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    Lately there has been more and more monsters just leaving the area they are supposed to be inside. If fighting them or not, they just start running away from their area of roaming. Now I am having trouble with monsters I have killed running away. Has anyone else noticed this? I tried to loot a dead monster yesterday and chased it until it disappeared off my map area. The roaming monsters that you can not fight do not bother me as much as the ones that run when you are fighting them. To answer a question, this is always inside the monsters area of operation and not on the edge fighting. Thank you. Slimey/Fatuous on Order

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    The dead monster was a forest Skulk and it happened just past Sable Shores down the road. This is where you first reach the forest Skulk. The dead Skulk floated away towards the plots at bottom of hill with the little circling star above it. Thanks.

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    I have had abominations come up to me in the ED, stand there and after I hit them once, they just stroll away. Slimey saw this too.
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    Ok I had the same thing happening a lot when mine internet ( due to frost had a very intermittent transmission. the effect was that not all packages came trough ( communication from server to clients) the effect was that monsters did walk out although if I could select them I could attack them all thought the distance said I would not be able. mostly when I killed them they showed up dead next to me. However not always sometimes they kept running even though they were dead.

    what is happening is that the pakege of position and factor of the monster didn't send from the client didn't arrive ad you client. these packages are only send when the factor changes. so when it doesn't arrive the monster keeps moving. combat distance etc. are checked at the server so therefore they have the correct information and you can attack them

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