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Thread: New Community(Public) Crafting Plot started in Parsinia

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    Red face New Community(Public) Crafting Plot started in Parsinia

    I've gotten so aggravated of private crafting stations and decided to start a plot of my own for everyone to use! Parsinia also looks pretty barren now so I'm hoping to add some life back to it.

    I've got shops, a vault, and a connie/pawn lined up waiting for aspiring builders to help finish it ^.^ Early thanks to anyone (if anyone does) that decides to help ^.^

    I haven't added any coin to it yet since the Manage button's being a bum atm, but if anyone's wanting work shoot me a tell in game ~Clearbrooke~ (Yeah the Tildes are part of it) or message me on the forums and I'll add some coin (I'm not mistaken in assuming the function still works I hope, lol)

    It's the 194/233 Parsinia plot with two Ice Dragon Statues on it in the entryway, and I'm actively building on it but I do have 2 T6 silos (that will be 100% open to public) and I'm not really sure how to get the Licenses for the npcs, after all this time you'd think I would but I was never much of a crafter back in the old days xD

    I've got the following shops on the plot, and as before all will be 100% public ^.^
    Mill Shop
    2 T6 Silos and a Warehouse

    All are beginner atm but if upgrades are requested I'll replace them, I'm assuming anyone looking to help will be wanting to level crafting of some sort so I'm keeping it on the lower end unless I know different
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    Default Re: New Community(Public) Crafting Plot started in Parsinia

    you can buy the permits for the shops from Heira the pawn broker in Aughundell
    good luck with your plot
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