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    Hey there.

    Here's a change to the forum profiles that I think would be worthwhile.
    Here's a look at the Instant Messaging links in the forum profile:

    Forgive the banter in the image, but I feel like this part of the profile could use an update. Specifically, a place to list our Discord handle.
    Many of us use Discord to chat, as is made obvious by the Istaria Discord server that currently has roughly 150 users online currently. That's more people than those logged into Chaos. Since Istaria is a game that's so dependent on its rich community, I think being able to chat with a forum user on Discord would be very useful.

    Imagine a friend you knew on Istaria many years ago. You really want to get in touch with them, but the only info you have about them is a single forum post they made a long time ago. You could send them a message on the forums, but chances are they'll never log in again. If they had their Discord username on their profile, it'd be a piece of cake to instantly contact them. I myself have had many a long chat with old Istarian friends on Discord that I could only find because they were members of the Istaria Discord server. I think adding an option to add one's handle to their profile would be a nice little benefit to the community, especially for those who have been away for some time.

    Is this at all possible? I know I would use it.

    I am Thrarparr.

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    I have to agree, that having this feature would help old friends contact one another and since Istaria itself uses discord, this can only benefit the playerbase.

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