

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    An ongoing difficulty re: Craft xp levels indeed ..

    while the Devs chew on possibilities, I will set up some libraries and as many of the most efficient Weaver / Enchanter buildings of all tiers on my 'Fabric Isle' plot [current ALT plot holder - Sylvar] where anyone may place any construction items to level WEAVING or any other con. school they wish to level.

    When I can, when WEAVING at least is finished, I'll convert to storage and rebuild etc. .. if players like the idea, I'll see what's possible on my 'Wolf's Paw' plot [current ALT plot holder -- Liora] as well ..

    To be honest, it'd be next to impossible to work out any reward system at this point, the fact is the main reason I continue to hold my plot on FI was to help other players, though the devs have added another processing station close by, there is still the need for the vault in close proximity to my machines as an easier option for binge levelling too ..

    Any further ideas, comments and discussion welcomed to improve any un-thought-of aspects !
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    FI is unfortunately barren now on Order. Libraries are nice, but they skip every other tier (2,4,6). I tip my helm to you for doing what you can for your community!

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    Default Re: Imperial Project/Quest for Building Schools

    Hell i hate crafting but i would love to see more world projects in the game I like the idea of building tunnel A Finishing it get spamed by Hoard of monsters in chamber B and crafting off the death points }:>
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    Default Re: Imperial Project/Quest for Building Schools

    I love building and crafting, but it is too hard to get xp these days for the building trades, especially for enchanting and weaving. Weaving was always difficult because few structures needed weaving. Now it's worse.
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    Best thing is to apply to a plot, or imperial craft shack that still needs built. There are still plenty of those scattered around.

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    Perhaps on Chaos. The Imperial projects on Order have pretty much been done and there are not so many unfinished plots there.
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