First of all Im sorry if this gets Political and if it gets out of hand Please Lock the thread. But iv got to vent on something and its been building for a few months now.

This is in direct response to the Criminal acts of a soul lest beast that happened in FL

This is about the not so sacrid but cant touch topic about gun control for the past 2 weeks now all the news has been gun-control this and regulate that but no one wants to address the real topics involved .

Let me point out some facts

The United states has enough privet arms already out there to arm every one and have 12 % of our population to have multiple fire arms. Regulation and creation of laws to recall them is a waist of time and resources based off the sheer numbers alone .

Fact 2 . Most murders commited are not caused by an AR15 or any deer hunting weapon its done by hand guns .

Fact 3 The Republican side of the Isle is screaming at the top of there lungs Lets arm every one !
( boy we have some geniuses running our government )
Here's the issue with that so called Logic. Take Las Vegas for example there where an est 25,000 people at that music festival If every one where to return fire as amateurs as they would be you would wind up wounding /killing 80 % of the area in a hail of hot lead . I have talked to Professional snipers Retired and even they admit that shot would be troublesome in the conditions of that night .

While on the other side of the isle the Democrats are shouting take all there guns away !
again (we have some real geniuses running our government)
laws and regulations only effect people that are willing to abide by them period . and in that case you just took away all defense from people that are law abiding people. ( that's why i think advertising gun free zones is counter intuitive )

on with the rant

I'm of the mind set you can have my second amendment when you pry it from my cold dead fingers ( even thew I will never hold a gun but that's another topic )

When a radio host that I am close friends with played audio for me of one of the victims final words that her cell captured and then hearing the bullets impact her and her final screams it shook me to my very core I became visibly angered however i don't know what too blame. there is so much that went wrong in FL that the blame came can go on for years so blaming every one is not going to help nor will it bring back and undo the trauma that the people in that building went through. The fact of the matter is thews kids now know what its like to be on an actual battle field. Its sad but true .

I let this topic breath for a while but its not going away so i started doing some research and talking with Local pd and local MCSO officers and from what i can tell this started to go off the rails back around 30 years ago . America went through a cultural change where setting disciplinary lines and abuse got lumped in to the same category. Also around that time (Mainly the Fathers ) stopped teaching there kids the difference between Pixels and People.

Ok we might have a vague idea where the problem starts from whats the solution ?

Do we arm our teachers ? That creates convenience for the next school shooting the guns are already on sight 1 moment of carelessness is all that will take to make another crime seen.

Do we put lockers back in schools where you cant bring any type of bag container on campus ?
there's issues with that

Help me out here guys I'm at a loss I am a second amendment advocate but after hearing that audio and i most-likely will never forget nor should I . I don't know how to intelligently solve the issue other then saying we need to make a Major cultural shift back about 100 years . Where the dad tough gun handling skills and Community was an actual group of people that aimed to help and better thows around them rather then 1 up each other