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Thread: Dragon Ward Spells Revamp

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    Default Dragon Ward Spells Revamp

    This is something that has bothered me for a long time, but the ward spells (Countercheck Primal, Ignore Mysticism, and Arcane Refusal), I feel are useless in most cases on the dragons. Dragons already have pretty bad evasion and magic evasion compared to other classes from bipeds, and plus besides techs or the recent tech kits, they really have nothing to help boost their evasion rates. I feel that the spells would be better if they give resistances instead of wards since resistance influences the armor stat which dragons have a high amount of. So I propose, either making new spells that give resistances buff, or change it from wards to resistance, or just add resistances along with the ward.

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    I'm inclined to agree, though on a bit of a different line of thought than you. With some testing with friends, we figured out that something like 10 points of resistance minimizes one point of damage. So that +100 resist from our spells is... useless. That's only -10 damage.

    It'd be cool if either resistances were buffed or if the spells were revamped to resist damage from a certain source by a %. So reduces incoming flame damage to 75% or something? Maybe not that extreme, but similar.

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    10-15% per tier. so you end up with 50 or 75% on t5. that would be pretty cool.
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    That could work too, I found be in favor of a damage resistance by %.

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    I have made some changes to these spells for the next update. Not major ones, but ones that should help make the buffs a bit more usable.
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