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    hello everyone! I'm new to Istaria. I came in order to play as a dragon and get the full dragon experience! <3 I hope I get to meet new people around here.

    As of right now i'm playing only on Choas, however I plan on making a dragon character of Order soon! I hope everyone has a good day/night. <3

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    Welcome to Istaria!

    If ever you need some help on Chaos, feel free to add Cardenythe (me) and ask for advice!

    I am Thrarparr.

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    for order, make sure you are have market place open as chat for asking your questions.

    welcome to istaria

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    Welcome to Istaria, may the wind under your wings ever take you higher.


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    Welcome to Istaria then! I hope you will find to love this game even tho its an older one. No worries its being upgraded tho. If you need any help my Chaos chara is Pryzm. Just poke me if im around.

    "If being of fire means blind arrogance and the elevation of violence above reason, then let me be of water!"

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    Hey I’m playing as Soluna on chaos if you ever see a green fin head hatchy running around just feel free to follow me or strike up a chat I’m busy trying to get to my rop currently so I probably won’t see you unless you join the purge guild chat channel on chaos
    I will not bow to fear It is the best challenge i face and everyday i become braver and i realize there is nothing to fear but fear itself. I know that anything people are scared of they get knocked down but get right back up and try again and keep trying it will serve you well in the end because its the effort you put into it that matters the most

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